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Transcript in English: 

if you want to do too much of work, why did you give birth to kids? ….

The problem is without capactity you are playng all the dimensions. Just because you can eocme pregnant, you cannot become a mother. ..Be very clear parenting is a separate art. It is not a joke. You are playing literally with one person’s life. Just yesterday in NSP I was telling, even to attend a small disease stomach pain or knee pain you need to study 6 years and get that MBBS  - master of some bull bull I d otn know whaqt it means. You have to study MBBS to attend and give a small medicine. And to go to court and confuse the judge you have to study few years and get that LLB. I saw now I know so much of the court. The person who can confuse can win the court. Either convince or confuse. 3 imp secret to be a great lawyer – learn convincing points but n ever speak about them, only confuse the opp lawyer in a way that the whole court should be confused terrorized so that they just give the judgment what you want. Even for that you need to study law. But don’t you understand you are handling somebody’s whole life the way you are going to train the child, he is going to live with it next 100 years. For that you don’t need to study? I tell you unless the couple goes through a parenting course, the couple should not be allowed to have a child. This is not those old days you have to continuously give birth – 3 in 2 years. Come on!  you need to look in honestly and authentically.

I loved the way you compared decision making to a work out. I enjoy taking challenges, but frequently get stressed out in the process. Is this stress healtly, like the sweet pain we get after a work out?

Any stress is healthy when you accept stress. Stress is unhealthy only when you have the concept that you may burst at some time. If you feel I may burst if I accumulate more stress. No. stress is disease based on belief. If you are very clear no amount of stress is going to make you burst. Stress is not like steam. Understand. You visualize more steam boiler will burst. No. eveyr night when you sleep, boiler is emptied again….how much you can build in one day. Nothing you are not that intelligent. Even your stress building level is only mediocre level. understand it is wrong ideas about stress that need to be bustedteh theory of sub conscious, unconscious and theory of accumulated stress. It is invented by pharmacist companies and mental health care people. Just like how cosmetic industry created the concept of beauty and go on maintaining it continuously by the idiotic beauty contests. I tell you I am defining the beauty. Beauty is the feeling you carry when somebody appreciates you! I am defining in the mundane level not spiritual level. Beuaty is the feeling you carry when somebody appreciates you. when somebody say you look great, the feeling you carry is beaurty. Same way when you make somebody else feel that in them, it is beauty for that person. the concept of beauty is nothing but give and take. You scratch your back, I will scratch my back. …there is no such thing as scale. But this cosmetic industry creates the concept of beauty and keeps it alive continuously. What is actually beauty? Nothing. Just the ideas promoted widely. That’s all and wildly. That’s it. there is nothing else called beauty. Even if somebody is so beautifyl, alright you are lost in that person, you cannot drink even one cup of tea thorugh that mouth. What is beauty? It is just the concept you create. Just like how the cosmetic industry keeps the disease that you are ugly, alive byt doing the beauty contests, same way the medical industry keep the idea that you are stressed. Politicians keep the idea that you are weak so that thye can be alive. Enlightened being is the only person who breaks the idea that you are un-enlightened and in that way keeps himself alive. An enlgithened being cannot keep himself alive by saying you are not enlgith. He always SAYS YOU ARE enlgith and in that way he keeps himself alive ! the idea of stress itself is wrong. When you understand this, the pain will really become sweet pain and after some time, the pain also disappears and sweet remains. So continue to make decisions continuously take challenges. Today you lift 10 kg, once your muscles are built then you will build 20 kg. same way take decisions to exhaust your confidence. Then next day you will have more courage, more confidence and you will have more energy.

You should always lift and work out the free dumbles because always the fear that you will drop on you and will work out more carefully. In the machine you will work in a very casual way. That is why I say always be a free entrepreneur otherwise you will never take the risk because when you work for others finally somebody else is responsible.

Working out in the mission is like you being a part of some company and doing this game. Working out with dumbles means you being responsible. That is why with machine you lift more weights than dumbles. But the challenge of life is in the game of insecurity.

In BG, 4TH chapter, 20th verse Jnana karma sanyasa yoga

“tyaktva karma-phalasangam nitya-trpto nirasrayah |
karmany abhipravrtto 'pi naiva kincit karoti sah ||”

Translation – “Having given up the clinging for the reward of performance with a constant feeling of satisfaction, without depression on anything, though engaged in execution, he does not even do a little action”

Aashraya means the excitement, Niraashraya means depression. Ashraya means the excitement which comes for example if I bring a sweet, the excitement the tongue feels, a sight near the eyes, love for somebody the excitement you feel---but all of these leads to depression. The excitement by any nearness leads to depression. The excitement you have with yourself like Dakshinamurthi. Swatmananda. I don’t see a single reason for Dakshinamurthy’s excitement.that fellow is sitting on a rock under an old Banyan tree with old few fellows who can die any moment, and the old bull Nandi and and nagging sati. But his eyes are closed. Nothing can excite him from outside. He is not like Vishnu. Vishnu has so many things that he can get excited about with the milky ocean, adi sesha, ms. Universe Lakshmi, allt he pearls samanthaka, parijatha and all the time lying down.

Sustainer is sleeping, maintainence dept is resting. Only our dept is alive destruction! What will happen to planet earth. of course ours is not destruction but rejuvenation. Becos both fellows are retired, we have to take up all the three. Nirashraya means being in swatmananda without depression.

“Having given up the clinging for the reward of performance with a constant  satisfaction, without depression on anything, though engaged in execution, he does not even do a little action”

Bhagavan uses a very beautiful word – though engaged in execution….

Execution means establishing a consciousness where everything flows as per the consciousness. Action means doing every day every inch. See when I cerated this sangha, I established the consciousness. Now I am sitting and doing just the execution as per that consciousness. That is why, any number of hours I work, I never feel I am doing an action. Understand execution means establishing a consciousness and seeing a whole flow. If you also want to be out of action, become part of this consciousness. Then you will see action will happen through you and you will not even feel that action is happening!

“Having given up the clinging for the reward of performance with a constant feeling of satisfaction, without depression on anything, though engaged in execution, he does not even do a little action”

 “Having given up the clinging for the reward of performance. Desire of name and fame is obviously known. I will give up my desire for all name and fame but will I be praised for that. will people say see this man he has given up everything. That is what is clinging. Ppl  can give up name and fame if they are assured later they will be praised for that. that is what is clinging. Bhagavan is going to the depth here. He says clinging for the name and fame..

“Having given up the clinging for the reward of performance with a constant feeling of satisfaction, without depression on anything, though engaged in execution, he does not even do a little action” means he is just there in ecstasy. No action touches him. he is not touched by any action.                                                                                                       

Understand, executing without feeling you are acting is the quality of a leader!