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TALKS FROM MORNING SATSANG ON SEPTEMBER 16, 2012 IN TIRUVANNAMALAI, INDIA Bhagavad Gita (Song of God) is a timeless treatise on the essence of living enlightenment. The Gita was imparted by the enlightened Hindu incarnation Sri Krishna to the warrior-prince Arjuna over 5000 years ago. Amazingly, the spiritual wisdom and life solutions offered in the Gita are so universal and current that even today it is used as a personal transformation guide. In today's talk on Bhagavad Gita, chapter 6, verse 17, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (Swamiji) relates the four principles of enlightened lifestyle. The key to a godly life, free of pain, is to be diligent. Nithyananda defines diligence as an attitude of restraint and self-awareness. The four zones of diligence are eating, sleeping, judgment and relationship. We should eat only when physically hungry and sleep only when the body is falling asleep; we should exercise our decisions based on our own observations, not those of others, and initiate stable relationships founded on affection, not imagination. This is the lifestyle of enlightenment.
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Bhagavad Gita 6.17

16 September 2012


Sadaashiva samaarambhaam jnaanasambhandaachaarya madhyamaam |

Asmadaachaarya paryantaam vande guru paramparaam ||


I welcome you all with my love and respects. Today we are starting the Nirahara samyama 2nd level. Hundreds of people all over the world are starting the Nirahara samyama 2nd level and I am also starting my “THE Samyama”. Yesterday whole day and night I felt as if I have done a mistake. Yesterday I ate little solid food. I really felt ‘Oh God!’ Something like the body was not settling.. Then I decided, come on! Now body is back to Nirahara frequency. No more aahaaraa. No more food.

Continuously the brahmacharya kriya requests are pouring from all over the world. So many want to become brahmacharis. Then why do you guys are sitting in your house and destroying your family? God!

6th chapter Dhyana yoga 17th verse.

                yuktaahaara vihaarasya yukta ceshtasya karmasu

yukta svapnaavabodhasya yogo bhavati dukhaha

One who is diligent in eating food or in enjoyment, please understand, one who is diligent means only the quantity needed for your body not needed for your tongue. One who is diligent in eating means do not allow your tongue to make decisions. Most of your time, in your eating your body does not play any role. Only your visualization, you visualize that dosa, soft idli, the moment you visualize, your eyes visualization, your nose smell, your tongue taste, come on, come on, get, get, get. Your body says, no, no, no, I don’t need. Body has no hunger. Then mind comes, no, no, you don’t know. Now if you don’t eat you will feel hungry after 3-4 hours. That time I will be travelling. I will be taking class. I will be in the program. I am telling you, usually argument goes on. This is the way it will be. For you it will be different. It will say, Hey! After few hours you will not find a hotel. You will not find food. Now itself eat. But the moment you sit in front of the plate, you lost the game.

A sadhu who falls in the bed with opposite gender and a sadhu who falls in front of a food plate is one and the same. The moment your mind comes in and justifies and you sit in front of the plate, Over! Your life is destroyed. Let your eating be based on body means let the visualizations not instigate you. Especially these non-veg people, the moment they see the photograph of that chicken, all these, that, that’s it. For Andhra people, this avakka ooruka, let your visualization not be a instigator or decision maker of your food.

                yuktaahaara vihaarasya yukta ceshtasya karmasu

Diligent in eating. Please understand, the word diligent means 3 things.

1. Let your visualization or smelling capacity, one more thing, please understand, just like the moment you are able to visualize, your other senses respond. For example, if you visualize food, your tongue responds. If you visualize the opposite gender your body responds. If your senses respond due to your visualization it is called perversion.  Same way the moment you visualize certain food, your nostrils, your nose responds, means feels its smell. Your nose feels the smell. Dangerous. When your smell gets into the perversion, please understand, sometimes certain perfume smell can immediately instigate the feeling of food or feeling of lust in you. It is unfortunate the perversions become decision makers in your life.

I tell you, when your body wants food and you eat, it will be diligent. When your body feels the lust, if you unite, it will be embodiment of love. Without the second layer instigator, if you decide, it will always lead you to fulfillment. Trupti. Unfortunately, all your major decisions are by the pervasion. Understand, this is a very... if you are a boss and making decisions based on different fellows’ inputs, you will live like an orphan even in the old age. Nobody will be there around you. Neither you would have built professional relationships nor built personal relationships. Blessed are those who can build both relationships.

Ability to make your own decisions is one of the very important thing any leader needs. Leader is a person who can witness whatever is happening inside himself and I tell you, when you can witness and understand whatever is happening inside you, you will have the tremendous compassion when you make decisions about others. But if you are a boss, you will not look within yourself and create a scale, please understand, each one of us have a scale to measure and judge others. The scale is constituted based on your mental constitution. If you are a person imperfect, lot of mistakes, when you create a scale, naturally it will be very low. You will be ready to bear others’ mistakes also.

If you are a man of perfection, you know how you achieved it, and you will have patience for others to grow to that level. But if you are listening from other instigating sources and making decision you will never be a leader, you will be boss. You will never be able to trust others. You will only constantly torture yourself and torture others. Understand, a man who eats because visualization wants food, man who eats because nostrils are feeling the smell, just because idli looks very beautiful, dosa looks very beautiful, don’t think you  need to eat. Just because idli smells very nice, biriyani smells very nice does not mean you need to eat. Then snake also looks very beautiful. Poison will be really cold. Let your eyes and nose not put their nose into the habit of eating. Let the eating be decided by your body.

Same way, lust. Let your visualization, fantasies or the smell, or other senses like sound. Sometimes people fall into the lust just by listening to some sound, music, words. That is why all over the world this pervasion of phone sex is being popular.

Bhagawan is straight. He is telling, “Be diligent in eating. Be diligent in your enjoyment.”

                 yuktaahaara vihaarasya yukta ceshtasya karmasu

Bhagawan is the real Vedanta kesari. The lion of Vedanta. Sri Krishna is Lion of Vedanta. If I am allowed I will ban all the advertisements, publicity for food also like how the alcohol advertisements are banned. You can’t publicly advertise for alcohol. Same way, the public advertisement, the hoardings, photographic ads for the food should be banned.

There are 2 food industry companies. As far as I know, in India, they attract customers only by smell. Iyengar’s bakery and Narasu’s coffee. They will always catch a place in the center of the market and go on spreading that smell. In US, McDonalds does that and Starbucks.

Decision to eat should be made by your body without any instigation from the nose or from the visualization – eyes. It should be purely from the stomach and throat. Now I am feeling hungry. Let me eat. Then if you eat it is called diligent eating. Wow! Soft, soft idli. Ghee and the chilli powder! What a smell! Dosa! How the biriyani cup looks, you see! The smell of the biriyani! How this aavakka oorukai looks! How the McDonald burger looks almost like twin tower! If the instigation comes from visualization or the smell, understand, your decisions are made by the perverted sources, by the perverted inputs. Same way, when you say, when you feel you don’t want to eat, your mind should not interfere and support the eating habit.

Same way, for the enjoyment let your eyes not instigate you for physical enjoyment. Let your smell not instigate you for physical enjoyment. Let your body feel it. When your body feels the need for physical enjoyment your heart will radiate romance. Your touch will become beautiful. Soft. Your skin will shine. Then if you unite you will create a beautiful, fulfilling deep relationship. But if your eyes make the decision of your physical enjoyment, if your smell makes the decision of physical enjoyment, if your ears are making the decision of physical enjoyment, you will be eating only hotel food. If you understand, understand. Hotel food is not always good for stomach. You will never create a stable family. You will never feel complete.

Same way, if you are a leader, let you make the decision. With the scale you have to judge others and punish others, because the scale you make is based on your constitution. Whichever level you may be, you will make the right scale. Understand, if you are completely untrained, imperfect, you will tolerate others imperfection. If you are trained and perfect, you know the art, how you trained yourself, you will wait for others to get trained, you will only inspire others to get trained. But if you are making judgements about others from somebody else’s input.. Briefing is the biggest crime happens in the political, social, corporate circles. You don’t know anything. You just get briefed by your so called secretary. That donkey vomits all undigested wrong ideas, then you make decisions and you lose your post. This is the way life is.

Neither in your personal habits like eating or enjoyment nor your professional decisions – nothing should be made by perverted instigators. If your eyes are instigating you to eat, it is a perverted instigation. If your smell is instigating you to have sex, it is a perverted instigation. If your secretary is instigating you to make decisions, it is a perverted instigation. Let the pervasions not be the decision making instigators, the tipping point in your system.

Diligent in eating. I really want this to become one samyama.

yuktaahaara vihaara samyama. Teaching people for one week to listen to the body and live. When your eyes really shut, sleep. Don’t visualize sleep. That is the biggest problem. Many times you visualize sleep and go and lie down in the bed even when you don’t feel like sleeping and be rolling on the bed. Paramahamsa Yogananda says these words but He repeats from Ramakrishna and Vivekananda. This word is said by all three Masters, Ramakrishna, Vivekananda, Paramahamsa Yogananda. There are very rare teachings, stories which gets repeated generations after generations. This teaching is one, this is an instruction for sadhus. Do not be rolling in your bed. Lie down in your bed only when you are really, really falling asleep. Have the habit of only sitting in your bed. Even when you go, night time when you retire, sit in your bed. Read, write, meditate, when you are about to fall into the abies of sleep then just stretch your body.

Same way, early morning when you wake up, jump out of bed. The moment you are aware, your legs should be on the ground.  Sadhu who rolls in the bed will never be able to live brahmacharya life. Feel bed is like a fire. You will be there on it only when you are unconscious.  You will lie down on it only when you are unconscious. Never when you are conscious. Same way, when sadhus when they sleep, sometimes all male sadhus have to sleep in one place, female sadhus have to sleep in another one place. Usually the sadhus should reside alone. Not only he should not stay in a same place with opposite gender he should not stay in the same place even with his own gender. Understand very clearly, sadhus should not sleep in a same room or a same space not only with opposite gender even with his own gender, same gender. But sometime no place. So all men have to stay in one place. That time, even when you sleep next, next, next your legs should be in the side of the other person’s head. It should not be parallel. These are the precise detailed instructions from the Naga Sampradayas. Even now, when Nagas travel, if they sleep, you will see very clearly, one sadhu’s head is in the east side, the other sadhu will put his leg on the east. They will not sleep parallel, next to each other. Even men. Forget about opposite gender, you can’t stay even closer. Even the same gender.

Understand, visualizing about dream, about sleep, if you visualize about sleep and feel like “Ahh! I think I am feeling sleepy” go and lie down on the bed, so the decision of sleeping is not made by your body, it is made by your visualization. Some time you escape into your bed room just because you don’t want to be anywhere out you just want to be in your bed room. Then your mind makes the decision of sleeping. Your bed should be considered like a fire bed. You should lie down on it only when you are unconscious.

Understand, Bhagawan is talking about 4 things in this sutra, in this verse.

One who is diligent in eating food, diligent in enjoyment, who is intent on the exertion of performance and who is aware in his dream and waking states. These 4 things, if you practice these 4, you destroy suffering. You destroy all sufferings. Start practicing all these 4.

Let pervasion not instigate you to eat.

Let pervasion not instigate you to enjoy.

Let pervasion not make you judge, measure others.

Let pervasion not make you lie down in your bed.

That’s all.

Fall asleep only when your body falls asleep. If you feel your body feels likes eating, it will eat right quantity, right quality diligently. If your body feels the lust, it will send the right signals of love to your heart, your heart will open, you will create a stable relationship. When your body feels the lust, when your heart sends out the love, the other person is being for you. He or she is not just utility for you. It will not be like use and throw. It is the use and throw attitude which makes prostitution a life style; polygamousness a life style and destroys the stable family life style.

Boss who makes the decision due to the secretary’s briefing, he is a polygamous man because perversion makes him to decide. Body which eats because of visualization or perversion about food can never be healthy. Body which gets into the physical lust, act due to the pervasion or visualization and smell can never be healthy and creates stable relationships. Man who makes decisions based on secretary’s briefing without his scale of judgement can never be successful in profession. Man who sleeps due to the perverted decisions can never achieve anything in the life. All these four are closely connected.

When you understand all these 4 and practice the right thing, you destroy suffering. Bhagawan beautifully says, ‘yogo bhavati dukhaha’, what a word! yogo bhavati dukhaha. He is the ultimate poet. Sri Krishna is the greatest musician, ultimate dancer, now when I read His words, I can understand, what a poet He is! See the words.

                yuktaahaara vihaarasya yukta ceshtasya karmasu

yukta svapnaavabodhasya yogo bhavati dukhaha

How it just flows. Such great spiritual truths in flowing liquid language. When the language flows like a liquid it is poetry. When it is stagnant and solid like a stone it is prose. When it is in a semi-solid form like mercury, it is oration. Prose is a solid, frozen words. Semi-solid is oration and liquid is poetry.