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A participant in the Sadashivoham 2016 program ask Swamiji if Turiya is the same thing that top athletes experience in their peak moments where they go beyond themselves. In addition to answering this question Swamiji also gives a beautiful definition of 'Tapas' en shares the secret of going beyond tiredness and boredom. Watch, share and like the video's and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click to subscribe. Website and Social Media:
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(Sadashivoham Participant  = SP)

SP: I have a question regarding the Turiya state and I know the gentleman before me, I have not experienced the Turiya state, so as an analogy, trying to understand it, when world class athletes, they are at the top of the game and they say, well I don’t know what I executed.

Swamiji: Actually that is Turiya, at least 2-3 people who experience that zone, I’ve even checked their bio-memory, it is Turiya.  Just body moves.  Just body moves, I’ve experienced it, during My parivrajaka’s state, by walking, walking, walking, walking, walking sometimes I know My body is just moving, I’m there all around.  See, your psychology and physiology binds your physical happening, if certain actions are performed where your psychology and physiology is made to feel tired and they both come to the convincing understanding that I cannot stop this physical fellow, he is just going to do what he wants to do, how much ever I try to stop him, I can’t; that is what I call Tapas. Tiring your physiological, physic... physiological and psychological signals and making them understand, they can’t dictate terms to your physical system, it’s called Tapas.  

Understand. Sometimes people ask Me, in My Mahanirvani Akadha some Sadhus stand on one leg for 25 years, keeping their hands up for 40 years do all these required?  Sometimes it is required, those actions are like a statement sent to your physiological and psychological circuits, you can’t dictate terms to me. Get out, move out, I’m not going to listen to you. Actually by walking, walking, walking, walking, walking, somehow My system has sent that statement to my physiological, psychological circuits. So I saw they just moved out and body is just moving. I used to walk 60 km a day. 60 km a day!

After reaching the place where I am supposed to reach, I just sit in Samadhi. I’ll not fall asleep. I’ll sit in Samadhi. So it is possible, the extreme physical activity in a tremendous loving, caring ambience. Where you do not feel you are tortured, but you are on the side of the physical activity, sending a statement to one part of you, makes you experience that.  See if you feel I am putting you through this yoga from morning to night, I am forcing you, it’ll not be Tapas. If you are convinced, “no I am doing it, Swamiji and me, we both are on the same side, you fellow you be on the other side.”

If you tell your tiredness and boredom, “Aaa.. relax, relax you are on one side and me and Swamiji on one side,” then it is Tapas.

Understand. So basically your physical part, if that takes My side, this whole program will be a Tapas. Means, I’ll give you the practical statement, just do not respect your tiredness and boredom. Treat it like your spouse, how you secretly want to treat him, your boss. Treat your tiredness and boredom like your boss. Tell them, “no, I’m too busy with Swamiji.”