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Paramahamsa Nithyananda, Nithyananda Principal Force of Sadashiva, Advaita, Integrity, Sadashivatva, Completion, Balasants, Trimurti, Incompletion, Practice Integrity you will get into Advaita.
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nithyānandeśvara samārambhām

nithyānandeśvari madhyamām |

asmat āchārya paryantām

vande guru paramparām ||

I welcome all of you with My love and respects. I welcome all the Devotees, Disciples, Satsanghis, SriMahants, Mahants, Kotharis, Thanedars, Devotees, Disciples, Visitors, Viewers everyone sitting with us all over the world through Nithyananda TV, Facebook live, YouTube live and two way video conferencing having Nayana Deeksha I welcome all of you with My love and respects.




Today I wanted to expand on Integrity. Listen. First statement I wanted to make.  Integrity is the Meru Danda, spindle, on which the whole Cosmos flows. Listen. The oneness, Advaita is the core of the Meru Danda, when the Meru Danda moves, when it is spindled the force generated is Integrity.


Listen. Oneness, the Advaitic Shuddhadvaita Satya that is the core of the spindle. When the spindle is churned, when that spindle starts moving the force generated is Integrity.


Integrity is not used by Me to control you, it is used by Me to empower you. Listen. When ordinary fellows try to teach you Integrity, they try to control you through Integrity. Here be Integrated, I will give you powers, I will manifest powers through you, Sadashivatva through you, I will empower you. Integrity is not for controlling you. It is to empower you. It is to give you the glimpse of Sadashivatva. It is to make you experience Sadashivatva. When you are integrated even you will feel good about you. When you are practicing Integrity even you will feel good about you. Not only that, you can see very clearly your body becomes best space to live, your inner space becomes best way to exist, your physical, physiological, psychological, neurological all the circuits become complete.

Integrity, is literally like a doing Prana Prathistha to you. Till Integrity starts you are only a man. Only with Integrity the Sadashivatva starts happening. Prana Prathista starts happening. Integrity is not used by Me for controlling. It is used by Me for empowering. I have already established. See My Balasants who maintain the high level of Integrity, how I am empowering them, manifesting powers through them. That is the witness, evidence that I am using Integrity only to empower you, not to control you. 


It is with Integrity life starts. It is with Integrity you reach the core principle, the spindle. Only with Integrity you will even understand the core truth of Completion. Otherwise I have seen many people in the name of Completion cheating themself and cheating others “Oh I have completed.”



Completion means cleaning the tumor. “Oh, I completed. I spoke to Balasants, even then I am not allowed to have darshan. I am leaving.” LEAVE, who cares! I tell you, whatever is the pattern with which you miss Me, you will miss your whole life with that same pattern. If you can't be completed here, where are you going to Complete Where are you going to go and Complete? Completion is used as a hypocrisy. Only Integrity is a scale, even to find out whether you are really completing or cheating yourself and cheating others. I tell you even if you achieve great things within the Matrix you are inside the Matrix. Achieve outside the Matrix the Cosmic currency, it will be eternal, it will be eternal. Achieve based on Integrity. How many fellows tried to shake this throne who were inside the Matrix not even one hair they were able to touch, because I built it on Integrity. This is not Devendra's Devaloka Simasana, it is Sarvajna Peeta Sadāshiva’s  Simbasana. It is built outside the Matrix with complete Integrity, that is why nobody is able to shake. Actually this fool demons thought it is Devaloka and they attacked. Only after attacking they realized, It is Kailasa not Devaloka.


Within the Matrix, whatever you achieve is stupidity. What you achieve outside the Matrix on Integrity that will stand for your life. I tell you, with all My compassion and Integrity, bring Integrity as the force to move your life. You will manifest Oneness with Sadashivatva; you will manifest Oneness with Sadashiva.  How the spindle is used for churning the milk or curd to get the butter out, how the Meru Danda was used to churn the milky ocean to get the nectar out, that force of churning is Integrity. The Meru Danda itself is Oneness. That is why the Meru Danda need to be held by all three. Below, Vishnu holds as a Kurma, middle Brahma was sitting for the balancing, means to maintain the verticality, above the Shiva’s eyes, Sadashiva’s eyes, third eye was overseeing that everything is going smooth. Trimurti’s have to hold it, because it is Advaita Svarupa and the force generated; see when the Advaita gets into action the force generated is Integrity.


How I say friendliness is the smell of the Consciousness, when the Consciousness starts functioning the friendliness is the smell. When the Advaita starts moving, Integrity is the force generated. Align to that force you will not cheat yourself in the name of Completion. You will not cheat yourself in the name of Completion.

Understand.  Integrity is the scale with which you can measure whether you have completed or not, whether you are healed or not, whether you are evolving or not. First of all have completion with Integrity. Love Integrity. It is one of the amazing powers you are given. It is not controlling mechanism, it is not controlling method. It is living mechanism lifestyle breathing style. If I teach you how to breathe, am I controlling you? Fool! I am making you, I am teaching you how to live. I will tolerate everything because Arunagiri Yogeshwara has given Me the tremendous patience but never hypocrisy because I never had hypocrisy. I do not know how Arunagiri Yogeshwara will behave in front of hypocrisy. Otherwise the patience He had, “Paa, unimaginable.”  

In the noontime sometimes after food, He will stretch the leg and rest. I will just put my head on his hip and lie down. Small kid, I had the advantage of kid and same gender and a beautiful society like Thiruvannamalai, where all this stupid your concepts of child abuse does not exist.  It is such a joyful society.  I feel Sadashiva If I just recreate that society in which I grew up I feel my mission is done, where all this stupid ideas are not even heard. Forget about discussed they are not even heard. They were never heard.  I will put my head on His hip and lie down this way. If He is lying down this way, I will lie down in this way and putting My head and I will adjust His leg, hand everything for My comfort. Like a pillow I will adjust all that for My comfort to put My head, not only that I will pick up His thumb and put it in the mouth and hold with both hands so that He will not get up and go away while I am sleeping.  It is actually a torture, 3, 4 hours even after He wakes up, He will just wait patiently for Me to wake up. Only after I wake up and  leave His hand, He will take it and wipe. I have seen tremendous patience and love but never tolerating hypocrisy and non- Integrity. No. I will have patience towards everything because Sadashiva taught Me patience, not hypocrisy, not lack of Integrity, not incompletion, not even ready to Complete.

When I make the deity of Arunagiri Yogeshwara, I really wanted to make it with My teeth bite on His thumb to remind people how I lived with Him and kind of a patience He had with me. Actually I will hold with My both hands, not only put the thumb in the mouth, I make sure I tightly hold so when I am sleeping He doesn't pull His hand out or move away. Double security. I tell you He has taught Me patience but not towards hypocrisy, not towards hypocrisy, not towards non-Integrity.  

Bring Integrity, even you will discover new you. Even you will discover new you. Bring Integrity, it will empower you. Integrity will literally make you Sadashiva, that is the energy generated by the spindle of Advaita Satya, Oneness. The Cosmic Oneness is the Meru Danda when that Cosmic Oneness gets moved, churned, the energy generated is Integrity. Integrity is the force of Advaita. The primal force of Advaita is Integrity. The principal force of Advaita is Integrity. Practice Integrity you will get into Advaita.

So with this today Facebook status and Vaakyartha sadhas subject for all of you, Integrity is the principal force of principal, P-R-I-N-C-I-P-A-L, principal force of Sadashivatva, Advaita, Cosmic Oneness.


With this I bless you all. Let's radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing Living Shuddhadvaita Saivam, the eternal Bliss. Nithyananda.

Thank you. Be Blissful.