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In a breakthrough, historical Nithya Satsang of 5th August 2016, Paramahamsa Nithyananda unfolds the revelations from His biographical accounts that hold the experiential essence of the third verse of Kena Upanishad. Reliving His rare moments from his wanderings in 1995 at Haridwar, He vividly narrates the intimate, enlightening moments with Swami Vairagynananda, a Mahatma (great soul), disciple of Ma Sharada Devi, Adi Shakti incarnate, the dharma samvatini of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. Serving, taking care the senior, elderly Sadhus has been the passion of His Holiness. While serving Swami Vairagyananda in his final days, the young Nithyananda pondered over what is the lesson to be learnt from his life, which the elderly Swami teaches and his teachings directly clicked and entangled with him. This is the best way to prepare for Death, this is the most powerful old age insurance. “Koka (young boy) listen, if you enjoyed 5 senses related pleasures, when that 5 senses cannot function anymore, you will fall into depression, because life will feel empty If you enjoyed only kind of a thinking, the intellectual pleasures, like scientists, mathematicians, logicians, when that logic is failing, the powerful logic will give way, you will fall into depression. When the sugar level goes down, visualization will collapse. Intellectual, verbal possibility will collapse. When the sugar level goes down, visualization will collapse. When the salt level goes down, the verbalization will collapse. When all this collapses, the only thing that will take you – when you have built the ability to be in UNCLUTCHED space, when everything is active, when you have made that opening in you, the Sahaja Samadhi, you will go into that opening, with the integrity to Guru in you. He will simply hold you, you will relax into Enlightenment. The best thing you should develop in your system, your ability to be in the space of UNCLUTCHING, Nirvikalpa Samadhia, space of Sadashivoham, perpetual completion, space of Sahaja Samadhi, space of Nithyanandoham, which is technically called by Sadashiva as Sajuya Samadhi, or Nirvilpa by Patanjali Nirabija Samadhi by Shankara. You should develop that space. When that space also will give away – integrity to your Guru. After that you can’t do anything, that hand has to take you in and digest you. This verse is the essence of Vairagyananda’s teaching to Me. If you have developed that UNCLUTCHING space and integrity with Guru – your life insurance is done, that’s all. After that everything you do is bonus, if you have not done that, develop that with al your energy and intelligence. Don’t wait for old age. Do it NOW that is the most important thing you need to do for your LIFE".
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nithyānandeśvara samārambhām

nithyānandeśvari madhyamām |

asmat āchārya paryantām

vande guru paramparām ||

I welcome you all with my love and respects. I welcome all the devotees, disciples, Samajis, Satsanghis, SriMahants, Mahants, Thanedar, Kotharis, visitors, viewers, everyone sitting with us through Nithyananda TV, Facebook live, YouTube live, two-way video conferencing, having Nayana Deeksha all over the world, I welcome all of you with My love and respects.


I’ll enter into the next sutra, of Kenopanishad recite along with me:

na tatra cakṣurgacchati na vāg gacchati no manaḥ

na vidmo na vijānīmo yathaitadanuśiṣyāt || 3||

anyadeva tadviditādatho aviditādadhi

iti śuśruma pūrveṣāṁ ye nastad vyācacakṣire || 4 ||


na tatra cakṣurgacchati na vāg gacchati no manaḥ

na vidmo na vijānīmo yathaitadanuśiṣyāt || 3||

anyadeva tadviditādatho aviditādadhi

iti śuśruma pūrveṣāṁ ye nastad vyācacakṣire || 4 ||


Let me read out the translation.

Where the eye goes not, the speech goes not, nor the mind and the intellect, we do not know, we do not understand, how That Reality, Consciousness can be taught. It is distinct from the known as it is far beyond man’s finite ‘objective’ nature. That is what the mind, eyes, ears or speech, the senses can perceive and it is beyond the unknown, as it can be known by man’s Divine infinitive ‘subjective’ nature. Thus we have heard from the ancient masters who revealed and explained That to us.

Listen, the moment I read this verse, I had one experience flashing in me, which happened in my life in 1995. I’ll narrate the whole thing. Listen carefully, after I had the darshan of Shankar Baba in Haridwar who came and gave me food medicine and cured me, I was completely hale and healthy blissful, running all over the Haridwar, enjoying. Suddenly one day, evening I heard the news, that one Swami Vairagyananda, Ramakrishna’s dharma patni, Aridhangini, Sharada Devi’s disciple. Sharada Devi should be called as dharma samvatini not Dharma pathni. Dharma pathni is a too small word, dharma samvatini.

She rolled the dharma chakra of Ramakrishna. Her disciple, her own initiated disciple, Swami Vairagyananda, I have heard about him. I even had his darshan earlier, I heard that he is in hospital, really ill and need to be attended. There is a hospital in Kankhal, the land was given by Mahanirvani Akhada to Ramakrishna mission and Ramakrishna mission built the hospital and maintaining it. In 17 places Mahanirvani Akhada has given land to Ramakrishna Mission – Kashi, Haridwar, major places of India, many places Mahanirvani Akhada has given to Ramakrishna Mission.

So I ran to the hospital. I had the opportunity of serving him. The best punya this body has ever earned is serving the elder Sadhus especially when they are sick. Cleaning up their 1, 2, without feeling hesitation or any of the so called emotions, treating them properly, by the time I went and started attending to him he was not able to go to restroom, he used to have everything in the bed itself and  I used to clean, take care, and he has a developed little bed sores and I used to attend to that. That is my passionate serve, what to say that, the best thing I enjoyed in my life is taking care of elderly Sadhus. I will always be there when there is elderly Sadhus who are not well, who need to be attended.

My Guru when she gave me the danda [stick] for yatra, parivrajaka yatra, she told me only these two words, “You will never be in want of anything you need for survival, existence, your life will never be under threat, you will be protected”, and then when I was taking her blessings and about to leave she said, “Always serve elderly Sadhus. That will be a great punya [merit].” I said, ‘yes’, but of course I did not leave immediately, after she left the body only I left Tiruvannamalai, but I always kept that word of serving the elderly Sadhus.

I was attending to him, I had the fortune of attending to him few days continuously. He was so happy, the way I took care of him and he was a Mahatma, Mahatma means, I can see clearly his internal organs are failing, but the beaming joy in his face. Even at that time he will not lie down flat. He will say, “Hey, only bhogis lie down flat, never Yogis.” His internal organs are failing, he may be alive maximum next 24 hours or 48 hours, not more than 2 digit hours. The voice “Hey Koka, Koka is the Bengali word to address a kid or a child.  He used to call me as Koka Maharaj, Koka. In Tamil is a bad word so don’t use. “Koka Maharaj, make me sit.” I had to drag him a little up so he is at least in the slanting position.

I’ll tell him, “Maharaj why do you want to sit, just lie down and relax”, “Nay, only bhogis lie down and lie down. Yogi can never lie down”. He used to tell the royal brand horses can never sit and lie down and sleep. The kings had the habit if a royal horse lies down or sits even once it’s killed. Only the middle class horses can sit or lay down. Royal horses never sits or lie down, lays down throughout their life. I was shocked. I don’t know how much to believe. That was exactly word he told me, and he gave that example then said, “Aye, Yogis should never lie down and sleep.” Until the end he never, the flat lying down was never his lifestyle, and he will sit and stretch the leg and the moment he closes his eyes that smile and the joy in his face the way he radiates I can touch and feel God in the air he’s breathing, in the space he’s radiating. So I was serving him, taking care of him, I actually wiped some of his puss formed in his back, the bedsores. He developed a little back sores in the back and the butt. So I cleaned up all that, and one nice thing about Ramakrishna hospitals their whole thing is service motive. The care was so much, and they provide best things with so much of care. Money was never a motive. So it is always only the life, ethical practice of medicine and preference only for life, nothing else. That was the beauty. So they would provide everything required; cotton, whatever, the towel, or anything required. So I was wiping, cleaning. Nurses also would come, but when there is an attendant naturally nurses will attend to another patients who has no attendants, because there was no money motive they will allow the people who are sincerely taking care they will allow the people to take care of the patients. So I attended to him everything, and, again he was sitting with the stretched legs.

I just had one idea happening. The way he lived his whole life a great Sadhu. A Mahapurusha, Adi Shakti, Parashakti came down herself as Sharada Devi. The power and the manifestation, if I’m asked to personally vote in my heart I’ll vote for Sharada Devi first, Ramakrishna next. See the frequency of enlightenment can never be judged, that is the same, but the pressure with which it expressed, Sharada Devi is best, because she was too young when she was given by Ramakrishna. Ramakrishna did not have a physical Guru who gave. He has to just connect with Kali’s deity then relate and do it on his own, but with Sharada Devi he was there, Ramakrishna was there, physically, and Sharada Devi’s disciple, Adi Shakti, Parameswari, her own disciple… what is it, what is it, the essence of his life, what I can learn? I just had only this one flash. What I can learn from him at this situation, what should I learn from him at this situation? The person of this caliber, Tapasvi.

After he left the body the only property he left is only small tumbler glass, a cup, brass or copper glass, it is still with me, it’s with us in our archives. That is the only property he has left, not even a plate, that’s all he had. Usually the tradition in the north is any Sadhu is sick, old, who attends to him when he’s old, he is the automatic legitimate successor, that’s a tradition, because I attended to him, after he left the body, after the Jiva Samadhi was done, the Pancha, he belongs to Maha Nirvani, because Puri Sampradaya, so Panch gathered and said, “Who is the Sadhu who attended to Vairagyananda?” They said this Koka was attending, ok whatever is Vairagyananda’s property please give it to him. They took me to the room where he was resting his life, room was completely empty, only this one tumbler, actually that was the way he lived, it is not that people has stolen after he has passed away, nothing. That is the way he lived. That is only property he had, nothing else, amazing life. He had one small kind of a, his Ishta Devata, the Sharada Devi’s pāda dhuli, the feet dust of Sharada Devi in a small pack kind of thing he used to worship, he gave that to me when he was in the body itself, just about to, when he was about to leave the body he gave that, that’s different.

I was just looking at him, what I can learn. Understand, now, this line, please listen to this line carefully, I’ll just narrate it, this should be your Facebook status on Vaakyartha Sadas subject for all of you today. The moment I had this flow, kind of a thought current, not exactly though current, kind of a current. He just opened his eyes and said, “Koka, listen, if you are, if you enjoyed only five senses related pleasures, when that five senses cannot function any more, you will fall in depression, because life will feel empty. Then if you enjoyed only, kind of a thinking, the intellectual pleasures, like scientists, mathematicians, logicians, when that logic is failing, the powerful logic is giving way, you will fall into depression.”

He was narrating beautifully. Listen carefully, first listen. He was telling, if you are all the time hooked on to the TV, when your eyes fail you fall into depression. If you are all the time hooked onto the music when your ears fail you fall into the depression. If you are all the time hooked on to the tongue when your tongues fail you fall into depression. If you are all the time hooked on to the physical pleasures when your body fails you fall into depression. If you are all the time into this intellectual debates and brain candy when that fails you will fall into depression. Even if you have developed only the power of repeating the name of the God, Japa, when your logic slowly fails you will not be able to do that you will fall into depression. If you have visualized and meditated on God when your visualization is getting dull, you will fall into depression, you will not be able to hold anything.

He was describing step by step, he said, “Throughout my life I developed to rest in that pure unclutching space, and my integrity to my Guru, so even though one by one, my senses have failed, my intellect is failing, my ability to remember is failing, my visualization is failing, my emotions are failing, all that is failing, but, because my whole life I developed the strength of resting in my pure Completion and unclutched space or pure questioning, whatever I say, that Advaita Nirvikalpa Samadhi, now I am simply resting into it, beyond that is, ‘my integrity to my Guru’ which is holding me from the bottom, so I just know, I am relaxing in right space, there is no depression, there is only joy, this is what you can learn from my life as lesson.”

When he was describing I can see, understand, this is the most powerful, old age insurance you can do it. Even if you practice just repetition of name, when your logic gets, actually when the salt intake reduces, or creatine level increases in your blood, your ability to connect and remember will fail. Even the pleasure of repeating the name of the God, is the pleasure comes from ability to connect and see; you have to connect that name and the God’s form and his quality and all that subtlety internally. Even that circuit will fail at one time in you, and even if you visualized all the time, Sadāshiva’s form or even My own form, Guru’s form, and meditated there will be one moment where that visualization ability will collapse in you.

The one and only thing you need to develop is, your ability to rest in unclutched space, the Perpetual Completion, Sahaja Samadhi and even that will collapse, that time only one thing can hold you, your integrity to your Guru. He said, “The only thing I developed in my life is my ability to relax in Nirvikalpa Samadhi. When that gives way, I know, I’ll just fall into my Mother’s lap, because I was completely integrated to Her.” The joy, beaming in his face.


Only with Arunagiri Yogishwara, I had tears of gratitude in my eyes, the next person with whom I had tears of gratitude in my eyes, other than Arunagiri Yogishwara is Vairagyananda Swami, this Swami. He was so honest about, he was so integrated about, what he was talking. The power of his integrity I got entangled with that experience, the entangled with that experience. I was actually, literally vibrating the space from which he was describing, the entanglement is what I feel, is, his initiation to me. That is the way he transmitted, whatever he wants to give me, a blessing, fulfillment, Completion, what a significant description, he said beautifully.

See in your brain if the salt level in your food and blood, the salt level goes down or creatine level goes up, please understand if creatine level goes up or the salt level goes down, significantly, both will make you lose, your brain will lose it’s ability to remember and connect. So even if you develop the habit of japa, at one time you can fall into depression because it will not be helpful when your brain collapses, loses it’s ability to connect and remember.

The best thing you should develop in your system is, your ability to be in the space of Unclutching, Nirvikalpa Samadhi, the space of Sadāshivoham, the space of perpetual Completion, space of Sahaja Samadhi, space of Nithyanandoham, whatever different words I may use, I mean only that space which is technically called by Sadashiva as Sayujya Samadhi or Sadāshivoham or Nirvikalpa Samadhi by Patanjali, Nirbija Samadhi by Shankara. You should develop only that space, and that space also will give way at one point, then the space you fall is the ‘Integrity with Guru.’ Understand that is the last space you will fall, after that you can’t do anything, that hand has to just take you in and digest you.

He said that last point I am going to fall, Nirvikalpa Samadhi I have developed in me and I am sure about my integrity with my Mother. In Bengali, in little few words he uttered, I’ll go to my Mother’s house. Mayer Badi, I will go to my mother’s house. Mayer Badi is the word he used, Mayer Badi means mother’s house, because I was so integrated to her I will fall in Her lap and I will go to Mother’s house. Understand, the moment he said this, and it clicked with me, the entanglement was so beautiful, I can see what he is saying is with complete integrity and it just entered into my system. Literally that may be one hour that conversation was going on, I was literally in his space, and I was literally living what he was talking. When he completely narrated, he’s an elderly Sadhu, and I just held his hand, I said “Maharaji, can I hug you?” He smiled and I just hugged him. Then, I think after that he was in the body maybe 2 days or less than 2 days he was in the body, then he gave me the Mother’s pādadhuli [feet dust], still which I’m having, the feet dust of Sharada Devi he gave to Me for, worshipping, and still which is there in our archives, which he was worshipping his whole life.

He told one day there was Jagaddhatri puja, in Bengal they do many beautiful pujas, Durga Puja, Kali Puja, Sarasvati Puja, Jagaddhatri Puja, they make deities out of Ganga clay, beautifully, and they worship and offer it back to Ganga. So, one day the jagatari puja the deity was made and ready, the puja was about to start, suddenly there was heavy rain and that deity melted, means in that heavy rain all that clay is gone. So the deity is not there for puja. They are running around because very less time for the, the particular time of the puja he was about to perform, there is no time to go and get another one deity, another one murti.

Mother said, Sharada Devi said, “It’s okay, I am the Jagaddhatri. I’ll sit directly and do puja,” she sat directly on the peetha, on the asana, live, and then the pujaris started doing the puja.

Literally how the puja is done to the deity, and pujari sat and she accepted the puja. After the puja, this Swami, he received initiation. She gave initiation to him after that puja. When he touched the feet; he suddenly saw the feet was Devi’s feet with all the ornaments, and everything. It was not human feet. He was shocked and slowly when he started raising his eyes he saw Jagaddhatri is sitting, Jaganmata was sitting, and, the feet dust of Devi, the kum kum was offered at Her feet, which came in his hand when he touched Her feet, that only he collected and put it in a pack and started worshipping as the prasada of that experience. That only he gave it to me before leaving the body and then he left the body as usual because he was a great Sadhu whole Haridwar gathered and carried his body and did jala samadhi, he requested jala samadhi. Usually these two are only done, either jala samadhi or bhu samadhi. Sadhu’s body are not burnt, it is never put to fire, it will only be given to Ganga or bhu samadhi. He requested jala Samadhi, so jala samadhi was given. The rest is history.



na tatra cakṣurgacchati na vāg gacchati no manaḥ |

Eyes goes not, speech goes not – if you visualize something and enjoy the pleasure whole life, that is not God, be very clear, because at one point eyes will fail, your visualization ability will fail, your speech will fail, and your verbalization ability will fail, even your mind will fail, and your intellect, your intellectual abilities will fail, your logic, your intellectual abilities will fail, all that will not be sharp. Little less sugar your visualization ability will fail, little less salt your verbalization ability will fail. All that is not consciousness.

Exactly what I learnt from Vairagyananda Swami is this verse. The essence of this verse, it cannot be taught. The only teaching I can give you is, it cannot be taught. Build that ability to be in Nirvikalpa Samadhi, Unclutched space, Complete Completion, Sahaja Samadhi, perpetual Completion, that is the only right spiritual practice you can do. Nothing else. Nothing else.

Understand, then he was casually sitting and telling Me, “Koka, when your eyes stops grasping all the possibility of getting engaged through the eyes falls, fails, your ears stops connecting, all the things can be done through, ears fails and collapses; tongue when it collapses, everything can be done through the tongue collapses, your mind, mind means ability to visualize. No manaḥ, ability to visualize, when that collapses, actually when the sugar level goes down that will collapse. Doctors can relate to what I am saying very clearly. If a sugar level goes down, visualization will collapse. If a salt level goes down, intellectual verbalization, verbal connectivity possibility will collapse. When all this collapses the only thing can take you to the Ultimate is, if you have built the ability to be in the unclutched space, when you are in the body. When everything is active if you have made that opening in you, the Sahaja Samadhi, and, you will fall through that opening into your integrity with the Guru, He will simply hold you, you will relax into Enlightenment.


I tell you yesterday one incident happened; one of My ashramite, who all the time get great Guru puja for her great inefficiency, her non-committed way of lifestyle. She had a problem. Doctors have diagnosed something is wrong with the stomach. When she came to Me for blessing, actually behind her I saw Rahu was coming. I just opened my eyes and said, he was trying to describe to Me that we will have to go to a doctor, do a blood test and find out if it is malignant, benign and all that. I just looked and said “Hey, nothing there won’t be any problem. Go and do whatever test or anything need to be done. It will just be benign and it will be healed, cleared, I will take care, don’t bother.” The moment I uttered the word, fortunately she had one thing, integrity with me. That connection like an arrow it connected and that Rahu ran away, he just disappeared. Now I just know, the doctors who said, “there is a tumor”, today or tomorrow they will say what happened, tumor is not there, nothing is there you are ok you are alright, who told you there is tumor, but if that integrity with Me is not there, when I gave that word, blessing.

The integrity is the umbilical cord through which that arrow just hits the disease and clears it. If that integrity is not there, Rahu would have sit inside, but now I know for sure she is healed. The problem is not there now. Doctors will tell; “Hey what happened”, then they will tell, “Hey you guys are Nithyananda’s disciples we don’t know what happens to you guys. One day you come with one disease and tomorrow it is not there. Whether we can believe our diagnosis machine or I don’t know what you guys do. One thing is sure that you guys are disproving the medical science that’s all.”


Understand, compromise on anything, not on Integrity with Guru. That will take care of you and save you anywhere. He said, “I know one thing, I have developed the joy and bliss of unclutching space in me, that chemistry I have developed in me, and my integrity to my Guru, as long as I exist, I will fall into that Unclutched space, and from there I know I will fall only into my Guru, because my integrity with my Guru, over.” What a way to spend the old age and time in deathbed and what a way to leave the body! I tell you, the fruit of your life is the way you leave the body. Nothing else. Not what you left, but the way you left. Understand, not what you left but the way you left, is essence of your Life. If we have to judge somebody's life, the way they lived, it has to be done only by the way they left, not what they left. Not what they left, but the way they left.

This verse is the essence of Vairagyananda’s teachings to me. If you have developed that unclutched space, and integrity with Guru, your life insurance is done. That’s all, after that everything you do is bonus. If you have not done that, develop that with all your energy and intelligence, don’t wait in the old age you can develop, no. Do it now. That’s the most important first priority thing you need to do for your life.

I bless you all whatever entanglement happened between Sharada Devi and Vairagyananda and Vairagyananda and Me, let that happen between Me and all of you, and let you all have that experience and truth of Nirvikalpa Samadhi, and the integrity with the Master. Let you all have this most important Life Insurance for life and death, for living and leaving.

I bless you all. Let you all radiate with integrity, authenticity, responsibility, enriching, causing living Shuddhadvaita Saivam, the eternal bliss, Nithyananda. Thank you. Be blissful.