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23 August Nithya Satsang: Paramahamsa Nithyananda continues revealing sacred secrets from Kenopanishads dvitīyaḥ khanḍaḥ (second part), 2nd Verse: When we put only our time into something, we get into the basic level understanding. But when we put our energy and life into something, the essence of that thing reveals itself to us. For example if we put our energy and life fully into the morning routine of yoga, pancha kriya, puja, kirtans dancing and Satsang, we can experience the state of Bhava Samadhi. He goes on to reveal: ""Everything I designed - waking up in brahmamuhurata (1 ½ hours before down), doing yoga or doing pancha kriya or doing puja or doing kirtans or sitting in the Satsang, everything I have designed clearly to give you the chit gana anubhava -embodied state of consciousness."" nāhaṁ manye suvedeti no na vedeti veda ca | yo nastadveda tadveda no na vedeti veda ca || 2.2 || [The disciple said:] I do not think that I know It (Brahman) well and not that I do not know It—‘I know and I do not know as well.’ One, who amongst us, subjectively cognizes and knows that Consciousness to be—‘not that I do not know It’ (the Notunknown Reality) and also ‘I know It not’ (the Unknown Reality)—truly knows that Brahman, Consciousness. Watch, share and like the video's and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click to subscribe. Website and Social Media:
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nithyānandeśvara samārambhām
nithyānandeśvari madhyamām |
asmat āchārya paryantām
vande guru paramparām ||

I welcome you all with my love and respects.

I welcome all the devotees, disciples, Samajis, Satsanghis, SriMahants, Mahants, Sarvajna Peeta Yajamans, Nithya Satsanghis, You Tube viewers, everyone sitting with us through Nithyananda TV, Facebook live, You Tube live and two way video conferencing having Nayana Deeksha all over the world. I welcome all of you with My love and respects.

Recite along with me, the second verse: 


nāhaṁ manye suvedeti no na vedeti veda ca |
yo nastadveda tadveda no na vedeti veda ca  || 2 ||

Understand, the sacred truths revealed in this verse.

Disciple says: I do not think I know It well, and not that I don’t know It, I know and I do not know as well, one, who amongst us subjectively cognizes and knows That to be as – not that I do not know it, and also I know It not, truly knows It.

I’ll explain some more details about this Bhāva Samādhi, embodying. Please understand, anything you imagine, visualize, listen, starts revealing itself to you, for example; if you are constantly working with gold, if you give only your time to gold you will learn only the simple basic business things – ‘oh gold!  Buy for 100 rupees, sell for 120 rupees, and try to do some game, maybe instead of twenty rupees profit try to make forty rupees, only that much you will learn— but if you put your energy and life you will start understanding –  why people have so much of interest on gold? Why it goes on increasing in its value? Why the appreciation value of gold is so much but why never anybody becomes rich by storing gold? Please understand, there is a secret, gold appreciates much more than real-estate, even in India, country like India which is growing continuously, and you should know the immigrants, legal immigrants we are crossing US and Europe. The spiritual seekers migrating into India and naturalization happening is crossing US and Europe where people go for opportunities. Understand. Even in India gold appreciates faster than the land, but never somebody becomes rich by investing in gold, people become rich by investing in land, why? 


If you give your energy, life and time to the business you will learn all the secrets and the gold itself will reveal it’s secrets to you. Understand. In every field, whether you make a pot or you make gold jewelry or you make some concepts and sell it to the world, life insurance is nothing but a concept. It is nothing but a concept. Understand. Life insurance is nothing but a simple concept about which you are convinced; 401K, life insurance, all these are concepts. Vary rare and very little you receive. It is just a concept-based business. A concept is sold. A pseudo security it sold and you buy it. And I have yet to find anybody who has really benefited from they’re 401K when they are old. I am meeting millions, talking to thousands. This whole medical insurance, whole life insurance, these are all concepts sold. The benefits received is less than 2% of the benefits spoken. Understand. Benefits received is less than 2% of the benefits spoken, but why, then why are people running behind it. The sense of security is provided even though it is false. People do know even if it is false let there be a sense of security in which I can lean. And I have seen many time husband takes life insurance just to tell the wife – “see I love you even if I die, you will have this money, with this you can live.” What do you mean by it? You want to tell her; you will have this money so you can marry once more or don't marry because I am leaving this money for you. Whatever, whatever, the whole thing. Even if you are not convinced the ideas, concepts sold in the name of insurance you feel that will make others believe you love them or you made some security for them, or you have done all the best things, or you have done everything possible to them—to give that feeling you also buy into that. This is what I call buying something just to sell. You buy certain concepts even though you are not convinced about it you want to sell it. So just for that you buy it.


Understand, the nitty-gritties of concept business, nitty-gritties of the gold business, nitty-gritties of the land business, nitty-gritties of even making pot, everything gets revealed to you, when you put your time, life, energy into it. Good, bad, right, wrong, everything is revealed. On anything you put your time, life, energy that reveals itself completely to you.

Put your time, life, energy on Adi Shakti, Sri Vidya, She will reveal Her secrets, how She is running this Cosmos, how She is running this Maya, how She is running this whole Brahmānda, Bhuvana. On anything you put you put your time-life energy that will reveal its secrets to you. That is what I call Bhāva Samādhi. Listen, Sadāshiva describes Samādhi, beautifully in Yoga Pada, the description I am giving is not from Patanjali, but from Sadāshiva, listen carefully.


When Pratyahāra happens, means, you withdraw your life and energy from everything else and center it on something, the Pratyahāra withdrawing, becomes dhāraṇa, centering. Dhāraṇa means centering, flowing towards something. When that Dhāraṇa happens, that on which you are flowing, reveals itself to you, is Dhyāna. You being in that state continuously is Samādhi.

Pratyahāra means withdrawing from everything else. Dhāraṇa means flowing on one thing. Dhyāna means that truth towards which you are flowing, revealing itself to you—Being in that state continuously is Samādhi.

Understand, everything I designed, whether waking up in the Brahma Muhurta morning and doing yoga or doing pancha kriya or doing Puja or doing Kirtan or sitting in the Satsang, everything, I have designed, clearly to give you that Chit Gaṇa Anubava, Embodied State of Consciousness. It is not for marking attendance. It is for you building yourself. It is not for marking attendance. It is for you to build yourself.


A person who is in love will wait to spend time with the beloved. If you are a Seeker you will be waiting for this five hours every day, because that is the time you get near what you are seeking, closely. Morning 5-9, its not even 5 hours; 4 hours, yoga, pancha kriya, Puja, Kirtan and Satsang. It’s only 4 hours.

A person who is in love will be waiting to spend time with the beloved. A person who is seeking will be waiting to spend this 4 hours, because this is the time you get closest to what you are seeking, your seeking takes shape into the system. When your beloved comes near you, if you are tired the love is gone, dead. During the morning 4 hours if you are bored your seeking is dead, gone, you need thorough over hauling inside you, you need to ask yourself.  You need to question many of your answers. You need to bring pure questioning back to your life. Bringing pure questioning back to your life, bringing seeking back to your life is what I call Completion. Understand, it happens only by WILL PERSISTENCE not by WILL power. 


Sometimes people come and tell Me: “Oh ten years I had persistence.” No. You had will power. Persistence never brings your tiredness or boredom. You never had persistence. It was always will arrogance fighting and failing. Will arrogance fighting and failing. That is why you are feeling tired and bored. That is not persistence. It is will arrogance. You need to have right idea about your past only then you will have right decision about your future.


Many time the tug-of-war, which you continue to have with your will arrogance you call it as Will persistence. No. Will persistence is different. WILL arrogance is different. In will arrogance every time you only fall into powerlessness and repeat the same stupid cycle. In WILL persistence every time you are one-step ahead, you are one step ahead, you are one step ahead. So, you will never be bored, you will never be tired. Tiredness and boredom is the quality of will arrogance, not the quality of will persistence. Will persistence never brings powerlessness about you or about others. will arrogance always brings tiredness, anger towards you and others. 

nāhaṁ manye suvedeti no na vedeti veda ca |
yo nastadveda tadveda no na vedeti veda ca  || 2 ||

The disciple says: I know but I also know I do not know— means there are some things which already becomes embodied, you become embodied. There are some things, which you have not yet embodied. In this whole thing you can see WILL persistence, not WILL arrogance, he is not tired about it. He says, “I know something and I also don’t know something, and I know what I don’t know.”


Here not knowing, is not bringing tiredness or boredom. Not knowing, is not bringing powerlessness. 
Not knowing, is not bringing will arrogance. It is only bringing Will persistence. Will arrogance is different. WILL persistence is different. WILL persistence becomes Will power not will arrogance. WILL arrogance becomes only WILL failure. WILL persistence becomes WILL power. WILL arrogance becomes only WILL failure. One thing I saw beautifully in My kids last ten days or 1 week I am working—they were not successful in one of the powers I was manifesting, helping them to manifest; read the book through the mirror without seeing the book. It’s not that they were successful at one stretch. Now I am seeing they are crossing more than fifty marks. Yesterday I saw many kids are crossing the fifty-mark limit. Now it’s a question of only a few days and throughout this I saw there was no WILL arrogance. It was all about WILL persistence. WILL persistence. WILL persistence. Will arrogance makes you old. Will persistence makes you young. Will persistence suddenly makes you young and you start from the beginning. Come on start 1, 2, 3. WILL arrogance makes you feel tired about even the things you never practiced but you imagined you tried, tried, tried. I tried. It just means you need Kadukaipudi [haritaki herb]. I tried it is not…


Will arrogance is different. WILL persistence is different. Persist. Persist. Persist.

nāhaṁ manye suvedeti no na vedeti veda ca |
yo nastadveda tadveda no na vedeti veda ca  || 2 ||

You may know something. You may not know something. Knowing what you know and knowing what you don’t know is itself, knowledge. WILL persistence. WILL persistence. Will persistence. Nothing else need to be done in the world. Just the WILL persistence will awaken you to you. Will raise you to you. Will make you realize you to you. 

nāhaṁ manye suvedeti no na vedeti veda ca |
yo nastadveda tadveda no na vedeti veda ca  || 2 ||

More and more things you embody. More and more you will know. More and more WILL persistence happens. More and more will arrogance gets completed. That’s all is the essence of life. That’s all is the essence of Life.

And I bless you all. Let you all radiate with integrity, authenticity, responsibility, enriching, causing Living Shuddhādvaita Saivam, the eternal bliss. Nithyananda. Thank you. Be blissful.