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In today’s (08th October, 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda beautifully explains how the Guru speaks about His glory only for us; it is to remind us of our great possibility. We need transform our inner space to Shivoham! Shiva reminds us of our highest possibility, helping us to imagine we can achieve much more than we are. We need to complete with any other idea that is not in alignment with this truth – we are Shiva! Watch, Share and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload click to subscribe. visit:
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Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |

Asmath Aachaarya Paryanthaam Vandhey Guru Paramparaam ||

I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsanghis, Shrimahants, Mahants, Thanedars, Kotharis, visitors, viewers, and twenty-ninth Inner Awakening participants and 25th eN-Genius participants, visitors, viewers, everyone who is here and all over the world through Sadhna TV, Nithyananda TV, and two-way video-conferencing.

Cities sitting with us in two-way video-conferencing having Nayana Deeksha: Doncaster-UK, Kathmandu-Nepal, Oman-Sivagangai, Winston-Salem-North Carolina, Singapore-Singapuram, Hyderabad-Gupta Kashi, Scottsdale-Arizona, Warrington-UK, Houston-Kalahasti, San Jose-Madurai, Seattle-Chidambaram, Ohio-Prayag, Morris Plains-New Jersey, Guadeloupe-Rameshwaram, Jorpati-Nepal, Amersfoort-Netherlands, Phoenix-Kanchipuram, Kuala Lumpur-Palani, Winston-Salem-North Carolina, Oman-Sivagangai, Kathmandu-Nepal, Doncaster-UK, Surrey-Canada, St. Louis-Tirumala, Toronto-Kailasam, Oklahoma-Somanatham, Nithyananda University-Los Angeles, Lexington-Kentucky..... And more cities are joining.

I welcome all of you with my love and respects.

Today’s message from Maha Kaala, Maha Kaalabhairava: The practical value of the great truth – Shivoham.

Please listen, because of this prana prathishta process happening.....that is why I have brought one Shiva Linga here to show all of you. See, this is the model Shiva Lingam on which we are doing prana prathishta. This is one Shiva Lingam, Sphatika Lingam on which the Sri Chakra is drawn. Like this, many Shiva Lingas are made in various sizes, in two feet tall, one feet, so many Shiva Lingas are made, and the prana prathishta is happening, energizing process is happening. In almost four-hundred-and-thirty-two places our devotees are planning to build temples. So, we have started making deities for all the four-hundred-and-thirty-two places all over the world.

So, I wanted you guys to see this Shiva Linga. It is kept continuously with water, because, during the energizing process, it gets heated up. It should not crack during the heating up. That is why constantly it is kept in water.

I wanted all of you to have darshan of the model of the Shiva Lingam. This Shiva Linga is actually one foot tall, the Linga alone is one feet tall, and the Peetha is one feet tall. “Peetha” means, the “Yoni” part which holds the Shiva part, the Linga part. But the Shiva Linga itself, because Sri Chakra is carved, represents Shiva due to its form, Devi because of the Sri Chakra, and Guru, in the top of it the “bindu” represents the Guru. All the three – Shiva, Devi, Guru – in one form, is the Shri Yantreshwara, Nithyanandeshwara we call it. So, these Shiva Lingams are getting energized.

And, one more important thing: Now we also got some very authentic “sthapathis” (traditional temple architects) to make the deities, to make these Shiva Lingas in “nava paashaanas” (nine poisonous substances combined together to prepare a powerful elixir which can cure any disease) in the size you can worship in your temples and houses. That work is also happening. So, due to this prana prathista process, I will be speaking for a few days on these various truths represented by the energies installed, the thought-trends, thought-currents installed in the form of energy in deities. Actually, I wanted to start Sankhya, Sankhya Sutras, Sankhya philosophy. But, due to this energizing process, prana prathishta process, once I finish this prana prathishta process, then we can...

I will start expanding on Sankhya Sutras. So, let me enter into the message today which I wanted to convey to all of you, today’s Nithya Satsangh.

The utility value of Shivoham, please understand, apply this science – “I AM SHIVA” – in every step of your life.

Today, Chandra Grahana (Lunar Eclipse), especially Chandra Grahana involving Kethu which is very, very auspicious for starting any spiritual process. That is why, this Inner Awakening I have started on this day! Today is a very auspicious day to start a spiritual process. And you guys are really blessed to start your Inner Awakening on this auspicious day of Chandra Grahana involving Kethu. “Kethu Grastha Chandra Grahana” it is called. So, please understand, I want all of you today to start this process.

All of you, all the devotees, disciples, followers, everyone, start this process today, bringing the great truth of Shivoham into practical reality. Apply that truth to make yourself more responsible! Apply that truth to make yourself more authentic! Apply that truth to make yourself more integrated! Apply that truth to make yourself more enriching! If you start this process today, not only you will be successful, but the whole Cosmos also will be supporting you, because, the Chandra Grahana, this is the time your mind, your being, your bio-memory can be programmed to the highest possibility, your muscle-memory and bio-memory can be raised and programmed to the highest possibility.

Please listen! Not for any pride or anything, I am telling you the exact incident which happened yesterday, one small incident. Suddenly I asked my Swamis who are helping me, assisting me; I told them to get a set of books, books from Lonavala Yoga Institute. I told them, ‘Please get those books.’ And I also wanted to acknowledge their (Lonavala Yoga Institute’s) great contribution to Yoga, Pranayama, and the science of Hatha Yoga, the Lonavala Yoga Institute for the amazing contribution and authentic translation they are providing to the whole world about all these Yogic scriptures. I wanted to give my acknowledgement, gratitude, respect for their contribution to this field of Yoga, Pranayama, Hatha Yoga. So, I told the Swami to pick that book. We have, I think, twenty-five books....or....I don’t know exactly. We have a large collection. So, they brought the book. As usual I was taking these books and scanning.

It is a new set of books which arrived very recently. The publisher himself signed in every book with a message: ‘Please accept this”. I was just going through all the books, and, may be, in one hour, I kept all the books this side (to one side); means, completed! That Swami came and said, ‘I have seen only in the movies!’ The person was quoting a recent movie where a robot will pick up a book and just wave in front of its eyes, and throw it. The Swami was quoting that and asking, ‘What is this Swamiji? You are picking up and doing this and throwing!’ I smiled and said, ‘What do you mean?’ The person asked, ‘What do you mean by putting the books this side? Means, you finished or what?’ I said, ‘What do you want to know in these books, ask me; I will tell you. Or, you pick up any book, open any page, and ask me to repeat any page. If you want, you test.’ The person said, ‘Enough! Enough! I don’t want to test you anymore!’ I said, ‘Pick up these books. This book is nothing but Mahadeva’s teaching to Vamadeva. This book is Mahadeva’s teaching to Devi. This book is about Kumbhaka Pranayama.’ The Swami was shocked!

Please listen! I don’t want to claim it is my unique power. Through this incident, the statement I want to send all of you, the moral of this story is: This power is possible! It is a science. When you complete with your ignorance, when you are tired of your ignorance and complete with your ignorance, complete with your lifestyle of ignorance, this power is simply possible! Please listen! When I tell this incident, I am not talking to you about my glory; I am talking to you about YOUR possible glory! I am talking to you about YOUR possibility! We all have that cute feeling of living with minimal memory, because, somehow we think more number of thoughts means more stress, which is completely wrong, listen, which is completely wrong! More number of thoughts are not more stress. More number of thoughts from incompletions is more stress. See, it is your internal fight which encourages thoughts and which wants to be thoughtless. That is stressfull. Actually, thoughts by themselves are like Lakshmi – Wealth. With the right way of applying it, you can just manifest wealth without manipulating. There are only two kinds of people who are wealthy on the Planet Earth, among humanity: One, who manifest wealth; the other, who manipulate wealth. That’s all!

Thoughts are like Lakshmi. If you know how to manifest them, you are manifesting wealth. But if you are stupid to manipulate yourself, you will be manipulating wealth. Anything manifested can never be taken away from you by anybody! Anything manipulated by you can never stay with you however you may try. I am telling you, anything manifested can never be taken away from you however much you try. How much ever your detractors, opponents, enemies try, nothing can be taken away from you.  Thoughts by themselves are not enemies. But your conflict with thoughts, doubt about thoughts, hatred towards thoughts, they are the biggest problem.

See, understand, it is like this. If there is a riot outside the may not have gone for the riot; you would have gone to the temple for darshan and just now had the darshan and came out. But you SAW the riot! Just because you are in the wrong place, the police will catch you also! Same way, many times your thoughts exist when you feel stressed and incomplete around you; but that does not mean they are responsible for that stress and incompletion you are feeling. You file a FIR (First Information Report) on the wrong person. You file your incompletion report on the wrong person. You attribute your incompletions to your own thoughts, which is not right. Please understand, your conflicts and contradicting thoughts are only responsible for your stress, not your thoughts themselves. For a second you want to be completely thoughtless, and next second you want to have the best thinking methodology! So, this is responsible for the stress. Thoughts themselves are not responsible. You need to know this basic truth; only then you will drop your hatred towards memory, having vast memory, or having large number of manifested aligned thoughts.

Understand, consciously manifested aligned thoughts are a blessing for your life. That is what I call “conscious existence”. Actually, consciously manifested aligned thoughts cannot even be called as “thoughts”; it is “the space created and expressed, radiated, in the field of the mind”. Because you have a wrong understanding about the words “thought” and “mind”, I don’t want to use the word “thought” and “mind” for the expression of the conscious being. Understand, it is too much our resistance towards thoughts, and attributing that your thoughts are responsible for many of your bad, wrong experiences about life, that is the reason for the stress you experience. We all have a deep hatred for handling vast memory and thinking. That needs to be completed. When you complete that, your bio-memory can be programmed to handle your Shivoham experience, Shivathwa experience.

I tell you, the amount of memory I handle, whether it is the minute details of the temple deities creation, or the false cases filed on me, or the number of properties, ashrams, temples we have, or the details of which property has a borewell, which has a fencing, where how many ashramites are staying, the amount of vast memory I am handling, I am telling you, people who work around me will know, this amount of memory, even one-tenth if you have, you may go mad or become “loosu” (crazy/loco) due to your stress. Such vast memory does not create even one layer of stress in my system!

Nowadays machines have come for measuring stress in muscles. I can put myself in any machine and prove clearly there is no stress in me handling such vast information and memory. The one and only reason is, I am very clear it is only the unconscious, conflicting, contradicting thoughts which create stress, strain, incompletions in us. Clearly manifested conscious thoughts don’t create any stress in us They only bring auspiciousness, goodness in us. They only bring goodness in us, auspiciousness in us. Not having incompletion towards your thinking process, remembering process, recalling process, cognition, cognizing process, is “thoughtless awareness”, “restful awareness”. Not having incompletions towards your thinking process, cognition process, reasoning process, remembering process, recalling process, is “restful awareness”. Whenever I speak about some incident from my life, some manifestation happening through me, I am not declaring my glory; I am declaring your possibility. My glory is your possibility. Trying to open you to your possibility is my greatest glory. What other glory you can give me, attribute to me? No! I am not glorified by anything other than seeing you open up to your possibility. So, whenever I am talking about some incident, I am just reminding you about your possibility. Constantly, an enlightened being reminds you about your possibility. Constantly, he reminds you about your highest existence. Listen! Shivoham! Shivoham! Shivoham! Repeat this great experience continuously. Whatever comes up as an incompletion, not letting you to be in the space of Shivoham, complete with it! Complete with it! Complete with it!

And, use this Shivoham, strength which comes from this Shivoham, to make you more authentic; means, align yourself to your best Inner Image, best Outer Image, best Others Image, best Life Image. Make yourself more and more energetic, living! I tell you, “living” means “loving”. Living means loving! It is living that makes you loving. All other love, can any compassion, love come from a very low Inner Image? Low Inner Image is like a drainage. From drainage do you expect sandalwood smell? Or a great scent? Sandalwood smell will come only from sandalwood.  Great smell can be experienced only from incense or perfume, something good. So, bring that Inner Image of Shivoham; you will see all your actions radiate such powerful love and completion, compassion, without incompletion or powerlessness! Otherwise, I tell you, most of the time your so-called compassion is nothing but fear of conflicts. You don’t want to face the fears, you want to escape, and you call that “compassion”! I have done that mistake; that is why I am telling you. May be some janmas (births) before, but I know it! Let your fear of facing conflicts be not justified as compassion or love. Face them, whether the conflicts inside or outside, boldly! War can never be postponed! If it is postponed by your fear of facing the conflict, it will only be advantageous to the enemy.

Out of Completion, the love and compassion, out of Completion whatever you experience, whether you wage the war or postpone, it will be pure expression of compassion. What do you think Krishna was doing in Kurukshetra? Do you think he was a murderer, mass murderer, he wants to kill everyone? No! He knows what he is doing! The large quantity of wrong muscle-memory and bio-memory is built which is not ready to do Completion. But Planet Earth needs to be purified if the earth needs to be saved. So he is cleaning the whole space for the new civilization to happen. And he is liberating people! A person like Krishna, in his ultimate powerfulness, whether he wages war or keeps quite, he is an embodiment of love and compassion. But if you are showing, justifying love and compassion just because of your fear of facing the conflicts, because you don’t want to face the conflicts, and your actions which you do due to the fear of facing the conflicts you claim as compassion. No! That will neither be love nor compassion. Make your inner-space Shivoham. Make your inner-space Shivoham.  Make your inner-space Shivoham. Go on! Go on! Go on! Every moment use this great truth to bring strength to your inner-space, courage to your inner-space, Completion to your inner-space. Complete with all the incompletions. Make your inner-space more and more intelligent, bright, strong, powerful by this great truth of Shivoham. Every problem you have, attend to it with this one great truth.


That is the definition I will give when I use the word “Shiva” here:


Because, YOU ARE! I don’t even want to say “You can be Shiva”; I say, “YOU ARE SHIVA”! Anything other than this, complete it, complete with it! Bring tremendous Completion to your being with this great truth of Shivoham, Shivoham, Shivoham, Shivoham! Bring this great truth – SHIVOHAM – to expand your possibilities, to express yourself to yourself.

The essence of today’s satsangh:-

the message from Maha Kaalabhairava to all of you: Start realizing the practical utility of the great truth, Shivoham. Use this truth to realize yourself, of Shivoham.

With this, I bless you all! Let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching and Causing eternal bliss, Nithyananda! Thank you!