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In today’s (05th December, 2014) Morning Satsang "Cambodia – The Civilization of Enlightenment", Paramahamsa Nithyananda illustrates another unique aspect of Hinduism in that it gives everyone the space to argue. Who wants you to argue? Hinduism is about giving people the truths to experience on their own, setting the stage for analysis and debate, not to blindly follow an obscure ideal. He states how the pure Advaitha presented by Upanishads will be the thought current for this modern age and our developed brains – only the lifestyle of the ancient rishis can with stand the scrutiny of the current developed brains. Watch, Share and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload click to subscribe. visit:
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Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam

Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |

Asmath Aachaarya Paryanthaam

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Baroda-Samir Tuli, birthday blessings!  With all the auspiciousness, you will be with me, I will be with you!  Blessings!

I am just full of temples, temples, temples!  Especially, Cambodia temples!  I am looking at the whole thing from the perspective of how did they generate such large enthusiasm to do a one-pointed action.  Please understand, Hinduism is a religion which always gaves place and space for debates, arguments, different concepts, ideologies.  Please understand, I am using the words specifically – ‘place’ and ‘space’.  Means, Hindu kings always gave a place for other religious people, other thought-trend, other philosophies, other thinking, everything to flourish.  We always had a place; our kings always gave the place and even the space.  Please understand, whoever can lead us to a more enlightened life, deeper clarity, higher experience, we followed them.  That is the beauty of this great tradition!  That is why this tradition was never behind organization or infrastructure; it was behind the charismatic beings.

People ask me sometime: ‘Swamiji, why do Hinduism only produce so many incarnations?’  Because the need!  Please understand, in Hinduism you can never shine, you can never have followers, you can never have people listening to you just because you are Head of a mutt, monastery, or infrastructure, organization.  You need charisma!  The need naturally makes beings to expand the unimaginable level of enlightenment.  If you have to guide people in Hinduism, it is your ability to lead them to the higher experience; that is important.  No one will care about the organization structure, which organization you are Head, and what post.  Posts have no meaning in Hinduism.  Anybody can have any title.  Simply you can have title ‘Jagat Guru’; no one can question you.  You can say, ‘I have one disciple, his name is ‘Jagat’.  So, I am ‘Jagat Guru’!’  HAHAHAHAHAHA!  No one can question you.  In Hinduism there is no such thing as somebody giving you some title.  Even if somebody gives you the title, unless you radiate the charisma, no one will be following you. 

See the whole history of India and Hinduism.  First comes Krishna.  Seeing his charisma, the whole country follows him.  Then comes Buddha who is completely opposite ideology.  But seeing his charisma and ability to lead people into enlightenment experience, the whole country followed him.  Then came Shankara.  Just his ability to lead people into experience, simply the whole country followed him.  Then came Nagarjuna who is completely opposite to Shankara.  But his ability to lead people to experience, the whole country followed him.  So, we never followed any infrastructure, organization.  We followed the beings’ ability to lead us into the next level.  That is why I am saying, so much of place and space was offered for further thinking, developing, research, development, debate, argument.  Some people may think this is the weakness of Hinduism.  I tell you, this is the strength of Hinduism, because, the future, every field is going to be accepted with the transparent, analytic, the possibility for further research and development methods.  In the future, whether it is medicine or law of the land or social lifestyle understandings or construction methodologies or the way we cook and eat, the way we dress, our belief, faiths, philosophies, religions, everything, please understand, everything is going to be accepted after thorough debate and thorough analysis.  So, in this modern era, era of thinking, please understand, the modern era of thinking, Hinduism is the only tradition which is inbuilt to withstand this modern era of thinking, the modern Thinking Age.

The other day I was talking to some of my ashramites.  I was explaining an important concept: human brain, even in physical size, it is expanding, please understand!  The brain size, even physical size, weight, it is growing; it is becoming more and more every few hundred years.  Few hundred years before, our ancestors’ brain size, the weight, was much less than the size and weight we have now.  Please understand, along with the expansion of the size, weight, capabilities, humanity is getting into a new era where higher level questions are asked, where every basic is questioned, where human brain, in a large scale, enters into the possibility of analysis, research and questioning capabilities.  Please understand, the critical mass is able to question everything and understand, internalize everything. Not like those days, only the cream, elite society will be able to question and understand, and the mass always used to follow the elite.  But now, because of even the physical development of the brain, human civilization is entering into a space where more questions, more thinking, more debate, more analysis become lifestyle. 

Please understand, the religions created just few centuries ago are created for the human brain which existed at that time.  But the religion, Sanatana Hindu Dharma, is created by the rishis whose brain was at least few thousand times more active than any possible human brains can happen in the future.  Because of enlightenment, they (the rishis) operated beyond the body, mind and brain.  That is why I am saying, only the traditions created by the Vedic rishis, the truths declared by them, the truths revealed by them, the lifestyle created by them, is capable of the enlightened thinking created by them, enlightened thinking presented by them; only that is capable of standing the scrutiny of the developed human brain of this century.  This New Age thinking era, only that tradition, that enlightened thinking, the science of enlightenment, science of Completion, Advaitha, is capable of standing the scrutiny of the modern-day brain.  That is why I am telling you, in the future, if at all religions exist, they may have any name, but the stuff will be simply the pure Advaitha presented by Upanishads.  May be different language, different titles, different names, different presentation, but the stuff will be only the pure Advaitha presented in Upanishads.  I am telling you, no other thought-current, no other thinking style, no other truths presented can withstand the scrutiny of the developed brain, please understand.

With the developed brain, human-beings are entering into the developed possibilities.  The place for various debates, research, development, is the unique contribution and unique component belongs to only Hinduism, Hindu tradition.  No religion allows debate other than Hinduism.  No religion allows research and development other than Hinduism.  Hinduism is a religion encourages logic.  In this religion, with this basic infrastructure, intellectual infrastructure, you cannot make slaves and build large buildings.  That is why I am wondering what kind of charismatic enlightened beings would have been there in this infrastructure, able to inspire and convince millions of people and concentrate them towards one-pointed action.  I am very sure, at least they had ten human-beings to the level of the charisma of incarnations, at least ten human-beings who were radiating, who were charismatic to the level of incarnations! Otherwise, see we are not primitive religions where you just infuse certain faith and certain fear and greed, and they just do what you want.  No!  It is a religion of debate.  And, you need to know, every day, in all the Akhadas, morning collectively practising Yoga, and night sitting and collectively having ‘khandana-mandana’ (refuting or destroying an opponent’s philosophy, and embellishing one’s own philosophy), ‘vaadha prathivaadha’ (philosophical arguments and counter-arguments), is a lifestyle! 

Every day, I was reading a book on Varanasi.  Beautifully they are saying, every day, in the banks of the Ganga, three to four-thousand Naga sadhus will sit and choose current topics and have a debate, ‘khandana-mandana’, ‘vaadha-prathivaadha’!  It is a lifestyle, understand!  So, the religion which encourages so much of ‘vaadha-prathivaadha’, ‘khandana-mandana’, in this religion you cannot make slaves and build temples. 

I am sure, whole Cambodia building, at any given time, at least one-lakh (100,000) people were building temples; because, the number of temples and the years, at any given time, directly or indirectly, one-lakh people were involved in temple-building!  I am wondering who, who inspired all of them and kept them centred on one thought-current.  Surely, it is not possible by political power, because slaves cannot be artist!  Through the political power, kings can create slaves, but not artists.  When you create artists, they need to be given freedom, tremendous thinking freedom, freedom to think, freedom to feel, freedom to visualize, freedom to celebrate the beauty, freedom to celebrate the subtle emotions like romance, love, pain.  Slaves don’t even experience pain, understand!  That is the truth!  They become insensitive even to pain!  It is only artists experience the subtle emotions of life which are fulfilling.  Subtle emotions of life, only people who experience subtle emotions of life can be artists.  Only people who experience the higher awakening like Kundalini Shakthi can be spiritual artists.  Here, if one-lakh people are working to build temples, I tell you, at least eighty-thousand they need spiritual artists, eighty percent of the workers should be spiritual artists!  Who awakened their Kundalini?  Who gave them that kind of a insight?  Who gave them that kind of an intelligence, enthusiasm?  Working in stone is not a joke!  I tell you, we are working for months now; we have not built the temple beyond the ground level!  It is still in the underground level!  Still not crossed the ground!  How did they create inspiration, how did they create enthusiasm, how did they create excitement, knowing that, in their generation, they may not see the completion of the temple!  How?!! 

I tell you, at least ten beings radiating the charisma to the level of at least incarnations were living and guiding.  That is the only way this large size, this large size, this large size actions can happen, this large size truths, this large size.  I can’t even say the tall temples, large temples standing are made out of stone.  I am sure, they are just standing tall as a symbol of some of the greatest experience that large group of human-beings experienced.  It’s a symbol of collective enlightenment that whole Cambodian society radiated.  It’s a symbol of the collective enthusiasm, energy, experience, excitement, the whole Cambodian civilization radiated. 

I can tell you, it’s a symbol of mass enlightenment!  Literally, one-lakh people constantly meditating on Mahadeva, only can give them that kind of an inspiration to do such monumental physical work.  See, when you need to just sit and think, and no physical pain, you will not question the ideology about which you are thinking; but, when you need to physically move your body, and muscles are paining every night, you are tired, and you see your friends and family are dying because of the stone dust settling and even then you continue to work, then you must be thoroughly, experientially convinced about the whole ideology for which you are living.  And an important thing: this whole structure can never be built by forcing somebody, making somebody a slave, because, so much of art, so much of art is involved!  So much of synchronizing, so much of synergy, energy synchronized, intelligence synchronized, is required!     

When I am seeing the large ‘trimurthi’ deities (deities of Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva, the great trinity) built, it is literally they just build a hill with a stone and then carve the whole hill!  You can’t build pieces by pieces and carve and assemble a face and all, because, lot of symmetry need to be done, right side and left side and all that.  They made the whole river sacred, one river-bed, by carving thousands of Shiva Lingas on it!  So, the water flows on the thousands of Shiva Lingas and comes to you! 

And I am wondering what a Advaithic experience and enlightenment they all would have radiated!  Now I want to tell you one more thing: That experience does not go away when they leave the body; it stays in those temples!  I will prove to you guys!  I will awaken those temples back to life!  I will awaken whole Cambodia back to Shivoham!  I will awaken that whole enlightenment energy back!  It will not only make this IA participants enlightened, the whole Cambodia will start experiencing that experience of enlightenment!  Even when I see those temple structures’ and photographs, I understand!  And the next step, I am wondering, if India can export ten incarnations and at least one-lakh enlightened beings to Cambodia, then what number of enlightened beings we would have had!  Because, it is after all exported!  I am sure we created at least one or two structures to the scale of Angkor Wat in India.  May be got destroyed by these Moghuls, during their invasion; the Muslim attack, during their invasion, maybe we lost it, they have destroyed it. 

It is time you all come and be part of this re-awakening of Cambodian temples enlightenment energy, and in that enlightenment tsunami get enlightened, and share enlightenment with the whole world.  Let’s live and share enlightenment with the whole world.  So, I welcome all of you to come and celebrate the enlightened civilization of Cambodia and its coming back to life, its revival.  My blessings to all of you!


So, with this, I bless you all!  Let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching and Causing eternal bliss, Nithyananda!  Thank you!