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In this empowering Satsang discourse, His Holiness Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda Swamiji explains a new level of Integrity: not only aligning to total honesty and factuality, but also aligning ourselves with Integrity to the Thought Current from which we operate and which we cherish. How can we ensure the words we speak are true? What to do when we give the best information we have available to us even though it might be at fault? How can we complete and rise when we fall from a state of Integrity? Watch and see, and enjoy Integrating yourself. Aligning with Integrity to Sadashiva will make you become Sadashiva! Exciting news: Anyone who is ready to jump and become an Adheenavasi here in Kailash, Nithyananda Peetham Bengaluru Adheenam, can come to attend the next batch of Sadashivatva, starting July 10. Sign up here: 16 May 2017 Watch, share and like the video's and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click to subscribe. Website and Social Media:
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nithyānandeśvara Sadāshiva samārambhām
nithyānandeśvari  Adi Shakti madhyamām |
asmat āchārya paryantām
vande guru paramparām ||




I welcome all of you with My love and respects. I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samaajis, satsangis, Shri Mahants, Mahants, Kotharis, Thanedars, the new Beings - Superhumans….New Species, the Aadheenavasis getting evolved, getting ready. I welcome all of you with My love and respects.




I’ll expand on the fundamental principle, First Principle…. of becoming Sadāshiva. Understand, the First Principle of becoming Sadāshiva is not moral, understand. Before revealing the principle, I want you to know, it is not moral, social, right - wrong. Actually, I am neither social nor anti-social. I am above social. No really! Society is irrelevant to me, redundant. I am actually above social. So, I am not giving you this as any moral, right - wrong. I am giving you this as the First Principle to have a Super Conscious breakthrough - becoming Sadāshiva. Understand, it is directly from the revelations of Sadāshiva. Vedas and Agamas are the revealed scriptures of Hinduism. They are not written scriptures, please understand… neither written nor compiled. Vyasa is only an Organizer…. not Editor, Compiler, Writer. He is neither Author nor Compiler or Editor. He is just an Organizer of the Vedas and Agamas.




So listen. The First Principle is Integrity. It needs to be understood. The first level of Integrity only is - the thought current you are cherishing, with you and others, treating it as Life. It’s only the First level of Integrity. Understand, understand the words I am using. I am not saying, “The word you give it to others and the word you give it to yourself.” I am giving you the grace. The word you give it to others and word you give it to yourself, many times is spontaneous lie. I am even ready to forget about that. I am only saying, “The thought current you cherish…..” See, if I have to go to the detail of the word….. sometime people ask, “What is time now?” You may say, “8:31.” Who knows it is 8:31? Based on this clock, we tell its 8:31. So the word you give, maybe sometime right - wrong, false, true. So I am not even bothered about that. The thought current you cherish – ‘I need to tell the time, after verifying with all my abilities’. So, that is the thought current. Understand, my intention to tell the time is right. I am not ready to….I am not interested in lying. I want to tell the right time to him. But whatever research I can do with my intelligence and the available infrastructure, with that I’ll do it and tell. This is thought current. All of you understand. The difference between thought current and the word.

If I ask, “Is this camera recording?” If you say, “Yes”, that is a word. The thought current behind that word is, “So I saw, there is a red light burning, which is usually….the red light means ‘recording’.” That is why all the Indian married women, wear that red light on the headJ. All incidents and conversations will be recorded, for further quality training, in the futureJ. That’s the meaning of the red dot on Indian married women’s foreheadJ. All incidents and conversations are recorded, for further training in futureJ.


Listen. I am not even bothered about the word, I am bothered about the thought current behind the word. For example - you really want to tell only the truth to him. You don’t want to say, “Oh, even if it is recording, it’s...I will tell its not recording or even if it is not recording, I’ll tell it is recording.” No! The thought current is to tell the truth and you have done all your base work, research work. You have done all your ground work. Whatever you can do, with your intelligence, with the eyes given to you, with the Consciousness available to you, with the informations available to you, with the logic available to you, you have done the analysis and presented. All I am asking, understand, be true to the thought currents you cherish. Then, your whole body and mind will start raising towards reality.

Understand. Truth is not ultimate but it is a stepping stone towards Reality. In the beginning, practicing of the Truth will be between the duality of truth and false. At one level, you’ll raise to the level of Reality. Truth is an amazing stepping stone for Reality. But I am not teaching you Truth, I am teaching you Reality. Listen carefully. Now I am making one more statement. I am not teaching your morality… I am not teaching you honesty… I am not teaching you truthfulness. Yes, in many places, Truth helps you to jump into Reality. I am teaching you Reality… Integrity. Listen. The whole understanding of Life….Listen carefully. The words I am uttering are layered and layered and layered levels of meaning. Only if you listen, the truths will be revealed to you. The meanings will be revealed to you. If you sit straight….actually if you are listening authentically, automatically you’ll sit straight because the listening needs your Kundalini near this temple point. If the Kundalini is needed there, your spine has to be stretched, because the Kundalini is summoned there.




Listen carefully. Be true to your thought current. It can be making business, it can be making pleasure, it can be a beautiful artistic expression of who you are, it can be about a very logical study or understanding you are going through; anything is okay. When you are true to your thought current of becoming doctor, you become a great successful doctor. When you are true to your thought current of becoming lawyer, you become a great successful lawyer; Successful but not greatJ. To whatever thought current, you become integrated….

So understand, the fundamental principle….foremost important truth is - ‘Becoming true to the thought current you are taking up in life’. When you become true to the thought current you are taking up in your life, unimaginable….understand… unimaginable, unexpected doors open for you. Unimaginable, unexpected doors open for you. Resources of the Cosmos…. understand, resources as per society you all know - money in the bank balance, few servants or the staff or the people to execute your orders, little political power; these all only is the resources of the society. There is something called Cosmic Resource – The Prana - Life force, life energy. I tell you, the backbone geometrically integrated to the Cosmic flow through Yoga… understand, I am defining Yoga. Yoga is not stretches, stretching exercises. Aligning your backbone to Cosmic Geometry. Yoga is all about backbone. That is why I am a Yogi, who doesn’t move any other parts of the body, stretches. I only stretch and align my backbone; that’s all.

Aligning your backbone to the Cosmic Geometry, through Yoga; if you do that just for few days, you will understand what I mean by Prana, Life force. Whole day you will be so alive!! Being so alive whole day is what I call Shiva Bhuta. So much of energy in your spine, in your backbone. You are so alive, almost everyone around you feels you are ferocious. That is what I call it 2:30 mood. This mood starts in my quarters, in early morning 2:30. Spine feeling your existence is called Prana. How your spine feels your existence, is Prana. This is one of the Cosmic Resource.




Understand. In the country, if you have currency, you can buy different gems, precious stones. Like that if you have this Cosmic Currency - Prana, all the powers are like a different gems. You can buy any of that. Prana, the first Cosmic Currency overflows in you the moment you become true to the thought current you cherish. It can be any thought current. No problem, don’t worry about whether the thought current is right or not. I am teaching you now only Integrity and how Integrity makes the Cosmic Resources available to you. You may even feel, “Making money is the best thing in the Planet Earth.” So, be integrated to that. When you are integrated to that, first thing will happen, the Cosmic Resources will become available to you. See after sometime you may understand, “I think the Cosmic Resources are more valuable to buy the cow dung cake, better let me buy higher level diamonds and jewels.” All that you may understand later. Understand, even now I am not telling you, “This right, that is wrong.” No. I am only telling you, “Decide to be integrated to any thought current, you cherish.” Any thought current you cherish, decide to be integrated. Because that makes Cosmic Resources available to you. When you decide to be integrated to the thought current you cherish and you stretch your backbone, align it to the Cosmic Geometry, align it to the Cosmic Geometry, through Shiva Sthambha Yoga, Shiva Kumbha Yoga or the Rope Yoga or Surya Namaskar, or the Nithyananda Yoga… the Cosmic resources like Prana, will become available to you.

And one more thing, if you decide to be integrated to the thought current you cherish….. listen carefully, this is very important. You don’t even need to do separate Yoga. In the whole day in your actions, your body will automatically start getting aligned to the Cosmic Geometry. Listen carefully. Whether it is 108 Tandava poses or 1008 Asanas, Kriyas, Bandhas, Mudras, all this is nothing but integrating your spine to the Cosmic Geometry. Understand. I have revealed one of the most important sacred secret about Yoga. When you align the spine to the Cosmic Geometry, intense Prana is infused, that keeps you so awake; almost people will feel you are a Bhuta, Shiva Bhuta.




Yogi, Rogi, Bogi, all three cannot sleep in the night.

Rogi, because too low prana, he cannot sleep - disease, (coughing sound).

Rogi cannot sleep because too low prana - diseased person.

Bogi cannot sleep because he has to spend the prana Shakti, for which he has collected. He has to enjoy.

Yogi cannot sleep, so much of prana in the spine, how will you sleep? It is like having Texas size Starbucks coffee, then how will you sleep after that. I am afraid of this Texas size items. No, whether burger or coffee, anything. Texas, they feel it is a pride. No if you have a Starbucks Texas size cup of coffee…..I’ve never seen that size cups in India.

Even the lottas in India, are only a small size in Texas! And sometimes I am surprised with…. in that size they drink Coca Cola!!  Amma  (tamil…..)  - means even cows and bulls we don’t give so much water. No, first time when I saw somebody, drinking that Texas size Coca Cola, I had the visualization - young age in My house when they bring up cows, they will have vessel in which they pour water, that cow will come and put the head in that, “ Moo, Moo.” JAfter that big cup of coffee, you can’t sleep. Actually, you will feel exactly like that 24 hours. You won’t feel sick. You’ll be so alive!! You will not even believe - ‘If you don’t sleep, you’ll fall sick.’ You will not even believe that idea. You’ll be so alive in your spine!  Cosmic Geometry, your body will get aligned to the Cosmic Geometry.




Let me explain the word, ‘Cosmic Geometry’. Lines, curves, points… understand, the whole thing is only this three - Lines, Curves, Points - Nada, Bindu, Kala. Lines is Nada, Points is Bindu, Curves is Kala, Flow.


Lines, points, curves, which is the source, which makes….which forms the basic unit of this whole Cosmos. Listen. I’ll explain in little more detail, this Cosmic Geometry. There are certain proportion of a Curve, Line, Point, when they join they become Independent Intelligence, alive. All types of curves and all types of lines and all types of points, will not become Independent Intelligence. No! Certain curves, lines, points, when they join they become Independent Intelligence. Just like a Pi in the Mathematics, the theorem, formula - what makes what kind of curves, lines, points, become Independent Intelligence, is the Science of Yantras. Just like a Pi theorem, theory in the Mathematics, there is a clear principle, Yantra Vidhya….maybe later on I will explain that whole science. Now understand only this much… to understand Cosmic Geometry.


Cosmic Geometry means the lines, curves, points, by aligning itself makes something independent intelligence. It can become alive and speak, respond. Stretching your body and aligning it to Cosmic Geometry every day, will push your original bio-memory with which you created this body - out - and force you to follow it.




Understand. If you squeeze your backbone and stretch to the Cosmic Geometry, in your bone marrow, Core - bio memory, you have the original recording of why you assumed the body; the fundamental motherboard functioning software. The software which lits the motherboard, that software will become active. Why… your motherboard is brought to existence, understand, with motherboard you can do 1000s of things, but there is some fundamental principle called - Why your motherboard was brought to existence? So why you brought your life to existence.


Listen. You will understand, nobody else brought you to existence, other than you. As long as you think somebody else brought you to existence, you will be cursing them. You will be cursing them. You will curse your parents, you will curse the God. When you get a Guru who is embodiment of parents and God, you’ll curse him also. You will curse everyone, if you think somebody else brought you to existence. When you stretch and align the spine to the Cosmic Geometry through Nithyananda Yoga, the fundamental principle - Why your motherboard came to exist….

Ramakrishna use to do a very power technique. Suddenly, he will call and tell a disciple, “You dress up like woman and roam around for 21 days and come back.” No, it will look very crazy. No, once, when he gave this kind of instruction, the disciple was shocked but he was very sincere. He did it and then only he realised through that process, his original reason - why he came to exist - was revealed to him. So his Will Persistence got ironed out.




Understand. When you put your body, aligned to the Cosmic Geometry, your body may become crooked but your ‘Will’ will become straight. Because your ‘Will’ will get ironed out. Knowing the purpose of ‘why you brought yourself to existence’ happens to you, when you decide to be integrated to the thought currents you are cherishing. Understand. The thought currents you are cherishing maybe like a cloud in the beginning, but if you go on cherishing that clouds, suddenly it’ll move out and you will see the Sun. If you think, ‘Oh, it is all cloudy’ and start looking some other direction, you will never see the Sun. Sun is the goal, means even if it is cloudy, continue to look at the sky. If Sadāshiva is your goal, even if it is wrong thought current, continue to be integrated to it.

Understand. Kids are playing …..what to do, now I am no more a just Dakshinamurti, all alone sitting under the Banyan Tree, a huge Shiva Kutumba!!  Now I have to tolerate. Not only Ganapati running around, Subramanya chasing him, Ganapati’s rat running around and Subramanya’s peacock chasing it and Devi is lying, trying to threaten everything and Nandi trying to make discipline all of them, saying, “Aye, sit straight. Learn Integrity.” And that poor mouse is sitting and looking J….Peacock trying to be very attentive, “What’s Integrity?” And this fellow, mouse, “(munch, munch, munch) Have one ladoo and…..let him teach, you have…..” J Now, I have to deal with all these scenes. It’s not that I am just Dakshinamurti sitting all alone under the Banyan Tree, with that serious, spine erect, Saptarishis……..where they are in utter listening space. These rats will be running around. Peacock will be moving around and Nandi will be taking separate class for all of them and this Subramanya and Ganesha will neither sit with Sadāshiva’s class nor they will sit with Nandi’s class. They will running around independently. Neither Nandi can control them nor Sadāshiva can tell anything.




Integrated to the thought current you are cherishing. You see, how to change the thought current to the ultimate reality, I’ll teach you later. You don’t have to bother about that now. Now, let us first align to find out - what is the thought current we are cherishing and be integrated to that. So, the first homework we have done is penning down all the places where we were not integrated. Today, we will have the next step - All the thought currents we cherish as joy. Understand. Anything you cherish as joy in the secret most, inner most, part of your heart, corner of your heart, is your goal - is your purpose. Whether it is right or wrong, you need to change it or not, that is second. First know what all the secret crushes you have. Understand. Unless you crush your crush, your crush will crush you. If you don’t crush your crush, your integrity will be skin deep like a paint, the touch up you apply. With the Fair & Lovely, you cannot heal bone cancer. But all the time you think, even if you have bone cancer, you will apply Fair & Lovely on your skin and keep it very fresh.

In the whole world, most stupid three countries are India, Bangladesh and Nepal. Largest consumers of fairness products, which does not give any result and no established clinical research prove the efficacy of any available fairness products. Understand, there is no established, credible clinical research proves the credibility of the fairness products, other than few actors and actresses, appearing in the screen, “Eeeeee.” You cannot cure bone cancer through Fair & Lovely. Same way, you cannot try to become Sadāshiva, if you don’t even find out what is your crush in the life.

Understand, if you try to become Sadāshiva without even doing the basic homework…… I have seen people, they try to be integrated to Me, but they think - Integrity with Me is enough, for all the regular life, decisions, everywhere, they will have another strategy, which is their cunningness based on their understandings from life, right - wrong, what works, does not work; with all that they have a cunning strategy. They think - they are very shrewd and they can use that as a strategy and become successful.




Understand. If your shrewdness is cunning strategy, Integrity is three cunning strategy – mukkan. Your shrewdness is only two cunning strategy, two eyes. In Tamil, “Kan”, means eyes. Integrity is three cunning strategy; no blind spot is left out. Understand, with your shrewdness, there will always be blind spots. If you feel left out by somebody or society, you have left out some of your blind spots. Integrity will remove all blind spots from your life. Today, it is all about removing all blind spots from your life. Nothing is wrong. You want to have a vacation home in Thailand…. whatever, whatever, whatever. Nothing is right or wrong. But not knowing your thought currents, not being integrated to it….. Understand, sometime just by knowing and deciding to be integrated, you will understand this thought current is stupid and spending time, life, energy on this thought current is stupid. That very understanding will make that thought current dry and die. You are again integrated to higher identity. Whether you fight for it, whether you die for some thought current or kill that thought current, be integrated to it first. When you are integrated, sometimes you will die for it, sometimes you will kill it. Anything is okay. Either die for it or kill it, but be integrated to it. No question of keeping them as blind spots. Do or die is not My statement. Die or kill. Either you die for it or you kill it. I know today, all of us are ready.

Today I am going to start the first initiation in Mandala. We’ll start the Mandala process and bringing Integrity in your very bone marrow; cherishing the thought current with Integrity. Either spit it out or cherish with Integrity. Whatever comes as a hindrance is nothing more than a little bit of hormone and chemicals; that’s all. 

If your tiredness and sleep and boredom, hunger comes as a hindrance, it is chemical imbalance.

If your lust, violence, fear, comes as a hindrance, it is just little hormonal imbalance.


We will clean all that with Pancha Kriya. Pancha Kriya is one of the very powerful balancing mechanism. Pancha Kriya balances all hormonal and chemical imbalances in your body and brings you to Integrity. We will balance all that.




First, let’s find out what all the thought currents we cherish - To what all we want to be integrated and what all we want to bury it, kill it, and what all the hormonal chemical obstacles, for us to be integrated.


We’ll find all this and start cleaning it up. So the real Swaccha Sangha starts today. Let’s start…… So let’s gather for the next session after the breakfast. Oh, it’s a Satsang also, so…..!!! All the people who have come for Satsang in Bengaluru Aadheenam and all over the world, I bless you all.

So the essence of today’s Satsang is - Discovering your thought currents and being integrated to it; so either it gets killed or you give your whole life to it, but ‘Integrity’. So Integrity is like a Third Eye. From Sadāshiva’s Third Eye, he manifested the whole Universe and just through the same Third Eye, he destroyed, burned Manmatha and Tripurasura. Same Third Eye! Mother for the whole Universe…. killed Manmatha and Tripurasura. When you are integrated to your thought currents, some of them become reality, means whole Universe manifests, the Universe you need. Some of them get burnt, means fantasy which is not required. Non-required thought currents will automatically be burnt. Required thought currents will automatically become reality. Let’s start the process today.




All the Satsanghis who are here in Bengaluru Aadheenam and two way Video Conferencing, all the Aadheenams, I bless you all, let’s all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, Living Shuddhadvaitam Saivam, Sadāshivoham, the Eternal Bliss - Nithyananda.

Thank you.

Be Blissful.