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TALKS FROM MORNING SATSANG ON JULY 25 2012 IN BIDADI ASHRAM, INDIA Bhagavad Gita (Song of God) is a timeless treatise on the essence of living enlightenment. The Gita was imparted by the enlightened Hindu incarnation Sri Krishna to the warrior-prince Arjuna over 5000 years ago. Amazingly, the spiritual wisdom and life solutions offered in the Gita are so universal and current that even today it is used as a personal transformation guide. In today’s talk on Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 5, Verse 19, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (Swamiji) explains the source of extraordinary powers. When we establish ourselves in the Supreme consciousness, in the state of living enlightenment, we can surpass the laws of nature. This is not actually miraculous, it is simply fact. If we embody the divine spirit, we acquire divine abilities. Our lives become a reflection of God.
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Make Miracles Happen in Your Life


Discourse by Paramahamsa Nithyananda


Bhagavad Gita – 5th Chapter – Sanyasa Yoga – 19th Verse

July 25, 2012



Ihaiva tair – jitaha SargoYeshaam saamye sthitam manaha I

Nirdosham hi samam brahmaTasmaad – brahmani te sthitaaha II


The translation:


Here, ihaiva, in this world itself, the nature is surpassed by them whose intelligence remains impartial for the Supreme Being that is flawless in the same in all. Therefore, they remain established in the supreme.


Oh God!  Krishna is too much. What he says you know:


If you are established in the enlightenment space, in the intelligence, even now all the rules and laws of the nature is changed.  If you are established in the supreme consciousness, all the laws of the nature is surpassed.  And I tell you, wherever you surpass the laws of the nature that is what others claim as miracle.  But for you it is “Happening”. “The Happening”, which is “The Happening” for unconsciousness fellow is crime for society. Which is “The Happening” for the conscious fellow, it is being part of the nature, flow of the society, which is “The Happening” for the super-conscious person, is miracle for society. 


Understand, which is “The Happening” for an unconscious fellow is a crime for society.  An unconscious fellow does not plan and do the murder.  Just yesterday, see whenever I come to Tiruvannamalai, I have one habit. This local villagers, 4~5 fellows are there, who will give me report. What is going on, that village talk, who ran away with whom, who is sitting with whom, who is hanging around with whom, who is killed by whom, whose house is sold by whom, whose house is bought by whom. I don’t have time to see the news, CNN, IBN or the International things, but I will have 2 ~ 3 of these villagers.  One of my informer is Mr.Krishnamurthy.  “Swamiji, do you know few days before there was a murder in Tiruvannamalai?”  I asked “What happened, why, who?” He gives me thoroughly who is the person who planned the conspiracy, who is the person who went and killed.  I said “You are giving so much information, are you connected to Police Department?”  He says “No Swamiji. Even Police Department does not know this much”. I asked him “Why did they kill that guy?”   He said “Swamiji, these fellows have done some other murder earlier. This person who got killed now is the eye-witness. If he goes to the court and gives eye-witness, they all will be convicted”.  I said “What an unconsciousness!”  See, to escape from one murder conviction, they killed other person. Now it is going to be double murder.  Two murders!  So the person who has done both  murders, is not conscious person.  He is unconscious.  He does not even understand the ripple effect of the whole thing.  So, just “The Happening” for the unconscious person is crime for society.  If you ask that guy who planned and did the murder “why did you do it?”, he will only scratch his head and say “Oh, I thought if this fellow is alive, he will come to the court and give eye-witness. That may lead to conviction”.  Okay that is true. But now, “what have you done?  You have done one more murder. So naturally it is going to be now conviction for double murders, two murders!”


An unconscious person does not think through.  So whatever is the flow of life for him, is crime for society.  For a conscious person, whatever is flow of his life, like he wakes up, morning he goes to the job, works in his office, goes for lunch, comes back, again works in his office, comes back to sleep, whatever is his course of life, “The Happening”, it is part of society,  the flow of society.   If you ask him “Why are you doing this?” He says “That is the way life is!”


It is like a common understanding.  If you are a girl, the moment you are 25, get married.  If you are a boy, the moment you are 27, get married.  Of course, what I am saying age is city limit, city age limit, in villages it is much less.  These all commonly accepted understanding, the commonly accepted understanding. It’s a flow of society.  If this is next, then this is next.  If this is next, then this is next.   The conscious person’s “The Happening”, is flow of society.


But, the super conscious person’s “The Happening”, is the miracle for society.  When thousands of miracles are happening around me, I tell you, I promise you, I don’t do anything. It is ‘The Happening’ for me! 


People come and tell me. “Swamiji, I came to Kalpataru, I did not have kid for 20 years.  I asked for your blessings. In one year I am having the child, I am so happy”. When I see the surprise in their face, I understand “So you fellow, you came without any trust or faith.   That is why you are surprised”.  Because when People come and tell me, I don’t get surprised.  When you come to Kalpataru, when I am in that Samadhi, whatever I say naturally comes true.  It is ‘The Happening” for me.   What is there in that to be surprised? 


But when these guys are surprised, they think I will be very happy.   See, I don’t take myself granted.  I enjoy. I enjoy the devotion component of you reporting.  When you come back and report to me “ I did not have child for 20 years and you blessed me in the Kalpataru,  now I have a child”, your gratitude component I enjoy. There is a gratitude part in that.  That I enjoy.  But the surprise part I don’t enjoy.


Understand, I never enjoy the surprise part. It means what? See there is a gratitude component .  You have a devotion.  “Yes, I did not have, I asked you.  You gave me.   I am grateful to you”.  But if there is a surprise component, I will just turn my face and walk to the next person.  Because I don’ feel surprised. But when you come back and report, when I see gratitude, I am very happy.  I don’t take myself for granted.  I see the gratitude part, I do enjoy the gratitude part.  But if there is a surprise part, then you did not comprehend or have deep trust. That is Okay. 


All I wanted you to understand, just “The Happening”, ordinary happening for me, becomes miracle for you.  Because of the consciousness established in the super-consciousness, because it remains in the super consciousness, in the highest intelligence, Supreme Being, even “The Happenings” are celebrated as the miracles.  Bhagavan is very clear; Krishna is very clear. He uses the word,


Ihaiva taihi – jitaha Sarga Yeshaam saamye sthitam manaha I

Nirdosham hi samam brahma Tasmaad – brahmani te sthitaah II


Here, in this world itself, the nature is surpassed by them whose intelligence remains established in Supreme Being. 


It is about Thirugnanasambandar.   292nd Guru MahaSannidhanam asked me a question in Akashic reading.  He put question to me in the Akashic Reading for KalaBhairava.  “What are all miracles Gnanasambandar Swami did?”  In the Akashic Reading, I read out “78 times he broke the law of nature, science and law of nature”. I tell you, that 78 incidents are miracles for us.  But for Gnanasambandar Swami, Thirugnanasambandar, it is “The Happening”!  It is just the flow! Because he is established in the super consciousness, the nature is surpassed by them, whose intelligence is established in Supreme Being. 


Ihaiva taihi – jitaha SargaYeshaam saamye sthitam manaha


78 times nature would have tried to cross him and he crossed it. That’s all! When he puts the palm leaves and it goes against the water current in Vaigai, when he puts the palm leaves in Fire and it does not get burnt, means he is not performing miracle, he is established in the Supreme Being. “The Happening” itself is miraculous for ordinary people who see the whole thing in ordinary mind, from the ordinary consciousness.


Understand, now, this is the Sutra for all of you.  This is the important understanding for all of you.


Be established in Ajapa Japa, Feeling Connection and Un-clutching.  You will simply pass the law of the nature, which is - you can’t live without food.  You will just surpass it.   Be established in the supreme consciousness. You will just surpass the law of nature.  You can’t live without food is a law, it’s a nature.  You will just surpass it by being established in Supreme Being!