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In this video (8 April 2018), Paramahamsa Nithyananda explains the laws of Karma - Cosmos does not record the quantity, but the quality of the experience produced as Karma. Paramahamsa Nithyananda differentiates between good karma and bad karma, and also explains the effects of eating non-vegetarian food. Watch, share and like the videos and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click to subscribe. Website and Social Media:
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Sri Nithyananda Swami Paramahamsa Nithyananda, Nithyananda, Swamiji, Sadāshiva, MahaSadāshiva, MahaSadāshivoham Karma and good karma defined and explained
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Little secret. It’s real secret. However you understand - understand. The Cosmos does not record anything other than violence; means… only if you cause pain, karma gets recorded. Other than violence nothing is recorded as karma.


For example - Somebody goes and steals 2 billion dollar from a multi-billionaire and that fellow is loaded with trillions of dollars. He doesn’t care, “Aaah, no time to punish him. Come on let’s earn more.” He goes out. He doesn’t bother. You don’t get karma. And you go to a homeless guy and steal few pennies. That fellow rolls on the ground and cries - you get karma. Karma is not the quantity or quality of the action you performed, it only the amount of interference or violence you caused; that’s all.




Listen. I’ll give….I’ll go to the origin of the Universe. Please understand. Now I am giving you Cosmic legal opinion. I commit with you, I’ll be completely integrated to the original Truth, because many of you make many decisions in your life, based on My legal opinion. With that responsibility I am talking to you.


When this whole Universe manifested, Mahadeva - Sadāshiva - made only one Sankalpa, “Let Me become many to celebrate Me.” Listen. It means, the first principle is - “Let us all co-exist.” That’s all. The primary principle, “Let us all co-exist”. Other than the violence of breaking this ‘let us all coexist’, nothing is considered as karma.




All of you are getting what I am saying? See, the infinity infinity, when it decided to manifest as this Universe and as all of us, only principle it declared is “Let Me become many to celebrate Me.” It means only one principle - let us all co-exist. That’s all. Only if you break that ‘let us all coexist’ - karma comes; other than that nothing is a karma. Only thing recorded as a karma, is violence; nothing else. All of you are getting what I am saying?


For example… I gave the example - that you take billion dollar and that fellow does not bother… from whom you take; you don’t get karma. You take one penny and that fellow rolls on the ground and cries, you get karma.


Karma is - only the suffering caused, nothing else.

Good karma - the celebration caused, that’s all.


See Mahadeva, he becomes many. He declares, “Let Me become many to celebrate Me.” So more and more celebration you cause becomes good karma. More and more pain you cause becomes bad karma. That’s all.




The same...same rule applies. You may give billion dollar to somebody and he is not happy about it, you don’t get good karma. You may be giving a penny to somebody and he is just praising you and glorifying, he is just ecstatic - you get good karma. It is the experience caused matters - not the other - money or quantity or quality or the work of or any of that done. All of you are getting? Because the principle in which the Universe, Brahmanda, is expanded….. See, the Universe manifests, it becomes that multiverse… that Universe becoming multiverse, the principle or the first declaration with which it explodes is - ‘let Me become many to celebrate Me’.


So anything you add as a celebration of ourself is a good karma. Anything you add to break that fundamental principle of coexistence is bad karma, that’s all. Nothing else matters. What is karma? - Disturbing the natural expansion process of the Universe. Supporting the natural process of expansion is good karma. Trying to disturb is bad karma, that’s all.


That is why I tell people - Whole life who drinks and smokes does not have one inch of karma; he may have health issue. But one non-veg meal is enough to put you in hell, because the pain of the animal is there. Animal is not going to be blessing you and dying when it dies, “Oh, Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu. Let everyone be blissful and happy eating my body.” No! No, tell Me! Is there any animal?


See the Facebook video - how they skin the animals! Tons of Facebook videos are there. There is one…….Facebook page that….slaughterhouse without glass doors….sorry… doors slaughter house … something…..there is one Facebook page I get regularly. Maybe next session when I come, I’ll try to get that. They say, “If we put glass windows for the slaughterhouses, whole world will become vegetarian, because you don’t know what goes on for that meat to be in your plate.