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" In today’s Nithya's Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda reveals AMAZING insights about the spiritual Alchemy Process (on 5th October 2016). He begins by explaining how Alchemy is nothing but using the 11 dimensions of the universe, tuning into the 25 states of consciousness and radiating the 5 aspects of Sadashiva.We can experience these 3 immediately in the presence of the Avatar especially in his own home! Paramahamsa Nithyananda went on to explain the incredible secrets behind the energy field of the Bengaluru Aadheenam, location of the Sadashivoham 21-day program in December. He has decided that the program will be at “home”, which is the most spiritually happening city on planet earth! This place gives him the “freedom to install all the spiritual alchemy products.” He will be creating 10 spiritual alchemy products to help participants hold the Enlightenment experience, sending them permanently into the space of Enlightenment!, to live and manifest the Shaktis, powers of Sadashiva." Watch, share and like the video's and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click to subscribe. Website and Social Media:
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nithyānandeśvara samārambhām
nithyānandeśvari madhyamām |
asmat āchārya paryantām
vande guru paramparām ||


I welcome all of you with My love and respects. I welcome all the Sarvajnapeetha Yajamans, Nithya Satsanghis, SriMahants,  Mahants, Kotharis, Thanedars, Inner Awakening participants everyone sitting with us through Nithyananda TV,  Facebook live, YouTube live, and two way video conferencing having Nayana Deeksha.   




Today. Fourth day of the Navaratri Mahotsava. Adishakti is gracing all of us as Annapurni, nourisher of the whole Cosmos. Served by Sarasvasti and Lakshmi and Venkateshwara Brahmotsava 3rd day is happening. Today as part of the Venkateswara Bahmotsavam Srinivasa Venkateswara is gracing all of us in Yoga Narashima Avatar on svarnasimhavahana, golden lion vehicle. Let's receive their blessings and then continue the Satsang.


( 2:24 - Aarti)




I wanted to share few understandings about the Spiritual Alchemy process. Alchemy is using all the 11 dimensions of the Universe and 25 states of Consciousness and achieving the space of the 5 aspects of Sadashiva.

Listen. I’ll repeat once more. Alchemy is nothing but using the 11 dimensions of the Universe. Tuning the 25 states of Consciousness, and achieving.  Radiating. The 5 aspects of Sadashiva. Listen. I will repeat once more.

Alchemy is nothing but using 11 dimensions of Universe, tuning the 25 states of Consciousness and achieving, radiating the 5 aspects of Sadashiva.




Multiple things are used in the Alchemy science. It starts from preparing the ground on which the meditation, alchemy process is going to happen. From there it starts. A solidified mercury, mercury solidified without chemistry chemical being added. Just by the energy, means an Enlightened Incarnation, His body is capable of dismantling any molecule and assembling it as any other molecule in any place and space and time He wants. Understand, an Enlightened Incarnation, an Enlightened Incarnation is capable of dismantling any molecule, assembling it back as any other molecule, or same. In any place, time as He wants with this power, dismantling the liquid form of a mercury and retaining it's mercurian quality in it, assembling it back as solid.  [laughs]. I don't know how much of you……this is what is science of solidifying mercury. In this body I did this 3 times. One is under the Dakshinamurti, one is under the Bidadi Garbha Mandi, present Garbha Mandir, one is under the Vaidya Sarovar Nithyananda Lingam. It starts from preparing the ground and installing the solidified mercury and installing proper Yantras, Mandalas as per the instructions of Sadashiva. Even the breathing space where the people who go through the Spiritual Alchemy process, even the breathing space is purified by the traditional powerful incense and perfumes. The highest understandings about life, highest understandings about the Universe, highest understandings about the Sadashiva, all that becomes a permanent experience. It is like a making the most powerful subtle grooves in the system. Making the most powerful subtle grooves in the system, which can retain the subtlest but most powerful experiences of Sadashiva, and goes on radiating it.




Listen. Just this 3 Garbha [cosmic womb] installed in Bengaluru Aadheenam contributes and plays a major role in preparing our Gurukul Balasants and their energy to radiate so much of powers. Because constantly they’re living in that space, in this space. Especially when their muscle-memory and bio-memory is growing. Living in sanctified space, living it in the space where Prāṇapratishtha is done, does thousands of good things to you. Many things, which you don't even understand, I started preparing already this Sadāshivoham, like Jnana Anjana. At least 10 Spiritual Alchemy products you are all going to have. Like Jnana Anjanam, but at least 10. Actually I’m pushing it. Getting all the things necessary and organizing. Really very sincerely I’m trying to give it to even these Inner Awakening participants.  In Jnana Anjana, I do not need anything from external world other than the pure ghee [clarified butter], which is easily available. But in the other Alchemy products I need some things related to pure copper made kind of a shell and the pure copper sheet for the Yantras to be drawn. So that's taking little time but we are working on it. All the other spiritual what I need to add, I'm ready with that. Hope at least few of the Spiritual Alchemy products which I'm planning. I am literally evolving an Enlightenment pill, and it may look very funny.




See giving Enlightenment cannot be done by pill. But if I give you that pill and then after that if I give you the experience you will retain it. See here whole issue is not giving, it's about retaining. Because during every big initiation I’m literally raising you to the frequency of Enlightenment. I am giving it. It's all about the question of retaining it; the system capable of retaining it. So with this powerful Alchemy product, the spiritual Alchemy products system will retain it. The Sadashivoham participants are going to have at least 10 powerful Alchemy products, spiritual alchemy products very authentically prepared and which directly works. You will see the result immediately. Already I started seeing in the Facebook all over the power of Jnana Anjana. People who are applying and using some are saying – ‘I'm not using the spectacles anymore.’ Some are saying – ‘my business decisions and the income has skyrocketed.’ Some are saying – ‘my health has become so well,’ which directly speaks experientially. You’ll have at least 10 and most powerful authentically created and energized 10 Yantras, a various powerful Yantras done in a very authentic, most authentic, traditional way.




Actually you guys are going to have a real spiritual alchemy blast and I also commit with you guys, this is a commitment – My Balasants will show the answers for your questions to you in a stone slab in HD quality detail. The quality detail will be thousand times more in the stone slab. In the Banyan leaf it is a 1 unit means in mirror it may be 100. In stone slab it will be 1000. The most perfect HD. High quality. It is going to be a very powerful spiritual Alchemy process. Get ready for a spiritual Alchemy blast and everything available.

Mani, mantra, aushadha, shiddhi, bhāvana – everything available. I’m bringing it to life, bringing it to be alive. Just get you out of the Matrix, Maya Matrix, and the whole program is going to be completely spiritual Alchemy based.

Please understand. And I also wanted to tell you now itself. In Cambodia Shivoham process we had only 11 days process. 10 days outing. In Nithyanandoham Phuket maybe we had 17 days process and 3-4 days going out vacation going around and all that. This time, expect process on all 22 days.


This time the whole thing is going to be centered on completely spiritual process. All the 22 days, or 21 days. For some it is 22 for some it is 21, whatever, whatever. All the days 100% it will be spiritual process fully packed. Fully packed schedule. The uniqueness of this Sadāshivoham is going to be the great support you are all going to have through this spiritual alchemy products and spiritual Alchemy processes.




We do have videos where I have put My hand inside the mercury and in 40 minutes the whole mercury becomes solid and even if you test it in the machine, we have also tested, it's a 100% Mercury. There is no other chemical inside it. I am also working to show to you guys. You can see. Somebody can put their hand in the mercury and make it solid. They can just put their hand on your brain and just make it into Enlightened. And give you one if you don’t have. I am all excited because I know what is going to happen. I’m all excited because I know what is going to happen. And one Sadāshivoham participants are blessed and fortunate. And this IA participants this IA batch is double blessed, because these guys are going to receive many of the things first. Whatever is ready this IA participants and this IA volunteers they’re going to taste it first. Most powerful, at least 10 alchemy products, and the powerful processes, everything from the original scriptures, authentic scriptures, making you live Enlightenment, making you radiate Sadāshivoham.




Looking at the enormous work needed to be done on this spiritual alchemy processes preparations. Actually multiple doors are opening when I decided to use everything available in the spiritual alchemy science. Looking at all that and the purpose of the Sadashivoham program is to give you a thorough experience and making you manifest the powers of Sadashiva, shaktis of Sadashiva. And all the things required to be done, whether it is a installing the Yantras and Mandalas and Garbas inside the ground under the ground or making the specific flower plants, fruit plants, perfumes and incenses and preparing all other alchemy products and making it available to all of you. Considering all this, I decided to hold the Sadashivoham 2016 in Bengaluru Aadheenam itself. It will give Me lot of freedom to install all the spiritual Alchemy products and prepare the ground from the foundation level and prepare everything in it's best form. I decided let me be integrated to manifesting Sadashiva’s powers than any of this stupid vacation wow factor and all that. Whoever wants to go for vacation then you do it on your own. If you want Sadashiva’s powers come to Me. I’ll give you the vacation of taking you to other loka [planet or abode], not just a beach or any other resort. So I think too many things needed to be organized and done, if I have to bring the whole authentic experience of Sadashivoham. So, but I commit with you and promise you the ultimate most Authentic Sadashivoham 2016 experience.




Ultimately whatever said and done this land is the land where thousands lived and practiced the spiritual alchemy, because here this is ponnambalam ennambalam. I can do the dance as I want. This ponnambalam. This ponnambalam means ennambalam– means My own, so I can do the dance as I want. And I do not need to ask the permission and support of any other authorities and owners and anything else.




I have decided the quality of the program, the powers you manifest is the first priority. Everything else is second. And I know people who are seekers, who are interested they will stay with Me anywhere even in a small hut, or without even a hut. One of the best teachers training I have ever conducted in My whole 15 years of public life is Krishnalaya teachers training. It was done just in small few wooden barns nothing else. That's the best program I’ve ever conducted, still now. So, of course, we’ve already decided; there will be a new 40,000 square foot AC hall erected for Sadashivoham 2016. Fully air conditioned structure, it will be air conditioned from above. Spiritual conditioned from below.


Come on. Let's get ready and prepare everything to make Sadāshivoham 2016 happen in Bengaluru Aadheenam. I’m literally aligning even the Grahas [planets] the most auspicious way directly concentrating on Bengaluru Aadheenam. Let the flag be raised. The Nithyananda Dhvaja Sadāshivoham 2016. Let Dvajarohanam happen. Let all the departments wake up and start calling all the Gods, Goddesses from all over the world, all over the Universe invoking. Let the preparations start, and because it's going to be in Bengaluru Aadheenam we can align it beautifully with Avatar Day celebrations. The new dates will be December 1st to December 21st. And 21st Sadāshivoham 2016 then 22- 23 Birthday, Jayanti Celebrations. Please come prepared to stay for Jayanti celebrations. Actually December 1 to 21st is 40th Inner Awakening. December 23rd is 40th Avatar day.


I think this Navaratri batch Nithyanandoham participants are going to have a real blast. You guys are going to see literally from the foundation how the spiritual alchemy ground is prepared. The whole shape will be made in the form of a back of the tortoise. You’ll see how the ground is being prepared. In Agamas Sadashiva very clearly describes how the ground need to be prepared for the Alchemy process. You will see all that  – the pancha-asana vedike, and pancha punda-asana, and pancha shiva asana; how the whole thing is going to be prepared. It will be a scene to be seen and I will make everything live in Nithyananda TV, you guys can watch.




Actually the whole preparation itself will be a celebration for you guys to watch. It's literally like a waking up the Vasthu Purusha and making him enlightened first. See before the powers manifesting in you, Vasthu Purusha will be manifesting all the Sadāshivoham powers. So the ground will start manifesting all those powers and then the moment you enter into the ground you will start manifesting. And I just have to bolt it permanently inside the 21 days that's all. So wherever you go, you carry this ground under you and you manifest, radiate.  Too much need to be done and I saw practically it is only possible in the place where we own the land. Where we own everything. And I’m sure our devotees are not interested in any vacation. They’ve seen enough of vacation. And now its time to have a vacation to other plane. No. What will you see something, which is in the planet earth, which you know already? In planet earth anything you see which will be just little bigger or smaller of what you know already. I’ll show you something, which you never imagined. Let me take you a real spiritual vacation to Kailasa. Come on. Enough of vacations in Maya Matrix. Let's go to a different vacation. Vacation to a beyond Maya Matrix place. Kailasa. Preparing for the whole spiritual alchemy process. Such beautiful, amazing science. I think this batch Nithyanandoham participants are really, really going to celebrate the whole happening.




How the Vastu Purusha waking up. How Inner Awakening is done to Him and how Sadāshivoham 2016 is done to Him, and how He is ready fully radiating Sadāshivoham 2016 and how when you enter inside immediately you start manifesting and how it is getting bolted in you and how you go around all over the world and radiate Sadāshivoham 2016. The whole thing this Nithyanandoham participants are going to see. Welcome to the most spiritually happening city in the world. Bengaluru Aadheenam.


Still I have not introduced the whole alchemy science. I’ll go on introducing and preparing all of you for Sadāshivoham 2016. I think it is time. I decide and be integrated to the Sadāshivoham 2016 experience, means be integrated to people, manifesting Sadāshiva’s powers than any wow factor of some vacation, how the place looks and all that. And I am also very clear there is no other beautiful place other than Bidadi Bengaluru Aadheenam. This is best. That is why I chose. See I’m very simple man, I want everything best, that's all. My taste is very simple so if I had picked up this place, understand this is best. This is the best place. If I picked up this place for Me to live, then don't you understand, this is THE best place. Let's do it. Let's by the grace of Sadashiva, let's make it happen.

I bless you all. Let's all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching, Causing Living Shuddhadvaita Saivam the eternal Bliss.  Nithyananda. Thank you. Be blissful.