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Today’s (14th April, 2015) Nithya Satsang on Ishavasya Upanishad in Living Advaita Series. On this auspicious day of Vedic New Year and 14th Anniversary of Nithyananda Sangha, Paramahamsa Nithyananda blesses the Sangha to grow and serve the world forever. He intercepts into the last part of verse 8, where Consciousness is declaring Its Lordship. Consciousness is That Center from time eternal which is enriching the ages and each being ordaining onto them responsibilties, nature, actions, and results, everything. He reveals the secret of all karma and results, which are allowed by Consciousness, and not because of karma itself. When Consciousness, in the form of an Enlightened Master intervenes, then our karmic chain of action, space, nature, responsibility, results – all can be directly changed, that is what we call as Miracles in the presence of Master. When we re-cognize ourselves as Pure Consciousness and surrender to It in the space of Advaita (Oneness), we can achieve liberation and get anything by doing and by non-doing. Isha Upanishad – Verse 8 sa paryagāc-chukram akāyam avraṇam asnāviram śuddham apāpa-viddham | kavir manīṣī paribhūḥ svayambhūr yathātathyato-arthān vyadadhāc-chāśvatībhyaḥ samābhyaḥ || 8 || Today’s Vakyartha Sadas, topic for spiritual explorations on truth is – “It is Pure Consciousness, that from time eternal, has enriched the ages and each being, by ordaining desirable responsibilities onto them, as per their nature and space, and their actions and results thereof.” You need to read this translation again and again. Discuss, debate, intranalyze. Do not remember the bondages “from the body”, “through the body” as part of you. “From the body” means your diseases, you concepts of body, feeling good or bad about the body, about your skin color. “Through the body” means – I am son of somebody, sister of somebody, (etc.)...even disciple of somebody. No. Recognize you as Pure Consciousness. Watch, Share and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload click to subscribe. visit:
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Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam

Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |

Asmath Aachaarya Paryanthaam

Vandhey Guru Paramparaam ||

I welcome all of you with my love and respects. I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsanghis, Shrimahants, Mahants, Thanedars, Kotharis, visitors, viewers, every one of you sitting with us through Nithyananda TV, Sadhna TV, Arra TV, two-way video-conferencing and here in Bidadi campus. I welcome every one of you with my love and blessings.

Today the Vedic New Year, beginning of the Vedic New Year. Many states of India and Nepal, all of us celebrate the New Year celebration. Manmatananma Varsha, the year with the name of Manmatananma. Means, this year, whatever you want will become reality. Manmatha is just achieving what you want as reality. Manmatananma Samvatsara, Tamil New Year, in Kerala, Malayalam New Year, and Bengali New Year, many states of India, follow this calendar, and Nepal also follow this calendar. So, my blessings to all of you on this auspicious occasion of Vedic New Year, Manmatananma Samvatsara new year, blessings to every one of you. Above all, today is also one more important day: today is 14th anniversary of Nithyananda Sangha. Actually, if you look the history back, Bidadi is not the first ashram I created; it’s in Erode, on the banks of Kaveri. The place called Aavaththipalayam, that is the place the first ashram was created; today that ashram was formally inaugurated in 2001, 2001 April 14th. You can see the photograph with my own hand writing; not to forget the date, I myself recorded, in the name of Ramakrishna Dhyanapeetam that was the first ashram I created on the banks of Kaveri in Erode, if you see actually, the sangha started on April 14th 2001. 2003 we became more an organization in Bangalore Bidadi, but 2001 was the real beginning, I started my public life, it was 2001, April 14, that was the morning first I tied the turban, after long time, after My Parivrajaka and realised the Avataric mission  I was not able to tie the turban because head will always feel heavy, tying the turban was not always possible, so it was April 14 2001 I was settled into the body more comfortably and tied the turban, and decided “Come on, let’s start!” And, 14 years over, 15th year beginning. Today is the same day we started the Ohio Adheenam, also. Ohio Adheenam was also started on this very day, the Kumbhabhishekam of Nithyanandeshwara Hindu Temple in Ohio was done, 8th anniversary of Nithyanandeshwara Hindu Temple Ohio Adheenam today and they are offering 108 naivedyam, I accept the offerings.

I bless this Nithyananda Sangha, let you grow, grow, grow and serve the whole universe forever! Today is Nepali New Year also, so blessings to Nepal Sangha, all the Nepali devotees. All the devotees in Nepal, my blessings to all of you, wishing a very, very happy new year to all my Nepali devotees. And, all the devotees in Tamil Nadu.


Madurai is offering 54 naivedyams, I accept the naivedyams, blessings, and with this New Year, the season of celebration starts in the Vedic tradition! The season of celebrations, so get ready, from now the season of celebration starts! Today, we also have some book release.


( An ashramite introduces the book : “Nithyanandam on this auspicious occasion of the Vedic New Year and the 14th anniversary of Nithyananda Sangha the Nityananda University press has a very special release today:

The Cosmic Truths Akashic Records read through Swamiji on the topics Birth, Death, Life and Beyond. Akashic records are the mystical energy records of all the events that have ever happened; are happening; and will happen in the Cosmos but the key to decode them is in the hands of a very few Enlightened Beings today. Now Swamiji has opened up the Akashic records for the benefit of the entire humanity. The book includes a very powerful question and answer session as Swamiji reveals the Cosmic truths to Inner Awakening participants in July 2014. Swamiji thank you so much for releasing the first copy of this book with your blessings.”)


Today xxxxxx ashram is also offering anandhan my blessings for it to go well


Let’s enter into today’s Satsang. I’ll continue to expand on 8th verse of Isavasya Upanishad, because there is so much to explore in that verse:


Saparyaka Chukram Akayam Avranam Asnabeeram Suthamabhabaveedam Kavir Manishi Paribhuh Swayambhur Yatha Tatha YaTho Than Vyadadas Chashwateebya Samabhyaha


I’ll read out the translation:


Pure Consciousness is all pervasive, beyond the coming and going, absolute radiant and self-effulgent, unembodied, boundaryless, whole, beyond the subtle body, woundless, muscleless, having no incompletion with the body, consciousness is the ever pure space devoid of the dirt of ignorance and is untouched by the delusion of incompletion, consciousness is the all-knowing seer of all, past, present and future, the lord of all minds, Manishi, consciousness transcends all beings, Paribhu, consciousness is self-existent, by itself, with its independent will and intelligence, having no cause for it’s happening, it is Pure Consciousness that from time eternal has enriched the ages and each being by ordaining desirable responsibilities, artha, onto them as per their nature and space, and their actions and results there-of.


Today, the last line, we will work on this last line. It’s pure consciousness that from the time eternal has enriched the ages and each being, by ordaining desirable responsibilities onto them as per their nature and space, and their actions and results there-of. So it is consciousness which is centre of all your karma, akarma, vikarma. Your actions, the results, doing, non-doing, liberation from doing and non-doing, all this, all this finally boils down to one, one, that is Consciousness. You can achieve the space of non-doing, real non-doing, only by experiencing Consciousness you can achieve the space and achieve what you want by doing only by being the centre of Consciousness.Understand if you want to achieve what you want to achieve you need to cognize you are Consciousness, if you want to achieve the non-doing, you need to cognize you are consciousness. Whether you want to achieve something by doing or achieve non doing, everything, the consciousness needs to be centred. Sometime, my Satsangs, means my words, look too small to express what I am feeling. My paper and pen looks too small, too little, to express the poem inside me.


The examples I am giving, the painting I am painting with the words, look too small compared to what I need to paint. Whether you want to achieve something, or achieve non doing, anything, the centre is the cognition; you are Pure Consciousness, because only that cognition can liberate you from time and help you to be in tune with time. Only that helps you to be in tune with the time and liberates you from time. Only that enriches the time and the each being under the time. By ordaining desirable responsibilities, artha, onto them as per their nature and space and their actions and results there-of, please understand Ramana Maharshi beautifully says a beautiful jnana mundiyar, there is a verse Ramana Maharshi says, ‘ your actions give result because the Lord, the Consciousness, allows it, makes it happen, not because of karma itself. If the karma itself can directly bring result then Karma itself becomes God, which is not true.’ See understand this example: you write a cheque for one lakh rupee and take it to the bank. Only when the manager releases the money you get it, because as a routine you write a cheque and he gives, there is no stopping or blockage you take it for granted you start thinking just by writing the cheque you get the money. No, writing the cheque is your karma, means your action, but that brings result, only when the manager says yes, otherwise he can stop, he can postpone  he can delay, he can deny, he has a right to deny! Of course, then you have so many other legal recourse, that is different, but the action does not bring result in automated way, even though things are made automatic for the sake of convenience.


Understand in the Cosmos, also, even though things happen, automatically, for your convenience sake, don’t, don’t ever assume the Karma by itself can bring result, because Karma is not Lord. It is Consciousness makes the result happen; it is the decision of consciousness makes the result happen. Actually I feel I should not even put my hand on my heart when I explain the word consciousness. All of you assume that consciousness is inside no, I should just keep the hand like this, when I speak about Consciousness,neither in nor out, it is. Or I should put the hands out Consciousness!  Because sometime what I express in body language, also, should be in tune with the truth. Some people, when they utter the word consciousness, they should have the mudra of this; scratching the head. For some people, it can be they can show as in, some can show as out, but I cannot show as in or out, it is just Is.


Please understand, the Lordship of consciousness is declared in this part of the Upanishad. It is Consciousness from the time eternal has enriched the beings, ages, and each being, by ordaining responsibilities desired by them as per their nature and space and their actions and results there-of. Lordship of the Consciousness is revealed in this verse.

It is Pure Consciousness that from time eternal has enriched the ages and each being, please do Vaakyartha Sadhas on it today. This should be the subject of Vaakyartha Sadhas, registrar should send this part as a email, every day the Vaakyartha Sadhas topic should be sent as email, before starting the Vaakyartha Sadhas you should read out the line. I specifically prescribe for Vaakyartha Sadhas, it should not be from your memory, that is filled with too much of dirt, so it should be directly from the statement of Upanishads. So listen, it is Pure Consciousness that from time eternal has enriched the ages and each being by ordaining desirable responsibilities onto them as per their nature and space, and their actions and results there-of. Do Vaakyartha Sadhas on this line. Discuss, debate, interanalyse.


It is Consciousness that is responsible for our nature for the space, for our responsibilities and our actions and the results there of. So surrendering to our consciousness, meditating on our consciousness can completely reprogram us. We can alter and change our life as we want. We can change our nature and space, our responsibilities and actions. We can change the results without even changing the nature and space. We can change the results without responsibilities. We can change the nature without changing the space. Please understand all these responsibility, your nature, your space, your action your result. All these are there. Responsibility, nature, space and action and results. If you are working with any one of them it has to change only systematically. Your responsibilities has to change, then your nature has to change, then your space has to change, then results will change. But if you work with consciousness anything can be changed without changing anything or everything can be changed. That is why you call what I am doing as miracles because you know only one system of working. Responsibility changing, nature changing, space changing, results changing. But when I am working with you, you don’t need to go through this line. You don’t need to go through this queue, this rule. Consciousness can interfere with anything and directly change. Your responsibility might have been totally different; your nature might have been totally different; your space might have been totally different; your actions might have been totally different; but the consciousness can change the result; straight interfere and change the result. That is what you call as miracles. You feel, ‘what, how can this be, my actions everything was different, how suddenly the result is different?’


Consciousness has so much of freedom, power, because that is the centre around which everything moves. When you experience Consciousness with your pure intelligence, you experience that as time. When you experience Consciousness with your visualization capability, you experience that as space. When you experience Consciousness with your logic, you experience that as your nature. When you experience your consciousness with your desires, you experience that as a responsibility. When you taste your consciousness as a joy, you call that as result. Meditate on this line; meditate on this line you will understand. An enlightened being can directly give you the joy through consciousness, that is why you feel the result of your life is achieved, that is why you feel life is a miracle when you touch the consciousness and experience the consciousness.


Consciousness, meditate on this line; you will understand what I mean by this word. Your desires could have been different, your responsibility could have been different, your nature could have been different, your space could have been different, your actions could have been different, results can just be different. That is why Mahadeva is able to initiate even a black sparrow and liberate. Enlightenment just for few idlis roadside idlis! But for Mahadeva’s intervention the roadside idlis seller can never achieve liberation. I am telling you the intervention of consciousness is possible because consciousness is the centre. That is the centre. Constantly cognising you are Consciousness; you are not father of somebody; you are not son of somebody; you are not daughter of somebody; you are not wife of somebody; you are not brother of somebody; you are not son of somebody; you are not even disciple of somebody. Understand even I cannot corrupt you. Then who can corrupt you? You are Pure Consciousness. You can cherish your disciplehood, enjoy your discipleship, celebrate your discipleship as a nostalgia, as a sweet nostalgia, how I bow down to Mahadeva, how I fall flat in front of the deities in the temple, just as nostalgia. “In those days, when you came as Arunagiri Yogeshwara, how I enjoyed it so I remember those beautiful vacation moments, now I bow down to You,” that’s all, nothing more. Actually, even Saiva Siddhanta is very clear, when I’m reading more and more Agamas, it is so clear: Shaiva Agamas are Advaitha Agamas! It is the stupid fellows, few pundits, who are actually not even pundits, bandits! It is these stupid fellows, they missed and they go on trying to fight; see just they want something different. See, somehow this Saiva Siddhantis and Advaithis have a big incompletion, because all these Shankara Sampradaya are trying to put down the Siddhantis. Siddhantis always try to who down the Smartas. This community problem you should solve it in the community level, you can’t bring that and force it on the philosophy and destroy the truth of the philosophy! These stupid fellows wanted to claim something different from Advaita because they feel if they accept Advaita they become subordinate of Smartas. Array, if there is a community issue, solve it! Don’t bring that and impose it on the spiritual philosophy,just because you need to tell something new, different, these fellows are saying that Siddhanta is duality, God is separate and you are separate. Today I declare: if I have experienced Mahadeva, if I am the embodiment and incarnation of Mahadeva, I’ll establish the truth of Saiva Siddhanta, the reality of Saiva Siddhanta, which is Shuddadvaita, to the world, again! It is Shuddadvaita. In Shaiva Agamas, there are Advaitha Agamas and Dvaitha Agamas, Dvaitha Advaitha Agamas. Dvaitha Agamas declare God is separate, we are separate; Dvaitha Advaitha, in the beginning God is separate; you are separate but by the spiritual practice, you and God become one. Advaitha agamas declare you and God are one from the beginning, knowing this is spiritual practice. Shuddadvaita agamas declare even if you don’t know this is the reality. I tell you Shaiva Siddhantha is Shuddadvaita Agama. Not even just Advaita Agama it is Shuddadvaita Agama.


I tell you, truth always empowers you. Reality always makes you powerful! Nothing, nothing can make you so powerful than Pure Advaitha. Dvaitha can make you egoistic. even in your surrender, you will have a humble ego, powerlessness will continue to rule you, nothing, nothing like Advaitha has a capacity to empower you. I tell you, that is reality!


The action, result, nature, space, responsibility, everything, everything, is Pure Consciousness. Today, debate on this. Do not remember the bondages from the body, through the body, as part of you. From the body means your disease, your concepts about body, feeling good or bad about the body, your skin colour, everything. Through the body means feeling, “I am son of somebody, daughter of somebody, sister of somebody.” Even disciple of somebody, no. I love Mahadeva just for the sake of Love, that’s all, not bargaining, expecting tomorrow He will give me enlightenment, no; I already realized it, I already got it. In the course of my love I had it. Now my love for Him is only Love for the sake of Love. I just know, he is me. All my aspirations are his aspirations; all my inspirations are his inspirations; all my desires are his desires; all my powers are his powers. Advaitha Bhakti. Bhakti established in Advaitha, understand, even with Mahadeva, no question of duality, then where is the question of duality comes with your family, parents, brother, sister, boss, subordinate? No. Do not entertain, cherish, engage yourself in the bondages from the body and through the body; recognize you are Pure Consciousness! When you recognize you are Pure Consciousness and live your life, it becomes leela and drama. No incompletion will have place, no incompletion will have power over you. Your responsibility, your nature, your space, your desires, your actions, your results, if they go as per the law of the karma, its life. Suddenly, it changes and brings the results which you never expected, which you feel bad for you, it’s called accident. Suddenly it changes and brings the results, which you never expected but which you feel are so good for you, it’s miracle. An enlightened being can interfere into that cycle and change as they want because everything is centred on Consciousness. Everything is centred on Consciousness! You do yoga, you work out, you run, you do all the things required, and then health comes, it’s a karma, bringing result, but suddenly Master puts his hand on your head and health happens is consciousness interfering and creating a result which independent of your nature, space, action and responsibility, that is what is initiation. Understand in every being, only if a intervention of the consciousness happens, the ball starts rolling in a new direction and the progress towards enlightenment will start happening. You can never, ever reach the ultimate just by flowing through the law of karma. When will you reach? It’s only by the intervention, by the spiritual intervention and conscious intervention the results can change, you can reach enlightenment. Come to Varanasi to experience that intervention.


I invite every one of you to be in Varanasi to experience that intervention, the Conscious Intervention, causing miracles. Changing the results independent of action and space, responsibility and nature. Somewhere this Karma Chakra needs to be broken, and you need to be given a new energy, inspiration, understanding and possibility. If you are always stuck with this action-result cycle, you will never ever be given a chance to taste the possibility. Possibility, the taste of possibility can be given to you only when the divine intervention happens. Mahadeva intervenes in your life in the form of the Master, He assumes the form of the Master just to liberate people from the Karma Chakra, give inspiration, joy, bliss and cause miracles and enlightenment. Come to Varanasi to liberate yourself from Karma, Videha Bhoomi, going beyond the Karma and going beyond the bondages of the body. Jeevan Mukthi Kshetra. In tradition, it says any sannyasi should not stay in any place more than 3 days, but Varanasi is exempted. Somebody asked, ‘why? Why is Varanasi exempted? ‘Why you can stay any number of days in Varanasi?’ Because Varanasi, once in 3 days, the city will change. You will see once in 3 days completely new scenes, different different, different atmosphere, new new new people, because the whole city is constantly changing, you can stay any number of days in Varanasi your life will not be same. In other places, you should not stay more than 3 days so this is not, this instruction is so that you don’t settle down. Settling down stops your growth.

With a living Master, you can never settle down. In Varanasi you can stay as long as you want because it’ll never let you settle down; once in every 3 days, the whole city is different. In Bidadi, every day city is different. One day you get the Rose, one day you get the Trishul, one day you get the Lotus, one day you do Guru Puja, next day Guru does ‘pooja’ to you, it’s the exchange of pooja and what not.


Anyhow, understand, the basic truth, everything is centred on Consciousness. I am asking all my disciples, don’t even cherish the idea you are my disciple. When I say this I mean then  don’t cherish any other relationship other than you being Consciousness. See the last relationship you need to break is the idea that you are a disciple of me. When I say even break that it means  I am asking you to break everything else and then break this. People try to break this first and then try to break everything else. No that is not possible break everything else and then come and break this also. Remain only with one clarity: “I am a Pure Consciousness. So my responsibility, my being, my nature, my space, my action, my result, everything is centred in that Consciousness, belongs to that Consciousness, just me surrendering to Consciousness is enough to change anything I want as I want.” It is Consciousness that is Life that is result. Touch with the Consciousness can be million, million, million times beautiful, amazing, fulfilling than any pleasure, any fruit of life you are expecting, so decide to cognize yourself as Pure Consciousness.


I bless you all let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching, Causing Living Advaita, the Eternal Bliss, Nithyananda. Thank you, be Blissful.