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In this video (7th Oct, 2017), from the Ask The Avatar series, Paramahamsa Nithyananda answers questions on moving from modern to traditional forms of medicine and the revival of ancient Vedic technologies. Watch, share and like the videos and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click to subscribe. Website and Social Media:
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(Ma Jnanatma Swami )


Nithyanandam. I am very happy, that we are starting the “Ask The Avatar” Series, after a very long break today. And today, I am very very happy to announce the guest, who is going to be sharing the stage with Swamiji. He is actually an Inner Awakening participant. The person, who is going to be interviewing Swamiji in today’s “Ask The Avatar” episode, is Dr Biplab Mishra. Please come up on the stage. Dr Biplab Mishra is a Professor of Surgery, in the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, well known as AIIMS, New Delhi. Please…….  He has spent more than 25 years in AIIMS, having joined the Institute as an MBBS student, in the year 1991. He is an expert in Trauma Surgery and Thoracic Surgery, which is also called as the Chest Surgery. He is well known for one amazing surgery that he conducted in the year 2008, where a 22 year old man was impaled with a 4x4 centimeter iron bar, which had gone through his chest and abdomen, just missing the heart by a few centimeters. The successful management of the case, became world famous for the innovative technique used in the operation, for not just a dramatic presentation. Just go to the next slide…… You can actually see the patient. [Photo is projected] He got into a road accident, where the driver actually slept and the rod completely pierced his body. It actually came through his body fully and Dr Biplabji actually completely performed the surgery. Within 17 days, within 17 days the patient actually got discharged from the hospital and after his discharge, right after 17 days after this incident happened, this is how the patient looked. Yes! [Photo projected] He is now…. This patient is now married and he has children as well. He is the….  Dr Biplab Mishra is also the pioneer in the management of perforation of heart due to accidents, in India, which he started in the year 2008. And there are 2 medical entities or terms that are named after him - namely the Mishra Phenomena and the Mishra Sign. So it is with great honor and pleasure, I welcome Dr Biplab Mishraji, on to the stage and I am sure all of us are excited, for the next episode of “Ask The Avatar.” Nithyanandam.








(Dr Biplab Mishra)

Nithyanandam Swamiji.



Nithyanandam - Namaste



(Dr Biplab Mishra)

First of all… first I would like to ask you a question - “We had a very glorious Vedic culture and technology 1000s of years back. We had amazing powers and amazing technology. And there were people also who used to practice all this, who used to have those powers. And even many of the powers which are negative and which are present also, at present, they were probably not there at that time also. So what was it, what is it, actually that led us to fall from that human to sub-human we are at present?”





See fundamentally, manifesting only powers and getting involved too much into powers and missing the state and the space of responsibility. If I have to give one line answer - all the downfall of very highly evolved civilization - one line answer - we forgot the responsibility is as important as manifestation of powers.


One side….. in the power manifestation, in the glory, excitement, the responsibility to handle those powers, were forgotten.  So next generations, they were empowered with powers but not enough responsible space to handle those powers; like a Ashwathama. Drona will never do such a irresponsible job of invoking Brahmastra out of sheer revenge. But unfortunately, Drona has done a biggest...I should not...I don’t know what word I should utter or I should not utter….but whatever is said and done, Reality is Reality. Drona out of his too much of attachment towards his son Ashwathama, empowered Ashwathama with the power of Brahmastra, before even he empowered him with the responsibility to handle Brahmastra. This side Arjuna has Brahmastra, but fortunately has a person like Krishna, who has the power and responsibility, both. This side, Ashwathama has only power but not responsibility. All the damage, if you see the whole Mahabharata, I should say that Mahabharata was one of the biggest collapse of the higher civilization, almost, almost, all the best people are dead. Almost all the best technologies gone! If you see the whole Mahabharata war – people empowered and responsible, people only empowered but not feeling responsible. What is the need for so much of powers being used just for vengeance? And some of the fundamental mistakes happened… the blind spots. Not only Drona, if you look little that side, even Krishna, the kind of a responsibility he showed when it came to Arjuna, unfortunately his own son empowered so much with powers but did not become responsible. I don’t have a answer for….but this is the Reality. Somewhere we used the word Kali Age, to name that infamous blind spot of getting empowered, but not feeling responsible with the powers.


In my own life it happened. But fortunately immediately my Gurus have appeared and they protected and empowered Me with the responsibility. I should say the whole thing, the question which you are asking - whether why we lost the great Vaimanik Shastra or why we lost the great Sanjeevani science or why we lost the great Amritattva science - the Aushadha for nectar, Aushadha for immortality or why we lost this great powerful weapons. You see, all the weapons were not only just destructive. See the….. Arjuna used Varuna Astra, to bring water for Bhishma. It’s not that Varuna Astra is used only for destruction. It is used to bring water in the desert. Why we lost all these powers and Astras and Shastras and the great….not only luxuries, tools, even that grandness of the civilization - I will answer in one line - Too many powers were available to people who are not feeling that responsible. Ashwathama Phenomena. I’ll name that as “Ashwathama Phenomena”, because Aswathama and Krishna’s son, these two are the worst examples of being pampered, but not become responsible. Fortunately, Krishna did not give Brahmastra to His son; but surely the title ‘Krishna’s son’, he misused. He was not responsible even for the ‘title’. But here Drona’s son, not only the ‘title’, he even inherited all the powers of Drona. And… people like him, they are responsible for the whole destruction.


That is why, again and again and again, I insist on the state of Sadāshiva - Nirvikalpa Samadhi first. From that operate responsibly. From that space, lets manifest the powers. The whole science I am teaching, actually the whole new software I have developed, if somebody falls from the state or space, they will not manifest powers. Because I do not want one more Mahabharata or one more destruction. See, humanity cannot be inspired without being empowered by manifesting powers. There is a big chunk of dry Vendantis, who don’t even go into the side of the powers, but finally they end up only in depression. I have seen that group. So humanity can not be inspired to move further, unless you show them the results. We need to show them the results and the same time, we need to insist on the state and the space.


So it like the – kshurasya dhārā nishitā duratyayāक्षुरस्य धारा निशिता दुरत्यया - [Katha Upanishad, verse 1.3.14] - walking on the sharp sword and walking on the tight rope. You can neither move this side nor move that side.


I think the mistake has happened, the blind spot, it has happened, in this region, where they were too much empowered and forgot the responsibilities. The Ashwathama, see the mess he did. He was so angry, his friend was killed, but the foolish fellow did something which is against his own friend’s wish. When he cut the junior Pancha Pandavas heads and took it to Duryodhana, Duryodhana was not happy.


He said, “What have you done? If you would have killed Pancha Pandavas, I would have been at least satisfied that I took revenge, but you have destroyed my Vamsa.” Then Ashwathama got angry, even with Duryodhana, “I did something to take revenge for your death and you are not happy about it, I will destroy this whole Vamsa.” That is when he took the Brahmastra, sent it on Parikshitu. Then finally Krishna has to involve, He has to stop.


This whole thing - in one line I’ll put it - “Power without responsibility is destruction.  Responsibility without power, not even Life begins.” If there is only responsibility, no power, it will only be theory or dry Vedanta. Theories, theologists, people sit and go on be talking, talking, talking. If there is only power, no responsibility, it will be destruction. And somewhere we have to balance power and responsibility, both together. That is the only way, we can revive the whole thing. Fortunately, the science is not completely out of Planet Earth. It is still there. It is still there. The good news is, still the whole science is available, the DNA is available, it can be retrieved. That’s the good news. There is no bad news… but the responsibility is in our hands. If we retrieve, are we going to responsibly use it and reconstruct the Vedic civilization? I think we have to do it. We have no other choice. We have no other choice. We have only one home - Planet Earth and we can’t afford to destroy it.




(Dr Biplab Mishra)


Thank you Swamiji. My next question… next question is regarding again Vedic technology. The present technology, which we can trace it very clearly to the industrial revolution and you know the technology you use, it actually destroys Earth. The Vedic technology, there was nothing like that and I suppose that was much advanced than the present technology. So are we going to do anything on this aspect?”





You see, in Vedic technology, all the resources are from other planes and other places; we were importing. Surya comes and gives His powers. Then Indra comes and gives His Vajra. Varuna comes and gives His powers. It is all imported. But in this modern industrial revolution, in this technology, the resources have to be sucked from here and made into different shapes and the human greed is not leaving even the Source to be alive. This is My responsibility. I will have to find alternative resources. Fuel, energy and bio-energy, for all these three I have to find alternative resources, which does not belong to this Planet, which belongs to other plane, where the resources are endless. See the other plane resources, one good thing is, such large population does not exist in other place...planes. That is one. Second, such large demand does not exist there. So it is My responsibility, I have to find a solution. Let me be very clear, as an now I don’t have a solution, but I know for sure, I will find a solution.


Because people ask me, “Why did you not reveal this whole science of power manifestation in 2003 or 2002?”  I should tell them, I am very clear, I am putting the whole answer on record - It is not that in 2003, 2004, I do not know this science, but it takes it’s own time to get downloaded, settle down and open up and reach out to the people. In 2003 itself, we have video records, we have video Satsangs, where I am speaking about this power manifestation, where I am even explaining the procedures, they will be given a Shaktipat in Third Eye and then they will start reading blindfolded, I am speaking! But it took at least 3-4 years, for this whole science to settle down, body to adjust for that vibration, for that frequency and for that to manifest and that kind of a disciples to come and receive, the whole thing to become a demonstrable Sakshi Pramana… it took at least 3-4 years.   


Same way, now I know the Shastra Pramana and Apta Pramana and even as Atma Pramana, that it is getting downloaded. Just today, I was telling that the Aushadha for Immortality, has already become My Atma Pramana now. Which was Shastra Pramana, Apta Pramana it is already now My Atma Pramana. Today only I said, “Let it be on record, at least for the sake of history.” For this to become Sakshi Pramana, I am roughly looking at next at least 2 years. Next 2 years, we will have the same interview, where we will be demonstrating with the clinical trials and medical trials… the power of this Aushadha for Immortality. We will be demonstrating reversing the ageing or anti-ageing, and all that. At least… I can say, as Atma Pramana, what becomes…. for that to become Sakshi Pramana, the time taken, is what I call that revelation period. Whatever technical terms we may use, we may give, the good news is - all these sciences are not dead, we just need to take the responsibility to receive them and manifest them and properly organize it, to make it user friendly and reach it out to the humanity. I should say, My whole mission is that only, My whole life is that only. And surely, at least within next 5 years, I will find an alternative resource – fuel, energy and bio-energy.


When I use the word ‘bio-energy’ - the energy which is needed to run the body, like a...there will be….actually there IS, the external resource, which can make the human body without any food or the water, or any need from this plane. So the preliminary understanding, which I received, I started sharing through Nirahara Samyama. But now I know there is a clear resource available. May be in next few years, the whole science I will manifest it for the humanity, which will be very user friendly. You see, even now… it’s not that science is unknown, but I need to make it as user-friendly. I need to make this as practicable, where people can practice in this vatavarana, in this weather, in this atmosphere, in this lifestyle and the transition is very smooth, not risky and legal, socially acceptable. So all this mapping down takes lot of time. Even this initiation methods; the initiation methods I am using are not exactly the initiation methods which Sadashiva uses in Tantra. Some of those initiation methods are today not socially acceptable, legally acceptable. So now, the same experience I will have to map it to this modern day society, modern day human body and modern day human mind and modern day legal system; the whole thing.


In 2003 and 4, when the science was revealed to Me, if I have started manifesting as it is revealed - in next 10 days, I would have had specimens manifesting powers. But, that system was not socially, morally or legally acceptable. The initiation methodologies, the context setting, all that. So mapping them to the today’s society, that took 3-4 years. Again now, this Aushadha, Aushadha for Immortality, is already ready. Today it is downloaded. It will take at least 2 years for Me to map it to this vatavarana, where I will have to do a clinical trials, where it should be completely out of risky and where so many other things involved, needed to be attended. This only takes time. This only takes time. I am already working on alternative resources for this 3 - fuel, energy and bio-energy.




(Dr Biplab Mishra)


Thank you Swamiji.  My next question is regarding surgery. I am a surgeon and surgery… one of the most popular surgery is gallbladder removal for the stones. Other surgeries involve removal of thyroid, spleen or thymus which is present here and as I went into spiritualism, I found that they had significance regarding spiritualism also, because they are important glands, they are important centers. So what my feeling was that removing them for non-malignant conditions, benign condition is not right. What is your view on that?”






One thing, body parts, how a person feels about himself; physical body, physiology, psychology, how he feels about himself and the quality of the Consciousness reflects on his body.  See, quality of Consciousness itself cannot change, but the quality of Consciousness reflecting on his body considerably changes with these organs being removed or added. It’s like a mirror reflecting the light, if there is a crack in this mirror or part of the mirror is removed, the reflection does get affected. Even though the Source, light, does not get affected, the reflection does get affected. So I strongly feel, only for the sake of saving the life, means reflection, any part can be removed or added.


And I also wanted to put this on record - Hindu tradition accepts organ donation. Sanatana Hindu Dharma, scriptually we have enough references of organ donation. Organ donation out of love, without any other greed or fear motive is accepted. It is allowed. And ethics for doctors, the Hindu ethics for doctors, not to remove any organ unless it is dangerous for life, Consciousness reflection. So I am of the same opinion you have.




(Dr Biplab Mishra )  Thank you Swamiji. My next question is regarding a modern medicine, also that is Allopathy and after practicing for more than 25 years in this field, I feel that there are gross deficiencies in our system. And I tried to study Ayurveda and other system also and alternative medicines and I found that… my personal research tells me that they are much profound. So the balance, the solution for me is there is definitely some good parts about the modern medicine. So the solution for me is to integrate that modern medicine with the alternative medicine. What is your take on that, because when I came here, I have found immense possibilities here, so…….?”




(Swamiji )


You see, our traditional Ayurvedic, Siddha and indigenous medical tradition, India has at least I can say, 200 medical traditions; 200 medical traditions, which has diagnosis and cure for larger number of diseases than allopathy. See, I am defining, India has at least 200 medical tradition; I am responsible for what I am uttering. India has 200 medical traditions, which can diagnose and cure larger number of symptoms and diseases and disorders than the modern medicine. I am not saying completely dump the modern medicine. Surely modern medicine has done some amazing researches, discoveries and conclusions. All I am trying to say - all planes related to psychology, physiology and the inner, inner most - the vijnanamaya kosha, those areas, regions, Ayurveda and Indian indigenous traditions are highly successful; because the very visionaries had the vision about all the Pancha Koshas. When they diagnose, they diagnose the root of all the Pancha Koshas. Unfortunately, modern medicine works only on body. Most of their conclusions are from the dead bodies. In Ayurvedic and indigenous Indian traditions, that whole….the rules for diagnoses is done with the extraordinary third eye power of scanning a living person. So whole conclusions like - what is disease, what happens if this medicine is given, what happens if that medicine is given, how it gets cured, after curing how the body responds, all this is recorded on a living person. Of course, in the modern day also that many clinical trials are on living person. But many of the conclusions which are not on living persons, are taken as a foundation for medicine.


One thing, the ignorance in the fundamental system, by not accepting the role of Consciousness, treating the body only as bio-mechanism - that is the fundamental blind spot. Second, unfortunately in….you see…..fortunately, in India, Vaidya was with Brahmanas, who are not greedy or frightened. Unfortunately, the Vaidya in the modern day, has gone into hands of businessmen… who has other than curing; there is a vested interest – “The human body, if this guy is my income source, if his disease is my income source, why will I cure him? I only want him in a manageable level, so he goes and works regularly and pays me.” I call it ‘medical tax’. So unfortunately because of these blind spots, lot of see...any practical practising ethics, all practitioners, doctors, can align it. But fundamental invention ethical malpractices; nobody can stop. In the visionary level itself I feel - the ethics has gone down. That is one of the biggest blind spot modern day medicine is facing, suffering. I am telling you, reality as it is. See, I am not blaming, complaining and….I am is like a - athāto brahma jijñāsā - let us enquire into the reality. If we sit and let us enquire into the reality. If we enquire into the reality as it is - this is real.


Somewhere… it is only India and Indian doctors who can do and it is India and Indian doctors’ responsibility of bringing the place of Consciousness in the health sector – Making the world understand, we are conscious beings not bio-mechanism. Diagnosis need to go beyond the body. The diagnosis needs to done with all the 5 Koshas as a complete diagnosis and cure need to be done from the angle of Consciousness. And these extraordinary possibilities and powers should be put under clinical trial, studied thoroughly, with the mood of internalizing them… not rejecting them; how much we can internalize - with that mood. You see, I don't want somebody who is completely saying ‘yes’ or I don’t want somebody who is completely saying ‘no’. Somebody who is looking at ‘how much we can internalize’. With that attitude if somebody studies this whole Yogic Science, Ayurveda and Allopathy, brings the vision together - we will be doing a greatest service to humanity. I think, only Indian doctors can do.




(Dr Biplab Mishra )  I am ready to take help from you. Would you like to collaborate?




(Swamiji )


I think we should...we should do something. We should do something. The world needs. The world needs it. See, in US, large number of doctors, is from India. Indian doctors are well known. Even the American patients want to go to Indian doctors because of their ethics and huge….I think….I can say big chunk is Telugu doctors. No, you see, the ethics is in their very being. Venkateshwara is responsible for the Americans getting ethical medicine; because Venkateshwara is in the very system of Telugu people. When they become doctors, they always feel that they are committed to Venkateshwara, they are responsible for life, for ethics. I can say, our beliefs about life and our belief about God, our belief about humanity, all that matters when it comes to ethics. But even they can only bring ethics in the practice level. What about the invention level? Only if we do something in India, the invention level ethics can be awakened or reawakened, or rediscovered, or whatever. From the level of Sushruta, the Visionaries, great Visionaries and in India we had a great tradition called ‘medical astrology’ or ‘astrology medicine’, where Varahamihira, the great Masters, they will study even the Nakshatra and Grahas and Time and then based on that they will give medicines. Even all that was used for diagnosis. So somewhere all this understandings internalized medical system, which may….which will be the greatest gift to the world from India. Let’s hope and work on it.




(Dr Biplab Mishra)


Swamiji, my next query is regarding vaccinations. Recently a woman in US, was jailed for not vaccinating her child. I actually personally research into this matter, for my personal inquiry. I found that there are …..there is major problem with vaccinations. They contain….vaccines contain toxins like aluminum and many of the advantages of vaccinations which people have said, just like Polio, they have said, they have eradicated Polio, but people have proven that they were not because of vaccination, they were because of sanitization, good sanitization. So still majority, I think more than 95 % of medical fraternities still believes that vaccination is good, but personally I don’t believe vaccination is good. Though I am a surgeon, I research it with limited resources, but I like to know your opinion of that.




(Swamiji )


See, usually I never comment on any law of the land and if something is law of the land, I try to keep myself away from commenting about it. I will put it in one word. My pre-monastic brother, he is My disciple. He came and asked Me, “Swamiji, shall I vaccinate my 2 kids?” I said, “No.” Here ends My opinion. Who will listen to Me? You see, this is what they say - “This is the medicine, this is the prescription doctors use for their own family.” So if you ask Me, what did I do for My own family? - I did not allow the vaccination.




(Dr Biplab Mishra)


Thank you Swamiji. Swamiji, this is the next question – Everything is energy and frequency. And there is nothing like matter, if you divide matter ultimately it is energy; and we know that very well. And there are good frequencies, there are bad frequencies. Some bad frequency is still penetrated us all the time, like Wifi - is one of the bad frequencies, microwave is bad frequencies, even mobile phones - they are bad frequencies and there are many other such things. May be they have been put deliberately by some people to affect the humanity. So like a Wifi and other microwaves, what is your….. What is the solution? What to...actually handle this problem?”




(Swamiji )


See one thing, I want tell you very clearly. I am absolutely clear - Wifi, microwave, all these are bad frequency. But the good news I have is, they are very low negative frequency. Actually, if we do not know to raise our frequency only they affect us. If we can work on our Consciousness, even very simple level of 10-15 minutes everyday completion, the kind of the frequency boom happens in us, cannot be disturbed even if you are 24 hours sitting in Wifi and talking in cell phone or you are working in a call center. All it takes is 21 minutes of everyday completion for a frequency boom. You see, I am not at all denying that Wifi and microwave are all negative frequencies. I can give you even 5-6 more examples, which are negative frequencies. I am not saying, No. The good news is, they are too small to be afraid. 21 minutes of …… I’ll…..I’ll… very simply I’ll define – 21 minutes of not responding to your thought currents, is more than enough for your Consciousness to go up, where any of these frequencies do not touch you or disturb you, physically, physiologically, mentally and psychologically. 21 minutes of not responding even to the powerful thought currents you are having. That comes only when you are sitting for completion.


I’ll use the word ‘Manana’ or ‘Dhyāna’ or ‘Dhārana’; because originally in our Vedic tradition, the Dhārana or the word ‘Manana’ or Dhyāna or Nididhyasana, they are all not negative, they are all completely raising your frequency. See, even – yoga citta vritti nirodhaḥ - is not…..the word ‘nirodhah’ cannot be translated as ‘cessation’. It is actually raising above, raising your frequency above. That is suppose to be the ‘dhyana’ or ‘dharana’ or the niddidhyasana’ and all that. So fundamentally, raising your frequency, even by spending 21 minutes a day, you do not need to be afraid at all about the Wifi or the microwave or any other negative frequencies.


See, what I mean by the word - positive frequency, negative frequency, you know. Whatever is FOR life - positive frequency. Whatever is against life - negative frequency. For example, I will….fundamentally I will accept Soma Rasa, but I don’t accept this alcohol, wine, beer, brandy, whiskey and all that. People ask Me,” Why? Both puts people high. Why are You accepting this? Why are You not accepting that?” Soma Rasa does not damage your liver. Soma does not age you. It puts you in high, but not… doesn’t put you in delusion. It does not cause damages to your whole system, but the modern day alcohol, whiskey, beer, brandy and all that, they put people in high, but they do cause damage to the system. The Upanishad very clearly declares – chatg samāh [isavasya upanishad verse 2] - decide to live 100s of years. Anything which is supporting life is good. Anything which is disturbing the health is negative. Surely, Wifi, microwave, all these waves, I’ll only put it as negative, because they are not supporting life. The good news is, we can go above them because they are not that powerful, if we decide to nullify them.




(Dr Biplab Mishra )


“So are you going to get Soma Rasa in near future?”


(45:59 )


(Swamiji) Very very soon, it will be decoded and made available to all of you.



(Dr Biplab Mishra )   Thank you Swamiji, for answering all my questions.




(Swamiji) -  Thank you Doctor, thank you for wonderful time.




(Jnanatma Swami)


We thank Dr. Biplab Mishra, who beautifully graced the stage today. I am sure all of us enjoyed the very entertaining and exciting interview and of course, whenever Swamiji answers any questions, we know…...we actually don’t know what’s going to come out, but it’s always something very very exciting and entertaining and enlightening. So with that we come to the end of ‘Ask The Avatar’ Series for the day.




(Swamiji)   Thank you Doctor Biplabji and I really enjoyed, I enjoyed. Thank you for being here. My blessings to all of you.

Let’s all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, Living Shuddhadvaita Saivam, Sadāshivoham, the Eternal Bliss - Nithyananda.


Thank you. Be Blissful.