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Insights on E = mc² - Intensity is Continuity For a Vegertarian Paramhamsa Nithyananda debunks theory of major scientists by reflecting into the capability of the brain & very clearly defines how a non vegetarian diet consuming person's brain is different from that of a vegetarian person's brain and how it leads to the non-grasping ability of non-vegetarian person. A vegetarian can perceive why intensity can be continuous and how that person can create and charge a dry battery which doesn't lose intensity and can function forever without being charged. Watch, share and like the videos and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click to subscribe. Website and Social Media:
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Human beings do not know to store the electricity without reducing its intensity. Understand, still human beings don’t know! The blind spot - why human beings are not able to store the electricity, without reducing its intensity - because their brain is not at all capable to understand the higher intensity does not need to be reduced for continuity.


Non-veg brain knows only ups and downs, it cannot be in up continuously. Only a person who knows ‘continuous up is possible’, he can grasp ‘without reducing the intensity continuity is possible’. Never a common brain understands intensity and continuity, infinity and continuity.


Some of the major scientist and their theories I am debunking: E = not MC2 cannot be MC2.


What is MC2? The difference between intensity and continuity.

What is energy?  What is matter?  Matter is continuity, Energy is intensity.

What do you call as matter? Anything continued.

What do you call as energy? Anything intense.


The intensity and continuity is separate for a non-veg crooked brain, which has seen only ups and downs. Only a vegetarian brain, which can retain the experiences continuously without losing the intensity, can understand M and C is not MC, it is MC. MC cannot be squared, because it is not M and C. ‘Any up cannot continue’ - is the root pattern of non-veg brain. Only a vegetarian brain, organic brain, which has grown organically can understand - intensity and continuity are not, not only opposites, they are not two different things.




This Western symbol of infinity [demonstrates symbol with the help of rudraksha armlet) itself is intensity and continuity’s conflict - ups and downs. Eastern symbol of infinity is this only ‘O’ [shows His rudraksh armlet]. Eastern symbol of infinity is Linga, Bindu. This only… no ups and downs. Western symbol of infinity is this - ups and downs, conflict - because intensity and continuity cannot be grasped by non-veg brain. Intensity is Energy - Continuity is Matter, that’s all.


All continuity is certain intensity and all intensity is certain continuity. All M is C and all C is M. All C even while they were C - M, all M even while they were M - C. Brain which can grasp intensity and continuity will not be two word or two experience or two definition… a brain which can perceive intensity and continuity are not two separate... that brain can draw the circuit and handle electricity, store it without reducing its intensity.




Agasthya puts a battery circuit. The initial charging of that battery has to be done by the person who makes it - his body, his bio-current, bio-energy. Whoever first programs that battery body… after that it will function forever with that programming. If I believe – ‘energy and intensity are simultaneous happening’, that way that battery will be charged. If I believe in My core – ‘energy and intensity is separate and one has to be compromised for the other’ - it will be charged that way. It will continue to function in that way.




Cognitions matter in circuit of physics… because chemistry of the physics functions by cognition. Ability to be realizing MC is your state - no M, no C - separately. Intensity and continuity is natural. Whenever you get high, you always believe that is not going to be natural. You are so clear, the intensity is not going to be continued, you believe it so strong and you want to confirm to that belief.


Intensity is Energy - Continuity is Matter. And the brain which is made to believe both are not one - suffers forever. This is what is Cosmic bipolar disorder. If you are made to believe intensity and continuity are separate - which is not!




You call this as a matter (shows the mic) because it is continuous. Naturally it has intensity. You call this sound as a energy because it comes and goes, but you need to know - that also has a continuity. Continuity and intensity are not Guna, they are Svabhava.  Attribute and attitude is different. Natural spontaneous existence is different.