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In this online workshop (5 November, 2017), Paramahamsa Nithyananda reveals the Vedic science of manifesting wealth. Watch this video to witness the ancient Vedic ritual of Dhana Karshana Bhairava Homa, Swarna Karshana Homa and Aushadha Preparation and learn the sacred science of manifesting wealth effortlessly! Watch, share and like the videos and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click to subscribe. Website and Social Media:
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nithyānandeśvara sadāshiva samārambhām

nithyānandeśvari adīshakti madhyamām |

asmat āchārya paryantām  vande guru paramparām ||



I welcome you all with My love and respects. I welcome all the Devotees, Visitors, Viewers, Disciples, Sri Mahants, Mahants, Kotharis, Thanedars, sitting with us all over the world, through Nithyananda TV, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, 2-way Video Conferencing, having Nayana Deeksha all over the world, literally in all time zones. I welcome all of you with My love and respects.


‘Awakening Wealth Consciousness.’ Let Me describe fundamentally what is ‘wealth’ as per the reality. Understand… I am not denying the crude form of the wealth – currency, as some meaning. No. I am not denying. I am not saying that crude form of the currency, the country currency you use, the raw form of the wealth… I should say, a crude form of the wealth, which you use for any transaction. I am not saying it has no role, no value. No. I only want to declare, that is not “alone” wealth. Understand. Current which keeps the currency current is Wealth. Understand, the Vedic definition - Current which keeps the currency current is Wealth.


What is fundamentally Currency? 100 of us are sitting here. One has a 1000 rupee and he wants food. He gives that to somebody who supplies food, then he gives that to somebody supplies raw material, he gives that to somebody who gives him health, he gives that to somebody who gives him a house, he gives that to somebody who gives him cloth. Continuously when it is moving, by the time the 1000 rupees moves between many hands, its value has increased. Understand. The current which keeps the currency moving, is the value of the currency. We may ask, “Why some country’s currency has high value, why some country’s currency has no value or low value?” It is our ability to keep our currency moving, the current which moves the currency, keeps the value for currency. If you have too many reasons to use the currency, which you can buy only through that currency, that keeps the value...that current keeps the value of that currency.




Mahadeva, Sadāshiva, the greatest economist, defines ‘wealth.’ Understand. You will never look at Mahadeva as a ‘Economist.’ Understand. He can wear ordinary rudraksha bead which has no value. Because He wears it, it becomes a trend, fashion, millions wear and that becomes a valuable commodity now!! Many of you don’t know, the rudraksha I am wearing, that is more valuable than the gold covering it. It is is highly praised than the gold covering it. You will not understand the economy of Mahadeva, Sadāshiva, till you understand the real ‘Wealth’.


The economy of Vishnu is different. Whatever is valuable - He wears. The world’s largest gem - Shamantaka - is on His chest. Miss Universe is His wife. The best flight - Garuda, is His vehicle. But Sadāshiva, if you see, all the things useless for society - bhasma from the smashana, that is His cosmetics and the rudraksha - which nobody touches, which is falling from the trees, some bead - that is His jewellery. Snakes, which nobody goes near, is His ornament. All the things He uses, understand, He is making a statement about wealth. If you read Agama, His words, beautifully He describes wealth in multiple places. Our ability to be intelligently active is wealth. Understand - ‘intelligently active’ and constantly contributing. I am not saying don’t accumulate currency, but I am saying - fundamentally understand the concept of currency, then start moving your life and other’s life. Then, you will understand, not only the wealth consciousness is awakened in you, you will never bother about incompletions related to wealth.



See, there are multiple incompletions people carry about wealth. First thing, the moment I utter the word, there is so much of that ‘depression,’ that deprived feeling, “Everyone has, I don’t have.”…. “For what I am contributing, I have not been given my share.” The various thought currents. Sometime, “Oh, I am loaded with it, I don’t know how to save it, how to protect it.”  From various resources you may….. various...from various people you need to protect your wealth. Sometimes the illegal sources which are trying to snatch it from you, sometimes the legal sources, which are….the “so-called legal sources” which are trying to snatch it away from you, sometimes illegally legal and legally illegal sources, trying to snatch away from you. So you are worried about protecting. That is also an incompletion. Understand. Any incompletion related to wealth will disappear if you are awakened to the wealth consciousness and… awakening to the wealth consciousness is not becoming fool, irresponsible, careless. No, no. It is the most powerful strategy. Understand.


Whenever your inner space is capable of including 5 people in your life, you build a good family.

If your inner space is capable of including 50 people in your life, you build a good team.

If your inner space is capable of building few hundred people in your life, you become a social leader.

If your inner space is capable of including few 1000s, you become leader for a region.

If your inner space is capable of including a state in you, you become a leader of the state.

If your inner space is capable of including a country in you, you become the leader of the country.

Understand, if your inner space is awakened to understand and include the concept of wealth, you will see wealth becomes just part of your life.




I tell you…. never went to University to learn anything. First time I entered University, is only to give a program, class, to teach… in My life. Few 1000 gathered J Same way never touched money, any currency. If at all I have touched, I have touched only to give Dana, means charity. But in My inner space I see very clearly - money is just a number. If I want to build a temple, 1000 crore, I see 1000 crore in front of Me. If I want to build a temple for 2000 crore, I’ll see 2000 crore in front of Me. ‘Money’ was never...currency was never matter. Understand. As long as currency appears in front of you as a matter, you will be in delusion. Currency is not a matter. It is your conscious decision, as long as there is incompletion between you and currency, there are blind spots.


Your decision to contribute to the world, your decision to be intelligent through your contribution, your decision to inspire, your ability to inspire people to support you back, it’s all….is the whole triangle of wealth. Understand. Your decision to contribute. Your decision to be intelligent in your contribution. Your decision to inspire people to support you back, so you can continue to contribute. That’s all. People ask Me about charity. I tell you, Charity is the most cunning, trickiest way of keeping the value of currency up. That’s all. It is only by charity even the idea of currency is going to be kept valuable for a middle class and lower middle class. Understand. If you know you are not going to get it, you are not going to work for it. If you are...if the carrot is dangled in front of you, that it is going to be available for you, if you do this, this, this, you are going to run behind it. I tell you, the whole…..understand, I am….I am just bunking the myth called “charity.”



All these large charity, all these big charity, I tell you, they need to do charity only then the idea, concept of ‘currency’ is going to be kept alive. If you know something is never going to come in your life, you are not going to run behind it. You are going to be completely frustrated about the currency. When the mass starts getting frustrated about currency, the collective global economical meltdown starts happening. Understand. Economic meltdown is nothing but mass getting to the understanding, mass trying to come out of the delusion called “currency.” Understand. Currency is instrument. Instrument itself is not intelligent. Instrument can only be transactional mechanism. It can used to kindle your fear and greed. It can be used to kindle your fear and greed. But, if that transactional mechanism called currency is unreachable for you, then you are just going to be frustrated and say, “Shutdown, come on, no!” Then what is the use of working? It is no more relevant to you.


Understand. Anything which can drive your fear and greed only is relevant to your life. If something cannot drive your fear and greed, it is redundant, irrelevant to your life. All these large trillionaires, billionaires charity is nothing but a cunning strategy to keep the concept of currency relevant to you. Understand. This whole large, the huge chunk, of so-called currency accumulated in the hands of few people. I tell you, almost 90% is in the hands of 1% of the human population. Then… the remaining 99%, is slowly getting disillusioned, about this concept of currency. It’s almost becoming irrelevant for your life, redundant. are just given know now, if you even work for your whole life, you are not going to see the million, then why will you work! You decide to move out of this currency system – The Grid-hooked lifestyle – Hooked to the Grid lifestyle. So you need to be cajoled, you need to be patted, you need to be just supported, given the delusive consolation, “No, no, you are going to get it. There is a possibility. It is there.”




I tell you, the very lottery itself is just a concept, to make you feel still the concept of currency is relevant to your life. I need to debunk the concept of “myth of currency,” only then you will understand wealth. You need to put your energy in the direction of wealth, not in the direction of currency. Understand. Currency should be your by-product. Early morning when you wake up, you should know - what is your life out of freedom, joy and live whole day. Because you are breathing, the currency should follow you. That is wealth consciousness. Because you are conscious, wealth should be following you. That is wealth consciousness. Understand. Any hitching towards the wealth, any hitching towards the wealth, is not earning wealth, it is only getting tortured towards currency.

Large blind spots… understand, if you understand the Sadāshiva’s concept of currency and Sadāshiva’s concept of wealth and Sadāshiva’s concept of economy….I am defining “wealth” as per Sadāshiva from Agamas. Your ability to intelligently enrich the society in some form...enriching does not mean only through teaching. It can even be stitching their shoes. Even that is enriching. Enriching in some form. Enriching the humanity in some form and doing it very intelligently and inspiring the humanity to contribute back to you, so you can continue to enrich. That’s it. That is “wealth”. That is wealth consciousness. That’s the strategy for wealth.


Currency is modus operandi. The methodology through which interaction and transactions happen, is currency.


If the wealth consciousness is awakened in multiple people and you make the currency more current, that is called economy.


That’s all. Understand. I have define these 3 words clearly. I have clearly defined these 3 words - wealth, currency, economy. End of the day, just if your existence makes money, you will be not be bothered about money. You will….your very Consciousness will live wealthy.


What is it that takes to make wealth consciousness? I’ll give you the nitty-gritties, the inner software of wealth consciousness to you now. First thing, decision - your cognition, your depth should decide with all integrity and authenticity and responsibility somewhere to enrich the society, humanity. Through cunningness and stealing and grabbing, you can never get the wealth or retain it. No! Fundamental principle for wealth consciousness…. understand, I am going to give you, some of the fundamental principles of wealth consciousness. You just listen and internalize to your depth, that’s enough… you will manifest wealth consciousness. You will be awakened to wealth consciousness.


First awakening you need to have - no cunning strategies. No cunning strategies are going to work. Shortest distance between two point is straight line. Shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Understand. Most powerful, most powerful strategy for manifesting wealth is Integrity. Most powerful strategy. If you want 2 digit, 3 digit level money, maybe 1 or 2 lakhs or 1 or 2 crores, then cheating, stealing, all that may work… robbing the bank, all that may work. But if you really interested in living with wealth forever, living with wealth forever, the most easiest, most easiest and the right strategy is Integrity. Decide with responsibility, you will start contributing to the humanity.


Understand. Manifesting your cognition is life. Understand. Whatever cognitions, conclusions you have about life in your life - you will go on be manifesting that every day. If you have the conclusion you are going to fall sick day by day, the more and more you breathe every day, every night - finally you will manifest that. It is your conclusions you manifest. If you have the conclusion – ‘the cunning methods, cheating brings wealth’, you will only be manifesting that or waiting to some cunning methodology to click, so you can manifest wealth. No! No! All waiting for cunning strategies to manifest wealth, ends in frustration and then you have a deep negative cognition about wealth, “That is not going to happen for me. No…Yenekilla” J “That is not for me.” You’ll end up there. You’ll end up there, in utter frustration. Then even if Sadāshiva comes and gives the poetry, “Aye, go.” You’ll be afraid, “No, no, no, who knows, whether I am going to get the peace…..or beating.”


Listen. Listen to this. Fundamentally, the first truth of awakening wealth consciousness; I am not giving you this as the teaching. I am giving you this as a software programming. Just internalize and come to this conclusion that’s all. You don’t need to practice it. Anything you need to practice….practice is a four letter word for Me. Coming to conclusion is all I ask from you. No belief, no faith, no! Coming to conclusion - Integrity. The first cognition you need to have, the first conclusion I request you to arrive – No cunning strategy will manifest wealth in your life. You may grab little currency through cunning strategies, but it will never become wealth of your life.


I tell you, I am travelling all over the world. I am seeing all the culture, country, every, every, background beings. Still now I have heard at least about 1000s of types of lotteries but not seen a single man, who has become permanently wealthy, rich, by a lottery. Understand. I have not seen a single man, who really became wealthy, stayed with his wealth through a lottery. No! That’s the most funny thing. Then what is happening to all the big, big lotteries going on? The economy Sadāshiva is teaching is neither capitalism nor communism or socialism. It is responsibilism. The responsibility you take, that decides the kind of the wealth going to be around you. That’s it. That’s it.

The first understanding, the conclusion you need to arrive - Integrity is the best strategy for manifesting wealth.



Second conclusion, listen. Second conclusion you need to arrive...whatever I am talking is not teaching. The moment it is teaching, you will push it into a moral dustbin. All of you have a moral dustbin. “Oh, everybody talks…ohhh… what is there…” You know how to dump that. For ages that moral dustbin is what keeps you as you want without transformation. You start, “Eh! My mother all the time tells me to do yoga in the morning, but she doesn’t do.” No, from that the moral dustbin starts growing in you. Anything you call it as teaching, you dump it in that dustbin and never do it. I am not giving you any moral teachings. Be very clear, don’t push Me into moral dustbin. No! I am talking to you, if you come to all these conclusions, you will live wealthy forever and if you are not able to come to this conclusion, I will support you, help you, by awakening your kundalini shakti to see these conclusions as reality. That’s all.


I tell you, Ahimsa - nonviolence, can be practiced only by a strong person; only by a strong person, not by the fellow who is already about to die. He knows, if he raises his hand, somebody will kill him or he himself will collapse. Then what kind of ahimsa? No! Ahimsa can be practiced only by the person who is strong. I tell you, same way, only a Sannyasi, who renounced everything, can live with wealth consciousness.


The most beautiful strategy for the wealth, from Isavasya Upanishad -

īśāvāsyamida sarva yatkiñca jagatyā jagat |

tena tyaktena bhuñjīthā mā gdha kasyasviddhanam ||

kurvanneveha karmāi jijīviet sata samā

eva tvayi nānyatheto'sti na karma lipyate nare…


The Upanishads goes on….I’ll translate just 2 line - “Enjoy by not possessing but owning” –

tena tyaktena bhuñjīthā mā gdha kasyasviddhanam

kurvanneveha karmāi jijīviet sata samā  

eva tvayi nānyatheto'sti na karma lipyate nare


Understand. A man who owns, manifests wealth. Man who possesses suffers with stress and depression. Understand. I own this property but I don’t possess this property. Possessing is exclusiveness. Owning is inclusiveness. Owning and letting everyone enjoy it. More and more of your capabilities… if you are writer, if you are a speaker, if you are a thinker, whatever you have … own it and make more and more people to enjoy it. That’s all. When you own and make more and more people enjoy, you will manifest wealth. If you possess and with a exclusivity, you will deprive yourself and collapse into poverty. Listen. Anything you have … capacity to write, capacity to read, capacity to think, capacity to speak, capacity to exist, capacity to grow… wealth, capacity to grow agricultural products, anything - anything you have.

If you share the best strategies for life, you are called Brahmana.

If you share an ideology and give the security feeling to people, you are a Kshatriya.

If you share a product you made out of your time and life, you are a Vaishya.

If you just share your time to anybody who wants to use it, you are Shudra.

Understand. Varna is not jaati. Jaati is the British invention. Varna is Vedic invention. Varna is not jaati. I strongly support Varna and Ashrama Dharma. But what we call in the modern day “jaati” was never there. It is only Varna and Ashrama. Dharma is from Manu. Agama only talks about the Varna and Ashrama, not Jaati.


Let me expand on wealth consciousness.

The first conclusion you need to come - it is integrity. That’s the most shortest way to enjoy wealth.

Second - owning but not possessing, means go on sharing. I have seen, sometimes people, when they take up a job, they develop vengeance towards boss, “Aye, you are giving only 50000 salary for me, I’ll work only for 8 hours, minimum, just to handle your questions, not more than that.” So this is the way he starts. He thinks he is cheating his boss. In 6 months, he himself starts believing this much only is his capacity. He has cheated himself!! Understand. Cheating your boss, in 6 months, you will believe that as your capacity and you will cheat yourself forever. You making your boss believe this is only your capacity because you want to take revenge on him. You don’t want to….you want to possess you, you don’t want to own you. Understand. Own you and let everyone enjoy you.


Your attitudes, your understandings, your behavior, everything, if it is all about possessing you, you will only feel deprived. If you own you and let everyone enjoy what you are capable of, you will live in richness. Whether it is you, your capabilities - own it, don’t possess it. Do not bother. Radiating, sharing it, should be your fundamental thought current. That’s the second conclusion.


Third - bring brilliance in your sharing. My Gurukul is 100% free. Food, stay, education, everything is free, because Sadāshiva says – “Guru is supposed to beg and feed the disciples.” I said, “I may beg physically or in the internet, but I will beg and feed My disciples.” My Gurukul is 100% free. Not only I am teaching them - English, Maths, Science - I am teaching them true history! I am teaching them the real powers and possibilities they can manifest. I am teaching them - life! Only thing, I am not doing the stupid things which you guys have designed for a generalized way. Understand. All generalization creates more blind spots. When there is a Google Earth available, google map is available, why will I make them memorize the capitals of all the countries and states?!! McCauley’s time it was not there, so you have to memorize - “Capital of India is Delhi and capital of Tamil Nadu is Chennai”, you have to memorize. Now there is a Google Earth and Google Map. Just Google it, that’s all. They need to be taught Googling!




I am only removing all those stupid blind spots become part of the education because of the generalization. Understand. All generalization is faulty generalization. All generalization is faulty generalization. Jealousy, comparison, is the byproduct of the faulty generalization. It is utter stupidity to give marks to human beings. Utter stupidity, to give marks to human beings!

It is like a….I saw a memes in the Facebook. There is a fish in a pot and there is a monkey, there is a elephant, there is zebra, there is a snake, there is a crocodile, there is a tiger and the educationists says, “To have a fair game, we will have the examination - who climbs this tree fast? Please start.” That is what I call faulty generalization. What will happen to the fish, if he comes out of the water, to climb the tree?!! All generalization is faulty generalization. Understand.

What I am trying to convey, I will give you the essence. Media wants Me to do the charity of what they think as best. I am doing the charity of what IS best.

If you think, food is the best thing happened in your life, you can do just annadaan.

If you think, education is the best thing happened in your life, you share that with the world. That’s your charity.

If you think, clothes are the best things happened to your life and you share the clothes – vastra daana. That’s your charity.

If you think enlightenment and spiritual powers are the best thing happened in your life, you share that with the world. That’s all I am doing. Every day I am sharing the spiritual powers at least with few 1000 people.

Understand. Share in a very intelligent way. Let your enriching be authentic performance of you. You can enrich the world, by sitting and painting the table or you can enrich the world, by teaching the science of making tables. You decide what is the most authentic way you can enrich.



First conclusion you need to arrive is - Integrity is the best strategy.

The next conclusion you need to arrive - own but don’t possess. Go on be sharing; whether it is you or your space or your qualities or your qualifications.

I tell you, the words you utter people may listen, but the way you behave people feel it. Let your behavior is all about owning, not possessing. That is the second conclusion.

Third, let your enriching be most authentic – means, everyday upgrade yourself. Ultimate should not be final. Ultimate grows every day. Ultimate is not final. Today’s ultimate is not tomorrow’s ultimate. Tomorrow’s ultimate is different. Brahmanda expands, Cosmos expands. For you something is ultimate today, which is not ultimate tomorrow. It expands. So, go on becoming authentic in your sharing, enriching.

Next important conclusion - do not feel shy to encourage people to support you back to enrich the world. Be confident, courageous about what you are doing. Don’t be meek, weak. Be confident about what you are contributing and encourage people to contribute back to them, so you can continue to contribute, you can keep this dharma chakra alive, that’s all. Just these 4 conclusions, arrive now.



One good news I have for you is, our Vedic Masters, Vedic Rishis, Vedic Visionaries, starting from Sadāshiva, they have mastered a science to bring these highest thought currents and ignite your inner space through certain rituals and processes. That’s what we call ‘Homa’ and making Aushadha. Understand. Thought is as matter as any item which is seen by you in front of you. Please listen. I am repeating - A thought current is as matter as the mike, camera, TV and all the items you are seeing in front of you. If this hanky can be given to you, a thought current also can be given to you. Our Vedic Visionaries have mastered the science of bringing a thought current and infusing it into the people. It is called Initiation. They mastered this science. It is possible, it is reality. There is no placebo effect range. Understand. There is something called placebo effect. Any doctor gives any medicine, 40% of the patients will be cured. That’s called placebo effect. The effect of this initiation is not the placebo range. It is undeniable, it can stand the scrutiny of the verification, follow up, documentation and scientific research and analysis. It is not placebo effect range.


Understand. Our Masters have mastered this science of making the thought current come in a space through Yajna, means, the thought current from the space will be brought into the air through the mantras, and into the fire through the offerings, into the water in the kata - pot and sprinkled on you and into your mind through that water being sprinkled on you. Our Masters have mastered this science and that thought current can also be brought down into something called Aushadha, energy herbs. It is unique to South India, the Siddha tradition. Understand. The Lakulisha Shaivism of Saurashtra, also speaks about this science but unfortunately now it is not being practiced in Saurashtra. Lot is lost, but still in deep down South India, this Siddha tradition is alive, bringing those thought currents into aushadha. Of course, it was alive once, long, long ago once upon a time, 100 years before, during Ramakrishna’s time, even in a place called Tarapith in Calcutta, in West Bengal near Calcutta, a place called Tarapith. Ramakrishna records in his biography, in his reminiscences that he has seen the masters of these aushadha science in Tarapith. Unfortunately, neither in West Bengal nor in Saurashtra now it is a living science, means, large number of people are not practicing. Of course, if I have to tell the truth, even in South Tamil Nadu, South India, it’s not large people are….large number of people are practicing but the science is alive. Fortunately, before it died, I happened. 1979 would have been too late. 1978 - right time, did not allow it to die.




We will revive this science, understand, with a unique powerful spiritual herbs these thought currents will be infused and when you apply that on your forehead and third eye, that thought currents become just part of you and it just starts manifesting as your life. It almost looks like a magic pill. It is magic pill till you use this pill. Once you use, you will understand, it is not magic pill, it is just logic pill. It is not magic pill, it is logic pill. Till you use, it may look like magic pill, once you use it, you will understand it is logic pill.


So now, I am going to do 2 things. One, The Dhanakarshana Bhairava Homa – the thought currents of awakening wealth consciousness in you, deciding to be ferocious within you and awaken your wealth consciousness. Ferociousness is not anger. If you feel society has cheated you, you are angry about the wealth, you will never manifest wealth. Ferociousness is different - anger is different. Kala Bhairava, Dhanakarshana Bhairava, is ferocious but not angry. Understand. To infuse the ferociousness to manifest wealth consciousness in you, there will be Dhanakarshana Bhairava Homa and I’ll be making the Dhanakarshana Bhairava Aushadha, means this highest wealth conscious thought currents. Now I shared with you only 4 conclusions. There are few more, literally like a inner software to manifest wealth. I’ll bring that into that energy herbs - aushadha and share it with you all. Apply it and sleep. You will sleep your way to wealth. Understand. I am responsible for what I am uttering. I am not here to give you false promises. I am not here to cheat. I am straight. I am here to bring spiritual legitimacy to Sanatana Hindu Dharma. All My life, I am standing only for this one statement - Sanatana Hindu Dharma is real.




Sanatana Hindu Dharma is real. Understand, I am responsible for what I am uttering. Just apply this Aushadha, you will start manifesting the wealth consciousness and naturally as a side effects of the wealth consciousness, wealth itself, currency itself and the science and the ability to keep the currency current. Understand. I defined all the 3 words - What is wealth? What is currency? What is economy? as per Sadāshiva. He is the ultimate visionary of humanity. His vision document is the Agamas. He is the ultimate visionary of humanity. His vision document is Agamas.


Now, we will enter into the Homa. Few minutes, till we start the Homa, I want you to pen down, once the wealth consciousness happens in you - what all you want to manifest. Pen down. It may be as simple as - “I want the house in which I was renting, I wanted to buy that house,” or it can be as complicated as - “Every beach I need to have a private beach house.” It can be anything. Pen down what you want to manifest, once the wealth consciousness is awakened in you. It is almost like a wish list. Who knows suddenly Mahadeva may appear and say, “Tathastu” Why do you want to take chance!! He may just appear and say, “Tathastu.” Pen down. Pen down whatever you want to ask, whatever you want to manifest, once the wealth consciousness happens in your life.




(Homa being performed - fire invoked)




The Upanishad says, “How the fire is hidden inside the wood, like that enlightenment is hidden inside us”. The Aumkara is the technique, like how we rolled the wood, like that the Omkara, not chanting, but vibrating with Omkara. Vibrating with Omkara, the enlightenment manifests. And also traditionally the third eye of the Master who churns, from the third eye….you see, all intention opens up from third eye. The intention to invoke the fire for a certain purpose, the intensity of the intention decides the intensity of the hands. Understand. You cannot move the hand without an intention. So with that intention when the hand moves, the intention gets into the fire and the fire gets provoked, invoked, energized by that intention. Now from that the Yajna, the Homa Agni is brought. Now the Dhanakarshana Bhairava will be invoked into that fire and the mantra to invoke Him will be chanted.


It is a powerful science as I was explaining. Understand very clearly, Ayurveda’s placebo effect is at least 10 times more than Allopathys placebo effect. The number of disease, ability to diagnose, ability to manage, ability to cure, ability to be completely heal and get you back the quality of life…. in every dimension, Ayurveda is much more powerful than Allopathy. Understand. The only mistake our Masters did - we are not brutal. Even in the war, we are dharmic. People who invaded us, even in the life they are brutal. We even in our war, we are dharmic. We won’t lift the weapon, once sun sets. The people who invaded us, even in their life, they are brutal. The only mistake… otherwise all these great sciences, they are more powerful than any placebo effect.




Understand. Many of us think, even practicing Hindus, we think, “Okay, I want to support Hinduism, maybe there is little effect of all this….” No! It’s a clear science. I can put My integrity at stake on any of this science. That is why I am saying, “I am responsible for what I am uttering.” These powerful thought currents can be brought down, in the form of energies in the fire, homa agni and can be infused into the sacred herbs and can be shared to everyone, you can experience the power of thought currents and manifestation of that thought currents in your real life. Not story, fantasy - in real life!


If the Putra Kamesthi Yajna, means the Homa, Yajna for having the children….having children, if it is performed, simply it will translate into you getting the children. If Dhanakarshana Homa is performed, simple it will manifest - you manifesting wealth consciousness and wealth. Every step is a science. Pure science! More scientific than any science. More scientific than any so called modern science. I have seen many of these so called rationalist behave very irrationally. Many scientist behave very unscientifically. But I tell you, this science is more scientific than any science.




So now, we will be invoking the grace of MahaSadāshiva, Maha Ganapati and Dhanakarshana Bhairava. Please chant along with Me. Now we will be projecting a mantra in your screen. Chant along with Me. This is the mantra to invoke the presence of Dhanakarshana Bhairava -


Om Shreem Hreem Kleem Om Namo Bhagawate SwarnaKarshana Bhairavaya

Pranata Abheeshta Paripooranaaya Ehschi Karunaanidhe  Mahyam Hiranyam

taapaya taapaya Shreem Hreem Kleem Svaaha


Om Shreem Hreem Kleem   Om Namo Bhagawate SwarnaKarshana Bhairavaya

Pranata Abheeshta Paripooranaaya Ehi Karunaanidhe  Mahyam Hiranyam

taapaya taapaya Shreem Hreem Kleem Svaaha


Om Shreem Hreem Kleem Om Namo Bhagawate SwarnaKarshana Bhairavaya

Pranata Abheeshta Paripooranaaya Ehyehi Karunaanidhe  Mahyam Hiranyam

taapaya taapaya  Shreem Hreem Kleem Svaaha


You can continue to chant now - Acharya will guide you. Before that while you are chanting, I am going to prepare something called Purvanga Puja, means initially...initiating rituals like a… purifying the fire and invoking the Vagheshwari and Vagheshwara, that Gods and Goddesses, who carry this aahuti and reach it out to SwarnaKarshana Bhairava, purifying all the items needed, energizing them and literally bringing that wealth consciousness software into these sacred herbs, which I am going to now use to make aushadha. All these preliminary rituals, it is called the Purvanga Puja. I am going to be doing that Purvanga Puja, preliminary rituals. Please continue to chant the Bhairava Mantra.



(Chanting continues)


Om Shreem Hreem Kleem Om Namo Bhagawate SwarnaKarshana Bhairavaya

Pranata Abheeshta Paripooranaaya Ehyehi Karunaanidhe  Mahyam Hiranyam

daapaya daapaya  Shreem Hreem Kleem Svaaha



Now, successfully the software, that fundamental energy of invoking the wealth consciousness in you, is invoked in fire and in this sacred herbs, both. Now the energizing process will go on for little time. Then the completion. Once the completion is done, the aushadha prasadam will be given to all of you and if you are not physically here, even sitting in this energy field, now connecting and sitting, you will manifest this spiritual energy of wealth consciousness. Understand. Even while you sit wherever you are and connect; because the energy has no time, space restriction, it manifests in you. Especially when you want to manifest wealth for higher causes, never Mahadeva denies, He showers! Kubera gives, Lakshmi pours, Sadāshiva showers. Kubera gives, Lakshmi pours, Sadāshiva only showers.


The whole MahaSadāshivoham is all about infusing various possibilities and powers in your Being and making you manifest it through proper initiations, spiritual alchemy process and ultimately aushadha - the energy herbs. Using everything Hinduism talks about, all the technology and methodology Hinduism has, using all the best things of Sanatana Hindu Dharma, using all the best ancient sciences of Sanatana Hindu Dharma and making you manifest all the possibilities and powers of MahaSadāshiva and making you experience the multi-dimensions of the Universe. Understand. That is one of the important component every human being need to experience.


If you are here, the very purpose of life is manifesting possibilities and powers and experiencing the Universe in all its dimension. Don’t miss it and I give you the assurance - wealth, time, nothing will be obstacle. Everything will support you. Put your intention in the form of intention form. Express your intention - that’s enough. You will see wealth flows, time, energy, all the support you need, everything gets organized and your intention becomes reality… without even you planning about it, strategizing about it. Your Will, will simply will become reality. My blessings. Put your intention through the intention form and whatever you wrote, you want to manifest once the wealth consciousness manifests in you, sit with that and continue to chant this mantra. This will vibrate you in the same space of SwarnaKarshana Bhairava, DhanaKarshana Bhairava. The whole software will get into your system. After few minutes, after the rituals are concluded, we will enter into completion, purna aahuti and completion of the aushadha. So let’s continue the mantra chanting, vibrating with SwarnaKarshana Bhairava - the wealth consciousness energy. Let’s vibrate with this awakening wealth consciousness energy.




(Chanting continues)


Om Shreem Hreem Kleem Om Namo Bhagawate SwarnaKarshana Bhairavaya

Pranata Abheeshta Paripooranaaya Ehyehi Karunaanidhe Mahyam Hiranyam

daapaya daapaya  Shreem Hreem Kleem Svaaha



Yes, we can now come to the Uttaranga Puja, means, conclusive of SwarnaKarshana Bhairava - DhanaKarshana Bhairava Homa and SwarnaKarshana Bhairava - DhanaKarshana Bhairava Aushadha making process. With this high energy of SwarnaKarshana - DhanaKarshana Bhairava, anybody who has a intention for MahaSadāshivoham, put your intention, sit with that intention, it will become reality. Wealth always supports higher cause. It is there only for higher cause, so let’s start the conclusion process. Once again I invite all of you. Understand. It is time, you need to have super conscious breakthrough. Just now, actually I went out to give a session to France. Hall is packed, jam-packed in France. I told them, “Best bodies, best dresses, best fashion, produced anywhere in the world, has to walk the ramp in Paris.” Now the best Beings produced, super conscious breakthrough Nithyananda Yogis are walking the ramp in Paris. I have sent them to Paris to introduce them to the world. Having large wealth - outdated old fashion. Having large houses - outdated old fashion. Having huge cars - outdated old fashion. Having best boyfriend, girlfriend - outdated old fashion. Having all the drugs, luxuries - all outdated old fashion. Done with it. Having powers is the trend. Having super conscious breakthrough and having powers is the trend. I told Paris, “Get trendy.” I told Paris, “Get trendy, become fashionable, don’t miss it. For quite a long time you guys were setting the trend and fashion. Now it is time, we set the trend and fashion.” It is now rudraksha - that is fashion… and powers of Rudra - that is trend. Not just purpose of human life, the purpose of life on the Planet Earth itself is only to have super conscious breakthrough. If you are hearing these words, you have all the right to have super conscious breakthrough. It’s your birthright. Fill your intention...fill your intention form - I’ll make it into reality. It will become reality. IT WILL BECOME REALITY. So, with the blessings of MahaSadāshiva, grace of DhanaKarshana Bhairava - SwarnaKarshana Bhairava, your intention to be here in MahaSadāshivoham December-January for 25 days, will become reality. Now sit with the intention, we will come to the Uttaranga Puja - completion of Homa and Aushadha preparation.



(End of Homa)



So with this, successfully the Homa of SwarnaKarshana Bhairava and DhanaKarshana Bhairava and the Aushadha of SwarnaKarshana Bhairava and DhanaKarshana Bhairava is completed. Now, if you are physically here in Bengaluru Aadheenam, apply this aushadha which is in these two, on your third eye and both the temples. If you are on line sitting with us, one-way or 2-way, My blessings, you already received the blessings, now it is time, file your intention, to come to MahaSadāshivoham and it will be made into reality. All the other intentions you wrote, which you want to manifest, when the wealth consciousness is awakened in you, will start manifesting. My blessings to all of you. Be Blissful.


With this, I bless you all, let’s all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, Living Shuddhadvaita Saivam, Sadāshivoham, the Eternal Bliss - Nithyananda.


Thank you.

Be Blissful.