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TALKS FROM MORNING SATSANG ON JULY 23 2012 IN MADURAI, INDIA Bhagavad Gita (Song of God) is a timeless treatise on the essence of living enlightenment. The Gita was imparted by the enlightened Hindu incarnation Sri Krishna to the warrior-prince Arjuna over 5000 years ago. Amazingly, the spiritual wisdom and life solutions offered in the Gita are so universal and current that even today it is used as a personal transformation guide. In today's talk on Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 5, Verse 17, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (Swamiji) discusses the experience of liberation from our attachments. The objects and habits we cling to serve a purpose for us; we find them useful in some way. Once we evolve beyond our need for them, our addiction to them drops away. The more of life we find useless, the greater our freedom. When we have no use for anything we can make all our choices without the bondage of desire.
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Do you feel life is useless?

Discourse by Paramahamsa Nithyananda

July 23, 2012

Bhagavad Gita, 5th Chapter – Sanyasa Yoga, 17th Verse


Tad-buddhayas –tad-aatmaanaha  tan-nishtahas-tat-paraayanaaha l

Gacchanthya-purnaavruttim jnaana-nirdhoota-kalmshaaha ll


Beautiful verse!  I will do the live translation. 


Tad-buddhayas –tad-aatmaanaha  tan-nishtahas-tat-paraayanaaha l

Gacchanthya-purnaavruttim jnaana-nirdhoota-kalmshaaha ll


Tad-buddhayas: Who are established in the intelligence! See, establishing yourself on intelligence!  One of the biggest problem human beings face – They again and again tell you “I understand what is right and what is wrong.  But I forget and do my own things”.  This is the one statement I hear from everybody every day.  “I understand what is right, what is wrong.  But when it comes to action, I do my own things as per the old pattern”.


We need to understand, you are not born with the patterns with which you are working.  When you are not born with them, you can change them.  Please understand, when you are not born with certain pattern, it means it is created in you. Anything created can be changed.  Now you can destroy the old one and create the new pattern.  But constantly, for years and years and years, you go on cribbing “No. I know what is right, what is wrong.  But I cannot do, I cannot look, I cannot see, I cannot change”.


Tad-buddhayas means established in buddhi. Means knowing clearly, anything I created I can destroy and recreate the new one. 

I have seen two types of people.  People who create the cribbing pattern “Oh. I know what is right or wrong. But when I act, I act the way my patterns are”.

There is other group who thinks “Let me try little, little”.

This group which cribs is in the level of cribbing even for next two years.  What two years, even for twenty years they will not be doing anything other than cribbing! 

But this group which tries comes out of the old pattern, may be in 2 or 3 months, because every time you think “I cannot, I cannot, I cannot” you are giving strength to your ignorance.  Every time you think “I can, I can, I can” you are giving strength to your buddhi.  Every time you think “It’s Okay. What is the need for transformation, with so much of struggle?” you give strength to your Tamas.


Giving strength to your intelligence, Tad-buddhayas – establishing yourself in intelligence means, every step trying to change you one inch; trying to transform you just one inch extra; inch by inch trying to transform you.


Tad-buddhayas –tad-aatmaanas  tan-nishtahas-tat-paraayanaaha: Establishing yourself in intelligence

tad-aatmaanas : Second word: Establishing yourself in the truth that you are Atman, the soul, consciousness.  I tell you, the moment you remember you are consciousness, the moment you remember you are the atman, you are the pure soul, millions and millions of patterns becomes useless for you.


I tell you, if you want to cross any pattern, it should become useless to you.  You will never be able to cross by fighting.  No! I tell you, you can never quit smoking by fighting with that pattern. You can never quit drinking by fighting with that pattern.  You may be drinking to escape from something. You may be smoking to prove yourself as something or somebody; may be smoking makes you feel good about you.  May be drinking makes you forget something about you.


Only when the utility disappears, addiction can disappear.  Without alcohol if you are able to divert yourself from your sufferings, just by meditation or some other activity, then alcohol may be useless in your life.  Only when it becomes useless, you will be able to come out of that pattern. 


Same way smoking, without smoking, if you are able to give the same feeling towards yourself that you are something which smoking gives, then smoking becomes useless to you.  Only when things become useless to you, you can walk out of those patterns.


When you remember you are the atman, soul, there are millions of patterns in your life becomes useless, just useless!  You do not need them anymore. 


I should tell you from my experience.  Once in Canada, one of my devotee, he forced me to come to a Mall and I have never seen a Mall before that.  I think in Toronto only.  He wanted to show a Mall. I said “What is Mall?” He said “Everything from clothes to computers, books, coffee, watches, everything will be available Swamiji”.  I said “What am I going to do?”  He said “No, no, no, please come Swamiji.  You may like something, something may be useful.  We can pick-up”.  I said “Shopping!. I never did shopping in my life”.  I said “No, I have nothing to buy. Whatever I want, few things which I use, thousands of people buy that for me from around the world and pour. The moment they see I use this hankie, do you know how many thousands of these hankies I get every year? Not hundreds, thousands!  If I use everyday ten, if I never touch again, if I don’t touch this hankie second time, even then I will have enough supply for next five years and the moment they see I use this mike you don’t know how many of mikes I get, receive as gift.  The moment they see that I use this cloth, tiger screen printed, you don’t know how many meters I get!” I told him “I don’t need to shop. Whatever few things, I use very less things. But whatever things I use, people pour on me”. 


But he was a devotee.  He was not ready to listen.  He said “No, no, no. Swamiji, please come, please come. I just wanted to take you and show you, get something for you”.  I said “All right!”  We went.  Almost two and a half hours he showed me. Two and a half hours I spent in that mall.  It’s one of the largest mall I think.  It is just next to Swami Narayan Temple.  In Toronto, there is a huge Swami Narayan Temple and after two and a half hours when I came out, I was just filled in ecstasy. It’s such a personal experience, but I can share with you. 


See actually when I entered, I told myself “Hey, whatever you want you pick-up. No problem”. I entered in a very casual playful mood.   I told the devotee also “Don’t worry.  Whatever I want I will surely pick-up”.  After two and a half hours, going through the whole thing, when I came out, I tell you, not even one object seems to be useful in my life.  It’s a honest experience, I am sharing with you.  Went around and came out. See, I am not trying to tell you this to teach renunciation for you. I am not saying you should also be like this. No! I am not using this situation to teach you some serious concept.  I am telling you exactly the lightness of the whole situation.  Please understand, I entered very light way, very playfully, very relaxed way. He is a close disciple who is begging me to pick-up something. Literally asking as a boon “Please pick-up something! I will be happy to give you that”.  Going around and coming back with that same light mood.  Please understand, if I am in the form of Kala Bhairava or giving Kala Bhairava Darshan or Kala Bhairava Swaroopa, then I don’t need anything.  That is perfect.  Kala Bhairava does not need anything.  But, even in an ordinary playful down-to-earth mood, when the mind does not want anything, understand, whole world becomes useless to you.


The moment you remember you are pure consciousness, even playfully, even in a ordinary way, whole world becomes useless to you.  Please understand millions of things will become useless to you.    Only when things become useless to you, you will be able to walk out of the patterns created by those things. 


When I came out I told the devotee “Do you know how happy I feel to live with this body and mind?  The body which does not ask anything anytime and never gives any pain even if you fall from the horse and the mind even casually, playfully, does not feel any requirement of anything, Just feels, the whole thing is useless!” 


I tell you, when you establish yourself in Atman, the concept, the idea, you are consciousness; I tell you, you don’t even need to make this as an experience. Even remembering that you are consciousness can make millions of things useless in your life.  Making millions of things useless in your life makes you more and more blissful. 


More and more things become useless in your life, more and more you become blissful.  More and more you become joyful.  More and more people become useless in your life; more and more you become free.  When more and more life itself becomes useless in your life; more and more you are getting enlightened.  I tell you, more and more people, life becomes useless to you, more and more you are getting liberated.  tad-aatmaanaha - means contemplating the concept- you are consciousness. 


Next - tan-nishtahas - means established in the supreme!  Please understand, established in the understanding you are consciousness! tat-paraayanaaha - who have surrendered themselves to this great truth.  When you are in Tad-buddhi,  tad-aatmaanaha,  tan-nishtahas and tat-paraayanaaha, you are liberated from the all clutches!  jnaana-nirdhoota-kalmshaaha: You are liberated from all patterns and free from illusions!  You are liberated from all patterns and free from illusions! 


Tad-buddhayas –tad-aatmaanaha  tan-nishtahas-tat-paraayanaaha l

Gacchanthya-purnaavruttim jnaana-nirdhoota-kalmshaaha ll


Beautiful word a-purnaavruttim - You don’t come back.  You don’t come down.  When Bhagavan says you don’t come down, it does not mean only about the next birth. Even the next day morning waking up, you will not be the same person. Establish yourself continuously into the ultimate; you will be a new being!