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In today’s morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda reveals our purpose for being here on planet Earth. The individual soul arrives to achieve completion and ultimately – enlightenment! But the issue is that we get caught in thousands of social deterrents and psychological exploitations. We can be free by making a stand for ourselves. When a person takes Sannyas, they declare their commitment to fulfill the purpose of their birth, saying NO to social exploitation and YES to enlightenment!
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Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam

Nithyanandeshwara Madhyamaam ||

Asmadaachaarya Paryanthaam

Vande Guru Paramparaam ||


I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsanghis sitting with us through Nithyananda TV, Lotus News Channel, Sadhna TV, Janashree TV, Eshwar TV, and through two-way video-conferencing having Nayana Deeksha in twenty-two places in twenty-two countries around the world as per the statistics.

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I welcome all of you with my love and blessings!



·         21st batch Inner Awakening, 19th day.  We will work on “Ultimate Reality”.

·         18th batch eN-Genius, 18th day.

·         21st batch Nirahara Samyama, Level-3, 8th day.

·         10th batch, Level-4 Nirahara Samyama, 19th day.

I will continue to expand on “SANNYAS”.

First, I wanted to address this issue, how an individual’s life is actually blessed.  Please listen!  An individual soul happens on this Planet Earth to achieve Completion, to achieve Enlightenment.  Thousands of social interventions, interferences, interruptions happen.  Thousands of psychological exploitations happen.  Please listen, when I use the word “exploitation”, I mean it!  Even if you are asked to be compassionate without the compassion happening in you, without the technique to make the compassion happen in you, it is exploitation!  See, after you are given the technique to be in the space of Completion, after that also if you are not, then it is you destroying you.  But if you have not been given that science and if it is demanded, it is exploitation!  In many ways society exploits you.  It doesn’t give you the methodology; it doesn’t give you the technology; it doesn’t allow you to expand systematically.  It just forcibly stretches you like physiotherapy.  Even physiotherapy as a system it does step by step.  It is like a crude physiotherapy. 

You all should know how Physiotherapy was invented.    

One autocrat king wanted to kill by torturing his prisoners.  So he started putting them on a bed, tying heavy stones to the hands and legs.  He will add the weight slowly, slowly.  Then what will happen?  The hands on one side, and on the other side the legs will be pulled.  Finally the body will become two pieces.  When he started torturing people like this, one day in-between the torture, suddenly they stopped the torture for some reason.  Because the king used to come and sit and enjoy this whole process!  What a sadist he would have been!  I can’t even imagine!  May be he had better entertainment that day, so he didn’t want this entertainment that day.  So they stopped and they released that prisoner to rest for a day and come back when the king has some time.  That fellow suddenly got relieved of his long time back-pain.  So he reported:  ‘I had back pain for quite a long time, and after you did this the back pain disappeared!’ 

That is the way Physiotherapy was invented!  No, really!  This is the story of Physiotherapy!

Without giving you a proper technique if you are expected to be a celibate, or compassionate, or blissful, or non-violent, or complete, or content, I tell you, it is straightaway exploitation!  You have to give a technique, methodology, process.  After you have been given the process, it’s your responsibility.  After the process is given if you don’t do, then you are destroying yourself, nothing can be done about it!  Nothing can be done about it!

Listen!  Each being comes down to Planet Earth for the achievement of its Completion and for achieving liberation from the birth and death cycle; from this process again and again and again.  So please understand, a person who stands clearly and declares to the world, ‘I am not ready to be exploited by your ignorant leaders, I am not ready to be exploited by the ignorance of the elders…..’  Please understand, many of you feel your parents have put many patterns in you.  I tell you, if it is their ignorance, they have a right to suffer and die.  But the moment they put their ignorance on you, even if it is out of ignorance, it is exploitation!  Because when they know they are ignorant, they have no right to put that on you; they should have sent you straight to gurukul, saying, ‘We don’t know how to bring you up; you better go to gurukul.  We already did the sin of giving birth to you.  We don’t want to do one more sin of bringing you up with our ignorance.  Go to gurukul.’

I tell you, money is a hoax by the capitalists’ brains.  Politics is an institutionalized exploitation system by a few perverted brains.  Everything, whether it is politics, or the idea of money, or the media…!  Media is the biggest hoax.  Please listen, listen to this story.

There was a lion in a forest and a flock of sheep.  Every day one sheep will come and stand in front of this lion, start a conversation, and then the lion will kill that sheep and eat it.  Every day, this happens.

One day, a fox came to visit the lion to eat the remaining meat.  He got his food and started staying there.  After seeing this day in and day out, after a week, the fox really got surprised.  He went and asked the lion, ‘How come every day without missing, one sheep comes to you and starts the conversation, spends time with you, and you kill that sheep and eat it?  Again, next day, exactly the same time, a sheep comes!  What’s the secret?’

The lion just laughs and says, ‘It is nothing.  One day I called the whole flock of sheep and made them believe they are all lions, hypnotized them they are all lions and very powerful, nothing can be done to them.  With that mood, these fools, every day one by one come.  I kill them and eat them!’

Please understand, this is exactly the right story I’ll describe.  This is the right example for Press Freedom.  Please listen, the media makes you think that because of its freedom you are empowered.  It constantly makes you believe its freedom is your freedom, which is not true…..which is not true! The media’s freedom is a freedom of the media owners.  It is the freedom of their ideas.  It is the freedom of the decision-makers, not yours.  How when the lion makes the sheep believe that the sheep are lions, it is not power for the sheep; it is power for the lion!  Media makes you constantly believe its freedom is your freedom.  When you believe media’s freedom is your freedom, you are exactly in the same place of the sheep! 

Please listen, you have to become really powerful.  Listen, I have changed the whole lion-sheep story here.  That context is totally different, this is totally different.  There, really lion cub is feeling it is a sheep.  Here, sheep is thinking it is a lion.  It can become lion if it creates the right space.  But here it is not being initiated into the right space.  The difference between the spiritual satsangh and political meeting, where the Master initiates you is even if you are a sheep he makes you a lion; not just makes you believe you are a lion, he makes you a lion; and he gives you the science of creating the space to become a lion!  “Lion” does not mean all the time you will be violent.

Please listen, when media makes you believe its freedom is your freedom, you are wrong.  For a lawyer, only if you are in conflict he can survive.  A doctor, only if you are sick he can survive.  A rich man, only if you are poor he can enjoy his richness.  Suddenly, in the whole country, if everyone has a Benz, what will happen to the value of the Benz or the rich man’s pride that he owns a Benz?  “Have Not’s” give pride to the “Haves”.  “Have Not’s” hold the “Haves” in the high.  The high “Haves” enjoy is because the “Have Not’s” don’t have. 

Please understand, whether it is money, or media, or any political system, it is just ignorance of the society imposed on you.  A man who stands up courageously and declares, ‘I am not going to be exploited by any of this’, is a “Sannyasi”.  “Sannyasi” is a person who declares, who says a clear “No!”  ‘I am not interested in getting exploited!  No!  I am going to take care of the purpose for which I happened.’ 

Please understand, I clearly remember, at the age of twelve, when my grandmother died, when I saw the power of money, how my family members were all worried more about sharing her wealth than taking care of her body…..she is dead; the doctor declared she is dead…..they did not even care to put a garland on her body or clean it up or bring the body out for other relatives to see!  First thing they did is share the wealth she had left!  The moment I saw them that day I realized and I decided to say a big clear “NO” to all the exploitations of society. 

I tell you, whether you are made to wear burkha and cover your whole body, or you are made to wear only a two-piece cloth and expose your whole body, both are male chauvinism.  Same way, everything, whether it is the idea of money or it is the idea of media, or it is the idea of the political structures, anything, I tell you, it is the social ignorance imposed on you.  The day I decided to declare a big “No” to the society, a clear “No” to the society and society’s imposition of ignorance on me, I can say I achieved the ultimate liberation.  That is what is “Jeevan Mukthi”!

Please listen!  Completion gives you “Videha Mukthi”.  Means, once you complete with every pattern, you are free from all patterns, then when you leave the body you will become enlightened, Videha Mukthi.  But only when you declare “No” to the society; Sannyas, while you are living itself you are liberated!  There are so many people who achieved Completion, but still they are allowing the ignorance of society to exploit them.  When you allow the ignorance of society to exploit you, you are not liberated… are not liberated….the liberation has not happened.

Listen, you can either practice Completion for ages and live in the space of liberation, wait for death to happen, and after death you will be a muktha, Videha Muktha; or declare your Sannyas and be liberated while you are living in the body.  Declaring the social ignorance cannot affect you any more, exploit you any more, you will not budge for the social ignorance any more, is Living Enlightenment; that is “Jeevan Mukthi”.  Declare that you are not going to be allowing the social ignorance to exploit you anymore! 

I tell you, because I am seeing thousands of people attending to their problems every day, I can understand, every psychological problem, every psychosomatic disorder human-beings are suffering is nothing but ignorance of the society exploiting them where nobody is held responsible.  Who is held responsible for such large number of IT suicides?  Earlier it was psychiatrists; now the IT people are crossing them!  Young suicides, youngsters committing suicide! Rapidly the suicide is growing among the IT sector.  Suicide of students, youngsters!  Who is responsible for all this?  Nobody is held responsible!  I tell you, the social ignorance is responsible!  Decide to say “No” to the social ignorance exploiting you.  When you declare, ‘I will not allow the social ignorance to exploit me’, you are a Sannyasi! 

The media is an organized lie!  Politics is an organized exploitation system!  Money is the largest hoax in the world!  Marriage is the most hypocritical institution on Planet Earth!  Every profession makes sure that their profession is kept alive by retaining the conflicts.  Understand, I am not saying do revolution.  No!  Revolution is one more foolishness!  All revolutionaries are egoistic idiots!  In ten years, revolutionaries will become one more corrupt junk group; exploiting much worse than the people who were in power before the revolution!  I am not asking you to do revolution.  Revolution is not the solution.  Evolution is the solution!  Evolve!  Evolve!  It is time, let us evolve and let us tell the world to evolve.  Let us evolve and let us tell the world to evolve.

Understand, a man deciding, ‘I will not allow society to exploit me anymore due to its ignorance’ is a Sannyasi.  It is not that you are anti-social.  No!  You will be “asocial”, means, “beyond society”.  And, I tell you, sannyasis not only they were never anti-social, and the amount of contribution they have done to society!  When I was reading the history of the Naga Sannyasis, I could understand!  Oh, God, all the best things we have now is created and sustained by the sannyasis!  If you are in India, even the way you breathe is defined by us, designed by us!  Not just the way you eat, the way you dress, but even the way you breathe is gifted by us – Pranayama.  What an amazing contribution the sannyasis have done!  From the ancient times, from time immemorial, when I see the historiography of this whole country – please understand, I am creating a new word “historiography” – when I see the historiography of this whole civilization…..

Listen!  “Biography” means what happens to an individual and his impact on society.  “History” means what happens to society and its impact on individuals.  Please listen, the society’s happenings and its impact on individuals is “History”.  From the context of society if it is written it is history.  From the context of individual if it is written it is biography.  I am connecting both and making it “Historiography”.  Because, the Indian civilization, the Vedic civilization was always from the context of individual and the society, as a whole.  We never gave up one for the other.  We never compromised one for the other.  That is why I am using a new word “Historiography”. 

When I see the historiography of this country, all the best things are the contribution of great sadhus.  When I was studying various documents, material available, the records available about the Sannyas tradition and the contributions of sannyasis to the world, I discovered some very beautiful, exciting information.  One is, I got solid evidence that Totapuri, the guru of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, was a Mahant of the Mahanirvani Akhada!  Officially he was a Mahant of the Mahanirvani Akhada.  Six years he was holding the post of Mahant of Mahanirvani Akhada, sitting in Allahabad Mahanirvani Peetha!  I do not know whether Ramakrishna Mission knows about this or cares to know about this.  But we have a document with evidence!  Ramakrishna Mission knows that Totapuri belongs to Puri Sampradhaya.  But I don’t know whether they know he is from Mahanirvani Akhada and that he was a Mahant of Mahanirvani Akhada.  A great sadhu!

Please listen!  The amazing contribution done to society by the sannyasis who have decided not to be exploited by the ignorance of humanity, ignorance of the society, not to be exploited by the ignorance of the so-called leaders who do not have any answer for the major problems society is facing!  O, the next generation of humanity, Life is in your hands!  Life on Planet Earth is in your hands!  It is you who have to decide whether you are going to say “No” to society, to the ignorance of society, exploitation of society, or going to enter into that suicidal lifestyle.

Just one act of Mahant Totapuriji Maharaj – giving sannyas to Ramakrishna – see the contribution that happened to humanity!  I tell you, sannyasis are never anti-social; they are above social.  And the amount of contribution they have done to society is unimaginable!  They are the most productive people on Planet Earth.  My sannyasis will be the most intelligent and productive human-beings on Planet Earth!


And I bless you all!  Let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching, with eternal bliss, Nithyananda!  Thank you!