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In today’s (15 May 2015) Nithya Satsang on Kathopanishad in Living Advaita Series from Varanasi, Paramahamsa Nithyananda continues intercepting into the subject-matter of Death! The essence, result, gift of Kathopanishad, the last word of Yama Dharma on Life And Death is - Awaken your ability to be reborn, awaken your ability to reinvent yourself. He reveals that Life itself is the science of reinventing yourself. For this reinvention to happen, the first thing we need is - ability to drop the past as past, which has no power over us. We learn nothing from past, except learning not to be affected and leave it. Second, having the courage to keep our possibility alive in face of impossibilities we perceive. He gives us the great news that our past thought currents and patterns are matter and have no power over our Consciousness. Our urge needs to become urgent to be reborn and reinvent ourselves. Watch, Share and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload click to subscribe. visit:
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                                                nithyānandeśvara samārambhām

nithyānandeśvari madhyamām |

asmat āchārya paryantām

vande guru paramparām ||





I welcome all of you with my love and respects.


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Death – the subject matter of Kathopanishad. I feel still I have not yet explained, that one concept which I started explaining from day before yesterday. So I will continue to expand on that, little more detailed way so that it can be absorbed as an experience for all of you.


Listen. Please listen with all your attention. The constant happening of life can be perceived as constant rebirth or a constant death. If you perceive as a constant rebirth, or a constant death, if you perceive it as a constant rebirth, you will experience the beauty of life. If you perceive, listen, if you perceive life as a constant rebirth or constant death, both the ways, whatever way you may be perceiving, life is not going to change. Please understand, reality does not wait for your acceptance.


I think I need to give more examples, then you can grasp, you catch what I am saying.


Whatever need to be taken away from you, when that is taken away, your hue and cry, non-acceptance, screaming, shouting, cursing, all that will neither stop nor reduce the speed of those things being taken away from you. Same way, whatever needs to be showered on you, your blessing, your praising, all those things will not multiply the things which is going to be showered on you. Please listen, praising God, or Life or Guru, is not to please them, but to keep you in a pleasant space. Understand, be very clear, praising God or Guru or life, is not to please them, but for you to be pleasant. Never ever think you can bribe Mahadeva. No! If you are in the mood of praising them, you will be in the pleasant space. That is the result, that is the fruit of praising Gods, Goddess, doing Sahasranāma (chanting 1000 names of Gods), doing archana, vandana, bhajana, pujana, seva—worshipping, chanting, serving, praising—all that is for you to be kept in the space of pleasantness. Bribing Mahadeva is not possible. Listen, no bribing is going to work. You can’t bribe Him. You can’t bribe Him.





I want everyone of you to do this homework today. Sitting with yourself and seeing what all the aspects of your life, you feel you are having rebirth, what all the aspects of your life, you are feeling you are dying. Health, just see and pen down. Do I feel I am reborn constantly or I am dying constantly. After everyday am I feeling am I feeling I am reborn or am I feeling I am dying? In my relationship, my relationship with my mother, am I getting reborn everyday or am I dying everyday. Relationship with my father, am I getting reborn everyday or am I dying everyday, relationship with my spouse, am I getting reborn everyday or am I dying everyday?


Please understand, just this simple awareness shift. If you just bring the awareness, the way I am able to move my back, my body movements, am I getting reborn everyday or am I dying everyday. The way I am able to handle the shocks of life, even if it is a small tremor, and I making it that as an earthquake, or even if it is an earthquake, or am I just standing, like Pasupatinath.


Understand, I want you to know, such huge Tsunami, not a single temple got washed away. In India, that bit Tsunami, it is shocking because Tiruchendur, Kanyakumari and all those places, everyday the wave touches the temple compound. Suddenly, in those areas, ocean is withdrawn, not a single temple got destroyed, and, such a Himalayan tsunami, Kedarnath is standing, he is just standing. Much stronger modern day RCC buildings disappeared. Kedarnath is standing. Nepal not even one crack Pasupatinath, so many other things collapsed, Pasupatinath is standing. I tell you, our Hindu temples are designed in tune in panchabhutas (five primal life-sustaining elements), so panchabhutas don’t destroy Hindu temples.


The 6th bhuta, stupidity of human beings, that only destroys Hindu temples. Even that is not able to destroy South Indian temples. See this Kailasanath temple in central India, Aurangzeb has deployed a huge army, after working on it for almost 2 years, they were only able to damage, not able to destroy it. Two years, around 10,000 people were breaking, breaking, breaking, finally they got tired and went away, They were not able to demolish it, they were only able to damage it.


Anyhow, listen. In every aspect of your life, are you dying day by day, when the life is happening? Are you feeling you are dying or are you feeling that you are being re-born? This simple awareness shift, naturally you will want to be reborn. So you will catch where all you are unaware and dying, and you will see, you will see automatically, you plan for constantly being reborn. Please understand, this planning to be reborn will make you re-invent yourself. This ability to re-invent yourself. In every aspect of life, the ability to re-invent yourself. I can say, final prasada (grace), result, gift, the essence of this Kathopanishad is—Awakening your ability to REBORN and re-invent yourself, that’s all.


Please understand, Yama Dharma is talking about Death, revealing at least 20 sacred secrets about Life and Death. But final essence, the final result, the last word of Yama Dharma, from the Kathopanishad is – Awaken your ability to reinvent yourself...Awaken your ability to reinvent yourself.


Life itself, whether you want you health, you want wealth, you want joy bliss, you want contentment, you want completion, you want relationships, you want Enlightenment, Life itself, it is just the science of reinventing yourself. If you know how to re-invent yourself in the same body, you will how to re-invent yourself in the same body, you will know how to re-invent yourself when you leave the body also.


Ability to reinvent yourself, even when you leave the body is Conscious birth. Ability to reinvent yourself when you are in the body is Enlightenment.


Listen, constantly reinvent yourself. For the re-invention the first thing you need to do, you should be capable of dropping the past as past. Past has no meaning to you, other than making you understand, it has no meaning to you. Past has no meaning to you, other than making you understand, it has no meaning to you.


I tell you, the only lesson you need to learn from past is – don’t be affected by it, and with my responsibility I am telling you, there is nothing good you need to learn from past, you go on justifying yourself, making you believe, no, no from the past mistakes I will learn. No one learnt, relax! No one learnt, relax! It’s a stupid illusion, delusion in the name of, oh I will learn from past mistake, you want to be go on brooding about it, no one learned it, relax. No one build Tajmahal for love. Even Sharjahan did not build for love. It is stupid theory being invented.


The amount of lies told to us about Indian history to us, oh God. The amount of lies, if you carbon date of the Tajmahal, it says 1000 year old, and these fellows go on pushing us to believe that Tajmahal is built by Sharjahan. Is there no limit for stupidity! And there are tons and tons of evidences, it was Shiva temple. When some researchers, scientists,  archeologists tried to reveal this, he is silenced brutally.


Anyhow, let us come back to Kathopanishad.


 Listen. Ability to re-invent yourself. Ability to reinvent yourself. I think I need to expand on this, only then I will feel complete that I have introduced the subject matter of Kathopanishad.


Past has no power over you. Past has no place in your life. Do not have the desire to learn from past. Do not think something good can come out of brooding over your past. Don’t dream from past your future can grow. No. Completely discarding your past can create lot more space and possibility in you than trying to pick up the lessons from the past. It’s like in villages, they will grow hen and chicken in the house, they will run around and constantly playing in the dustbin, or where they put all that dirt in that corner, it will try to pick up some worms and everything.  Just like that hen or chicken, don’t play with your past, it is dustbin. How much ever, whatever you may want to pick up from the dustbin, the final result will be dump me and go and live your life. That is what past can give.


The ultimate lesson your past can give to you is – leave me and go and live, leave me and go and live. Ability to discard past. When you drop the past, life becomes a possibility, greatest possibility. Whenever I read the great saints, sages life – Valmika, Arunagirinathar Swami, not Arunagiri Yogishwara, Arunagirinathar, a saint lived in my native place, Tiruvannamalai, he was born and brought up in Tiruvannamalai; Ramadas, Kanakadas, Purandardas, Vittaladasa, the dasa sampradaya (servitor’s lineage), bhaktas (devotees), whenever I read their histories, stories, one of the most important point that strikes me is – their ability to reinvent themselves, and the moment they decided to reinvent themselves only is claimed as their Enlightenment moment. Please understand, the moment when they decided and declared they will reinvent themselves, that moment only is considered as their Enlightenment moment, that moment only is attributed as the moment when God gave darshan (vision) to them, when they are awakened, or the moment of spiritual enlightenment and experience, whatever, whatever, whatever. It is just the moment they decide to reinvent themselves. Please understand, decision to reinvent yourself, decision to reinvent yourself is the essence of Kathopanishad.


Brahmasvarupa is messaging me, “When you leave the past, your life become feast, not fast.” Relax. You don’t need to supply quotes to me, and this quote is wrong. When you leave your past, your life becomes feast, not fast. Life becoming fast means restless. When you leave your past life becomes feast not just fast. Good, I have not become that poor that Brahmasvarupa can give me quotations. 


I already wrote the poem as I committed with you all yesterday, see it has come out in the style, the spontaneous style of how I sang a few days before, in satsang about the love current of Mahadeva. I am just sitting and referring, because I wanted to make this as a traditional poetry, not the modern day poetry. In Tamil there is two section – Marabu kavidai, Pudhu kavidai, sections are there. The traditional poetry and modern poetry. In traditional poetry there are grammars for the poetry, my spontaneous expression, I don’t know how much it aligns to the grammar, so I am taking a few days, it will take a few days, to align them to the grammar, because I used to in 1995-1996, in those period, I used to write this traditional poetry without missing the grammar, without missing the traditional Tamil grammar. Tamil grammar is something far, far deeper, complicated than Sanskrit grammar. Please understand, I am not disrespecting Sanskrit, because I have knowledge about both the languages. I tell you, the grammar, the Tamil grammar is very complicated because the language was used, being used as a spoken language till now. Sanskrit is no more a spoken language, even in those days, it was not a communication language it was only a language used for elite for writing, but Tamil remained a communication language from the time of origin. So I am aligning, it to the grammar, then I will bring it as sing. Reinventing yourself. Please understand. The first step is dropping the load of the past. The second step, is having courage to keep your possibility alive in the face of any impossibility perceived by you because of your SDHD. Listen, keeping your possibility alive in the face of any impossibility perceived by your SDHD.


Ability to reinvent yourself. It is not necessary you need to live with the same current of thoughts or patterns. Please understand, it is not necessary you need to live with the same current of thoughts or patterns throughout your life, because you created it once accidently. They won’t mistake you, sent them out. You think, oh, they are our guests, after all they lived with me for such a long time, how can I send them out. No, not necessary. Whether you want to get rid of a simple addiction like smoking, or one of the most subtle addictions, the innate violence. Please understand, yesterday in the last session, in the night I was explaining about the innate violence, because you missed the oneness, you have a deep anger and hated towards unknown persons. It’s like FIR filed on unknown persons, not just on one person, or two person, anybody who is seen, unseen by me and you go on suffering with that innate anger, hatred, frustration. One good news I have for all of you - patterns are matter, you can conquer them. They are not more powerful than you.


Please understand, they are not more powerful than you.See somebody who is interested only in money, for him this silver stick, this may be more valuable than me, he will feel if I take this away it will be more useful, if he takes me what to do, he has to give food and very difficulty to maintain.


No if he takes me, then what to do, nothing can be done, no use, if he takes this, it will be useful for him at least. For a person who is interested in money, for him, it may look, this may look more valuable than me, but in reality this is not more valuable than me. Understand, look into your life in every place, look into your life in every place, where stupidity, the matter is being given so much of importance over the Consciousness. You see inside, actually I tell you, your whole problem in the life is nothing more than a simple early morning laziness in the bed. Listen,

see, early morning in the bed, you are already awake, but you are feeling why not, ten more minutes, I know, what is there. But if really there

is a flight, you won’t miss. If there is a compulsion, you will not entertain that laziness, you will just out.


The laziness is just, aaaahhh, there is no compulsion, it’s ok.


All your suffering and ignorance and SDHD, self-doubt, self-hatred, self-denial, all that is only because you think, you have a freedom. Please listen, you have free space to play, something in your life, makes you feel the urge is urgent, no; you can’t play this game anymore. A disease, or an accident, or a breaking up of a relationship or something, very strong root shock, you just wake up and decide to re-invent yourself. Most of you would have decided yourself only when you have been slapped by a root shock by life. How many of you please raise your hand. It’s true. Root shock, does not give you time to think, you have to decide to re-invent yourself.


All the problems in your life is just cherishing that early morning laziness in the bed. That same attitude, in everything in the life. “I have to stop drinking, ok, what is there, now, today this one glass, am I going to die, or what.” Alcohol is such, after one glass goes inside, you will forget that you thought, what this one glass is going to do, because after that goes inside, that starts drinking. Only the first glass you drink, second glass, the first glass is drinking, and


you are no more in control, you are no more in control.  Only yesterday, I discovered, first few verse, when I was compiling, only it was taking a few minutes or using words and all that. After 3 or 4 verse, suddenly I have courage, come let me write andhadi, andhadi means 100 verse. I suddenly decided let me write 100 andhadi and it did not have any big plan. Maybe when I will present it to you guys, I will be presenting 100 verse.


Listen. Alcohol and poetry is one and the same. See, alcohol does damage to you. Poetry does healing to you, that’s all, both the result is different, but the way it flows, if you take the first glass, second glass you will not be drinking, the first glass you will be drinking, if you write the first poetry, second poetry you don’t have to sing, second poetry will sing the second poetry, that is andhadi. First poetry will sing the second poetry. First poem will write the second poem. That is andhadhi.


Listen, the simple laziness, which you cherish, thinking things are not that urgent, that needs to be broken for re-inventing yourself. It is urgent! The moment you are born looking into death is urgent, because any moment it can happen. Good news is your Consciousness is more powerful than any patterns or the matter.  The great news I have, is you just need to feel the urge into urgent, that’s all. You need to feel the urge into urgent. Don’t say, “ahhhh...I need to stop smoking, but I smoked ten years, will this one cigarette kill me or what ?”


The other day I was reading a quotation in Facebook, it says, “B.K. Iyengar did yoga throughout his life, he dies at 93, Kushwant Singh drank whiskey throughout his life and he died in 96. So the moral of the story, whiskey gives you 3 years edge over the life. What is stupid theory people develop! No the stupidity is when you are drunk, all this looks real. A man who regularly drinks really believes this. Kushwant Singh if he has not, if he was not drinking whiskey every day, might have lived even 200 years who knows. The B.K. S. family, genetics he might have died at 40, because of yoga he lived to 83, who knows, look into that. People think,  “I have to give up smoking, but I smoked for ten years, will this one cigarette kill me today, or what, come on, it’s okay, I have to stop smoking,” and continuing smoking.


Because the urge to reinvent has not become urgent. It is as simple as smoking to smoking to as deepest pattern of innate violence.


Even with innate the violence, I should not be shouting like this to my mother in law, I should become more humble, respectful to her. Thinking this, but the moment she passes by in front of you, {Swamiji plays a AK-47} and after finishing, suddenly again you will remember, “I thought I should speak little patiently with her.”


Please understand, all conscious human beings has urge to re-invent themselves. That’s the good news.


 Only thing it should become urgent, that’s all. It should become urgent.

I am not at all denying the existence of the urge, but the urge is supposed to become urgent. Re-invent yourself again and again and again. That is the essence of Kathopanishad.


I tell you, in Indian tradition anyone who wants to be an Enlightened Being is asked to do Parivrajika yatra, means changing the place every three days and travel. Why you know? Because when you go to new, new places, your ability to reinvent yourself, will start flowering. I feel whether you want to be Grihasta or Sannyasi, in the young age, during the period of Brahmacharya, you should spend a little time in Parivrajika yatra, and reinvent yourself. I am already planning after they cross 18, I am going to send my Gurukul kids for Parivrajika yatra, because that is one of the important trainings they cannot afford to miss. I am just waiting for them to cross 18. I think most of them by the time they cross 18 they will be already Peethadi Pati of some Peetha (spiritual head of some spiritual seat of authority), because that is the way I am creating peethas everywhere. Even if they are Peethadi Pati of a Peetha, they should do Parivrajika yatra, after they cross 18; because there, you get the chance and possibility to reinvent yourself with the new, new, new group of people.


Jnanatma has got a historic reference. BK Iyengar’s father died when he was only 9 years old, his childhood was marked with a series of serious illnesses including malaria, tuberculosis, together with malnutrition. He was actually on way to die very early, from his history biography. Jnanatma gave the reference. So be very clear, don’t believe this Kushwant theory. From Iyengar website, we got his biographical reference. He living up to 93 equals to living up to 200 years.


Alright listen, how many times I may repeat, the essence is ability to re-invent yourself, that’s all, that’s all.


So, with this, I will continue to expand on Kathopanishad in further satsangs.


I bless you all, let you radiate, with integrity, responsibility and enriching, causing, living Advaita, the Eternal Bliss, Nithyananda, thank you. Be blissful!