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[Ma Swaroopapriyananada]


Actually, the first question I want to ask today on the ‘Ask the Avatar’.


Actually, the first question I wanted to ask today in ‘Ask the Avatar’ is related to everyone who is raised with that false understanding that God should be feared, and that we should basically see God as someone who wants us to suffer. The more we suffer in life, the better our chance of going to some better place after life is going to be. Swamiji has spoken so beautifully about the Upanishad verse that declares, Sohamasmi as the ultimate way to connect, that even while we pray to you, we are You. Can Swamiji share what’s the best way for someone who has come to that false understanding to fear God and overcome that indoctrination and learn to understand Sohamasmi?




nithyānandeśvara sadāśiva samārambhām
nithyānandeśvari ādiśakti madhyamām |
asmat āchārya paryantām 
vande guru paramparām ||


I welcome you all with My love and respects. Swaroopapriya, the first thought current you are presenting here as a question - whatever you want people should do towards you, you create a grand narrative and ask people to do that same towards that grand narrative. Like a politician. He wants people to obey him, revere him, respect him. He creates ‘father of the nation’ There is no father for any nation. How can nation be fathered? How can any nation be fathered? A politician who wants people to respect him, obey him, listen to him, be servant, he creates a grand narrative called founders of the nation or fathers of the nation and whatever he wants people should do to him, he is asking them to do to them. See, directly telling ‘you do this to me’ is looking too much. That looks too much. So, a legitimate way of demanding is creating this grand narrative. Grand narratives which are 120% false. Understand, I am not going to mention any nations name, any nations father, any particular name. I am very clear, all the grand narratives about the founders of the nations, or the fathers of the nations, or source of the nations are as equally as false as the theory of God in the west. Understand, when you want people to love you, you create a loving God behind you as a grand narrative – Sadashiva. You say ‘love him’ means what? ‘Love us’, that’s it.  Whoever is promoting whatever grand narrative and demand from the public certain attitude, whatever they demand from public towards their grand narrative, they are demanding it on them. All the grand narratives are nothing but, ‘eh, I want but I can’t ask.’ In Tamil there is a proverb, in the marriage feast when you are sitting in a row, you want a special food, you want sambhar or payasam, you can’t directly shout and ask, ‘get me sambhar or get me payasam’. It will be too disgraceful. So you ask, ‘this person needs sambhar. Next leaf needs payasam.’ When they come near to serve ‘eh, serve here also little. Give here also little.’ That is also exactly the problem of grand narrative ad demand of certain attitude from the common man.



Perverted people who wants common mass to be afraid of them create frightening, ferocious God about whom you need to be afraid all the time. Visionaries who wants love to flourish, love to be the lubrication of the lifestyle. See, lifestyle is a mechanism. There will be frictions. For love to be the lubrication, those visionaries created a God about whom love is the attitude you need to deliver. Understand, when somebody says God need to be heard and he is promoting that grand narrative, he wants you to be afraid of him. First, he cannot directly ask that. So he says, ‘yes, yes, be afraid of God.’ Then – ‘I am his representative’. So naturally, be afraid of me. Understand, the visionaries of Hindu tradition are very clear ‘love is the lubrication of life’. So they created, they manifested, actually to tell you honestly, they did not even create. They specifically revealed the truth to the world – God, in the form of ever loving and joy. I don’t know how many of you know ‘Krishna was murdered’. But you will never see a single photograph of Krishna murdered. You will always see Him with a flute. How many of you know that Krishna was murdered? He was murdered. But we never talk about it. We talk about only His flute. He is standing with the flute, either Radha Krishna or Geetha Krishna. That’s all. Either with Radha or with Geetha. If you are married Radha herself becomes Geetha. Till you are married wife and the teachings are separate. After your marriage both becomes one. Anyhow! We don’t remember Krishna is murdered. We remember Him as a symbol of love. The grand narrative of love. And understand, you promote the grand narrative which you want from life. Another one most sickening attitude ‘life is for suffering’. Understand, fundamentally when you do not have intelligence to teach people how to live joyfully, you teach them life is suffering. Suffer. I don’t need somebody to tell me ‘life is suffering’. Come on. Tell me the way out! Teach me the method through which my life can be joyful. I don’t want somebody to confirm or inform life is suffering. I tell you, the people who teach ideas like ‘life is suffering’, ‘more you suffer better you are’, literally they are the tumors of life, tumors on human consciousness. Upanishads are very clear –




īśā vāsyam idaṃ sarvaṃ yat kiñca jagatyāṃ jagat |

tena tyaktena bhuñjīthā mā gṛdhaḥ kasya sviddhanam || 1 ||




kurvann eveha karmāṇi jijīviṣecchataṃ samāḥ |

evaṃ tvayi nānyatheto'sti na karma lipyate nare || 2 ||



This three statements are the answer for everything. The first statement - God: whatever exists is God. Understand, God is not One. It is Oneness. “īśāvāsyam idaṁ gum sarvam” God is not One, Oneness. Then comes – by owning not possessing enjoy the whole universe. Understand, by owning not possessing enjoy the whole universe. Owning is different. Possessing is different, I own this sangha. But I don’t possess this sangha. It means I own for the people to sue. If I possess no one else can use, only I can use. Owning means I am responsible. Possessing means no one else can come in, exclusivity. Understand, the fundamental problems of life is addressed just in this three verse. Then comes the most important truth – Celebrate, enjoy, decide to live for hundreds of years by being active, by being alive, decide to live hundreds of years. Understand, as a child everyone feels at some point of life ‘life is not fair’. The moment you think ‘life is not fair, it becomes so much of suffering. Even if somebody gives you a cake, you feel you are tortured. Eh, that fellow is given bigger cake. Why me? Why small for me? When somebody is going through certain imaginary, immature ideas about life, you need a person who will have a matured conversation. Understand, Upanishads are the most matured conversations. These ideas ‘God need to be feared and the ‘more you suffer good for you’, these all are ok for 3-4 year old baby, not for fully grown brain. For a fully grown brain, you need a matured conversation. Understand, all these ideas ‘O, God was resting. One day suddenly he woke up and created a man, and out of man he created a woman, and he told them not to eat a fruit and because they ate they have been kicked out. All these is ok, fairytale for a 3 year old baby, not even for a baby who is in our Gurukul. Not for any matured brain. Understand, God is embodiment of pure shakti, bhakti, buddhi. Life is for living, not for suffering. These are the matured conversations of life.



I am not even looking at, commenting or criticizing any religion or theology. Please understand, I neither comment or mention any name, or any ideologies, theologies. Just let us look at the whole thing with a enquiry mood. Let’s have a matured conversation. I think next time whenever people come to you and try to tell you, ‘O you need to fear God and the more you are suffering better for you.’ Just tell them, ‘Eh, let’s have matured conversation’. The solution for all these problem, if somebody proposes these ideas to you, just tell them, ‘eh, let’s have matured conversation’. Thank You. Let’s be adults. Lt’s have matured conversation. Next.



[Ma Swaroopapriya]

Actually, Swamiji has mentioned that the biggest problem facing humanity today, it’s the boredom and tiredness, and this is what leading you to depression. Swamiji also mentioned the reason Swamiji is here, the proposal Swamiji is giving humanity is for the higher possibility. It seems the immaturity of human Consciousness, so many of us suffered with before knowing Swamiji, is this idea ‘life is suffering’. When we get the matured cognition that life is for celebrating, there is a higher possibility, so many people still feel as if it’s impossible. Then now Swamiji has made it such a clear, reproducible science. So many of us are manifesting the shakti’s of Sadashiva, seeing through the third eye. How is it that we can bring this to everyone in the world in a way that they’ll also see this as their own possibility?



See, when I look at this whole thought current presented in front of Me as a question by Swaroopapriya. First thought current, the biggest problem - boredom and tiredness. I tell you, the biggest problem in next few years the humanity is going to face is not HIV, not global meltdown, not global warming, not oceans raising. It is going to be tiredness and boredom.



Mentally rejecting life is boredom, physically rejecting life is tiredness. The biggest problem humanity is going to face is boredom and tiredness, understand. We have come to a level, our thinking, mind has matured so much. Understand, whenever mind matures, it decides to generalize the life and life’s experiences.


For example: a baby, he gets one car toy, one toy of flight, toy of bus, he will be excited for every toy. And one toy of elephant, one toy of peacock, he will be excited for every toy he gets. He will be playing with it, enjoying it. But, this so-called mind when it grows, it generalizes, ‘Oh! All toy, what is there, same’. Then, ‘all gifts, what is there, same. What is there to be excited about?’ And, ‘all things, same, what is there to be excited about? When a mind grows, it generalizes the experience. Generalization is the foundation of boredom. Faulty generalization, understand this word. Faulty generalization is the source of all blind spots in your life, whether not feeling inspired, not feeling active, not feeling alive. Faulty generalization.



There’s a beautiful story in Ramana Maharishi's life: 
The Mudaliar pati, a old lady who used to bring food for Bhagawan, almost four decades, more than forty years. Almost the whole period Bhagawan was in Thiruvannamalai. I think he lived in Thiruvannamalai for 50 years, little less than 50 years. And, she served him at least forty years, four decades by bringing food. One day somebody asked, “Bhagawan are you not bored of the same food?” He looked up and answered, very simple straight answer, ‘I don’t eat the same food everyday. How can I eat the same food everyday? Every meal is new for me!’


Understand, mind functions on faulty generalization. Faulty generalization makes your life tired and bored. And, any field you are not doing faulty generalization, you will be alive and active in that field. Be very clear.



I am teaching, speaking, engaging, entertaining, talking, communicating, relating with people almost, last seventeen years. 2000 my public life started. It was not 2001 as we were thinking. We got recently photographic evidence. In 2000 I am already out in public life conducting Chandi homas, holding satsang’s, classes. From 2000, means almost 17 years I am doing this. And I am going to be doing this at least nine more decades. Understand. Still, if I repeat even the same story ten thousandth time, I do not know whether you are excited or not, I will be excited. Because there is no faulty generalization in my life. I do not feel, ‘Oh this same hall, same pillars, I will have to talk again.’ No! No! ‘I will have to tell the same story again!’ No! Your eyes are not same. Even if you are same, your eyes are not same. I am speaking to you who is sitting now, not the you who sat yesterday here. You may think you are the same who sat here yesterday, I am the same who sat here yesterday, so, that is why listening sometimes maybe boring. But I don’t think you are the same who sat yesterday for listening, I am the same who sat yesterday for talking. There is no faulty generalization, that is why I am excited!



One of the biggest problems humanity is going to face is this faulty generalization. Understand, media, society, government policies, all of them uphold faulty generalization as the foundation. Like in India, this caste based allocations, allotments - the worst faulty generalization. The best example for the worst faulty generalization is caste based percentage of allotments in education or the job or all the government facilities. I tell you, this caste based is the most important example I can say cruel joke on human beings. That one of the worst examples, most infamous example for faulty generalization. Society has started using, understand, statistics are different, faulty generalization is different. Statistics can evolve as a science. Faulty generalization is a blind spot. This faulty generalization is now being used as the foundation for humanity to grow to the next level and that foundation will lead to worst boredom and tiredness. By 25 you have done everything. You have not done, you have not left anything good or bad. For a smoke you are able to fly to Las Vegas. For a dinner you fly to Italy. Before your teenage is over, you either make somebody pregnant or you get pregnant. Everything is done. And your mind has grown in the line of faulty generalization.



Understand, large number of choices being considered as freedom and faulty generalization, these two is going to kill humanity in largest number than any other epidemic, than any other epidemic. First thing, choices are not freedom. Choices are good, but that is not freedom. Freedom should not be equated to choices available. Freedom should be equated to your capacity to choose what you want and handle what you want, live with what you have chosen, understand.


Multiple choices are not freedom. Your ability to choose and take responsibility for what you have chosen, that is freedom. In Sanskrit: in Sanskrit we have a beautiful word, Svatantra, means the technique, method to handle yourself. Sva.-tantra. Sva means self; tantra means technique, ability to handle. If you are able to handle, you have Svatantra. If you are able to handle, you have freedom. If not, you are free dumb, free dumb. You don’t have freedom, you have free dumb! Only choices means ‘free dumb’. Only if you are able to handle yourself you have freedom. I tell you, anything which can be enjoyed, experienced with these five senses is not going to help you to get out of freedom. Start exploring 11 dimensions of consciousness. Start exploring 25 states of consciousness. Start exploring multi-dimensions of universe. Start exploring various aspects and powers and powerful cognitions of consciousness. I tell you that is only going to make you engage with life. Understand, if you are engaging only with limited things, you are encaging You are not engaging, you are encaged. Only if you are engaged with larger dimensions of life, understand, not larger quantity of items, larger quality of life, larger dimensions of life, you will experience life as a celebration. I tell you, nothing is going to be more inspiring in the future anymore other than exploring consciousness and enlightenment, exploring consciousness and enlightenment. Nothing else. Nothing else. Nothing else. If you are not exploring your consciousness, no other way, you will be imploding in boredom. Next.




[Ma Swaroopapriyananda]


Swamiji , after this I don’t know which question to go to because there are so many beautiful thought currents Swamiji has just introduced in this one answer. Swamiji ended by saying only thing people can pull themselves out of boredom and tiredness is exploring the 11 dimensions, 25 states of consciousness. In the West there is already a trend pushing towards this. We see all kinds of television shows which present the theory of beings from other dimensional planes playing a role in the evolution of humanity and it seems like everything th western seekers theorize and discuss ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if this was true’, when we actually look into the Veda-Agama’s and listen to Swamiji speaking, we see that this really is real and in Hinduism there is no such thing as doubting or questioning. There is that solid, tangible evidence that is here. So, when it comes to people wondering - ‘Could Swamiji’s proposal to humanity actually be valid and possible for us? Is there Swamiji can say about these other dimensional beings, the role that they have played on planet Earth?





See, we always had regular traffic, understand, I am not using the word just ‘travelling’. I am using the word ‘traffic’. Travelling means few people going and coming few times.  Traffic means common to all, available to public. We had traffic between planes and different dimensions of universe. It was regular affair. A chaste woman goes to take bath and in the river, she sees the gandharva. It’s a usual thing. Visits from beings from other planets was usual because we do not have the word ‘aliens’.


maata ca parvati pita devo maheshwara |

bandhava shivabhaktashca svadesho bhuvana trayam |


Three worlds or I should say three universes or the native - svadesho bhuvanatrayam. We neither felt nor called somebody as aliens. Maybe how I send Inner Awakening participants to Thiruvannamalai, I should tell group of rishis to come from Kailash and make a trip. I know again, it looks too big or too good to be true. Even fi it is too good, it is true is Hinduism. There is no such thing as too good to be true. All too good things are true. We should actually change the word ‘Too bad to be true’. All good is true. Understand, all good it true and I should say even though it looks too good it is true. We had a regular traffic, we have a regular traffic, we will have the regular traffic and I will introduce them to the mainstream humanity soon. Next.



[Ma Swaroopapriyananda]

Swamiji one other topic that seems to fascinate people in the west, but its common and understood and accepted by everyone I have met here is reincarnation and past lives. Actually, I was speaking with one Inner Awakening participant here recently. She said that the first time she saw one of Swamiji’s YouTube videos, first thought in her mind was he’s changed so much! Later, she went for Akashic readings and through one of the balasanth’s, Kalabhairava revealed that in her most recent past life, she actually met Swamiji during His parivarajaka years. So, she is only eighteen years old now. When we meet people like this who have had this very clear tangible proof that past lives are real and that reincarnation is bringing them back, and, we see so many examples of these. One thing that seems to excite even people who are suffering with boredom and tiredness of that western culture is reincarnation. How can we take this to the world also and show the same blessings that Hindus have to everyone?




See, introduction about You to you is too important. If you are told you have multiple lives, you will explore and try to discover evidence for that. If you are told you have only one life, you will stop exploring. It is like if you have been told there is a country here, you can go there and work, you have a better opportunity, you have so many other entertainment, you will even think of going there, exploring. If you have been told, ‘nothing like that exists, nothing exists other than your boundary.’ You will not even explore. And anybody who is exploring you will condemn them, you will curse them, you will call them cheats. I somebody says, ‘I will take you there’. You will say, ‘No, no, no, he is cheat’. Understand, denying the multiple life is literally like a well frog. One frog from the ocean by mistake reached a small well.


There was a frog in that well, who was born and brought up there. The frog asked this frog, ‘Eh! Where are you from?’


He said, ‘I am from ocean.’ “What do you mean by ocean?


The ocean frog said, ‘It’s a large water body.’ This fellow immediately got really jealous and angry, ‘Eh! What do you mean large water body? Larger than this well?’ Ocean frog said, ‘Surely it is large.’


Then the well frog got so angry, it jumped from one end to another end and said, ‘Larger than this or what?’ Till the end, ocean frog was not able to make the well frog understand. And well frog was never ready to listen.


Understand, you being told there is only one life is like you are growing as a well frog. When you meet ocean frog who knows multiple lives, learn from it. Don’t be jealous and angry about it. Learn from it. Don’t be angry and jealous about it.


Life is larger than life. Life is larger than life. You need to know - life is larger than life. Understand. Understanding the truth about multiple life helps you to understand you rightly, understand world rightly, understand God rightly. Because, from understanding about you, comes understanding about the world, and understanding about God, understanding about everything exists. So, I should say multiple life is not just belief, it’s a real understanding about life. Next.



[Ma Swaroopapriyananda]


Swamiji, Swamiji has mentioned that in some tradition this idea of shoonyatva, complete dissolution into Nothingness is Enlightenment. But, in Sanatana Hindu Dharma, Swamiji is giving us the experience of Everythingness as Enlightenment, and, instead of trying to meditate on, say a face before any face existed, meditate on Sadashiva with a million faces. How is this is going to be a tangible experience of Enlightenment beyond what we thought as Enlightenment before, especially in MahaSadashivoham this December?




See, the shunyatva, non-existence, by the very definition of the word, non-existent, how is that going to be eternally existent? Are you interested to exist eternally? Are you interested in just becoming nothing?


See, the existence in you, the life you feel which vibrates in you, pulsates in you, that is what is functioning, perceiving, living, that decides, feels, moves. Actually, it decides to live forever. That decision only expresses as life in us. This shoonyatva is a complete idea of withdrawing from existence and life. Purnatva, Sadashivatva is the real understanding about life. I should say, Sadashivatva, poornatva is active, responsible life. When you want to withdraw from that, you decide to create a delusion of shoonyatva and hide yourself into that delusion. Mahasadashivoham will make you experience multiple dimensions and the millions of identities with which you exist, which should say is all pervading Oneness. Not One, Oneness.


Ultimately, if you want to see the difference - the thoughtlessness of depression cannot be the thoughtlessness of Sadashiva. Thoughtlessness you experience when you are in Oneness cannot be the thoughtlessness you perceive when you are in depression. There is a huge difference between shunyatva and purnatva. I should say purnatva is experience, Shunyatva is a delusion. If you try to put life as a reason for all your suffering, you will try to escape from life. If you think in-completions are reasons for your suffering, you will move to Completion, poornatva. If you think life is the reason for your suffering, you will move to shunyatva. It’s up to you whether to move to shoonyatva or poornatva. Poornatva only will be eternal.




[Ma Swaroopapriyananda]


Actually, Swamiji’s answer explains exactly one of the most frequently asked questions I receive from YouTube viewers. They say the moment they see Swamiji, it is like love at first sight. So, understanding that in Sanatana Hindu Dharma, Sadashiva exists as a embodiment of that love and for people to understand that the reciprocal quality of GODDL is there not to make us fear, but to make us realize Oneness with that. Poornatva is such a huge gift to all of us. Thank You so much Swamiji for blessing to choose to say Yes to life, to see the in-completions as the reason for suffering and not life as the reason for suffering. I just have one last question Swamiji. Some people are saying after Mahasadashivoham, they can’t imagine of ever wanting to go back to the Maya Matrix world again, and they want to stay here with Swamiji. Can they have blessings for that?




I am creating this place for everyone to come and explore all the possibilities and powers of human consciousness. I am creating the programs for people to come and explore, and stay back. Understand, I am creating this space for people to come and stay here, and explore the possibilities and powers. I am creating programs for people to come and settle down in this place, so you can explore the possibility and powers. All my programs are invitations for good! Not invitation for few days! Understand, if you receive a flyer, Kalpataru program, it is true! But, if you see the line ‘one-day program’, it is lie! If you get the invitation for Inner Awakening, it is true. If it says, ‘twenty-three day program’, it is false! Understand, people who missed the invitation, go back. Otherwise, all invitation from Me is for good!"



So, essence of what I want to share today through Ma Swaroopapriya ‘Too good to be true, but true!’ And apart from the introduction given to Swaroopapriya by Jnanatma, if I have to add one line, it is too intimate and too sweet. My most chaste disciple. And it has layers and layers and layers, and layers of beautiful, sweet powerful understandings. And, she is the one cub ROARS in social media. By her roar she brought many more cubs. So, as a blessing and authorization, I give this ‘The lion stick’ to her to ROAR more not only in social media, everywhere! Blessings! Blessings! This is for you.


So, with this I bless you all. Let’s all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, Living Shuddhaadvaita Shaivam, Sadashivoham, the eternal bliss Nithyananda. Thank You. Be Blissful.