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Today’s (16 May15) Nithya Satsang on Kathopanishad from Varanasi, Paramahamsa Nithyananda enters into the first Shanti Mantra, peace chant, which sets the context for the whole Indian education system with its unique concept of knowledge transmission from Master to a student or disciple, where a student lives with Master absorbing the science of enlightenment from him (Gurukul), learning any skills from archery to sculpting to sciences. Revealing the disparities, inadequacies of the western education system, he draws us to its non-involvement narrative based day-scholar method, systematically introduced in India by vested interest western historians to disrespect and discard this awakening-based Indian education system; that is so subtle, powerful and needs both the Master and student to learn together and enrich constantly. As a Master for millions of disciples, He declares the end of this ignorance in education and announces the truth that the future of education is going to be the Indian Gurukul Education System led by him, that will lead the world as Teachers for the world. Watch, Share and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload click to subscribe. visit:
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nithyānandeśvara samārambhām

nithyānandeśvari madhyamām |

asmat āchārya paryantām

vande guru paramparām ||



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Toda I will enter into the Shanti mantra of Kathopanishad.


Please recite along with me.


au saha nāvavatu | saha nau bhunaktu | saha vīryam karvāvahai |

tejasvi nāvadhītamastu mā vidviāvahai ||

auśāntiśāntiśānti ||




I first want to introduce this concept of Shanti Mantra, which is unique to Indian education system, pre-macaulay. Please understand, I do not want to accept anything post-macaulay as Indian Education system. The cultural genocide done by the British where everything Indian is disrespected, thrown destroyed. Nothing Indian is respected as worthy. The deep self-doubt planted into us. Still we are not able to get out of it. Please understand, still we are not able to get out of it, still we are stuck with it. It has gone so deep into it, into our system. Still we are not able to get out of it. The self-doubt, self-hatred, self-denial, we have been put in. So when I say Indian education system, I mean pre-maxmullar, pre-macaulay—our original education system.




Listen. This Shanti Mantra concept is unique only to Indian Education System. If you see the meaning of this mantra, it’s so beautiful where a student and the teacher both of them sit together and say...


 “Let there be no enmity between us.”


Why will the student and teacher sit and pray to Lord—let there be no enmity between us? Understand, unfortunately, many time, student denies the possibility of his ignorance and holds on to what he thinks as right. Master has to expose himself. Please understand, Master has to expose student to himself, he has to expose him to himself, which creates lot of pain, lot of incompletions are attacked, shaken. So there is a possibility for a student to develop a subtle anger, vengeance violence towards the teacher, thinking that—“whatever I say, he is saying no to it. Whatever I say, he is saying no to it. Anything, which makes me happy, he is denying it. Maybe he is not just interested in teaching, he is interested in putting me down.” There is every possibility; you can start developing the anger, understand, as a victim of the student’s anger, victim of the disciple’s anger, I tell you this. Many times I have been a victim of this disciple’s anger, who are not matured enough to learn, but, who go on uttering, repeating stupid words like a parrot—“no, no, no. I have surrendered myself to you, I have surrendered myself to you. Please teach me exactly as it should be taught, please make it happen as you want it to happen. The moment I put my hand on the puss – No! Even breaking your ideas about me, is part of my job. Understand, many times I have been a victim of the so-called student’s anger.




The very education process in Indian tradition is awakening you. It is not just giving some words, ideas, concepts, theories, theologies. It is awakening you. Sometime the fact you are having many be right, but the context you may be having is wrong, so the fact also will be written off. Understand, the fact you are having may be right, but the context you are having may not be right. So, during those moments, not just the context, even fact will be written off. Till you change your context, this fact is not going to be useful for you anymore. Go and come back.




If you see in Upanishads, Master asks the disciple: go. He gives two cows and says, “go come back after it becomes 1000 cows.” When disciple comes back after it becomes 1000 cows, Master says, ‘no, go and come back.’


Disciple could not understand what is this..“It’s already become 1000, why is he not accepting me?” He went and sat and meditated, meditated, meditated, suddenly, he saw in that, his mind got dissolve, he himself became like one more cow. When he realized the context of Master’s words, came back with 1000 cows, Master says, “come on, receive the 1001 cows.”


When the context is not right, even if the facts are right, you are written off. So in this whole process of awakening, so much of patience is required from the side of the student. So much of understanding is required from the student’s side.




Shanti Mantra sets the context of Indian Education system, and in Indian Education System, there is no higher and lower. Means: teacher is not considered as higher than you. Student is not considered lower than the teacher, because it is very clear, teacher also goes on learning by teaching. Please understand, it is a student who makes person into teacher, it’s the student, listen, teacher, cannot be self-centric and education is such, both constantly gets enriched. Playing the role of a teacher for millions for last more than 12 years, I wanted to tell you this. I started teaching I think in 2001, and now it is 2015, almost 14 years. Being the teacher, playing the role of a teacher, also for millions for last 14 years, I want to tell you—I am enriched more than any of my students by teaching. Please understand, all my classes, the only person who attended is Me. The only person who attended all my classes is me. Students change, but teacher is same, and fortunately, I have the habit of sitting aside, sitting beside and listening to what I am saying.


Understand, I am in such a peaceful space, not only I am teaching, I am able to sit beside me and LISTEN. LISTEN. LISTEN. Listening to Paramahamsa Nithyananda for last 14 years, I am telling you, I AM ENRICHED more than any student. That’s the truth. If a Teacher is not enriched by his teachings, please don’t listen to him. If the Teacher is not coming up with new, new, new truths and asking you to do same meditation, kriya, pranayama, yoga for last 25 years, please save yourself. Because if the teacher is enriched, he is bound to come up with new, new, new, new truths, techniques, methods for various group, various level students.


Understand, the whole context of Indian Education System is introduced in this verse, in this one Shanti Mantra. In Indian Education System, the first context set about education is:


“Let both of us be together and be protected. Let us not hurt each other. Let us not cherish enmity towards each other...Lets not cherish anger towards each other.”



All of us know Master cannot cherish any anger towards the disciple. What is there? Why should the line say – Let both of us not cherish the anger. It means: there is always a possibility, disciple can have a Self-Doubt, may be my ignorance is being explained. Maybe because I am ignorant, he is not only teaching me, he is constantly pulling, putting me down. Understand, presence of Ignorance is always painful.


Pain is the method; pain is the method to measure the presence of ignorance. Understand, pain proves the presence of ignorance. Ignorance always will be causing pain. Please understand, make this as a scale—anything does not cause pain, is not ignorance. Anything ignorance will cause pain, will cause pain. Understand, when you are sitting with so much of puss, wounds internally, externally, even if Master tells you—“please apply the medicine,” you will feel hurt “see, he is pointing at my wounds, he is all the time thinking about my wounds.”


18: 45


Understand, my job is the most difficult job, I tell you. I have to cut your ego, without you feeling the pain. First thing, I have to make you understand, which part of you is tumor, and which part of you is muscle.


Many time you associate your tumors, as your muscle and tell me it is muscle. “Don’t touch that part, no, no, no, that is me, don’t touch, don’t touch!” But you go on telling, “please Swamiji do whatever you want, please Swamiji, whatever you have to do, I have surrendered myself completely.” Holding on to the tumor with both hands and both leg. “Swamiji, Swamiji, you do whatever you have to do, Swamiji, I have surrendered myself to you Swamiji, please remove the tumor as early as possible, Swamiji. I am your disciple for the last 4-5 years and still you have not made me enlightened, Swamiji. What is this, Swamiji! You are wasting my time. What is this Swamiji? I am not yet enlightened. Please, please you make me enlightened, Swamiji. I have surrendered myself completely to you, Swamiji.”




To make you understand what is your tumor, what is your muscle, is the biggest job. Understand, arrogance remembers the pain caused by others, not the benefits. Arrogance never lets you remember the benefits caused by the Guru, only it remembers pain you created using the name of the Guru. The teacher’s job is the most difficult job. Teacher’s job is the most difficult job. He has to constantly deal with your conflicts, controversies, confusions. Morning you will say, “please do what needs to be and give me enlightenment.” Evening you will come and say, “I am giving up, I don’t think either you are capable or neither I am capable of standing, living with you.” And then again next day morning, you will come and tell, “No, no, Swamiji, I have decided to surrender, please awaken me, help me to become enlightened. Which one should I believe? So naturally I wait.  When I wait, again I get blamed for that, so long I am here under your feet, still I have not become enlightened. Alright, tell me you have been living under my feet, are you surrendering or pulling my feet? More number of times, people have pulled this leg, then the number of times they worshiped, that is why I sit down and teach. 



Understand, Indian Education System is not just giving you some informations not bothered about you, no. It is one of the most subtle and most powerful, most subtle and most powerful, awakening system. Awakening means so much of involvement between Guru and disciple is required. That is what in original Indian Education System, Guru and disciple are supposed live together, 24 hours. Disciple needs to absorb the Guru, not observe, absorb the Guru 24 hours. Please understand, Indian Education System was never day scholar method. No. The day scholar method is the non-involvement narrative education system.


Please understand, I am using a new word—non-involvement narrative, where the teacher talks to the black board, you talk to your neighbor, the classmate, friend or the birds through the window. In the class, if you are all the time gazing through the window, you are going to become a poet. All the time if you are talking to your friend, you are going to become a politician. No, the Indian Education System is such, the original Indian Education System is not non-committal narrative method. The teacher sits with the disciples, disciples live with the teacher. 24 hours behaving, observing, sorry, observing the behavior, the way teacher carries himself. I tell you, now it is time, as per the astrology, no theory can rule any human society, which is imposed on that society more than 60 years. Now 60 years is over for the non-involvement narrative education system, I am telling you, future is Gurukul system.


The future of education is where the teachers and students live together in one place. If needed let the parents also stay there. But, because basically kids do what you do, they won’t do what you say. Understand they do what you do. They won’t do what you say. Whatever you do, simply they will do. They will never do what you say. Most of the time, they don’t care for what you say. The future of the Indian Education System, I can say, the future of any intelligent education system will be Gurukul system.


I am not talking out of pride or arrogance, I am taking seeing the future, I am telling you—I will be leading this revival in the education system through our Gurukul system, through our Gurukul system. It is going to be the Gurukuls.


In Indian Education System complete involvement is required from the side of the Teacher and the student. Student needs to study the Teacher; Teacher needs to study the student. Understand, after thoroughly studying the student, teacher identifies the right subject in which the student will be successful. Few things are basic for everyone like science of Completion and Enlightenment. Other than science Enlightenment, all other things, Master selects the subject in which the student will be successful and then student is trained specifically in those fields with the knowledge of Enlightenment, with the science of Enlightenment, with the truth of Enlightenment as the context.


Even if you learn the archery, Enlightenment is the context. If you study administration, Enlightenment is the context, If you learn about business, Enlightenment is the context. If you learn plumbing, building houses, sculpting, Enlightenment is the context. Indian Education Systemis more of a transmission of the knowledge not transfer of knowledge. It is not just information based. I am telling you, all the education institutions in the modern day trying to teach the Indian knowledge, like a sculpting or making the deities or Sthapatya Veda in the structure of modern-day education organizations, like a school, college, they are utter failure. The students who have studied up to Post Graduate, in those institutes, I can see, the fellow who has studied post graduation, who has a double degree in sculpting, cannot make one small Ganesha. But the boy who grows with his father as a Guru – at the age of 6 he can do wonders in stone, he can write poetry in stone. When he produces something it will literally be poetry in stone. Thanks to Indian government allowing kids to work with the family, with the parents in non-hazardous fields. The labor law in India has been corrected, kids can work with the parents in family concerns. Because many of the Indian arts is an Indian concern. I was wondering if the children are not allowed to work with the parents they will never learn and specialize.




See the Western education system is based on updating. The more you delay purchase of any IT product, you will get a cheaper and better product, the more you delay you will get a cheaper and better product, because it an updation method. But, Indian things are specialization method. The more number of years you spend on it, the more you will be specialize. Weaving, carving, agriculture, building. That is why in our education system, in our social system, we insisted son doing the job of the father. It is so stupid, it is so stupid that system was questioned, abused, beaten, finally destroyed. Now, we don’t have identity and we are not able to be self-sustaining. Because the stability of our society is destroyed. Earlier we know, every year how many engineers will be produced, who many agriculturists will be produced. The whole society will be so stable.  Understand, it is the stability of the society decides the value of your currency, nothing else. It is the stability of the society that decides the value of the currency.




In a vey cunning systematic way, in the name of destroying untouchability, which was not there the way it is projected now.  Please understand, a boy goes to the Gurukul and tells the Guru,  “I want to join your Gurukul.”

Guru asks, “What is your community?” The boy says, “I do not know. My mother is dancer in the court, so I do not who fathered me. I don’t know my father’s name, so I don’t know my community.” Immediately, Guru says, “This level of integrity means, you are Brahmana, come on join the Gurukul, you are the highest order of society.”


Understand, the order was not decided, the ladder was not just based on birth. You can always raise to the next level or you can always climb the ladder by your Integrity and Authenticity. And if at all you wanted to bring equality, you should have made the people in the lower rung of the ladder, the lower rung of the ladder raise to the top rung. But instead, cunningly, India has been culturally attacked, the top rung has been brought down to the lower. Understand the people who constantly abuse you— that your culture, your community, your religion is based on caste system, they are not talking to elevate you. They are using it only to destroy you. Understand, they are creating the evil which was never part of our community system—our caste system. Blown out of proportion.


(36: 01)


We never had people as slaves. Please understand, India never had a slave and slave trade. These dogs who are keeping human beings as slave just because of the color of the skin, come and abuse us here that we are having untouchability. What a is extreme stupidity, extreme stupidity.


Human beings always will live as a small gangs and groups. We are social animal we will for our own society. It is natural. As if in the west, there was no classification and division or what! It was all based on money. Here at least in India, we were classified based on knowledge. Beautifully the society was balanced, society was balanced.




One group was empowered with knowledge, one was empowered with weapons. See these are the 4 major powers of the society. One was empowered with wealth currency, treasury, then another one was empowered with land. Understand the four divisions—major powers of the society is these four; land, treasure, weapon, knowledge. All the four were distributed to four different groups. Society was so balanced. All 4 have to live together. Untouchability is invention and exaggeration, invention and exaggeration of the stupid Anti-Hindu theologists. And these fellows, they go on claiming Vedas are recent invention.




Recently I was reading an article by the great “Western awarded, rewarded, intellectual.” This stupid fellow has written a big article, saying that, “no, no, no, Untouchability in India are thousands of years old.”  It is referenced, quotations are there, the quotes are there.” He has quoted here and there, some mistranslated, distorted Sanskrit verses from Rg Veda, Manusrmiti, and all that and saying,  “At least untouchability is 10,000 years old.’ See these Vedas and Manusrmitis and the later part of the article, the same stupid dog is writing, Vedas are only 2000 year old. In the beginning he is saying, the untouchability, which is quoted in the Vedas, are 10,000 years old, ah? And he is proving, trying to establish that by quoting the Vedas and Smritis and then in the later part of the article suddenly he claims the Vedas themselves are only 2000 years old.  


You don’t need to display your stupidity so openly. I just want to tell these fellows—don’t open your mouth, People may at least doubt you are intelligent, or you may be fool, but if you open your mouth, you will confirm you are a fool. No if you don’t open you mouth people may just have doubt you are a fool, if you open your mouth you may confirm it. Is there no limit for abusing the Vedic tradition?




The most sacred, oldest, ancient, living civilization—this Vedic tradition, and it’s own amazing education system. Indian historians go one feeling the guilt and repent, saying, “oh we never recorded the history properly, we never had the perfect calendar.” But stupid thing you are talking, first you will discard and destroy whatever we have and then claim we don't the sense of recording the history. No other civilization has ever recorded so beautifully, so thoroughly their whole history. Understand, at least last 100,000 years unbroken, history we have recoded, we have it! Discarding all of that in the name of myth, then what are you searching. So much of abusal has been done to Indian Education System and Indian knowledge. Whatever is there you discard, or try to pick up few things only to abuse it.




Now I am telling you all those stupidity, the era of stupidity is over by 1978! We are no more in 1970s to listen to all this stupidity. Understand, ours is the most authentic calendar system. Everything is so beautifully recorded, so beautifully available. The Indian Education System, if revived in all its authenticity, we will become Jagatguru—Guru of the world. Understand, we were Guru of the world. We will become Guru of the world. We were Guru of the world, we will become Guru of the world.





The context this Shanti Mantra sets about the Indian Education System is amazing, unimaginable. I need to introduce this context for some more days. I need to remove lot of misconceptions about the Indian Education System to the world; only then I can expand on the Shanti Mantra and only then I will enter into the Upanishads. I do not know how many days it is going to take. I will do it. However many days it will take, I will do it.


I will continue to expand on Indian education system and the context this Upanishad mantra sets about the Indian education system.


I bless you all, let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing Living Advaita, the Eternal Bliss, Nithyananda. Thank You. Be blissful!