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In today’s special satsang (4 May2015), live from Varanasi—the land of Mahadeva, Kalabhairava, Paramahamsa Nithyananda blesses and speaks from the ecstasy and joy of Visvanatha (Shiva) where Ganga is flowing with the love current of Mahadeva. Kashi being the golden city, Shiva inhabited along with Devi Parvati, Kartikeya and Ganesha and His in-laws, is the energy field of Gods. It is ONLY God here, not only one God. And in this very energy-field of Consciousness, is to begin the Inner Awakening Program (from May 7th 2015). He invites all to come and experience Sadashiva, Visvantha directly at the Inner Awakening that marks the ultimate initiation into ‘Shivoham’
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NithyanandeshwariMadhyamaam |


Vandhey Guru Paramparaam ||


0:39    I welcome all of you with my love and respects. I welcome all the devotees , disciples, samajis satsanghis, srimahants,  mahants,  thanedars,  kotaris sitting with us through nithyananda tv, sadhana tv and two way video conferencing having nayna deeksha in so many countries all over the world .The cities sitting with us all over the world having nayna deeksha -Seatle Aadinaam, Ohio Aadinam, Vancouver Bhuvaneshwar, Los Angels Aadinam, Millvalley , Phoenix Aadinam, Saint Louis Aadinam,  Kualampur Aadinam  Snehmayi, Kulim Malaysia,  Bidadi,  Hyderabad Guptkashi , Charlotte SriSalem, Dubai Aadinaam , Bangalore North ,Singapore Aadinam , Husten Aadinam ,London South – West and some more cities . I welcome all of you with my love and respects.

1.56  Yes I am in Varanasi…. (laugh)......The one statement I can make, Varanasi is just a physical manifestation of Hinduism. See whatever Hinduism offers to the world, Varanasi is the physical manifestation just , it is not just Mahadeva, all gods it is city of Gods ,again i don't know what to tell , how to tell every God is inside Mahadeva but it is not just Mahadeva. It’s every divine energy. Please understand only one God is a stupid theory, there is only God is a reality. Only one God is stupid theory, there is only God is reality. Understand there is a difference between these two statements, as long as u thinks, u see many things there are many Gods because everything is God.

3:25   When u start seeing only one thing that one thing is God then there is only one God. Understand, if u see nothing that nothing is God so, there is only one God is stupidity, there is only God is the reality. In Varanasi, as many things as you see so many Gods are there. Understand in Varanasi there is only God so anything you see is God. That is why there is only God is the most powerful statement then only one God. It's a........ (4.12)

4:13   I m telling you, from yesterday the moment I landed into Varanasi just.... (4.19) If I have to describe in one word, feels like SADASHIVA centre of all Enlightenment, Power,  Consciousness, Truth, Energy everything .It is just from yesterday I can see the SADASHIVA multifold expanding and exploring so, I welcome everyone of you .Please come as early as possible .”When I m here what are you doing there”. When I m here what are you doing there. Come- on it is time, to come and experience Varanasi, the Maheshwara , SADASHIVA , this is the place where you can experience the love current of Mahadeva because this whole city Mahadeva created for the sake of Parvati, for the sake of Devi because Devi wanted to settle down in planes, Mahadeva created this city.

 5:49  Beautifully the story describes, after Sati leaves the body, when she assumes the next body as Parvati and gets married to Mahadeva and then Ganesha happens, kartikeya happens, then Devi asks let's go and settle down in planes with the whole family then Mahadeva chooses this place .After he chose this place and settle down , this place is Anandvana .Then Devi wanted to bless her previous janama father Daksha so Parvati and Mahadeva both appeared in front of Daksha who was staying at that time in Haridwar in his palace in Kankhal . So by then he has become Shiva devotee and he was worshipping Mahadeva, Daksheshwar Mahadeva and Devi and Shiva appeared and bless him. After the blessings, Devi invites Daksha and the wife of Daksha to come and stay in Varanasi so they both also move to Varanasi to live vanaprastha life and as a whole family , in-laws and early janama in-laws, Mahadeva lived here .To see all of them Ganga comes, to have darshan of Mahadeva and everyone Ganga comes here .

7:39  This is the beautiful city where you can experience the love current of Mahadeva and I welcome everyone of you. Please come here to experience the love current of Mahadeva.  Anywhere in the world you can say there is only one God but in Varanasi , u can say only one statement that is” there is only God “ Understand anywhere in the world, anywhere in the world you can say there is only one God , in Varanasi I should say their is only God . Anywhere you see it is God,  God, God and God.  So .... come here to experience God .Anything can be given up to experience Varanasi but nothing should come in between you and experience thing in Varanasi. Ganga here is the love current of Mahadeva, here Ganga is the love current of Mahadeva , see is not just flowing away from Mahadeva (9:00 gesture of moving hand away from head ), she is flowing on Mahadeva (9:03 gesture ) in Varanasi. She is flowing on Mahadeva in Varanasi. Varanasi, Ganga I have no words , nothing much to speak, just my big smile only that speaks, that can speak volumes about Varanasi , whatever I want to say is already expressing through my wideeee...... smile .See when you guyies see me physically how you have the wideee.... big smile on your face which is uncontrollable, that is exactly I am going through now. So that's all I can say.

9:44 So I bless you all, let you all radiate with integrity, authencity, responsibility, enriching, causing living advaitha, the eternal bliss Nithyananda  Thankyou Be Blissfull!