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TALKS FROM MORNING SATSANG ON MARCH 4 2012 AT BIDADI ASHRAM, INDIA Bhagavad Gita (Song of God) is a timeless treatise on the essence of living enlightenment. The Gita was imparted by the enlightened Hindu incarnation Sri Krishna to the warrior-prince Arjuna over 5000 years ago. Amazingly, the spiritual wisdom and life solutions offered in the Gita are so universal and current that even today it is used as a personal transformation guide. In today’s talk on Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 4, Verse 20, Paramahamsa Nithyananda clarifies the difference between desire and clinging. Desire gives pleasure when it is fulfilled, but without expectation. Clinging creates an ambiance of entitlement: that the seeker has the right to have what he wishes, that he should not be denied. There is no appreciation when the wish is fulfilled because the seeker takes it for granted. There is only indignation if the wish is not provided for. If we free ourselves of the expectation, we enjoy our lives much more and can fully realize the satisfaction of our desires.
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Bhagavad Gita, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, desire, pleasure, fulfill, create, entitlement, wish, appreciation, free, enjoy, live, satisfaction.
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1)      Pseudo enlightenment seems to be a popular disease these days. More and more people are trying to claim enlightenment and influencing other ppl. I myself was saved fromt eh brink of such a desease by your teachings. Can you say something on how e can help these sick ppl get well soon.

There are some ppl faking it till they make it. I have myself given this technique to my disciples telling them to live as they are enlightened and live boldly. They may fail ten times, but in a year they will stand up and their actions will be that of actions of an enlightened consciousness…Even when they come to the level of everyday actions becoming an enlightened cognizance they have achieved something big. Enlightened cognition may be a technique. Maybe some ppl are faking it till they make it. when you see their flaws you may see no this fellow has pseudo enlightenment. Whether they are in pseudo enlightenment or if they are in the tapas of enlightenement you can decide based on their personal…..

Man who is living to achieve it, LE, to radiate enlightenment he will be forcing the enlightened cognitilon on himself. He will be working on enlightened cognition on himself. Sometime even the people who are living to radiate might have created irritation on you. so if you got this irritation from the people who are living to radiate then you are wrong. If you got it from some pseudo fellow you are wrong.

Anyhow, sometime the karma comes back quickly. You Also should see whether pseudo enlightenment is coming from….


2)      Dear Swamiji, recently you mentioned in morning Satsang that we human beings don’t know how to relax from life (you explained with the story of Yayati) yesterday you asked us to keep taking decisions and exhaust ourselves with action. I am confused Swamiji!

both are one and the same. If you continuously keep taking decisions and exhaust yourself with action, you will not have the hangover of Yayati. Yayati never took decisions and exhaust himself in action. He was always jumping as a monkey. Desire is not wrong, having no time to exhaust that desire is wrong. You want to drink coffee, but by the time you drink it you want to drink butter milk, then beer – but finally you never drank anything. that is how you are running. Project plan to dead line, the project will die! But never ever you enjoy, live Yayati could not relax from his life because he never the time he is enjoying something in his life, his mind is enjoying something else. Continuously moving, moving, moving, never living. See in the U.S. when they did the 9/11 attacks, all flights had just been refueled. That fuel created more mess. In same way, you have come with lot of fuel called prarabdha if it is unsued, it will explode and burn you. if all the fuel was used, up the suffering will be lot less. Understand Yayati moved around but never used the fuel. When I say exhaust yourself in action, I am saying empty yourself, burn allt he fuel. Let the prarabdha be coempleted. Then naturally you will see you will be ready to relax from life. Only a person who works hard will be ready to relax in sleep. If whole day you don’t do anything except lying down, at night you will only toss around…so work to relax, live to die. In to be out!

Let me go to today’s BG Satsang.

In BG, 4th cfhapter, Jnana Karma Sanyasa Yoga, 20th verse –

“tyaktva karma-phalasangam nitya-trpto nirasrayah |
karmany abhipravrtto 'pi naiva kincit karoti sah ||”

Translation – “Having given up the clinging for the reward of performance with a constant feeling of satisfaction, without depression on anything, though engaged in execution, he does not even do a little action”

(BIOGRAPHY) In Tiruvannamalai I have seen this old ladies will come to sing Bhajan in the temple. There is only one song I will know whether they know what they are singing or just mumbling. In bhajan you can cheat and get away with the prasaadam. But there is one song which is a tongue twister – muthu…in this song I will look into every mouth. Today that is what I did to see whether it is bhajan group or individually chanting.  way they understand. But I don’t want us to lose the roots. Branches will lose life if they are disconnected to the root. Branches when they grow so long, they forget they are disconnected with the root. Then they suddenly realize what happened I am not getting food.­­­. That is why I want the original Sanskrit verses to be chanted as it is.

“tyaktva karma-phalasangam nitya-trpto nirasrayah |
karmany abhipravrtto 'pi naiva kincit karoti sah ||”

Translation – “Having given up the clinging for the reward of performance with a constant feeling of satisfaction, without depression on anything, though engaged in execution, he does not even do a little action”

Please understand, having given up the clinging for the reward of performance. I tell you – you don’t even need to give up your desire for name and fame. Just give up the clinging. If somebody praises you enjoy it. see when I was named as one of the top 100 most spiritually influential people and I enjoyed. …We were more happy about whose name was not there than who is there. We had enough fun. It is not that we do not enjoy. but I tell you honestly not even one trace or inch of clinging is there inside me. when this whole abusal, rumors scandal came, I did not feel an inch within. I only felt for all my women devotees thinking Oh God! Now women will not be able to come to our programs. But now I need to tell you earlier if women were 60% and men are 40% now after the scandal  women are 70% and men are 30%

So the only worry I had also has proved false. So I tell you 99% of your worries are false. I can tell you from my experience. I never had even a line of clinging to the reward of performance. Understand desire for name and fame is more like a desire for having a banana – cheap, the commedian’s desire. Recently I saw a clip where the comedian was caught for stealing….this name and fame desire is not criminal. But this clinging for desire of performance. Clinging means internally having it as a pattern, expecting others to praise you even for not being touched by n ame and fame and externally saying no I don’t desire for a name and fame. Clinging is m ore like a villain’s quality. Desire about name and fame is like a commedian’s quality. For the desire for name and fame I don’t need to do anything. I need to just say you look great. For men you should tell you did a great job and for woman you should tell you look great. This 2, 3 statements only. That’s all theya re in ecstasy. This desie for name and fame is not like bhole baba at all. But this clinging is a villain’s game. Very dangerous where they expect reward for persformance and they delay things if they don’t get the reward. It is a whole cunning political game. I can say it is like a poison inside your stomach. Anything you eat will become poison because poison is inside your stomach. There are some people how much ever work they do I will never recognize or reward or even look. There are some people even small things wow, this fellow did a great job. If you have a simpleton bhole baba desire for name and fame it is not wrong. Manyt imes it is very sweet. You just get excited your whole body is alive with just a word. Nothing wrong with that. but this clinging actually I can say clinging is the bio memory version of strong desire for name and fame. It makes your whole life sick and makes all the people around you sick. I know some fellows if they are not given the reward they will destroy the whole work done. If they don’t get the reward what they expect, they will destroy the whole work done. Demons, bhootas! The clinging that is what is criminal. More like a villain. Only when you give up the clinging for the reward or performance you are in constant satisfaction. I tell you my 53 days in prison, not even once I felt I have done so much to society and society has abused me. not even once i felt. Same way I never felt I deserve this punishment. Of course I have never done anything wrong and have always done best things for the world and society. I did not have any expectation because I never had a clinging for the reward. Never had any problem.

Even when they brought this information – 100 I did not have any clinging. I enjoyed. Actually when we digged and saw there were only 9 spiritual leaders the rest are authors, doctors, hypnotherapists, artists, philathropists, teachers, founder of some social organizations etc. only 9 are having the title spiritual leader. So we are not one amonght he 100, we are 1 among the 9. So not that we were dry. But there was no clinging. So basically first thing you need to do is destroying the clinging for the reward not even desire for name and fame. That is too simple, opne, honest. Sometimes sweet. Sometime when people except the innocent desires like will I not give one smile, or look or one word. It is very sweet and is joyful even to fulfill them. it does not look like a bondage, they bargained with me and took it. but when the clinging is there, over. It is just like intruding abusing, disrespecting. Not only for me, but for the whole cosmos.