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The Cosmos is Talking to You : day 17 - Sep 7, 2011

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In this talk on 'The Cosmos is Talking to You' on the Bhagavad Gita series day 17 delivered to the global audiance on Sep 7, 2011, Paramahamsa Nithyananda elaborates on the disaster one invites by indulging in one’s weaknesses. In today’s verse, Krishna, while handling Arjuna with utmost compassion, gently urges him to drop his cowardice; he asks him to stop indulging in his weakness. Indulging in one’s weakness, Swami explains is worse than death itself. While nothing is lost, during death, everything is lost when one indulges in his weaknesses. The ability to enjoy life is destroyed and for lifetimes together, the life span is wasted by this habit which is worse than all addictions. So instead of indulging in one’s weakness and choosing to go by one’s engrams (repetitive engraved memories), one needs to flow with life; learn to adapt to the situation. Otherwise, being desperate and unhappy would become one’s lifestyle.

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