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TALKS FROM MORNING SATSANG ON SEPTEMBER 4 2012 IN KODAIKANAL, INDIA Bhagavad Gita (Song of God) is a timeless treatise on the essence of living enlightenment. The Gita was imparted by the enlightened Hindu incarnation Sri Krishna to the warrior-prince Arjuna over 5000 years ago. Amazingly, the spiritual wisdom and life solutions offered in the Gita are so universal and current that even today it is used as a personal transformation guide. In today’s talk on Bhagavad Gita, chapter 6, verse 7, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (Swamiji) gives us a deep technique for establishing our supremacy of self. Whether we are disturbed by external situations or internal emotions, they can only distract us if we agree to be distracted. When we sit in meditation with awareness and examine the source of the disturbance: how it feels, how it affects us, what is actually happening in our attention, we separate our spiritual consciousness from the experience and it no longer influences us.
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Master Heat and Cold

Discourse by Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Bhagavad Gita, 6thChapter-Dhyana Yoga, 7thVerse


I welcome you all with my love and blessings. Today,  Nirahar Samyama  third level is starting. First day!  I am also going to do Nirahar Samyama with you guys. I am continuing all my activities and routine. So this batch of Nirahar Samyama, 3rd level, next 11 days I will also be part of you guys.  So ‘The Samyama’, 15th day successfully!

In Bhagavad Gita, 6th chapter - Dhyana Yoga, 7th verse:

Jitatmana prashantasya, paramatma samahitaha l

Sheetoshna sukh dukheshu, tatha mana apamanayoho ll


The one who has conquered the self, who has attained tranquility, the supreme is already reached, such a person remains in this state in happiness or distress, heat or cold, honor or dishonor. 

I will give you the new translation also:

The one who has subdued his self, self made of patterns and is firmly established in the supreme state, remains centered whether in cold or warm atmosphere, whether he is pleasant or unpleasant situation whether he receives respect or is dishonored.

 Understand Bhagavan is giving powerful technique. He is using beautiful word, sheetoshna samdukheshu, sheeta, ushna -warm or cold, attacks you from outside skin. Sukha, dukkha  atttacks you from inside the skin.

Understand when you are feeling warm or cold, just sit and see what is happening outside your skin all over the body. Without branding, just see what is going on, how I feel. Don’t name it as a cold or warm; pain or suffering. Just look. Something is going on; let me see what happens; how that feeling touches my skin ; after that how the skin is processing that information; and how I am getting agitated or irritated for no reason; how I am responding to it; why should I get agitated or irritated? Let’s see how that nature responds to it. Sit with deep patience. All you guys are now in Kodaikanal. You don’t need to go in search of a place. Sit today in the cold and see what happens in your skin. In one day, you will master cold. Cold will not affect you anymore.

Same way heat, do Pancha Tapas, make a fire circle. It is very easy.  Your height should be the diameter of the circle. That is the law. Make the fire circle. You will slowly start feeling the heat and it will increase within half an hour. Then just see what is going on in your skin. In two days you will master. Wow, both will not be painful.

Then come to the next level of experiment. When you are feeling unpleasant just see. Unpleasantness is nothing but cold or warm which is working from inside the skin. If you look near the chest area it starts from inside the skin, the skin is being attacked. Warm and cold, heat and cold attacks you from outside the skin, unpleasantness and pleasantness attacks you from inside the skin. Sit with that. You don’t need to find the situation. Already you have enough unpleasantness! Just sit with that unpleasantness. How it is attacking you from inside skin? What exactly you are feeling without looking, just see. In two days you will realize there is no such thing as unpleasantness other than your own decision to be in unpleasantness.  Same way pleasantness, when you are in joy, happy, just sit and watch, what is this, what is this pleasantness, why it feels so expanded inside? Feel from your skin, inside the skin. You will master that state also.

 So pleasant or unpleasant attacks you from inside the skin; heat or cold attacks you from outside skin. But both heat or cold; pleasantness or unpleasantness; all 4 has no life independently from your will.  Understanding this is being centered on the Supreme state. Please understand, your will gets contaminated when it connects itself with these 4. Fortunately these 4 have no independent existence if your will does not support it. Man who has realized it by experimenting with it is established in Supreme state.  He is called Paramatma Samahita - equivalent to the Supreme consciousness. 

Such a simple, straightforward   thing, I tell you!  Just try today. Once you realize; even the first thing, see, today you try with cold, the moment you realize the cold is not giving you any more suffering, you will have confidence to work with heat. Then work with heat, Do Pancha Tapas, may be 1 hour. One hour is more than enough, 2 days! If it is not happening in two session, just do two to three days, that’s all! You will have confidence now. Wow! We won the second game. Then go for the third. Sit with the unpleasantness. Don’t change the sequence.  Cold is too gross, easy. Once you win there you will have confidence to do next, little subtle, the heat! Then you will have confidence next with the unpleasantness, then you will have confidence to do with the pleasantness.  Once you master that, all these 4 have no independent life over you other than your will’s support.

See, when you sit and start analyzing, you will understand it suddenly disappears. Because the moment you analyze, your will stops supporting this aspect of life.  You support the cold and cold related diseases in confusion. You support heat and heat related diseases in confusion. You support unplesantness and unplesantness related diseases in confusion.  You support pleasantness and pleasantness related activities in confusion. So when you sit and see what is really happening with passiveness and patience, suddenly you realize without your will, all 4 do not have independent life!

Shadow does not have independent life without the existence of light and object. It is the mixture of light and object that creates shadow. The sufferings of cold, heat; sufferings of pleasantness, unpleasantness; everything happens by the mixture of your will and confusion. If the light is switched off no shadow!  If the object is removed no shadow!  If the confusion is removed or the will is removed there is no agitation or disturbance by cold, warm, pleasant, unpleasantness.

 I tell you, man is a fool, asking for cold when it is hot, asking for hot when it is cold. Always asking what is not! Try these 4 processes. Such a simple way you can be centered on what Bhagavan calls paramatma samahita, centered on pure unclutching!


See this is what is the purpose of mystery school. Mystery school is the place where all these mystery dimensions are revealed. I tell you guys, I tell all our devotees, all our disciples especially who feel part of the sangha. You see, 10 years before we were not responsible because we did not have wealth. In past 10 years devotees have poured so much of money on us, now we have wealth, we have infrastructure, now we are responsible for making all these Samyamas, Spiritual Truths available to the world. If you are wearing mala and bracelet, you are responsible for making all this knowledge available to the world.  We are responsible for making Krishna alive, we are responsible for making Gyana Sambandhar alive, we are responsible for making Shankara alive, because we have properties given to us by devotees all over the world. 

The head of the each center, ashram should study today my discourse thoroughly. You yourself should practice. You see it is not a big thing! To practice on the cold, have air cooler on high speed or sit near AC. Try. And same way on the heat, next day try sitting with the heater. And the third day, try on the unpleasantness. Fourth day try on the pleasantness. You will find how powerfully it works!  Once you master all these four, the confidence you feel, the courage you feel and the centeredness you feel – the paramatma samahita-you feel and the joy with  courage you have to face the life!

You should get it first on you, then start sharing with people, whoever comes. Make every week some program, this kind of programs. See, all programs do not need to be continuously designed by me. I am giving you these truths. Each one of you can pick up. If you become charismatic and you have some experience, you do this for 4 days, then you will have strength. You will say yes! Whatever Swamiji said - shastra pramana is now my atma pramana. See when Krishna tells this Truth, this is shastra pramana. When I am repeating it from my own experience, it is apta pramana. When you experiment and see, it becomes atma pramana.

When you have the atma pramana, naturally you can talk to people,   you can tell, hey, I found a method where I am not affected by pleasantness and unpleasantness in my life; cold or heat in my life. I can teach you that.  Come on, 4 days only, two hours a day, come in the evening, learn this and go. And there is no risk in this. If you sit with the heater or AC, even the risk of Pancha Tapas is not there. I told Pancha Tapas because that’s the way I was brought up. You guys don’t even need to bother about the Pancha Tapas, fire! Even in fire you may say no, there is a risk!  What risk is there? Anyhow, these fellows, everything is a risk!

 If your time is not right, even by drinking milk you will die; if your time is right even with poison you will live, if you drink, you will vomit it; even your attempt to commit suicide, you will not be successful.

 Anyhow, with the heater or AC, you can control heat or cold. What’s the risk?  And pleasantness and unpleasantness, try!  I tell you this can get people out of all mental disorders and psychological disorders.  I have done this. That is why I am telling you. I have done this during my Tapas time, my Tapas period.

 I will go and sit on the hill during the day time in the sun just with one towel on the hip, work on the heat, how the heat does not touch me! Then in the night I will sit on the hill itself. It will be very cold, and see how the cold does not work on the system.

Then I will fight with Raghupati Yogi. That will be the only thing which will be unpleasant for me. See my whole life only relationships I know is with Raghupati Yogi and Kuppamal, few saints and sadhus. Never, never even once I felt psychologically connected to the blood family. So if I have to have some unpleasant moments, I will go fight with him, some ideological fight! Raghupati Yogi is Yogi, Kuppamal is Vedantee! Between these two there will be a huge fight, ideological fight! Here body first, here mind first! And if I wanted to create fight with Raghupati Yogi, I will take up all the arguments of Kuppamal; if I wanted to fight with Kuppamal, I will take all arguments of Raghupati Yogi. But I tell you guys these two have made me so rich in the spiritual knowledge, God! The wealth they added to me!

And same way when I want to experience pleasantness I will take Sri Ramakrishna’s photo and keep it in front of me and fan him and there is beautiful, very sweet story of Ramakrishna sung by one devotee. It’s called “Sri Sri Ramakrishna punkti. And in English it is called, the book has been translated “The portrait of Sri Ramakrishna”. That’s very beautiful book. It is not factual. See the Ramakrishna’s biography, he wrote it more poetically. He does not bother much about facts. He has not changed the facts. He is not telling lies; but he is singing in a very beautiful sweet way that “Oh, who came as Rama and Krishna, you came as Ramakrishna, but this time you did not steel and do all these naughty things of Krishna; but you are not so polite like Rama also!” So from the beginning with that feeling that Ramakrishna is an incarnation, the devotee has sang about Sri Ramakrishna. It’s a very beautiful book! Still I can repeat it, it is I think 1000 page book in Bengali, Bengali verse form. I can repeat the whole thing by heart. ”Jai Jai Ramakrishna vanje Kalpataru, Jai Jai Bhagavan Jagater Guru, Jai Jai Ramakrishna Ishta goshti Fa, Jai Jai” it goes ( ?) I just have the book, I can repeat the whole 1000 page, it can even continue now, it goes on and on and on. It’s a very beautiful very juicy, sweet, loving way of Sri Ramakrishna’s biography described.

That’s one of the best things with which I experienced highest pleasantness. I will have a small Simhasana and Ramakrishna’s photo and a small fan; fanning him I will sit and sing this whole verses; and I will have this book in the hand; whole day I will be sitting; there is a tune to chant that; I will sit and chant. One great elderly sadhu in Ramakrishna mission, his name is Gandhanandaji. I have seen him sitting and singing these verses with tears in joy! I picked up this habit from him only. I will sit every day with him. He suffered with a little deafness. So I served him, taking him to the doctor, taking care of him when he was old. He was sadhu from Andhra, very sweet sadhu. So he used to sit and chant this. I picked up this habit from him. I will listen to him very attentively and actually I learned Bengali reading. So if I chant that book one day, it will take full day to chant thousand page, at least for next 2 months I will feel I am in heaven, whole body will be sweet and pleasant and the whole throat will be filled with sweetness because his whole biography is created, is chanted, sung with so much of love, without being much bothered about the facts. It’s a purana of Sri Ramakrishna.

So this sadhu Gandhananda Swami, he was about to die. That’s a tradition when you are about to die you have to give whole, whatever you have to the person who has served you. It’s a tradition. So this sadhu suddenly said, “I am going to die tomorrow, Guru Maharaj has appeared, what will I give you?” I said “You don’t need to give me anything, you are a sadhu, that’s enough!” He blessed me. Then he said “I accumulated one thing in my life, the biggest wealth I accumulated is whenever I read this Sri Sri Ramakrishna punkti. I go into samadhi and ecstacy. I will give you this Bhava Samadhi as my gift”. He gave me. And I tell you, after that whenever I read that book, God! And the sweetness, it’s as if his 60-70 years of Tapas has entered into me. If you read some book 60-70 years and be in the ecstacy, that whole Bhava, that depth of the Bhava, that whole depth of emotion has entered into my system. I could feel that same emotion just by his Blessing! He said “I give you this gift of Bhava Samadhi. You take it   because now it won’t be any more useful for me”. See once you leave the body, even your Bhava Samadhi won’t stay with you, only the Nirvikalpa Samadhi will stay with you. Less than Nirvikalpa Samadhi, anything you accumulated is not useful anymore for you. The English spelling is ‘Punkti’. In English the book is translated as “A Portrait of Sri Ramakrishna”. May be one day I will sit and chant for you guys. It’s my personal spiritual practice which I did for quite a long time. 

Some of my personal spiritual practices I never shared with you guys. This Ramakrishna Punkti, the same way Chandi,  Chandi is the Devi Mahatmyam! I am a great Shakta. So I will sit and chant Chandi, Devi Mahatmyam  is 700 shlokas and Lalitasahasranama and Trisari, there are some 6-7 books related to Chandi; Devi Upanishad, and all that put together. That will take one day, full one day if you chant, that I will chant with this bell, same book in Bengali. This all used to be my entertainment!

Anyhow whether it is heat or cold; pleasantness or unpleasantness, work with it. I tell you even this pleasantness is not ultimate, understand that. What I received from that Swami Gandhanandaji is not ultimate. He himself can’t take it when he is dying! That is why he gave it to me. Only Unclutching, Nirvikalpa Samadhi will come with you eternally. But unfortunately when you are training yourself, when you are practicing, you can’t be all that time in the Nirvikalpa samadhi, Unclutching. So all this Bhava Samadhi helps you to raise to that level. Be in Nirvikalpa Samadhi or be in Bhava Samadhi with the person who is in Nirvikalpa Samadhi, that’s all! Be unclutched or be clutched to a person who is in unclutching state, that’s all! Being Unclutched is Nirvikalpa Samadhi; if you are clutched to a person, being, who is Unclutched, is Bhava Samadhi. In the beginning Bhava Samadhi helps.

Now I can remember all the verses. It is coming up! Yes same book ‘Sri Sri Ramakrishna Punkti’. You guys can see this is exact book. Just see if it is in Bengali download, I will read. If you have interest and intensity, you will find time for everything. I have all these four.

First I want all our center heads, you guys try. Of course I am not telling devotees to try, all of you try. Mainly the center heads, when you try, you will have confidence and make a beautiful program and start teaching.  Everyone can start doing this.  For these things you don’t need very organized setup. Start reaching out even in these small, small ways, helping people. I really wanted - this kind of hundreds of Samyamas should be developed and made available from our campus. It should be a pilgrimage center for the people who want to study Mysticism.

You don’t know, just these 4 days, trying this 4 steps, working with cold, working with heat, working with unpleasantness, working with pleasantness, you will suddenly find a powerful key, tool to live your life, crossing thousands of disturbances! Human beings can live a rich life if this kind of tools are accumulated. Just this one tool I tell you, how rich it can make you! Richness is always depending on the zeros, it is not always based on the zeros. It is based on your ability to face life! Richness cannot be always measured based on comforts of life. It is measured based on the ability to confront the life. It is not just comfort, it is ability to confront also. These all the tools with which you will be able to confront the life. I know many guys sitting on millions of Dollars. Even a small, very small, they are shaken completely! Ability to confront life, live the life!

I tell you guys, all our devotees should have mastered at least like this 5-6 Samyamas, different, different, different 5-6 Samyamas! That makes you man! That makes you ‘Being’! Mastering at least few Samyamas gives you the courage to live, confidence to live, courage which comes by inner richness is confidence; courage which you get from outer richness is egoistic pride. Which comes from outer richness can be taken away from you any moment! Which comes from inner richness, nobody can touch it!

I tell you really wanted this Ananda Yogam, my purpose of creating this Ananda yogam or this, even Bidadi Ashram is to create a place where thousands gather and experiment this kind of Samyamas and courage to live and go back! I really wanted, this my vision, why I wanted all these, so many Temples and Ashrams all around the world, all you guys should pick up all these Samyamas,, you practice and make a clear instruction, make it available, people come there and practice, go with tremendous confidence to live.

I tell you, I have mastered this Samyama. That is why neither the disrespect nor the dishonor ever touched me! Otherwise I tell you, really, anybody else who has been abused so much, they would have become mad; they would have become mad! They would not feel like showing their face outside; shame and guilt, with that they would have died; they would have started believing that what others are saying may be true. I tell you, when so many millions tell, when so many people abuse you, you yourself slowly start getting believed. What about others, even you start believing. If you are established in a state of Leader, even if somebody tries to remove the status, even that effort makes you really as a greater Leader. It only adds more and more glory to you. I tell you, one of the main reasons for my success standing throughout this scandals and rumors, is this Samyama, this Samyama which I did from the young age working with the heat and cold ; and unpleasantness and pleasantness.

I tell you, heat and cold hits you from outside the skin and pleasantness, unpleasantness hits you from inside the skin. But all 4 of them do not have life without your will supporting them.

This is the essence:

The one who has subdued his self, self, made of patterns and is firmly established in the supreme state, remains composed whether in a cold or warm atmosphere, whether he is with pain, pleasant or unpleasant situation whether he receives respect or dishonor, tatha mana apamanayoho. See when you master the sheeta,ushna; sukha, dukkha, the mana apamana does not touch you. You master it!

I tell you, not for pride, I am the living example that mana apamana did not touch! Otherwise one side millions put flower garlands and worshipped; the other side rowdies put chappal garlands and burned effigies. With both the inner space is not even disturbed one inch. When somebody puts a flower garland and worships, that part blesses him “whatever you want, let it be fulfilled, blessings!” The other fellows when they try to put chappal garlands and burn effigy, they think of me as a Demon, so, ”Let the effects of whatever Demon does to you guys, let it happen!” That’s all! When you see as God, whatever God does to you, let it happen to you! When you see as Demon, whatever Demon does to you, let it happen to you! My inner space is untouched!

Mahabharata Shanti Parva gives a beautiful shloka. I wanted to give this as a reference:

atma kshetragnyiti , muktaha samyuktaha, prakritair gunaihi l

The Supreme Self is not different than the self in the body. When the self is bound by the modes of Prakriti or Nature it is called kshetragnya; when it is free from them the same self is called Supreme self. If you have not worked with heat, cold; and pleasantness, unpleasantness, you are ordinary Human self. If you work with heat, cold; pleasantness and unpleasantness and liberate yourself, you are called Paramatma. That’s all!

I really wanted each Head of our centers, each one of you guys or each devotee, each disciple, work on one line; pick up some one subject. I am like a Ocean. Collect all the pearls I have on that subject.

For example one can decide to work on Death. Collect all the pearls I uttered related to Death and master the concept of Death. Just go on conducting the classes only on Death. Learn to die when time comes. Learn to leave the body when time comes. Make courses, programs, classes by collecting all the things I have spoken about Death. Now after all it is easy for you because already the 2012 Team has collected all the pearls from my different discourses on subject and placed it.

Someone can decide to work only on this Heat, Cold and Pleasantness, unpleasantness. Make this as a program, start teaching.

One can work only on Ajapa Japa. I tell you if you master Ajapa Japa, the moment you sit,   your body will just vibrate and if you keep any musical instrument near your body, automatically the musical instrument will play the note of your Mantra. It will clearly play the note: Aum Namaha Shivaya! If you become master of Ajapa Japa, if you are doing Ajapa Japa, anybody comes around you, their Kundalini will be awakened! That’s what is happening. See the Mantra which I did as Ajapa Japa at young age, Namaha Shivaya! I am not doing any magic! Aum Namaha Shivaya! Aum Namaha Shivaya! Actually whole day we don’t need any Meditation, Satsang, nothing! I can go on be chanting Namaha Shivaya! And you can go on be sitting next to me completely entertained and engaged. Neither I need any other entertainment nor do you need any other entertainment. Means that Mantra has become Ajapa Japa! So pick up some one Mantra. Work only on Ajapa Japa, extreme! And anybody comes to you for healing or any counseling, just sit next to them and do Ajapa Japa, you will see that their Kundalini has awakened!

Master some one subject. I wanted all our disciples to be master some one thing! So whoever comes to you, give them that gift. Each one of you become the Masters! If you feel I am an Incarnation, if you want to tell that to the world, just singing “Oh, he is an Incarnation, he is an Incarnation” is not going to work! That’s like “Baa Baa black sheep” No! It’s not going to work. You become a master. Then if you tell I am an Incarnation, it is right! If you become a Healer and you say my Swamiji is a enlightened being, that’s okay. Only when you become a master and tell my Swami is an Incarnation, it’s right! Otherwise having a small thatched hut and calling it as a  Taj , Hilton(?), hotel Le Meridian? No! I am an Incarnation only if I create thousands of masters!

Each one of these great Truths, create! I wanted each one of your hearts to become a Mystery school; your houses to become my extended campuses. Anybody who has at least mastered these 3-4 Samyamas and able to teach this to people, you naturally become a Master! And the place you are living, just adopt 2-3 things, like whoever comes, share food. Then your kitchen becomes extension of my kitchen. Have the ambience where people can come and practice these Meditations and go, at least one room. Then that becomes extension of my Ananda Sabha. Then naturally your house becomes the extension of my campus, extended campus! This is what I really wanted –Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam extended campus.

I tell you, if you mastered Ajapa Japa, you don’t even have to tell that person to meditate in front of you. Just do Ajapa Japa, you will see that fellow is jumping, his Kundalini is awakened. “Oh God, he is doing something!” Because the power of Ajapa Japa makes your whole breathing space vibrate. The space   where you are sitting, the whole place will be vibrating! And anybody comes into your space, vibrates with that Mantra.

 And I want all you guys to become Yogis. I tell you, if you want to spread Vedic Tradition, Vedic culture, make your heart as a Temple, make the place you are living as a Mystery school, let your kitchen be our Anna Mandir, let your living room be the extension of our Ananda Sabha, Let you be the extension of me! There are so many people who have all these facilities, all our Temples, Ashrams, you guys have all these facilities. When you have a clear idea and definite instruction, if you have little confusion how to give instructions and all, you can send an email and we can clarify those doubts. Start doing it and sharing it with the world, that’s all!

Jitatmana prashantasya, paramatma samahitaha l

Shitoshna sukh dukheshu, tatha mana apamanayoho ll

 I will continue on this verse tomorrow.