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Bhagavad Gita (Song of God) is a timeless treatise on the essence of living enlightenment. The TALKS FROM MORNING SATSANG ON SEPTEMGER 9, 2012 IN KODAIKANAL, INDIA Gita was imparted by the enlightened Hindu incarnation Sri Krishna to the warrior-prince Arjuna over 5000 years ago. Amazingly, the spiritual wisdom and life solutions offered in the Gita are so universal and current that even today it is used as a personal transformation guide. In today’s talk on Bhagavad Gita, chapter 6, verse 10, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (Swamiji) speaks on Upanishad. This beautiful practice of sitting with the Master is the cornerstone of Vedic spirituality. NIthyananda gives a meditation technique to experience its essence. When we sit to meditate, our thoughts are often cluttered with distractions. Nithyananda advises us to sit with intentional focus on our distractions so that we purify them. On the first day we sit with our worries; on the second we eat until we are completely full, and then sleep deeply. By the third day we've exhausted our interferences and can begin to drop into the sweet silence of Upanishad.
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Upanishad samyama – Technique for self-discovery

Bhagavad Gita – 6th Chapter – Verse 10: Dhyana Yoga


Yogi Yunjeeta satatam aatmaanam rahasi sthitaha

Ekaaki yata – citaatmaa niraasheera – parigrahaha


The Jeevan Mukta having subdued his thoughts and identity being free from desires with an attitude of renunciation seated within oneself in aloneness should continuously connect with the higher consciousness by unclutching. 


I will continue on the same verse.


Yogi Yunjeeta satatam: Subdued his thoughts and identity

atmaanam rahasi sthitaha: with an attitude of renunciation


Please understand.  Seated within oneself in aloneness; atmaanam rahasisthitaha:


Sitting just with atma.  The pure self.  Just within yourself.  I feel so joyful to talk on these verses because these verses are the exact path I walked. Understand it is like a once you become enlightened you know all the paths.  You can teach all the paths.  All the knowledge about all the paths are revealed to you, available to you.    But you always have a special affiliation to the path in which you travelled


I am so happy to teach these verses, because these are the verses, I will sit and read may be 12 or 13 even after my enlightenment.  Because the enlightenment happened in me as an experience.  I myself wanted to know what all the steps I walked through to achieve that experience.  So, like an explosion it has happened.  So now I needed to know without my knowledge what all the steps I walked through.  I never read this verse  atmaanam rahasisthitaha means seated within oneself in aloneness.  But I always used to practice this.  I always sit with Arunachala with the hill. This is the usual posture.  Not for 10 minutes, half-an-hour. Please don’t mistake.  From sunrise to sunset.  Without feeling like getting up.  Not that I will have a thought. Oh let me get up and then I will try to control myself. No.  Just sitting and gazing.  The greatest blessing I  received from my mind and my body is only initial convincing I need to do. That’s all.  After that never ever it disturbs.  This Nirahara Samyama.  Very casual like a sports .  Very sportively I started.  Only 1st day I need to convince.  By the time evening kala Bairava Dharshan, the body was ready. From 2nd day, I don’t even remember about food.  Over. 


It is the best body and mind to live with.  Please understand.   You also need to understand this truth.  Now so many of you are doing Nirahara Samyama.  Means the living, hunger free.  So many of you, hundreds of you are doing “The Samyama”.    If you don’t even feel after tomorrow noon “I am going to eat solid food”, if you don’t even feel, I tell you, your bio-memory is the best bio-memory to live with.  If you feel, but you also feel, “Ah, I may feel but I am not going to eat.  I am going to live”,  then your bio-memory is friend for you. 


But if you feel “No, no, these are all not for me.  I think I have already done too much. This 21 day itself is too much. Ah.  It’s Ok, Ok”, then your bio-memory is your enemy. 


See, actually you feeling “this 21 days is too much for me” all these is just your own decision about yourself.  Stop this your own decision about yourself.  Allow my decision about yourself as your life. 


I also wanted to announce one more thing.  The “The Samyamites” all of them have contributed Rs.89000 for the Sivakasi relief work to all the people who are affected.  Along with this Rs.89,000 , I will give one more Lakh rupee and send it as Two Lakh rupee in your name, apart from the 50 Lakhs I am sending from Dhyanapeetam.  So it will go as 52 Lakh. 


Not only that as a Swarnakarshana Bairava, I bless you guys whoever has contributed even 1 rupee, even 1 penny to this project, I bless you guys, you guys will never have fire accident in your life.  You will be protected from fire and as Swarnakarshana Bairava, I bless you guys, you will see within next 21 days, you will be showered atleast 100 times more than what you gave.  This word which I uttered, I wanted you guys to do a study on this word.  Take note of all these guys, 76 fellows.  Call all of them after 21 days and find out.  Suddenly out of their way, unexpected they would have been showered.  I wanted to know how much Bairava showered on all of them.  Kalabairava showered.  I really wanted to know.  Because this directly goes to the people who suffered. 


I feel bad about that whole accident.   Because not even the people who were working, people who came to rescue without intelligence.  See..even if you want to save people, you need to have little intelligence.  Whether you will be able to save or you are also going to disappear into that same accident, you need to know.  Without that these guys entered into that and suffered.


Anyhow, let us come back to the subject.


I wanted to know after the enlightenment what all I practiced.  And I wanted to practice all of them officially.  As I was telling, this verse says seated within one self in aloneness.  I used to be practicing it sitting with Arunachala.  But when I read all these things, it was just clicking with my heart.  So I can tell you guys, this is the path I travelled.  That is why I am so joyful, to teach these great truths.  To radiate these great truths. 


Do not give me all these foolish reasons “I am having a job, I am having a business, I cannot find time just to sit with myself” and all that.  No.  You have enough time to watch that foolish TV. Enough time to fight with others.  Enough time to gossip. Enough time to be roaming around, browsing, surfing on the internet. 


Then how you will not have time for sitting with the aloneness.  I tell you guys, please understand, when mother sleeps, the baby grows in the stomach.  That is why the pregnant women are asked to rest maximum time.  When a pregnant mother sleeps,   in Indian Tradition, the moment she becomes pregnant she is called “Mother”.  We don’t say pregnant lady. No.  The moment she is pregnant, she is mother. 


The pregnant mother, when she sleeps, the child, the body of the child grows inside her womb.  Same way an initiated disciple when he sits in aloneness, his soul grows. His consciousness grows.  Sit, sit , sit, sit.  Sit your way to living enlightenment. 


Upanishad, that is why the one word Upanishad, has become a brand of Hindu tradition.  Upanishad means simply nothing but sitting with the Master. That’s all.  If you sit in pure aloneness, you are sitting with me.  Because I am pure aloneness. 


No prayer, no meditation, no mantra, no ajapa japa, no  unclutching, nothing.  Don’t even try unclutching.  Just sit. 


You may say “No no no, if I just sit, I will fall into depression, I will start worrying”.  No.  How long you will worry. Tell me.   How long you will worry.  How much of worry you have. All your worries are useless.  Maximum 2 days. Third day you will be bored to think in the same  rut.   What will you worry? First you will worry “What will happen if this happens, this happens, this happens, this happens, this happens, this happens, this happens. Finally you will hit the wall.   My life is gone.  Ok.  Now, what further you will think.  Then after that?  All your worries are useless. It can come only for maximum 2 ~ 3 hour. After that you will be tired and bored thinking in the same nuisansical way .  Same nonsensical way.  I tell you, do not be afraid of your worries, do not be afraid of your sleep, you may say “ no, no, no.  I may fall asleep”.  Do not be afraid of anything.  Learn to sit.  I tell you. In few days all these obstructions will disappear. 


So I will offer one more samyama.  Upanishad samyama. 


First day for 2 hrs sit and have all your worries. Think, think, think.  Nothing can be done.  You are doomed. What can be done?   Nobody is there to save you.  Human being is an orphan. You have to know the truth.  Ok. Finish off all your worries.  I tell you. When you spend time dedicated for worrying,  worrying will feel shy.  “Hey, you should not be so directly attacking me”.  It will really feel shy.  Only when you try to put it under the carpet, it comes up like a Tom and jerry.  “No, No.  I will not be under the carpet, I will come up, I will come up”.  You just tell “Come out, Come on, sit, let’t talk, let us have a discussion”.  Just sit with your worries for 2 hours. 


Then after that: 2nd day, fully eat.  Let your body be full of food.  Now naturally if you sit what will happen? Sleep. Sleep.  Ok.  No problem.  Sleep.  For 2 ~ 3 days, whole day, eat. Sleep.  Let us see, how much you can eat, how much you can sleep.  I tell you by 2nd day, you will be tired of sleeping. 


Then sit in Upanishad.  When you sit after completing your worry and your sleep, first day, visualize yourself as a stone.  Like a stone statue.  I can sit for days like a stone statue.  4th day.  Try this method of visualizing locking all the knee joints and just sit. Within 11 days you will discover the power of Upanishad.  The best place to experience Upanishad is gazing Arunachala, gazing Ganga or gazing Kailash.  These are the best places.  These are the places I experienced Upanishad.  Sit with Ganga or sit with Arunachala. Ofcourse, sit with Hiamalayas, sit with Kailash.  You will discover the beauty of Upanishad.  Sweetness of Upanishad.