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In this video (26 December 2018), Paramahamsa Nithyananda asserts the purpose and essence of all spiritual practices - whether Yoga, Pranayama, Mantras or meditation. The main essence and purpose is to raise the frequency of our Consciousness. Anything which makes us more powerful is right, anything which makes us powerless is wrong - that's all. Watch, share and like the videos and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click to subscribe. Website and Social Media:
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You see, life is all about raising the frequency of your Consciousness. Fundamentally, whatever raises the intensity and frequency of your Consciousness, your existence, you being alive, beyond this body and mind, whatever intensifies that - is right. That is spiritual practice. Whatever reduces the frequency of your consciousness - is wrong, that’s all. This is the essence of everything; whether you do yoga or you apply the turmeric and take bath, you apply aushadha or you sit in mandala process or you meditate, you chant… anything, the only purpose of all these actions, is raising the frequency of your consciousness, means - bringing the highest peak Consciousness called Turiyatita -Turiyatita in your Being level and in your Doing level. In both… bringing Turiyatita as your Reality, is all is the essence of everything. That is the purpose and essence of everything.




Now, I am going to intensely infuse Turiyatita - the highest conscious level in your body, understand, in your Being level. Please understand. When you are alive in the body, body operates as Being, mind operates as Doing. When you leave the body, your subtle body operates as Being, the causal body operates as Doing. Now, the Being part is locked in your physical body, that is why so much of detoxification is recommended in Vedic tradition; so much working on the body. Now I am going to breathe the Turiyatita, the space of ‘being alive’ in your body. Don’t worry about what your mind does. Actually, your mind is too superficial. I am going to breathe the Turiyatita, the state of ‘being alive’, the experience of that Oneness, into your Being. Your ‘doing’ component does not matter. It’s your ‘Being’ component which matters.


Bio-memory and muscle memory is established on your body. If your Being is infused with this Turiya and Turiyatita, by and by just by your breathing this will get mixed in your Doing. That is why so much of insistence on detoxification and on vegetarian food and on getting back to a natural lifestyle.




First, I finished that Suddha - Sattva Tattva, the purity, the unit of purity - Sattva Tattva. That whole science was taught to Devi by Mahadeva. This chapter which I am dealing now, the Atma Tattva - the unit of Consciousness…. This whole 25 states of consciousness and this process and the whole meditation and the aushadha we are going to have, everything was given by Mahadeva to Subramanya. In Sarvajnanottara Agama He gave it to Subramanya and Subramanya gave it to world. So the Guru Parampara for this part of the Agama comes down through Subramanya; from Mahadeva to Subramanya, Subramanya to all the other Rishis.