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In today’s morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda explains that lifestyle philosophy, art, architecture, and language are the requirements for a civilization to be alive. He wants us to understand that the strength of a civilization is stability which brings specialization. The stability of Indian civilization lead to the specialized knowledge and perfection of the Vedic sciences. For over twenty thousand years, the Vedic tradition has been perfected in the areas of lifestyle philosophy, art, architecture, and language. Over the past several decades, the stability of India has been compromised because Indian youth has been moving away from the traditional ways of knowledge transfer. We can reverse the degradation in the structure and lifestyle of India by reviving the Vedic tradition!
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I welcome all of you with my love.

Today, Mahadeva is gracing us with the alankara of ‘Yaanai Eidha Padalam’, means the, ‘vanquishing the devilish rogue elephant’.

The Chola king who was neighbor of the Pandya King in those days; Pandya was practicing Shaivism, Chola was practicing Jainism. Practicing Jainism is not wrong, it’s ok. But somehow he got influenced by the pseudo Jain priests who were black magicians, and they performed black magic ritual and sent a illusory elephant. Please understand, actual elephant you can kill it easily. They sent a illusory elephant, seeing which all the elephants, army, everything started running. Not a single animal or human-being is ready to attack that elephant, because it is illusory, just like our patterns and incompletions seeing it you run, run, you don’t want to attack. But you don’t understand it is illusory. So, the devilish illusory elephant entered the Pandya’s army and the whole Pandya’s army ran away. 

And Mahadeva has promised all the three he will take care, all the three seats he created – one, the Seat of the Kingdom; other the Seat of the Tamil Language; then the Sarvagjna Peetha, Madurai Adheenam. He promised whenever degradation happens in any one of these, he himself will come down and restore revive, revive it back to its glory. So as per his promise, see, Mahadeva promises in Arunachala he will always be available to the world in these three form – the deity in the temple, and the hill, and an enlightened being from that place. And same way, Mahadeva also promised whenever there is a degradation in these three seats, and you also need to know, whether fortunately or unfortunately, in the course of time, all these three seats have been merged into one, and only one is alive, that is Sarvagjna Peetha. So that takes the responsibility of ruling, teaching, and keeping the language alive, all the three. So, Mahadeva has committed whenever there is any problem, he himself will assume the human form and revive it. 


As per his promise, Mahadeva appeared and, as a dark-skinned hunter. The exact description is the modern-day translation, the modern-day you call ‘tall, dark, handsome’. That is the exact word with which the poet is describing how the Mahadeva appeared as a hunter with bow and arrows. And just by the one arrow, the elephant dies. Because it is not elephant actually; it is a delusion. It is a delusion. And the story says, Narasimha himself comes and offers, ‘May I be of some seva for you?’ Narasimha himself becomes a arrow and the elephant was killed. That is the way Mahadeva protected the Pandya’s Kingdom. You are seeing that scene only in today’s alankaar.


Let me enter into today’s subject. Today’s subject for Nithya Satsang: ‘STABILITY’. I will continue, I will continue on Stability. 

Even all these things, the deities, decorations, art, all these things inspires stability.

Please understand, understand this one example. Come to the listening space. Understand this one example: Oxford, Harvard universities, I think now, more than hundreds of years old. Those universities last hundreds of years, I don’t know, hundred or may be hundred to two-hundred years old, all these institutions, due to the hundreds of years of experience, educating generations of people, they mastered the art of educating.

Please understand, the perfection which can never come by one or two generation. All of you are getting it? Suddenly, you somehow poison all those administrators mind and make that whole both the places into monastery. Can they excel, compete with us, with the traditional monastery, helping people to achieve completion and enlightenment? No. Any specialization happens by stability. Please understand, when you are stable in that department and continues to expand in that field, specialization happens. And I wanted also you to know one more thing: Stability does not mean ‘stuck’. So we started believing, ‘Stability means ‘stuck’. So, let us not bother about stability and our tradition.’


The Sthapathi, means, the traditional artist, Sthapathis are people, like they know the architecture, building, making deities and science of medicine, all the art, they will know. The Sthapathi, means the traditional scholar of medicine and architecture and art, who did our Shiva Linga, our Ananda Linga in Bidadi ashram, he was a ninth generation Sthapathi. Fortunately, he learned from his father and he made this Shiva Linga. Even now, if the water moves on that Shiva Linga for ten second, the water does not get spoiled for six months. And if the milk moves on that Shiva Linga for ten seconds, it does not get spoilt for fifteen days, even now. And it is so unfortunate, the science is dead now. He was crying to me that his sons are not ready to learn from him. His sons are interested only in BBA, MBA. It is not that his sons after doing BBA, MBA, one has studied the modern architecture, that they are making more money than the father, the Sthapathi who made this Shiva linga. No. Just a modern fantasy and disrespect to the family tradition. ‘Why? Why? Just because my father is a Sthapathi, why should I be Sthapathi?’ 

The amount of disgrace brought on our traditional professions like farming, agriculture by this British. Most of you guys from India may not have even seen agriculture happening with your eyes, means, that ploughing, weeding, planting. You might have seen only tractor plowing. Anyhow; so it is so unfortunate the science is lost. Now it can’t be done anymore. And that Sthapathi was literally having ‘blood tears’ in his eyes. He told me, ‘Swamiji, I am old.’ He was 92 when he left the body; at least, above 80. It is so unfortunate. I don’t know now anybody else can do. I have some little medicines stored. I may be able to make some forty. For that much we have. After that, that’s all. Over!


Such powerful science, such powerful science! I have hundreds and hundreds of people testifying. After taking bath in that water comes from Shiva Linga, skin diseases healed, depressions healed, the whole body-related pains healed; Hundreds of people giving testimonials. It is so unfortunate, now over. It can’t be done anymore. Why? Because stability is lost, stability is lost. See, it’s like only on the stable material you can make carvings, art, paintings which are going to be for eternal, for long time. And the mud, if you make an art – I am not saying you can’t make – but it won’t be there. On the beach sand if you make an art, it won’t be there more than few days. But if you make an art on the stone, it can be there for years.


It is so unfortunate, our respect for stability is taken away. See this is the right example. Understand. 

Hundreds of years old universities, who have mastered the art of teaching people, if you suddenly make them lose respect on teaching and convert them into a monastery, they won’t be able to help people to complete and achieve enlightenment. Same way, the biggest thing done to India is worst thing, our life was robbed from us, our soul was robbed from us. Our soul was robbed from us Somehow our soul was taken away from us.



Somehow we are made to believe into the pseudo freedom concepts, medicines, art, architecture, cloth, everything. Do you know, every hundred kilometer in India, we have a different way of cooking? Just travel hundred kilometer, you will have a different kind of cooking. Because we live on the same land, what grows from that land we eat. We build houses out of that mud. What grows from that land, out of that we make our clothes. Means, literally our whole energy was with that land. 
Even in the monasteries, only when the stability is there the greater truths, the science, mystical sciences can be transmitted, can flourish.

I tell you, because all these sciences take generations to perfect. And even after transmitting, it takes generations for people to excel. Unfortunately Indian laws are completely against stability. They are built on the pseudo freedom concept. People are there, they are neither stable in education, nor stable. See, by the time you choose what should be your career, what should be the line you should start studying, you even start thinking about it only after twenty-one. Only after twenty-one you plan for your career. That is one of the biggest mistake. 

At the age of three, when the ‘naamakarana’, naming happens; this is an important thing you need to know. We don’t have the habit of naming the child at the seventh day or eighth day, there are enough of references; third year only child is named. Means, child is allowed to live without language, to settle in the body without language. At the age of three, when they name the child itself, the career of the child is told to the child.

I tell you, if you need to choose, decide about your career at the age of twenty-one – almost every one of you choose around the age of twenty-one about your career – even if you have chosen earlier, you change. Even after twenty-one, you are in dilemma. Literally the age of learning is wasted. 


Understand, learning happens between 

• 0 to 7 – 100%,
• 7 to 14 – 80%,
• 14 to 21 – 40%,
• After 21 – 0%.

After twenty-one, no question of learning is possible. After that you multiply, you just do the mathematical game, add, deduct, multiply; you do all that games, divide; but, please understand, learning itself is over at the age of twenty-one. What an unfortunate thing. When you decide about your career, the possibility of learning is over. You decide about your career when you are about to go to the graveyard. No. That is what we are doing. That is what we are doing. 

I will show you in ten years. I’ll show you in ten years, my Krama Brahmacharis how they excel. My Krama Brahmacharis who are showing the stability, I will show you the best sannyasis of Hinduism. No, really, because it takes a generation to perfect anything. When a child decides, when a child is taught, see, I am nothing but the perfection of my masters. Then understand my perfections, how it will be. No. The kids whom I am bringing up specially for sannyas, when they take sannyas you will see they will be authentic teachers, authentic players of energy. They will be just playing with energy. Because I am perfection of my predecessors, they are going to be the perfection of me.

See, in any art, in any field, stability brings specialization. 

Many people come and tell me, ‘How, Swamiji, in these modern days your deities are so perfect? I have never seen this type of perfect, beautiful deities anywhere in the modern temples. May be in the old, ancient temples like Madurai Thiruvannamalai, we see this kind of deities.’ especially our Nithyanandeshwara in main temple. ‘How, how is it possible?’

I tell them, ‘I always pick up the artists who have learnt from their parents traditionally, not from any colleges and school.’ 

We have in the modern day some schools and colleges. I never pick up graduates; I pick up the people graduated. I never pick up graduates; I pick up people who graduated. Graduates does not mean they graduated. That is why the perfection in the deities, the grace in the deities; because, in any field, stability is required for specialization. Stability is required for specialization. It is so unfortunate, so unfortunate, we lost stability.


Just look around. We don’t have the carpenters of the standard we had fifty years before. Whether it is science of creating food, creating clothes, creating dwellings, creating life, creating knowledge, anything, it is stability that brings specialization. Our civilization, strength of our civilization is stability. But when they attacked that, we lost the soul. Of course, I will not allow. I will bring the soul back to the body, make the body alive again. We need universities to be established in all these three. For any civilization to be alive, these three is required. In these three you will see the achievement of that civilization. 

• One, the Lifestyle Philosophy.
• Second, Architecture and Art.
• Third, Language.

O, Veda Matha, I commit with you with my integrity and authenticity, I will make university for all these three to keep you alive. And I will do what it takes, I will do what it takes to create stable people. And establish all these three.

See, for all these three, you need stable people, not just money or land; stable people. Only then the mastering, that perfection can go on and on and on.


I will show you through my Krama Brahmacharis when they take sannyas. This country law doesn’t allow to give sannyas before 18.

See the perfection delivered by Kanchi Paramacharya, Chandrashekhara Saraswathi. Why? Because, at the age of seven he received sannyas. At the age of seven he knows this is going to be his life, so better perfect it. Earlier, better for you and the world. Almost a century he graced that Peetha. And see his contribution to the Hindu tradition, Vedic tradition. Fortunately, those days, we did not have a law you can’t give sannyas before eighteen. If the children know at this age – age of seven, six – that what is going to be their future and start evolving, learning, imbibing, standing with that, you will have the masterpieces.

See, till the age of eighteen you don’t decide about your career itself is a sickness. If you don’t decide about your career till eighteen, you know, see in India, normally till you finish the plus two, plus two is the high school, am I right or higher Secondary School, till you finish the higher secondary school you don’t think about your career. It means what you know? You are planning for your career which is confusion. See, what you do till eighteen will be your career. Till eighteen you are in the mode of postponing and confusion, after that that continues.

I tell you, O India, till you come back to the Gurukul system, where during the naming ceremony the child is told its career, you are going to live and die in confusion and worry and postponing. Of course, I will not let you die. I will bring you back. 

What a foolish, third-rate concept of freedom. Freedom is not freedom to have either you can work on mud, or on stone, or on cloth, or on business, or on computer. That is not freedom. That is a very small piece of freedom given to you, and you are cheated without having the real freedom. Real freedom is free to be. What do you call as freedom in the modern day? If you can just get a B.E. Degree or a computer certificate and become an IT Engineer, you call it as freedom? You are squeezed. Last drop of your blood is squeezed. Morning 6 o’clock you run to the office, 8 o’clock you come back and drink the alcohol, have a girlfriend and party, 12 you drop dead on your bed. Again morning 6 you are there in the office. You call this as freedom? And by 45, fuse over. Heart attack. Tup. Monday morning blew up. You call this as freedom?


I am also taking one more responsibility. I am going to set a new trend by training all my staff members and workers working on all our campuses. Now I am creating this new consciousness. I made a clear understanding; we are going to enroll two-thousand staff. The first thing is they have to attend morning satsangh. From the dress code to the lifestyle, everything, everything has to be based on the spiritual strength and they have to live four tattwas. And I am giving them Inner Awakening free. We are going to continuously train them to be Spiritual Activist. Work, and be paid for their work.

Please understand, I pay them for their growth. It is a new trend I am setting now. With this introduction only I am enrolling. By the end of this year, we wanted to enroll two-thousand staff. I invite all the Nithyananda TV, Sadhna TV, Lotus TV viewers, whoever wants to be Spiritual Activist working with our Sangha and getting paid, being paid for your work, immediately reach out to us. Email us at [email protected] or call us on +91 80 2727 9999. We need people with all kinds of work background and skill sets. IT engineers, lawyers, cooks, drivers, mechanics. 

I am creating a Law Firm inside the campus to defend Hinduism continuously in the media. See, really. 

I will continue on ‘Stability’ tomorrow also. 

Now I will move to the Nirahara Samyama.



I request all of you to do the Nirahara Samyama Kriya. Sit straight, close your eyes. Cognize you have become Bidadi Kalpavruksha. Inhale through both the nostrils and the mouth as deeply as possible and hold as long as possible. Slowly exhale only through both the nostrils. Do this kriya continuously for 21 minutes. With my integrity, authenticity, responsibility and enriching