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(Ma Nithya Mahayogananda)


nityānandaṃ param sukhadaṃ kevalaṃ jñāna mūrtiṃ

dvandvātītaṃ gagana sadrśaṃ tattvamasyādi lakṣyam |

ekaṃ nityaṃ vimalaṃ acalaṃ sarvadhī sākṣi bhūtaṃ

bhāvātītaṃ triguṇa rahitaṃ sadguruṃ taṃ namāmi ||


Nithyananda everyone. Very warm welcome to today’s ‘Ask The Avatar’, with His Holiness….with His Holiness, the great living Avatar - Bhagawan Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda Swami. Today, on ‘Ask The Avatar’, you are going to get to hear the roar of a lion with His cub. I have getting a lot feedback from people around the world. They are telling me,” The hottest seat on Planet Earth right now, is not that of a Presidential candidate or is not that of being in the….at the top of the entertainment industry. It is not at being on some billionaire seat. No! It is the seat right opposite to the Avatar. In every ‘Ask The Avatar’, a beautiful alchemy happens and it gives me great pride, honor, to introduce the first monastic disciple of Paramahamsa Nithyananda, to be gracing the seat on “Ask The Avatar’. Her name is Ma Nithya Janatmananda Swami. I know worldwide……. Yes, as I am seeing this image, it’s really does look up - the mighty lion and His equally mighty cub. I am seeing all the wild excitement and the applause. Please understand. For Jnanatmananda Swami, it is not just an applause that generates out of you know polite acceptance of someone walking on the stage. She is one of the most loved people in the Sangha, all across the world, most sought after. She is an adept in the yogic powers that His Holiness has initiated her into, right from being able to scan human bodies, give an….give a perfect solution, that even surpasses that of medical diagnosis. Being able to express the powers of remote vision, look across 1000s and 1000s of miles, being able to scan what’s going on in people’s lives and their homes, giving them a spiritual solution. Being able to mind read, being able to give healing, spiritual healing across extraordinary distances. These are very few of what I can speak of my dear friend. Today, before we head off into this really exciting ‘Ask The Avatar’, I wish to give a beautiful introduction to who she is, how she came to be, stay tuned and gives us your listening.


Ma Nithya Jnanatmananda Swami - hear her story. She hails from a very traditional Brahmin family, from Chennai India. She grew up with her parents and an only brother, naturally you will be thinking,” It’s a very pampered life.” Temples, rituals, pujas - were part of her daily life, from her early years for 7 years, that is from when Ma Jnanatmananda Swami was 15 to the age of 21. In her life, she remembers going to the temple every single day and chanting Vedic stotras or Vedic chants, hymns daily. She was formally trained in chanting during her school and she also won many prizes in chanting competition. From the time she realized herself, she knew she was a devotee of Lord Shiva and Shiva was the only God that existed for her. Little did she know, that she was going to be living around Him, after a few years. You know, in our Sangha, we very lovingly refer to her as a Nandi of Sadāshiva. Because wherever Swamiji is, she is sitting right there, precisely in the position of Nandi, with an unobstructed view. Absolute unobstructed view! Jnanatma Swami…….




(Jnanatma Swami)


Actually, Nandi...Nandi has 2 meanings. Some…..the Nandi is seen as an ardent devotee of Sadāshiva. Nandi is also seen as somebody who comes between you and Sadāshiva. So I would like to stick to the earlier cognition of Nandi, not somebody who is coming between you and Swamiji.




(Ma Nithya Mahayogananda)


I think she was really compelled to give that clarification to all of you, to not leave any doubts as to which category of Nandi she is fitting into. Let me introduce her further. Jnanatma Swami...Ma Nithya Jnanatmananda Swami, she excelled in academics without any kind of struggle. She was a consistent school topper, did her undergraduate from a top university in India called Bits Pilani and she was the university second rank holder in a Master Degree in Computer Science, graduating from the North Carolina State University in the US. Subsequently, she also took up her dream job, as a software developer at Microsoft, at Seattle. Life was pretty much going on as expected - successful, young, having everything at your fingertips, until life gave a wakeup call, in the form of her marriage. A marriage!! Ahaa...I am getting a lot of reactions to that. Wakeup call in the form of a marriage, which lasted precisely less than 3 months. It made her realize, the true purpose of her life and she started seeking something much deeper, than what she had on the surface. Now moving on to today, in the ‘Ask The Avatar’ episode of the day, Ma Nithya Jnanatmananda Swami is going to interview our beloved Swamiji and today’s episode is….today’s episode is “Roar of the Lion with His Cub.” See, you all might be wondering, why from the beginning we are saying,” Roar of the Lion, Roar of the Lion.” For people who are watching as for the very first time, you very new and you have not heard of the delightfully, delectable, story of the Lion and His Cub, that was expounded on by Swamiji Himself. There is something that you need to watch before we enter today’s actual episode, where Jnanatma Swami places her questions on behalf of the world, at the feet of the Avatar. What is the relation of the Lion and His Cub? In today’s ‘Ask The Avatar’, we love for you to watch a beautiful video, which explains the title and the spiritual context, behind today’s episode.






There was a lioness. She was pregnant about to deliver, but she is hungry. She only has to work and get the food. So she went for hunting. When she jumped to attack a deer...sorry attack a goat from sheep, attack a goat, it became a little too much. She fell on the ground. The blow was so much, she delivered the baby and died. The cub was born and the mother dead, lioness died. All the goats ran here...hither and thither, but suddenly they found, that nobody is attacking them and no sound. They turned back and they saw the lioness was dead and near the lioness there was a small cub, cute cub, trying to look here and there and play around, roll on the mud and all these guys go there, near, to see what it is. They say,” Baa..baa.” And the whole sheep, they took the cub with them and that fellow started growing there. Slowly slowly he started eating the grass, just like any other goat and started blurt... started making the same sound. He was growing. Everything was going smooth, everything was going well. Nothing wrong. Suddenly one day, big storm! One lion saw this whole sheep and one cub running around with the sheep. He was shocked, surprised. Next day the lion again came back to the same place, waited for these sheep to move and he just jumped and caught only that cub and that fellow started bleating that same way,” Baa...baa!” And next again he waits. Again he jumps and catches the same cub, holds him by neck and say,”Look, you are a lion. You are not goat. Don’t be stupid.” That fellow starts screaming,” No, no, no, I am sheep, I am goat, leave me.” “ Why, what he is telling me to do?” “Why should he everyday catch me but not eat me and why is he letting me go everyday? What is mirror?” Next day the same team, same group, same route. He stands from a distance and ask,  “Can you tell what is mirror?” ‘Dial the Avatar’ call. “Mirror, you can’t get in the forest. Go and see in the river water or in the pond water, in the silent night, that is the only thing you can do. “Means “blessings, I’ll make it happen any way you want.” The fellow from there itself runs, doesn’t want to come near. Runs! By now the touch, 2-3 time, has made his bio-memory believe, “he is a good guy.” The lion says,” Alright, come ask the questions, give the mic to him.” Second day, he comes without the sheep, little closer, but not to the level where he can touch, but little closer and says, “I trust….I think I trust you.

“That I brought something.” Lion asks…. smiles and ask, “What did you bring?” “The best grass. I am grass retailer. The best grass I brought. We all enjoy, I’ll leave it here, will also eat little bit?” And lion says, “Why? Why did you bring grass?” This fellow feeling little fear and shy, all together. Just drops the grass and says...runs to a certain distance and says, “I brought it because I love you,” and runs away. “Ahe, I am telling you, I have no vested interest, I am not here to cheat you, I am not here to waste your time, waste your life. I am here to reveal the real you to you and that’s all that matters.” First time, looks into the eyes of the lion and sees the powerfulness and compassion. His ‘being’ already started listening to the lion. Now the cub knows, he cannot deny the lion completely, but he is afraid, “What will happen to my mother, father? And so many things I left.” Today, he comfortably sat next to him and it was very nice feeling, without the crowd disturbance. He is just sitting and suddenly the lion roars - R O A R.  “See your sound is different, my sound is different.” Lion says, “Don’t worry, wait, come for few more days.” “No, no, no, maybe you are telling right, but that is not right for me.” And lion says,” Okay, come back tomorrow.” And then next day, now the lion feels responsible. He just catches him by the neck. The cub is not completely frightened that he will be killed, but he feels, “Aye, why are you catching me so….leave me!” And lion had kept a mirror and he just puts the mirror. “Look, who you are!” “Oh, that is your photograph?” He shakes the head and, “Look, who you are! Do you see it is shaking?” “Yes, yes, you are shaking, na” “See I am stable. See the mirror. See!!” “ I am only shaking.” Then he throws the mirror, turns,” Look into my eyes.” The moment both eyes met, merged - awakening of the third eye. The fellow roars,  “YES!! It is me!” Both go for a walk - evening walk, in the bank of Ganga.




(Ma Nithya Mahayogananda)


What a delectable experiential taking through of Jnanatma Swami’s life. I am sure like me, each and everyone of us, actually went through her life, went through the journey. See that is the moment when life introduced her to Swamiji, to Paramahamsa Nithyananda. The first live discourse of Swamiji at Microsoft, made her realize that He was the one she had been worshipping, He was the one she was looking out for all her life and not surprisingly…..not surprisingly the discourse changed her course of life. One discourse led to another and in a short while, she found herself as one of the Puja Acharyas, that means - a Priest and a Core Volunteer of the Nithyananda Vedic Temple at Seattle. During her first Inner Awakening program in July 2009, she decided to become a Sannyasi and subsequently quit her job, joined as an Aadheenavasi in November 2009. She was then in charge of the human resource department to start with and moved on to coordinating, the ever popular master program called the ‘Inner Awakening Retreat’. She has been the Inner Awakening Coordinator for more than 42 Inner Awakenings and now heads the ‘Nithyanandam’ department in the Sangha. Speaking about her initiation into Purna Sannyas, Ma Nithya Jnanatmananda Swami got initiated into Purna Sannyas on the auspicious day of Maha Shivaratri, on the 10th of March 2013. Since then, she has dedicated her life and beyond to - Nithyananda the Master - Nithyanandam the Master’s teachings and Nithyananda Sangha the community, the enlightened community created by the Master. She is committed to living the 4 Tattvas, teachings of Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching herself and the world. Well known among all the devotees and disciples, as the favorite of Swamiji and as the favorite of Kaalbhairava, the Lord of Time, she wishes to remain the same and wants to be a channel for Swamiji’s teachings, to enrich and enreach the whole world. Now, we are not done yet. I would like all of you to watch a very special video on Ma Jnanatma Swami - her life as an Aadheenavasi in the last 8 years.




(Video of Ma Nithya Jnanatmananda Swami’s life at Aadheenam)




(Ma Nithya Jnanatmananda Swami)


nityānandaṃ parama sukhadaṃ kevalaṃ jñāna mūrtiṃ

dvandvātītaṃ gagana sadrśaṃ tattvamasyādi lakṣyam |

ekaṃ nityaṃ vimalaṃ acalaṃ sarvadhī sākṣi bhūtaṃ

bhāvātītaṃ triguṇa rahitaṃ sadguruṃ taṃ namāmi ||


First, I want to start of with expressing my immense gratitude for Swamiji and born somewhere, was brought up somewhere, studied in some college, some university, roaming around in the world, like a headless chicken. Swamiji literally handpicked me and gave me this lifestyle and I really want to start with expressing my immense gratitude for Swamiji, for giving this wonderful lifestyle, because I don’t know how many people are there in the world who are jealous of their own lives and I can say very proudly with integrity, authenticity, I am really really jealous of my own life, the life that Swamiji has blessed me with and I can only offer it as a gratitude, at Swamiji’s feet. Nothing else, because sometimes when you are given the best life possible on the Planet Earth, you yourself sometimes do not realize and it was such a huge wakeup call for myself this morning, when I was just going through all these pictures, looking at all the opportunities that Swamiji had given me and I am putting it on record that absolutely no qualification on my side. In spite of all the troubles that I have given Him, Swamiji has gifted and blessed me with this lifestyle and it is just… is nothing but a pure blessing from Swamiji, nothing else. Nothing from my side at all, but just a few blessings from Swamiji, who decided to hand pick me for whatever reason and kept me around Him for the last 8 years, literally living at the feet of Swamiji.


Swamiji, I want to start off with a question of: “How does it feel to be an Avatar? How does it feel for you, because we know the space of a disciple and we know you are always there for us, protecting us, showering us with all the compassion, but for you, how does it feel to be in the space of the Avatar?”






nithyānandeśvara sadāshiva samārambhām

nithyānandeśvari adīshakti madhyamām |

asmat āchārya paryantām  vande guru paramparām ||


How does it feel to be an Avatar? Just like Jnanatma was telling, today morning only, she was compiling her whole Aadheenavasi life. Now only I am compiling - How does it feel to be an Avatar? Understand. When the shoe fits, leg is forgotten. When the belt fits, belly is forgotten. When the crown fits, the head is forgotten. When the chain fits, the neck is forgotten. If something is remembered, only than it is not fitting. Only if it is not fitting, it is remembered.


When she says, “Only today, I am remembering the Aadheenavasi.” She has fit with the whole thing, that is why it is not remembered. When she asked,” How does it feel to be an Aadheenavasi?”....when she asked Me, “How does it feel to be a Incarnation?”, only now I am looking back - “How does it feel?” My life is My feeling. How it feels to be an Incarnation, if I put it in few words technically - It’s like morning...somewhere in the Kailasa, almost zooming out few trillion kilometers or miles away, and I don’t know how can’t even equate it with any trillion, billion miles and then slowly opening the eyes and seeing, “Oh, Planet Earth, yes okay, India, alright Bangalore, ahh yes, yes, yes, Bangalore Aadheenam only, Banyan tree is there, ahh come on, okay, room, quarters hmmm, and then, “Aye what happened to the Sacred Arts, 3 Deities are suppose to arrive, Jnanatma ready for the class, ask what time My session.” It is like the whole spectrum of Universe available and one more thing I wanted to add - the whole introduction….during the whole introduction, I kept quiet means - I accepted the whole introduction. Understand. I am attesting, acknowledging. No, actually I was seeing the way Jnana….the way Mahayoga started. Every word they uttered is true. The whole introduction is absolutely right. When a person who sits with Me, for so many years, when she asked, “I will have to reveal as it is.” All knowingness and the responsibility brings and compassion which is needed towards the people, when I am performing My responsibilities, giving them enough opportunitity to evolve. This whole different tunes and rhythms of the Cosmos, once side the enormous powers available at the disposal just free will, the other side the enormous responsibilities. When things are enormous in front of you, naturally whatever you do is right. You see, it is very easy to live with a atmosphere where whatever you do is wrong, people blame, so you just keep quiet without doing anything. But it is very difficult to live in a space - whatever you do is right, then you have to do everything right, because you are responsible. It’s a huge responsibility! To be precise, let Me put it in a precise few words, map it down to the language which you guys understand. Cognition of the whole Cosmos, Maha Sadāshiva, operating, using this body and mind and this system, this system knows only one thing - it is being used by the Cosmos, so the Cosmos is going to do what it wants to so, through this body and mind and it will protect, take care, this body and mind and manifest whatever is required whenever is required. Because of that grounded cognition, even this body and mind does not have anxiety to know what is going to happen in the future. So only with anxiety, you feel like, “What will happen in the future?” Many time, this body and mind does even have an anxiety to know what is going to happen in the future, so it does not even bother to look, what is going to happen in the future. It knows, Sadāshiva is operating and He is going to do what He  need to do and He will protect, how He will protect. Sometimes, even the close circle people think, people who have lived closely think, “What is this? This big problem, He doesn’t know the solution, how is He going to give the solution for others?” Understand. I am bothered, anxious, about your future, so I look what is going to happen to you in future. I am not bothered or anxious about My future, so I never look what is going to happen in My future. Understand. Only about what I am anxious, I will look. About you I am anxious! About Me, I am not. I am too certain, that is why I don’t look. For you, I use My powers, but never for Me, because I know for sure I have to protect you. For Me I know - I am protected. This grounding and all knowing of the cognition and the paradox of not knowing even the next step, because there is no anxiety. Understand. All knowing ‘Sarvajnattva,’ because it is so well grounded in that Sarvajnattva, not interested in peeping out of the window, and looking, “What is going to happen tomorrow?” This paradox or I should say, ‘this union of man and God,’ or in My own way,’GODDL and many.’ The paradox of this, mixture of all this, is what  precisely is - Nithyananda. Understand. Understand. I am a paradox for the people who can’t understand, union of all the paradoxes for the people who try to...who are grasping, who are able to grasp Me, completion of God and man, who try to receive something from Me. Incarnation for the people who are manifesting powers through Me. Ultimate for the people who are feeling completely empowered by Me, whatever, whatever, the other’s image is posed on Me, imposed on Me or super imposed on Me, the precise inner image I feel and the outer image I wanted to project is…..all of these words and a huge component which cannot be verbalized. The roar or the hair or the big big eyes or the huge teeth, all these can be descriptions of the lion by others. It can only be other’s image. What lion feels as lion - how can it be described? I can go on and on and on. To be sincere and integrated, it is Universe, Para, the Ultimate, operating through this body. That’s it.




Ma Jnanatmananda Swami -


Thank you so much Swamiji. “Swamiji, the next question I have is specifically for all the people who are watching you on YouTube. There are like million people who are watching on YouTube and another million people who are following you on Facebook. Now for somebody who has never met you, whom like never met you physically, not attended any of your programs, not taken your initiation, but they are sitting out there in some part of the world, connecting you through...connecting to you through your videos, they feel immensely connected to you. Do you recognize them as your disciple? How do you know that they are sitting there or do you...of course you know, but how is the whole process happening?”




Swamiji -


Understand. This is only one of the rooms I am using. This is only one of the quarters I am using. Just as Bengaluru Aadheenam has one of My quarters and many of the Aadheenams has My quarters, as of now I am only using Bengaluru Aadheenam as My quarters, does not mean that is only Mine. All the other Aadheenam quarter’s is also mine. Same way, this body which I am using, is only one of My quarters. When you say, “People who have not met Me physically, but listening to My discourses, watching and feeling connected,” understand, discipleship is not restricted just to this body. In multiple planes I exist, in multiple planes I operate, each one the way they are connected, the same way they get the response. Just few days before I declared, “Now people are going to have darshan and vision in their dreams, like they will have the vision, darshan of Me appearing and blessing them, showering gold coins, diamonds or showering them with wealth. When they wake up and see, really they will see all around on their bed, the... literally the gold coins and diamond, whatever has been blessed in the dream state in the real. And you will see in the next few days, people putting this kind of experiences and blessings in the Facebook. You will see. These happenings, the mystery, the mystical happenings, are all not restricted only to this body. I should say that I am….this is one of the body I am using, to relate with all of them. There are some more bodies, which are being used, and I should say that - there is an automatic 911. Whoever calls from wherever, they get the response and it is not necessary all that information should be known to this body and mind, but whenever needed, this body and mind gets those informations, gets those informations and whatever is needed gets done through this body. It is such a intense subject. Maybe I’ll use few more examples and give you an understanding. In various planes, like in dream state, the body of Nithyananda is different, in the deep sleep state there is another one body, in waking state only you are seeing this body and Turiya there is another one body, in Turiyatita there is another one body. In all those states, the bodies are being….the bodies which are being used, they all respond automatically from the calls received in those planes. So this body is only one of the centers I am using. That is why, when people call, pray, automatically they get the response. When it is brought to Me, I download what has happened during that time and give them extra information, that’s all. But I Myself, this body and mind does not necessarily need to be involved during the prayer or answer. Action and response, happens without even this body and mind knowing or getting involved. So wherever you are, understand, and you calling this form, this name, feeling connected, immediately Sadāshiva responds. Understand. This form and the name is the gift to the Universe by Sadāshiva. I am also enjoying it, like you are all enjoying it. This name and this form, is the gift to the Universe from Sadāshiva, just like you all enjoy, I am also enjoying it. That’s it.




(Ma Jnanatmananda Swami)


Thank you so much Swamiji. “So my next question is - Over the last few years, I have had multiple opportunities to connect a lot of people who would like to come for Inner Awakening or any of our programs, now MahaSadāshivoham. Yesterday, we had the ‘Dial The Avatar’. Now during the ‘Dial The Avatar’, a lot of people who are like aspiring to attend MahaSadāshivoham got your blessings and for some of them you said,” Okay, you will manifest the money in 15 days”. For some of…..for some who asked, saying that the family is objecting, you said,”Okay, I will take care of it, they will not object, you’ll be able to make it.” And some said,” I have a health concern”, for whom you said,”I’ll take care of it.” So after you actually give the blessing, what happens behind the scene. How does the family member’s mind change? How does they manifest the money? And it does happen. I have seen 1000s and 1000s of examples, where the minute you say, it happens. I have seen what you say and I have seen the end result. But how do we connect this? What happens behind the scene?






So Jnanatma is asking the business secret. I should say it is not even a business secret. It is Cosmic secret. See fundamentally, the Ultimate Will is operating this Will. The Ultimate is breathing through this Breadth. When a word comes from this, it is literally a word coming from the Cosmos, word coming from Sadāshiva.


Automatically, please understand, let Me now explain a very important….you see, feeling you are One with the Universe and operating as one Universe. Understand, this two. Feeling you are One with the Universe and operating as one Universe. Operating as one Universe is Sadāshiva. Feeling One with the Universe is Nithyananda. Operating as one Universe is only operating as Nithyananda. Please understand. Feeling One with the Universe is Advaita. Operating as Universe is Sadāshiva. It is neither advaita nor dvaita. There is no vaita here. Feeling One with the Universe is Advaita, operating as Universe is Sadāshivatva. When a word is given, immediately it gets into that space of operating as Universe and it goes through certain processes like a certain check and balances, it just sees the person to whom it need to reach and the form in which it need to manifest. For example, if somebody ask, “Swamiji, my family is not accepting.” That word ‘family’ does not have a meaning which all of you have, a common meaning, like his wife or his daughter or his son, no! In his mind, he is remembering his ‘keep’ not accepting. What he remembers in his mind, that is the meaning. So the words he utters does not have the….it is not taken from the social Oxford English Dictionary meaning. It is taken from his context. The way, reason, why, he is asking. So it goes through that check and then the result reaches him. Sometimes, he is asking which is not understood by others, that is why what he asked he gets, but others feel that he has not got it. Nobody, I tell you, now I am giving you an important secret, anybody who asked and gets ‘Tathastu’ never goes without getting it. That is why not a single individual comes and says, “I asked, I did not get.” They always come and say, “Everyone ask, everyone gets it or what?” Why are you bothered about it, you try! The common doubt is, “Oh, everyone asked, everyone gets it or what? How is it possible?” Everyone gets what they asked for. Somewhere if you feel, “somebody did not get,” that is yours. Try to drill that person, he will say, “I got what I want.” That is why, such large number, whether through prayers or programs, goes on coming, goes on saying, “they are getting,” and goes on coming back again. I don’t think any other program on the Planet Earth, is repeated by such large number, percentage of attendees than, other than Inner Awakening. You should know the percentage of repetition. Almost above 80% of the people do second. 80% do second and at least 70% comes for third time. It’s not a joke. More than 80% of the people, come for second time. That’s the testimony. That is the testimony. 40% doesn’t go back. That is next. Some people move but don’t leave. Yes, some people move to their home or their workplace, they don’t leave. Moving is different, leaving is different. This whole 2-way video conferencing, the faces... almost….you see it is like if they put even a photograph, I’ll not be able to find the difference, because I see them everyday. All of them may move, but they don’t leave. The words uttered are pure Satya Sankalpa. It’s directly from Sadāshiva, that is why those words become reality just like that.




(Ma Jnanatmananda Swami)


“Swamiji, my next question is - let’s say we are all now really getting ready. There is huge bus for the December MahaSadāshivoham and there are so many devotees all over the world, trying to make it for MahaSadāshivoham because they don’t want to miss what you are going to be offering to the world. If somebody, let’s say for example, they are not able to make it for MahaSadāshivoham, is it that they are not meant to be there or is it that their Will persistence was not strong enough?”






See, to tell you honestly, there is no such thing that ‘they are not meant to be there.’ I will only say, “Not only they did not have enough Will persistence, they did not have even a Will.” It is just casually, “Why? Okay!”, like a window shopping. Like a window shopping, even if they have a Will, I can convert that into Will persistence. I am embodiment of persistence. Understand. This throne is the witness for My persistence. I sat on this throne 2003 January 1st, this very throne. Now we covered it, with a silver. But this is the very throne, you can see the photograph. This is the very throne. It went through everything. It went through everything. It went through ups and downs and fires and accidents, sometimes transfer, everything! And now, fully shining in silver coating, finally it won. This throne is the witness. But end, it persisted!! I am embodiment of persistence. Anybody has a will, I can make that into Will persistence. Maybe people did not even have a Will, for the manifestation to happen. I should say, “even if you have a Will, I’ll convert that into Will persistence and make you manifest as reality.” When I am declaring, “I am Sadāshiva,” I am not declaring as My glory - I am declaring this as your possibility. I am not declaring as My pride - I am declaring as your possibility. When I am declaring your possibility, I am shaking many of your insecurities and many people want to be in their cozy, comfortable zone. Few days before in the Satsang I said, “The biggest risk is introducing to humanity their possibility.” When I am talking about your possibility, the first response you give is “cheating.” Understand. If I say, “The whole world is doomed, it is going to be destroyed in 2020 and there is going to be huge destruction, natural calamity, economical collapse and the world is doomed and gone.” Everyone feels, “Ahhhuh.” They believe so strongly, that’s why many religions run on doomsday. They go on postponing the doomsday. First it was 2000, then it becomes 2012, now they are postponing into 2021. But their survival is doomsday. Because that is very believable. Destruction, negativity - you feel very connected and you are really able to believe it, cognize it. But when I say, “Heh, you are Sadāshiva, we are all going to wake up. Millions of people are going to radiate Sadāshiva and His powers.” “Aheh!” See, if I say visually the…. about the doomsday, “There is going to be a huge tsunami and ships are going to land on Statue of Liberty and one is going to land on White House and one is going to…..and you can visualize and only...that is the reason those movies are so popular. Even those scenes, clips are so popular, the Golden Gate Bridge….a...that Golden Gate Bridge is washed away, the New York City getting washed away and the Kanya Kumari getting washed away. Everyone enjoy those clips, because in depth they feel it is possible,“Yes, yes, yes, it’s going to be reality.” Very connecting, but when I say, “Millions are going to wake up to Sadāshivatva and going to manifest all the powers”, even though I have already established, at least few people manifesting. It doesn’t look like a possibility. Every level, it is always dealt with the load of impossibility. Every proposal of the higher possibility is dealt with the load of impossibility by the humanity. Understand. Unfortunately, your mind wants negative end, means the negative understandings catch you very quickly. When there is something great is proposed, presented, many of the …..many people feel threatened, shaken, disturbed. Their ideas are shakened. End of the day, I know what I am getting into. I know what I am getting into and I know the human beings, I know the humanity and I know the Planet Earth, with that clarity only I came down.




Ma Jnanatmananda Swami -


“Swamiji, I have a few more questions, can I go ahead?”




(Swamiji )- Go ahead.




(Ma Jnanatmananda Swami)


Swamiji, the lifestyle of an Aadheenavasi, the way I see it, compared to the lifestyle that I was having when I was working outside, earning, living, you are thinking about your small family, running by some greed or some fear, either you have to greed of getting promoted or career success or a fear of “Oh, if I don’t go, what my manager will say”, was this the lifestyle of the Aadheenavasi here, where all your basic needs are provided completely free of cost. You don’t have to worry about your food, shelter, electricity bill, internet bill, nothing that you need to worry about your survival or your existence. But something that drives us is...for me, it is my love for you. Because of what you have given to me in my life, I feel I at least do something, because I can never match what you have showered to me, but I feel at least something that I can do in my level, I want to give back. That is what is driving me everyday and it is actually an immense joy and pleasure to be part of this community, where everybody is...there is only one common point amongst the Aadheenavasis, which is our relationship with you and it feels like a really blissful community, which I feel is the only hope for today’s world, where living in a community, where you don’t have to work for your survival, but living in a community where your possibilities are explored and everyday….like when people ask me,” Okay, how has your life been in the Aadheenam, last 8 years?” The only thing I can say is,”I had a very clear boundary about myself, now I myself do not know what I am capable of. I am exploring myself and I am seeing myself do some things, which I never thought I could possibly do, so it’s just a lifestyle of exploring the possibility.” So how do you see the lifestyle of Aadheenavasis or the Aadheenavasis in the 5-10 years? The vision…..your vision for Aadheenavasis?”






See, I am seeing at least million...million means 10 lakh people residing here in Bengaluru Aadheenam. Exploring multiple possibilities and powers available for human consciousness. Understand. When I say possibilities, things which you can develop by practice, like yoga, things which you can develop by practice, like Nirahara Samyama, like creating a new software or learning a language. You see, even the possibilities can be given by initiation, that is different, but things which can be developed by practice, all that I call as possibilities, learning to carve, learning to build a temple, learning to read, write, multiple languages, all that. What comes not by any training or practice, straight by initiation, transmission of energy, that is what I call power, the Shakti, the transmission of Shakti. I am looking at this place in next 10 years, million people residing, exploring various possibilities and powers,which is available of human consciousness and sharing it with the whole world in the field of medicine, the field of agriculture, the field of clothing, jewellery, construction, spiritual thought currents, education, teaching, yoga, ayurveda and dance, music and what not! I am looking at this place as a real Universal City, where multiple branches people are exploring all the possibilities and powers available to human consciousness and making it as a reality for humanity and it is time humanity has wasted its time and energy enough. We wasted our time and energy enough by searching for food and shelter and basic needs. I feel at least few million people need to be relieved and given all those basic needs and asked to explore the further possibilities and powers. That is what exactly I am doing here. Giving them all the fundamental needs, letting them explore all the possibilities and powers available for humanity and human consciousness.




(Ma Jnanatmananda Swami)


And for me personally if I have say, “It is just the excitement of living around the Avatar.” An Avatar who happens in 3000-4000-5000 years, we don’t even know but just being able to live around the Avatar to see - how He lives, how He eats, who He talks, How He does what He does, because we never had an opportunity to explore an Incarnation. And when an Incarnation is in the human flesh and bones and body, it is an immense joy just to live around Him. Forget about anything else, just living around….if somebody ask,” What you do in the Aadheenam?” I just say,” I hang around Swamiji. To be very frank, nothing else I do, I just hang around Him and it is a beautiful lifestyle to live like that.” And Swamiji, to come to our last question - something which is really my passion, something which you have gifted to me, is the lifestyle of Sannyas. I have...I am thoroughly...I can tell very clearly, I am thoroughly enjoying this lifestyle, because it is a lifestyle of ultimate freedom, where in the cons….in the sense that when people ask me,”How come you left your job in Microsoft, your lifestyle in America, all your possessions, how you decided to live this lifestyle. Now the only thing I feel I tell them is,”This is the first time in my life when I took Sannyas, I am experiencing freedom. Freedom in the sense that I am not bound by anything. I am not bound by a car or a particular way of food or a particular type of dress or a particular type of lifestyle. But I am experiencing feeling what it is to be a part of your Cosmic body. That is the way I envision myself that,” I am one your hand, one of your leg, like I am one part of your body. So for all the youth of today Swamiji, who are running behind the sensual pleasures, either in terms of food, entertainment industry, pubs, clubs, relationships and getting thoroughly cheated because it is not fulfilling them and Sannyas is that lifestyle which is...which is the only way out for today’s youth. Can you say a few words about that Swamiji?”






See, when Jnanatma was telling, putting this question. I can see very clearly, when she says, “she is part of My Cosmic body,” of course - true. She is part of My Cosmic body because she is holding My responsibility. She shouldering My responsibility. No doubt about it and modern day youth running behind some car, house, relationships, with a huge blind spot. Understand. You run for something, after reaching if you ask, “Why did you run?” You don’t have an answer. What a huge blind spot! Actually, your blind spot is larger than your life. That is what is depression. Blind spot being larger than your life itself, is what I call depression. When she is putting that question, I can see very clearly and I am also proud, that I have produced fulfilling Sannyasis. Understand. Sannyasis who are celebrating that lifestyle, because it through celebration the expansion happens. It is from celebration the expansion happens. Not by grumbling, grudging incompletion. “No somehow I am pulling a Sannyasi.” No! What I am saying, “It is only by the people, who have this matured cognition, that Sannyas grows. I know, I am proud, I have created a Sannyasis who celebrate the life of Sannyas, who are celebrating.


“Eh! Sannyas is not just celibating, it is celebrating.” Celebrating the celibating. No, it is celebrating that...that is what I call - completion of Sannyas. Completion of Sannyas. Understand. I should….I can very conveniently with all My integrity I can say, “I have a celebrating Sannyasi in Jnanatma.” I wanted to send a message to the whole world, especially the modern day youth, by answering this question.


Let Me define Youth.


Whoever thinks your future is more important than the weight of your past, then you are a youth. If you think your possibility about your future is more important than the weight of your past, then you are youth. That is the definition of youth.


If you feel the weight of your past is too big than the possibility of your future, then you are already old. I want to send this message to all the youth by answering this question. I tell you, be matured, look at the life with maturity. Forget about what is the feedback from others. You see your life, what you really want. Are you moving towards that. Is everyday your responsibly behaving towards what you feel as your goal. I am not even saying, “Change your goal” - if your goal is money - change it to enlightenment, if your goal is a house and a car and a career - change into Sadāshiva. I am not even saying that. I am not talking about goal change. I am only talking about - are you integrated to your goal? That’s all I am asking. When you bring integrity to your goal, you will automatically bring integrity towards you. When you are integrated to you, you have to with Me. When somebody is sick, he has to go to  hospital, whether he goes by walk or a car or a two wheeler or running or rolling or ambulance, but he has to reach hospital. If you are sick, you have to reach the hospital. If you are seeking, you have to reach Me. Understand. I am not even asking to change your goal. I am only asking you, “Are you integrated to your goal?” When you bring integrity to what you think as your goal, so many blind spots will start getting healed. You will start getting integrated to you. When you are integrated to you, you have to be with Me and you will be with Me. You will find a way to reach Me.


Understand. I am giving this as clear vision for the modern youth. Come on, it is time. If you are running after psuedo things, that also in an unintegrated way, you are not even going to have Planet Earth in next 2-3 decades. It is no more a luxury, no! If it is early morning 3 o’clock, waking up or not waking up is your decision, freedom, luxury, but if it is already noon - 12 o’clock, waking up is your survival. It is already noon. “vaivasvata manvantare,” means 51st manvantare. We are on the 51st manvantare of Brahma. It is already noon, not even 12, 12:30. It is already past noon.


At least few million of us, “Let’s wake up, come together, explore all the possibilities and powers of consciousness. Everything available for human consciousness, let’s explore. Let’s bring everything together. Let’s explore and everything expressed, let’s share it with the world, it is time we need to wake up to protect, serve, care, the humanity. So My clarion call to the whole humanity, especially to modern day youth - Aadheenam Chalo! It is actually joy to sit with your own cub and see how the cub….makes you roar! And what all the cub does to make you roar, especially somebody who is really integrated. Understand. Sitting at My feet for 8 years is not a joke. I know, I know it is not a joke. Whether in good wa...sense or a ferociousness, both - intense! Love or care, both are intense. It is literally putting yourself in a mold and just getting molded. No unwanted parts are going to be left and no tomorrow. “No, can I wait for some more time?”  No! And a person who stayed for 8 years, with her depth. It is such a joy to explore and respond to her depth. Understand. I cannot just like that answer for her questions because for every question she asked, she would have heard at least 25 different answers from Me, in various Inner Awakening. I cannot just like that brush it aside. From the depth from which the question comes to the depth I’ll have to answer. It is such a joy to handle the questions from depth. The question from depth and….




Ma Jnanatmananda Swami -


Swamiji, I just want to say something. Actually when Swamiji said, “It is not so easy to be at His feet,” I actually feel that, “It wasn’t very easy for Swamiji to handle a disciple like me literally tolerating every kind of well... mood swing. See, I always enjoyed the lifestyle of an Aadheenavasi, lifestyle of a Sannyasi, but that mean I immediately fit into the mould that Swamiji wanted me to fit into and He tolerated, patiently sometimes waited, sometimes ferociously awakened, all of that, but at the end of the day - He decided to keep me at His feet and I am eternally grateful to Swamiji for that and to conclude, I really want to say Swamiji that – “in this janma or whatever number of times you are going to come back to Planet Earth or in any other plane, please always keep me at your feet, because it is too good to miss and it is too good and it actually feels too cool to be at your feet.”

With that I would like to thank you so much for giving such a...such a wonderful opportunity for me Swamiji.




Swamiji -


So the essence….first I want to say, “Tathastu,” for what you asked. Blessings!!


Today, when they were reading out the introduction, they said, “She is a Nandi.” And she said, “She doesn’t want to come between you and Swamiji” – actually Nandi comes in between Shiva and devotees, only to protect Shiva. Sometimes Shiva Himself cannot defend Him, He is in Samadhi, so somebody has to be running around and defend Him. So Nandi does only that job. So bull, even when it bullies is only for Sadāshiva. I know there is so much to discuss and explore, share. The essence of today, the ‘Ask The Avatar’ Series, the essence I am going to give is also the essence of Jnanatma and her character - “Celebration of Guru Bhakti in the form of Sannyas.” I’ll say that is the essence of today’s session and the statement of Jnanatma’s life. “Celebration of Guru Bhakti in the form of Sannyas.” So, I give this as a message to all and it’s such wonderful….actually I did not think...of course I never think is different. I did not expect a disciple can make Me think so much and get such a indepth answers from Me. Maybe, you may have to watch this ‘Ask The Avatar,’ this Series, this Satsang, at least 4-5 times because many of the answers I gave was from depth! Many answers I gave are very deep. The words may look like I used it already, but the answers are very deep. Go through it, you will understand the depth from which I responded and it is such a joy to respond to the cubs and My blessings to all of you. The essence is - celebrate Guru Bhakti through Sannyas. With this, I give this mantra cappu to Jnanatma, for this wonderful interview, as My memorable gift and a protection.


So be blissful. Blessings. I bless you all, let’s all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, Living Shuddhadvaita Saivam, Sadāshivoham, the Eternal Bliss - Nithyananda.


Thank you.

Be Blissful.