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TALKS FROM MORNING SATSANG ON SEPTEMBER 23, 2012 AT TIRUVANNAMALAI ASHRAM, INDIA Bhagavad Gita (Song of God) is a timeless treatise on the essence of living enlightenment. The Gita was imparted by the enlightened Hindu incarnation Sri Krishna to the warrior-prince Arjuna over 5000 years ago. Amazingly, the spiritual wisdom and life solutions offered in the Gita are so universal and current that even today it is used as a personal transformation guide. In today’s talk on Bhagavad Gita, chapter 6, verse 23, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (Swamiji) counsels us never to abandon our sadhana, our spiritual practice. Without continuous unclutching from suffering in life, even our feeling connection with the master can be broken. We become attached to our negative thoughts and memories and our devotion can be lost. Never-ending sadhana is the sacred secret for our salvation.
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Bhagavad Gita Chapter 6, verse 23

23 September 2012

Successfully hundreds of participants have completed Nirahara samyama level 2, 4th batch today. Understand, this instruction is only for ashramites and THE Samyama participants. All the ashramites and THE Samyama participants, please understand, eat when you feel like. Do not have a law, not to eat or to have regular diet pattern. No.. do not have both. Don’t have the habit that I will eat in time regularly 2 meal or 3 meal a day. No.. same way, don’t have a law, I will not eat at all. The real samyama happens when you don’t even have the vow of samyama and feel like not eating at all and move with the flow.

I tell you, I don’t feel like eating at all. Only when I see the body becomes too hot and needs something I pour some juice. So you don’t even need to restrict yourself only to juice. You can even eat solid food whenever you feel like. But make sure neither the visualization of the food or the smell of the food or your mind interferes in the samyama and ask you to eat. Only like casually, “Alright! Ah, today some temple prasad has come. Come on, let me put it in my mouth.”

Try to learn to live like a God. Gods do not have vow not to eat. They just do not feel like. So live like a Gods on the planet earth. I think now, especially THE Samyama participants have been really trained. So, now from today all the ashramites who are doing Nirahara samyama and THE Samyama, all the THE samyama participants, all of you will end the vow, you will not have this vow anymore. Feel like, have it. Don’t feel like, leave it. So the samyama out of freedom. Samyama out of joy not out of vow. I tell you, then body just jumps into a new kind of wellness. It jumps into a new kind of that feeling well. So today onwards you will do something called unique FREE Samyama. The Samyama without the vow. So, from today you will have samyama without vow.

Today I have something unique from our Siddha products release, officially Dhyanapeetam’s Kadukkai podi and Kadukkai tablets. It is a sarvaroha nivarani. I am very happy to release these two. This is the only thing which I take regularly. I think I don’t need to introduce about kadukkai podi anymore. All of you know the power of it. It increases the oxygen flow in the blood 300% and we call it in Sanskrit Haritaki and the exact meaning of the word Haritaki means ‘the drop of the nectar fell from Indra’s cup and that drop is Haritaki’. I can say it is 100% true. It is nectar. It is nectar. I tell you guys this is the most powerful spiritual cleanser. I wanted to give you the title. Not just body cleanser. Because the oxygen level in the body increases 300%, it directly works on your non-mechanical parts of the brain. When the non-mechanical parts of the brain gets awakened, then all the spiritual truths are understood you will be able to grasp all the spiritual truths and live. So, not only that from now, in all akashik reading sessions, Kalabhairava dharshans, haritaki will be given as a prasadam. Haritaki is the Kalabhairava’s prasada. Kalabhairava should be offered Haritaki and this should be shared as a prasadam of Kalabhairava among the devotees. And all our devotees, every month on Chitra nakshatram and Ashtami should do, Ashtami is the thithi for Kalabhairava and the thithi in which Swamiji was born. We should have Kalabhairava pooja, Kalabhairava’s worship and should have Haritaki as prasadam, share with everybody.

I am doing some more research, is there a food item, cooked adding Haritaki, if that is there we will make that as a compulsory in our Anna Mandir. Nothing. Nothing like Haritaki. That is the really nectar from Devaloka.

Let’s start today morning satsang.

In Bhagavad Gita, 6th chapter Dhyana Yoga, 23rd verse.

tam vidyaad duhkha-samyoga viyogam yoga-samgnyitam |

sa nishcayena yoktavyaha yogo nirvinna chetasaa ||

The translation : Understand that separation from being absorbed with suffering is termed as ‘feeling connection’. And this has to be practised with conviction, with an insight that does not pull you down.

Understand, do not deviate from your spiritual practice. Let me give you the sacred secrets Bhagawan Sri Krishna reveals from this verse.

First, separating yourself from the suffering is sadhana. Second, the separation happens only when you have the feeling connection towards something which never brings suffering to you what we call in Sanskrit ‘Bhakthi”- feeling connection. Third, do not deviate from that bhakthi and feeling connection, otherwise you will be pulled down. These three basic sacred secrets is revealed by Bhagawan in ths verse.

tam vidyaad duhkha-samyoga viyogam yoga-samgnyitam |

sa nishcayena yoktavyaha yogo nirvinna chetasaa ||

Actually this is the right message from Bhagawan for all the NSP participants. Because today is the 4th day. The program will end. From tomorrow whether you are going to meditate or not, who knows? Whether you are going to continue your spiritual practice or not, who knows? So this is the farewell message from Bhagawan.

Let you not disconnect yourself from the sacred spiritual practices. Sadhana, let the sadhana not be the choice. Let sadhana be the survival need. Do not break the regular spiritual practice of unclutching yourself from suffering. Please understand, one of the biggest mistake, many of the devotees do, is they think, ‘O,why unnecessarily sit and unclutch. I just remember Swamiji and He is there all the time in my heart.” But if you don’t do sadhana, even your feeling connection with me, that bhakthi towards me will naturally be destroyed. It is only by sadhana the feeling connection is strengthened and you grow. I tell you, if you stop the habit of unclutching from the suffering without doing the regular practise then the layers and layers of the suffering increases, suddenly one day you are completely disconnected and you are not able to relate with the Master at all. Even the strong remembrance does not put you into that joy and ecstasy, does not put you into enlightenment, does not put you into that feeling connection. Then you say, I think I lost my spiritual strength and life and you succumb.

Succumbing to the injuries and dying is a right example I will give for succumbing to the sufferings and falling into depression. I have seen hundreds of people just because did not do the spiritual practice regularly everyday lose the ability to unclutch from suffering and ability to retain the spiritual connection and succumb to the worldly patterns and destroy themselves. That is what Bhagawan calls,

                ‘Uddhared aatmanaatmaanam naatmaanam avasaadayet’

Your own self should be the friend, if not, your own self will be your own enemy. So, continuously practise, practise the presence of God and ability to unclutch from the sufferings, from the things which pulls you down. It is unfortunate many time you enjoy sufferings. You like them because that gives you a kind of a feeling that you can always put the blame on somebody else. Why do people like suffering, you know. Just to say their inability. But when suffering becomes pattern, life is destroyed. I have seen many time, people don’t unclutch from suffering just to blame everybody else in their life. See I am suffering because of this fellow, this fellow, this fellow, this fellow, this fellow. By the time you finish pointing the fingers the suffering has already become pattern in you. When the suffering becomes pattern in you, your life is destroyed.

Essence of this verse: continuously practise the ability to unclutch from sufferings. Let your practice from unclutching the sufferings not stop. Let it not get disturbed. Let it not be broken. Let it not pull you down. The broken spiritual practice means you are allowing your patterns to pull you down. That’s it. Meditate on this one verse continuously for next 24 hours.

tam vidyaad duhkha-samyoga viyogam yoga-samgnyitam |

sa nishcayena yoktavyaha yogo nirvinna chetasaa ||

Meditate on this one concept. Gaudapada,  a great Master, Adi Shankara’s paramaguru, may be who is a contemporary of Thirugnanasambandar. In his karika, he beautifully describes a concept, just as a ocean can be emptied with the help of the tip of the blade which can hold just a drop, so also can the control of the mind be brought about by absence of depression.

Uchchega udaderiyatvat ushagre naigavinduna manaso nigrahastatvat vavet aparike tataha

Gaudapada, very beautifully says, by the practice anything is possible. You can even empty the ocean with the kusha grass, a small grass with the continuous effort for years. Same way even if that can be possible, why not conquering the mind by the absence of depression. It is possible.