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In today’s morning satsang Swamiji spoke about How completion leads to expansion. Life out there is a huge blessing of tatasthu (So be it!). Every thought you entertain will be blessed by the cosmos. If you are in Integrity with your thoughts in a space of completion, the blessing you get from the cosmos will be JOY.
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nithyanandeshwara samaarambhaam nithyanandeshwari madhyamaam |

asmad aachaarya paryanthaam vandey guru paramparaam ||



I welcome all of you who are sitting with us at this moment all over the world through Nithyananda TV, Lotus News TV, Eshwar TV, Sadhna TV, and two-way video-conferencing all over the world having Nayana Deeksha.

Cities sitting with us in two-way video-conferencing having Nayana Deeksha all over the world: Tiruvannamalai, Prayag...Ohio...Ohio-Prayag, Kuala Lumpur, Los Angeles, Guru’s Gate-California, Toronto-Kailasam, Guadeloupe, San Jose, Oklahoma, Seattle, Varanasi, Charlotte, Singapore, Lyon-France, Bangaluru North, Los Angeles Downtown, Hong Kong, Auckland-New Zealand, Grasse-France, Port Washington-New York, Kathmandu-Nepal, San Diego-Thiru Alavai, Annanagar-Chennai, Andheri-Mumbai, Milind-Mumbai, Dubai-Vaidyanatham, Slovakia, Houston, Oman, Colorado Springs, Redmond-Washington, Tallahassee-Florida, Melbourne-Australia, Scottsdale, New Jersey-Omkareshwar, (that's it?)... Vancouver, New York, Hyderabad-Gupta Kashi, Annanagar…..

I welcome all of you with my Love and Blessings.

Today, Devi is gracing us in the Leela of giving the Milk of Wisdom, Enlightenment, to Thiru Jnanasambandhar, the reviver of Madurai Adheenam.  So, as per the tradition, Gurukul kids also enacting the same drama.  Two of our Brahmacharis - Krama Brahmacharis, are enacting the same drama.  You can see Devi giving the Milk of Wisdom, Enlightenment Milk, to Jnanasambandhar, the reviver of Madurai Adheenam.

I will enter into today’s Nithya Satsang.  The subject for Nithya Satsang: “HOW COMPLETION LEADS TO THE SPACE OF EXPANSION; HOW THE SPACE OF COMPLETION LEADS TO EXPANSION”.

Please understand....  It's a traditional story which is taught in our schools in India, basically from Mahabharata. 

Once the elders of the family wanted to test who is intelligent - whether the Kaurava kids or Pandava kids – Pandu’s kids are  “Pandavas”, and Dhritarashtra’s kids are called the “Kauravas”.   "Who are the intelligent kids?" - and they had a competition:  'You will be given only one gold coin,  with that you have to fill the house. '

The Kauravas took the gold coin and they all sat together.  Naturally, hundred brain will mess any plan, any program.  Just like our Government! 

See, you can have hundred hand, not hundred brain.  Be very clear - all great things are done by hundred hand and hundred leg, but not by hundred brain.  Brain should be only one;  hands and legs can be thousand or hundred.  Brain should be - only one.  But unfortunately, we have thousands and thousands of brain, but not a single hand!

So, these hundred brain sat together, left and right discussed, argued, shouted, fought among themselves, ‘HOW CAN WE FILL WHOLE HOUSE WITH ONE GOLD COIN'?  Then, they finally they came to the conclusion - ‘The elders are all cheats, and they are abusing us, trying to exploit us, and make us feel we are failures!’    After this WHOLE drama, finally they decided, for ONE gold coin you will get only the hay grass - means,  after the harvesting, after you remove the grain, the paddy, the hay grass - that is the only thing you will get.  They came to the conclusion, and all of them walked to the market and bought loads and loads of hay grass and filled the house!  And all these fellows are standing outside!!

Pandavas sat together;  one good thing with Pandavas - even though each one of them are specialist in some thing, they all were always aligned under Dharmaraja, Dharma!  Understand.  Yudhishtira... under Dharma!  Bhima represents the physical valor.  Arjuna represents…..  please listen. Bhima is physical valor, Arjuna is physiological power!  To handle Gadhaayudham – the mace – you need physical valor;  BUT - to handle the bow and arrow, you need physiological power;  both are different.  Both are totally different.  The ability to thrash is different, the ability to aim is different! 

Arjuna is embodiment of physiological power - ability to aim and shoot the arrow.  Nakula - was sense of Intelligence.  Please understand, Nakula is one of the most intelligent strategy planners.  All the war strategy was planned by Nakula.   Sahadeva is aligner of Time;  he is a great astrologer.  Sahadeva aligns Time.

Sahadeva is Time,  Nakula is Space, Bhima is Physical Valor, Arjuna is Physiological Power!  All of them are always aligned, under Dharmaraja, Yudhishtira.  Because they were aligned, it is like a one brain having ten hands. 

So, they all sat together, discussed, ‘What will fill the whole house?  How to fill the whole house with one gold coin?  When our elders say, IT IS POSSIBLE.’ 

Please understand, you can look at both angle:

·         ‘I think these elders are all fools, cranky.  They don’t know what they are asking us to do.  Just trying to prove we are all small fellows.’  This is the thought-trend of Kauravas.

·         Then, Pandavas:  ‘When elders say, there must be way.  Something they are trying to teach us, educate us through this.  When elders say, it IS possible.’

So finally, Pandavas also decided, to fill the house with the one gold coin;  how they did it, let us see.

So, the time for the supervision....  all the elders - Bhishma, Drona, all the elders are coming for the supervision, inspection.  

First they went to Duryodhana’s house.  The moment they saw.... (hahahahahahaha).....  the whole house is full of hay.... and all these fellows are standing outside! They could not even go into the house, get into the house…!   And.... Bhishma asked, ‘What happened?  Why do you guys are standing outside?’

‘What is this?  What can be done?  You only told us - we have to fill the whole house in one gold coin;  what else can we get, to fill the whole house, for one gold coin?  This is the most cheapest item we got, which can fill the whole house.  So we filled it; here you see - we won the competition!’

And all these fellows are standing outside!  Neither these fellows are able to get into the house, nor the people who came to supervise, inspect - they were able to get into the house. 

Then.... Dhritarashtra was very happy!  ‘See my sons and their intelligence!  They filled the WHOLE house, and they should be declared victorious;  they won the game!’

Drona, this poor guy, he was a poor Brahmin and supported by Dhritarashtra.  So he always tries to come to conclusion, the moment whatever Dhritarashtra says, based on that.  But, Bhishma stops Drona - ‘Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!  Let us go to the other house also and see, and then decide who won the game.’

So, they all go to the other house... Pandavas' house; there they saw the whole house was FILLED - with LIGHT and PERFUME, Incense.  Understand, for that one gold coin, they bought lamps, put the light and the special perfume, incense. 

The moment the elders came, the Pandavas - they washed their feet, invited them, gave them seat, fruits, and told them, ‘See!  See, the whole house is filled!  Filled with light and perfume, pleasant smell!’

Of course, Dhritarashtra was not ready to accept this!  So, he goes to every corner and puts his nose and smells - 'is every corner is filled with the pleasant perfume?'  As he is blind… you see,  usually the people who are visually disabled will always have other senses VERY STRONG!  Because - survival! Survival need. 

People who are visually disabled, give any coin or note to them, just by touching, they will tell - what amount it is.... and...  because, for the sake of survival, their other senses have to be very sharp!  I have seen 2 - 3 visually disabled people,  just by the person, when a person enters -  by the SMELL of the person, they will tell who is entering! 

So, this Dhritarashtra goes and puts his sharp nose in every corner.  He can't find the house filled with light, you see.  He can’t see, he is a blind guy.  But he has a sharp nose, sharp smell.  He goes and puts his nose everywhere.  Finally, he finds - all corners have the pleasant smell, fragrance - pleasant fragrance.  And, finally, they declare that Pandavas won the game!

Please understand, please listen. COMPLETION IS - CREATING A SPACE WHICH IS FULL WHERE YOU CAN LIVE!  Like Pandavas.  Both houses are full.  You also always keep yourself full;  do you keep like Kauravas or Pandavas?  Find out that.  Is your inner space... like Kauravas or Pandavas?  That's all!  Have you bought the hay and FILLED all around in your house, or have you brought the pleasant smell and the LIGHT? 

Please understand, Completion keeps you FULL and gives you the space to LIVE!  Incompletion keeps you full, but NEVER FULFILLED;  you will never be able to live there.

Please understand - all the modern-day CEOs, leaders - who are FILLED with stress… what is stress actually?  What is stress?  It is nothing but filling yourself with hay!  You are filled, not fulfilled!  You are occupied, but not useful!  Before making one decision, 200 times you will think about it, you are tired!  Most of us run like a Government office.  Before getting one small work, the file has to move through 350 files, table!  It is like a ice-cube; you give it to the first table, second table, third table... by the time it passes the 350 table and comes out, what will be there?  NOTHING!  Water also would have gone! 

Our mind also - each incompletion is a one Government Officer, understand.  They all have that o...ld table,  that o...ld “daga-daga daga-daga daga-daga daga-daga” fan, and that o..ld chair - the moment you sit, which gives automatically sound "tssssss";  and the moment you put your hand on the table "Dnn-dnn-dnn"; and the moment you switch on the fan “dg-dg-dg-dg-dg-dg-dg-dg-dg-dg-dg-dg...." the sound; and the DUST which is SHO-WERED on you.... "Hhhf! Hhhf! Hhhf!".  And if somebody walks forcefully on the upper floor, the dust falls on you, from the roof! 

No, each one of your incompletion....!  You may ask, ‘How are you describing so beautifully, Swamiji? Without working in the government... Government office?’  I may not work, but I know na? 

Anyhow, please understand - all your incompletions are like that Government office Tables.  By the time you cross each of your own tables, which you created -  red-tapism, bureaucracy; before even making one decision, you are tired!  That is what I am seeing! 

Working with thousands of people, I can see... working with all types of people, I can see - WHY people are able to THINK BIG, but never DO anything BIG!  Because, before making any decision, their internal bureaucracy - by the time they cross their internal bureaucracy, the internal incompletion tables - either the project has melted down like a ice cube, or COM-PLETE-LY taken a different shape! 

You decide... when the project starts, you think through and decide... “Let us... lot of poor people, we'll have to do something... to get them out of the poverty and suffering."  So, the plan takes a shape.  "We should give them rice and wheat free of cost and ensure they are all not hungry; let them all eat; let them all live peacefully without hunger."  Then the plan moves to the next table -  "what to do for this much amount of money?"  Then the plan moves to next table... "if may be if we open a alcohol shop, from that we will get the money, and we can do this..."  The project moves to next table, next table, next table...  finally, only alcohol shops are opened!! 

So, what was the purpose for the plan, to come into existence?  "To make poor people hunger-free, peaceful and happy!"  But what was finally done, the result of the end of the project?  They all became alcohol addicts and lying down!  Of course, they don’t feel hunger! They don’t feel hunger!  The purpose is solved!  But did it get solved in a right way?  If you kill everyone also, they won’t feel hunger!

Usually, when there is so many incompletion tables inside you, either projects melt down, like ice-cubes, or they take a totally opposite turn! 

Please understand. REDUCE the bureaucratic stress you create on yourself;  reduce the incompletions you infuse on yourself; reduce the abusal you do to yourself;  reduce the mental setup of 'Duryodhana's on you.  'Duryodhana's are nothing but bunch of incompletions;  NO power!  Bunch of incompletions!  Actually, even the decision of buying the hay and filling the house they would have taken like a... because they were not able to handle the whole confusion and fight among themselves.  ‘LET'S DO SOMETHING!’  Any decision made in the mood 'Let’s do something' is - SUICIDE! 

Please understand, I am DEFINING 'suicide'.   Any decision made in the desperation and mood of 'LET'S DO SOMETHING!' is - SUICIDE!  If you are a powerful person who is making decisions for others also, if you make the decisions in the mood of 'Let's do something!', it is called GENOCIDE

Please understand, this 'Let's do something' because you can’t handle your fight with incompletions, the pressure of incompletions - that is a most dangerous space to be in, most difficult space to be in, most difficult thing to do in the life. 

So understand, 'Let's do something' - out of incompletion, restlessness generated by incompletion, is the 'pesticide'!   If you do it just for yourself, it is 'suicide; if you do it for the family, it is 'homicide';  if you do it for many people, it is 'genocide'! 

What Pandavas did is out of the pure Space of Completion.  I tell you, when you create Completion, every moment, you create a new way of thinking, new way of cognition, new way of cognizance, new way of knowledge, new way of being, new way of existing, new way of making yourself available to society, making yourself available to humanity. 

See, you can make yourself available to humanity to get raised or to get abused.  Whatever you are sitting and waiting, Humanity does that!  If you are just sitting and waiting for the humanity to come and abuse you... ‘please come and abuse... I am waiting, waiting;  I am feeling very unhappy, and incomplete, empty;  why nobody is coming and abusing me?',  then what will the humanity do?  They will say, ‘Come on!  Let me get into the space of fulfilling you!’ 

Please understand, Life out there is a HU...GE  'TATHAASTU'!  Whatever you want, for whatever you are waiting - it gives 'tathaastu'!  Life out there is a HU....UGE 'TATHAASTU'! 

Hindi Translation

Please internalize. 

Hindi Translation

jeevan ek bahut vishaal 'tathaastu' hai!!"

Please understand!  Every thought, which you entertain, EVEN by mistake, gets its 'tathaastu' from the cosmic 'Anaahata Dhwani'.  'Anaahata Dhwani' means 'un-created sound'. 

In the midnight, if you sit in the silent forest, where there is not even the sound of bees; or in the snow mountain, where there is no life -  in THAT SILENCE!  In the snow mountain, in that deep soundlessness if you sit, you can listen to this soundless sound - 'Anaahata Dhwani', a Cosmic 'OM'!  That is the 'tathaastu' - 'so be it!', 'so be it!', 'so be it!', 'so be it!', 'so be it!'.  Continuous - 'so be it!', 'tathaastu' - is happening, in the Cosmos.  So, every thought, be integrated to what you want to be.  MAINTAIN INTEGRITY with what you wanted to BE! 

Please listen!  Maintain Integrity with what you wanted to BE!  Because, every thought, with awareness, or without awareness, gets 'tathaastu' from the Cosmos; 'tathaastu' from the Cosmos. Listen!  HU...UGE 'tathaastu', from the Cosmos!  VA...AST 'tathaastu', from the Cosmos! 

You will have to bear the consequences of your thoughts, whether you want it or not, you are aware of it or not.  Just understand one thing, even if you bring Integrity into your thinking - that you will complete every time you had a thought which is not aligned to what you want to Be, which is not aligned to your Authenticity, which is not aligned to your mamakaara, ahamkaara, anyakaara, swa-anyakaara - complete it, complete it, complete it!  Even that bringing Integrity into your thinking - I tell you, you will radiate!  You will radiate Completion.  You will radiate Completion! 

Without completion, life will be boring.  Out of incompletion, anything you do will be boring, even if it is new, new, new things.  That is why the incomplete society is running so much mad after these adrenalin things.  Today, you try to go in the roller coaster, that is also not that much 'kick';  then you move to some other this kind of mad entertainments; then finally, you decide to jump, and do bungee jump!  See, for the sake of  'kick' and adrenalin, what all you do!

Wife says, ‘I wish I was a newspaper, so I would be in your hands all day'!  Because, this husband was sitting with the newspaper whole day.  Husband said, ‘I too wish that you were a newspaper every day, so that I could have new one every day'!

Out of incompletion, anything you do, you will feel bored.  Out of Completion, anything you do, even if it is a same routine, it will be just joyful!

Please understand.  Out of Completion, anything you do, even if it is same routine, you will be in the space of joy;  out of incompletion, anything you do - you try to change new, new, new things and try to raise the 'kick' -  but anything you do, you will only feel incomplete.

A man approaches to a beautiful woman in the hypermarket and asks her, “Miss, would you mind if I talk to you for few minutes, because I lost my wife in the store"?  Woman said, "why?  Why would you want to talk to me  because you lost your wife"?  Man says, "because, every time I talk to a beautiful woman, my wife appears from somewhere"!  Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.....ha!

I have one more story:

Things in the boys’ room before marriage:  perfumes, love letters, gifts, Friendship cards;  after marriage:  painkillers, loan Papers, unpaid bills, list of the things you need to do shopping….!

Please understand.  Out of incompletion, anything started, hurts you!  But, because no other way! You already entered the game!  Your ball has... your life HAS TO ROLL!  You have to keep yourself up and alive! You have to survive!  So, more incompletion leading to more incompletion, leading to more incompletion, leading to more incompletion!  Life becomes HELL! 

Anything started out of Completion, even if it is so-called 'same thing', it excites you!  I tell you, 'Puja' is the best way to find out - is your life is running out of Completion or Incompletion.  Because, in puja, you have to do everything same, every day.  If you feel bored, be very clear, your whole life is running out of incompletion.  If you feel excited, everyday when you sit for puja, doing same, you are in the space of Completion;  that is a scale!  Puja is the scale - to find out, whether you are in the space of Completion or Incompletion.  How many of you have the habit of every day puja, raise your hand?  Great!  So now, find out, during the puja moments, how do you feel?  You know, now, whether you are in the space of Completion or Incompletion. 

Hindi Translation

Understand, the essence of today’s satsang, essence of today’s satsang, is:  Completion leads to more and more happy, blissful inner space;  and, raise yourself by yourself doing completion!

I'll move to the next segment of the morning satsang – Niraahara Samyama – after a break.


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