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nithyānandeśvara sadāshiva samārambhām
nithyānandeśvari adi shakti madhyamām |
asmat āchārya paryantām vande guru paramparām ||







So here we’re getting a very sacred Ask The Avatar session from someone who just graduated from Nithyananda Gurukul by turning twenty-one yesterday. [APPLAUSE] It’s none other than Ma Nithya Shuddhatmanasa. Ma Nithya Shuddhatmanasananda was born in Southern California where she was raised along with her twin brother in a family of four. Although they were given everything they wanted when it came to material possessions, the atheism of her family deprived her of something higher. Despite being showered with toys, electronics, attention, and vacations, she felt an emptiness and a dissatisfaction. In high school, she was crowned as homecoming queen in a school with over four thousand students. She had friends in every direction but through all of that  she felt herself going down a path of confusion and self-destruction, wasting her teen years on parties and meaningless relationships. Toward the end of her teens, she wanted one thing that made her feel more whole: the outdoors. Backpacking, trekking, camping, traveling, adventure became her life. Then one day while hanging out with a friend, everything changed.  She was invited to join a program that night in a temple. She had never been to a temple before and knew nothing about what temples are. Blessedly this was no other temple. This was Nithyananda Peetham Los Angeles Aadheenam.


When she listened to His Holiness Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda Swamiji speak that night, she was a bit confused. Who was this fellow dripping with golden jewelry and such a big, big turban, she wondered. It was all so foreign to her but when she really took in his words, her mind was completely blown. Regardless of the slight culture shock, for the first time she experienced the flood of clicks and realizations and started to develop more and more curiosity about life and the Universe. She fell in love with Swamiji and beyond with the entire environment around him. The temple, the people there, the deities, and especially the food which correlated beautifully with her passion for veganism and healthy eating. For eight months prior to that sacred day she had been planning a long trip, a pilgrimage of soul self-discovery. She had decided to walk the complete length of American alone from Mexico to Canada. Before she left, she received a very sacred gift from a friend: a kanta mala blessed by Swamiji himself that bore his picture through which she was told Swamiji would keep safe along the arduous West Crest Trail. She also received a book which is more than a book which more than a book but a living, reciprocating super conscious energy, Living Enlightenment. Her trek spanned five months and two thousand six hundred and fifty miles. She traversed rough and scauldingly hot stretched through the Mohave dessert with scarce to no water sources. She climbed the high peaks of the snowy Sierra Mountains including Mount Whitney, the highest mountain in the continental United States. Whenever the challenge tough, Shuddhatmanasa held the small pendant on her mala that bore Swamiji’s photo with full trust in his protection. She sat up late into the nights reading whatever she could from Swamiji’s book, until she fell asleep under the stars. Cowboy Camping is what this is called in the West. But she later discovered that Swamiji calls this ‘enjoying a billion star hotel’.


Although at that point she had barely just discovered Swamiji she hung onto what she knew of the divine avatar and his teachings occupied her mind from the beginning [PHOTO, APPLAUSE] – his teachings occupied her mind from the beginning to the end of her trip. Once she had completed the journey, she couldn’t settle back into her old comfortable routine, so she decided to move across the Unites States to somewhere totally new. Then she realized she had chosen a place with no sign of Swamiji’s Sangha, no temple or Aadheenam to be seen. She felt sadly disconnected from her discovered spiritual family and was yearning to learn more, and especially to meet Swamiji. She started a new job at an outdoor clothing store, and on one seemingly ordinary day a girl came in looking to buy a pair of boots. Shuddhatmanasa waited on her until she noticed something wonderful. That girl was also wearing Swamiji’s kanta mala. All thought of boots and sports apparel dropped from her mind and she proceeded to grill her new found friend with questions. ‘Are there any nearby temples or centers? How can a girl connect with Swamiji here? What should I do next, I need to meet Swamiji?’ One divine synchronicity led to another. And soon enough she found herself attending the powerful Be Your Own Boss two-day workshop. It was there that she felt the strongest calling of her life, and set an intention to attend the April 2017 Inner Awakening.


Regardless of the fact that it was starting in only two weeks, and that she no visa, very little money, rent to pay, a dog to take care, two jobs and a relationship, everything else beside her goal became redundant. Will persistence kicked in and in just one week, Shuddhatmanasa manifested her Inner Awakening. Everything fell beautifully into place the moment she decided she had to be here. And after Inner Awakening she understood Swamiji’s invitation was not merely to a three-week program but to a life of limitless possibility at Nithyananda Peetham Bengaluru Aadheenam. She realized she simply had to live in Swamiji’s home as an Aadheenavasi and thus joined Nithyananda Gurukul.




That’s right, you might be wondering how somebody with this biography could join the Gurukul. Amazingly, all of this had happened while Shuddhatmanasa had not yet finished the age of twenty. In Gurukul she jumped at the chance to become a member of the Nithyananda Sannyas Sampradaya and was initiated into Swamiji’s own monastic order where she feels life is now fulfilling her beyond her wildest dreams. And now she’s here on stage with Avatar himself, who protected her in he form of a kanta mala, kept her inspiration high in the form of a book, and gave purpose to her life in the form of his divine mission. She’s ready to ask him all the burning questions that erupted in her being through discovering him. Swamiji has already transformed her so much and brought from a path of fear, confusion, and self-destruction to a path of power, confidence and compassion. Now let’s all enjoy as she takes her relationship with Swamiji to the next level with a list of questions which nobody else but Sadashiva can answer for which we know the perfect truths will flow as she asks the Avatar.






So, first question. As you know, nowadays a lot of teens and young adults like me back then were going through such a path of -  going down such  a path of self-destruction. For example, many teens in the West are seeking but they’re actually seeking in ways like through psychedelic drugs, alcohol, parties, raves, and sex. They strongly believe that this is the way to connect to the Universe and spirituality. How can they move beyond that?






Listen, you’re asking about these psychedelic drugs and using all the extreme things. You mentioned psychedelic drugs and all the other extreme external pleasures like sex at very young age, all these kind of things. People start using to connect with the Universe. They think that is the best way. Understand. I am not going to comment Eastern lifestyle, Western lifestyle. First of all those boundaries are no more real. Now it is only one lifestyle Internet lifestyle that’s all and what we want we choose. So I’m not going to answer with the idea of Eastern or Western. I will answer let us inquire into reality. See, fundamentally human being is designed to explore extraordinary possibilities and powers. That is his fundamental relationship between him and the Cosmos, him and the Universe. When he is denied his fundamental right of exploring the powers and possibilities of the universe – when a lion is not allowed to become lion, it’ll become fox. It’ll become fox. Understand, modern day youth best human beings, because we are the latest version. Understand. Latest version of consciousness is who? Youth. Youth are the latest version of consciousness. Universe also upgrades itself. Understand. The most recent edition of consciousness is youth. What I said something new? I am just logically putting it in words the reality. The most latest version of edition of consciousness is youth. And when they are denied their fundamental right of exploring and experiencing the powers and possibilities by not being provided right education, understanding, and atmosphere, they revolt by exploring what is available without logic even if it is hurting their life. They are rebelling against the whole system, even with the cost of self-destruction. They know they are destroying themselves but they do not know how to rebel, how to send a statement: you guys are not teaching us right things, you guys are not teaching us right understandings, you guys are not giving us right atmosphere. How will they make the statement to the so-called people who are the power over the society, decision-makers of the society? This is the strong way they make a statement. Psychedelic drugs, alcohol, rave parties and sex, what they strongly believe is the way to connect to the Universe and the spirituality – see they are very clearly sending out their will and willingness to the power centers, power holders. Understand, fortunately youth are the latest edition of consciousness. Unfortunately, power is with old people, old editions. Old editions hold power, new editions are alive. Now the new editions are not given right understanding and atmosphere. This is the way they are give a message to the old edition – we are willing to explore the universe, teach us the right way if not whatever is available with that we will start exploring. Either you give us food or we will start putting the mud into our mouth because that is what is in front of us. Either you teach us oneness or life is gunness.




Understand. Oneness should reach Guinness. That is the only way for life of the planet Earth. If gunness reaching Guinness nobody will be there even to read the record. Only if the Oneness reaches the Guinness, world will exist, universe will survive, universe will exist. Understand, oneness need to reach Guinness means Oneness should become mainstream, lifestyle. New York should really become New York, should not continue with the old lifestyle. See, the psychedelic drugs, alcohol, rave parties, all that has become old enough.


Understand, something which is no more useful is old. Something which is no more useful – aged and no more useful is old. Something which is aged buy verily useful is ancient.


In Sanskrit we have two words – viruddha (विरुद्ध), purātana. Which is against the life is viruddha, which may be old but useful to the life is Puratāna, Sanatana. Understand, psychedelic drugs, alcohol, rave parties, and sex, all of them are old, not ancient. Not Sanatana.


Let’s get back to Sanatana from old.






So my next question: Many parents are actually paying thousands and thousands of dollars to put their kids through rehabilitation centers and treatment facilities to overcome depression, addiction, other problems. But many times these kids come out of these facilities even more depressed, even more damaged. How can they overcome this and be directed to you instead?






If you don’t teach the kids habilitation, you only have to put them in rehabilitation. Have you made them? It is so unfortunate modern day society spends so much on rehabilitation instead of educating them from the beginning about life. Habit decides whether you are going to be habitated or rehabilitated. One of the biggest problem where billions of dollars are going – I tell you fundamentally each parents are the visionaries for their own kids. No country’s atmosphere, no society’s atmosphere can be the ultimate solution. It is the atmosphere parents create in the home is the real solution. I will hold parents responsible. Not anybody else. If you are afraid you may not be able to bring up your kids, don’t give birth, don’t give birth. I tell you, fundamentally we should shift the way kids are educated about themself and about life, about Universe, about God, about the purpose, about why why, what is what, how is how, where is where, which is which.


They need to be taught from the life positive image angle of what is what, which is which, why is why, how is how, where is where, when is when. They need to understand fundamental questions of life from the angle of life for the sake of life. I tell you, what’s the difference between Oneness, Spirituality, Power Manifestation? This also puts you high. And psychedelic drugs, alcohol, rave parties. That also put you high. Why this, why not that. Understand, if you are doing this means Spirituality, Oneness, Power Manifestation, Aushadha, you will live physically, mentally, physiologically long exploring more possibilities and powers. With that not only you will reduce the quantity of your life, quality of your life too. Drastically both reduced.  Drastically both are reduced. The attitudes, understanding, thought currents, ideologies, conversations should all be focused about life positive.




I feel if the schools and Sunday schools do their job, we may not need jails and rehabilitation facilities. If the atmosphere –Vātāvarana provided, if it is life positive I don’t think you need to fill them with psychiatric drugs. I am shocked when universities open psychiatric counseling stations and units and drug the kids, sedate them. I don’t know where are we heading. If kids are difficult to be handled don’t give birth. Don’t give birth and sedate them and get the karma of drug abuse making them literally living dead. And it is all, it is all just in the atmosphere, ambience Vātāvarana in the name of freedom we provide choices, we do not educate the technique of Svatantra, ability to handle yourself. First things first, ability to handle yourself.  Svatantra first, freedom next. Svatantra first, choices next. If the choices are first, Svatantra will never come to you. You will be dead. In the name of choices, Svatantra is denied. I think Svatantra should be the first priority. Svatantra should be the first priority. Not choices. Choices are great. I am not against choices. First Svatantra then choices. First Svatantra, then choices. So, next.






So the next question I have, a lot of kids even more than adults it seems, like some of my pre-monastic friends and others from social media, they’re asking me why Guru, why follow someone, why not just figure it all out on your own, follow your own path? I get this question a lot.






All right, you ask them. People who say why follow someone, why not figure it out all by yourself, are you figuring it out all by yourself or from your bad friends. If you don’t have a Guru, your bad friends are your Gurus. Who ever tells you you don’t need, they are your Gurus. Understand. If somebody tells you don’t need a Guru and you listen to them, you already accepted them as your Guru. When they come and tell you you don’t need a Guru, you tell them I don’t need a Guru, please leave. [LAUGHTER/APPLAUSE]


When they come and tell you, you don’t need a Guru, you can figure out all by yourself you tell them, Yes, I don’t need a Guru, I’ll figure it out all by myself, please leave me alone. That should be the answer. Just turn the table. Just turn the table. Understand, when somebody comes and asks you, why not just make your own spiritual path, and figure it out yourself, and what is the right response for this mindset. This is the right response. Tell them yes, I don’t need a Guru, I’ll figure it on my own, I’ll figure it out my own path by myself, and please leave me alone. Then Google Nithyananda. That’s all. [LAUGHTER/APPLAUSE] Or even Google Why Guru, you will have answer, that’s all.






So how can youth consciously change the political structure? What should they be putting their energy towards?






Usually I don’t answer the political related questions, so I’ll say consciously change your inner infrastructure and that will take care of everything else.






What role should parents and teachers be making, like what should they be doing to bring up kids and have them expand in the very best way, most efficient way?






Understand, fundamentally every cognition they teach to their kids should be life positive, life oriented, to live their best possibilities and powers physically, physiologically, psychologically, consciously, that’s it.


So with this, My blessings. Let you all radiate with integrity, authenticity, responsibility, enriching, causing, living Shuddhadvaita Shaivam, Sadashivoham, the eternal bliss, Nithyandanda. Thank you. Be blissful.


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