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In today’s morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda reveals how authenticity independently can lead us to enlightenment. When our inner image of ourselves matches the image we present to others, we automatically want to take responsibility for everything around us and enrich the world. The integration of the inner self-image – mamakara – and the self-image we display – ahamkara – strengthen us and make us genuine. Then we live the Four Tattwas, which is living enlightenment. Strength also flows from completing our unfinished business rather than inwardly preparing for possible failure. When we have vanquished our past situations we no longer see failure as an option. Swapoornatwa, the process of clearing and resolving our past conflicts, is the key to ultimate self-integration and success.
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sadAshiva samArambhAM jnAnasaMbandha madhyamAM /
asmadAchArya paryantAM vande guru paraMparAm //

I welcome you all with my love and respects. I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsangis sitting with us around the world at this moment. 505 places through Nithyananda TV and 44 places 2-way video conferencing having nayana-deeksha in 184 cities in 27 countries around the world. Cities sitting with us in 2-way video conferencing having nayana-deeksha; Tiruvannamalai; Los Angeles, Arunachalam; Oklahoma, Somanatham; Guadelope, Rameshwaram; Ohio, Prayag, San Jose, Madurai; Hyderabad, Bahianagaram; Seattle, Chidambaram; Kulim, Malaysia; Adyar, Chennai; Toronto, Kailasam; Phoenix, Kanchipuram; New York, Varanasi; Chennai, Alwarpet; Singapore, Singapuram; Slovakia, Coshitse; Maha Kumbha Puri, Prayag; Troy, Michigan; Dubai, Tirukkovilur; Hyderabad, Shree; East London, UK; Bangalore, Bannerghatta; Black Diamond, Canada; Bangalore, Gangamma Circle; Lospet, Pondicherry; Torax, Spain; Port Washington, New York; St. Louis; Tirumala; Charlotte, Srishailam; Wellington, New Zealand; Hong Kong, Seergali; Oman, Shivagangai; San Diego, Tiruaalavai; Chennai, Mahalingapuram; Atlanta, Ujjaini; Devon, UK; Paris, Kali Ghat; Chicago, Srirangam; London, Kashi; Monterry, Mexico; Vancuover, Puri; Bangalore, Marathahalli; Bangalore, Malleswaram; Pranananda and MA Turiya on the way to Chennai in bus. Ma, next to Vancuover, Puri, is it Bangalore Mallewsaram or Bangalore Marathahalli? Bangalore, Malleswaram, are you able to hear me or not? Come on; if you are not going to move the hand or wave, I will not know whether you are able to hear me. Auckland, New Zealand; that’s it. London, Kashi, I can see now London, Kashi. Yes. I welcome all of you, ad Wellington, New Zealand; I can see Wellington, New Zealand also. I welcome all of you with my love and blessings.

Today, Niraahaara Samyama, 9th batch, 10th day and The Samyama, 7th day. Inner Awakening and En-Genius, 7th day.

Mein aap sabko prem va aashirvad se swagat kartha hoon.

So, before into the satsang, today a few announcements. Our Maha Kumbh Puri, the temporary ashram will be functioning only till this Pournami. Pournami date is 20th, only till this Pournami, this Shaahi Snaan. The authorities, Kumbha Mela authorities are winding up slowly. They are expecting monsoon little early. The whole area will be flooded actually. So, they are reducing the electricity infrastructure and all that. They are asking all big tents to slow down their activities and there is only one more Shaahi Snaan, March 10th. After this Shaahi Snaan, this coming Pournami, there is only one more Shaahi Snaan. So, everybody is reducing their activity.

In our case, we decided we will wind up the tent by 25th February, Mahi Purnima. Mahi Purnima Snaan will be 25th February. 26th, 27th itself we will start winding up. Any devotees wanted to go and stay in our tent, please finish it off in next few days. And, after that our tent may not be functioning. I wanted to announce it very clearly, whoever asks for accommodation, please email to them and complete with them. And I announce now itself and complete with all of you. Ofcourse, from my side, I wanted to be there till March 10th; from the authorities’ side, they are reducing, they are winding up.. first of all they are saying; this time the Kumbha Puri was Maha Kumbha Puri was built thrice than regular size and they need atleast one month to wind up. Otherwise, the whole thing will go under the water and nothing can be retrieved.

Winding up is not possible and the river will be polluted. If you have seen you know. I don’t know how many hundreds of kilometers road have been made with the steel blankets, steel plates and the steel poles, the wiring; the whole thing has to be wounded up, winded up. By April first week, it’ll all be flooded. Especially our zone; see fortunately we got the land in the center of the Kumbha Puri, means first we will be flooded. Where our ashram is there, that will be flooded first. We are in the prime area. So, the authorities are requesting us to reduce the activity and.. They are not asking us to wind up completely, but they are asking us to start packing up, with minimal activity. We decided we also need time and ours is all huge deities. If there is a sudden flood, you can’t even move the deities also. It’s all, ours as usual heavy-duty Hinduism. But ours is a heavy-duty Hinduism and I am getting into a sports utility Hinduism. Not just heavy-duty; moving to the next level, sports-utility Hinduism. So, ours is huge deities, all have to be moved. So, 26th, 27th itself, I told them to start packing.

I thank all the volunteers, ashramites, sannyasis, devotees and Maha Nirvani Akhada and everybody who is involved in Kumbha Mela making this Kumbha Mela as a beautiful experience for all of us. This will be the historical Kumbha Mela, not only for Dhyanapeetam, for whole Hinduism. And our Yogaalaya, I am naming it as Maha Nirvani Akhada. We will call our Yogaalaya as Maha Nirvani Akhada.

At 10:21
Shambhava, make it as a wooden floor. It is nice for yoga and all the practices.  I wanted people to learn all the things related to body; yoga, gym, weight-lifting and dance; everything related to body; martial arts, malla kambha, everything related to body. So make the floor that way. And allot the area specifically for malla kambha; it should be sand. Talk to the malla kambha teacher and how they wanted, make it that way. So, the whole hall where everything available.

One corner a beautiful gym; one side the malla kambha, for that the posts, sand everything. And one side, the open gym. Open gym means the parallel bars and everything will be there; that with the sand and the whole remaining area should be wooden floor. All the whole hall should be glassed completely; mirrored, so that people can do swa-purnatva also. Ok, design it pukka. And you may not need to do any repair on underground na, even when you strengthen the building. Ok, other than that nothing. Make it as a pukka, professional international standard gym, malla kambha training center and all the body-related things, and even the library. Let the library also be there itself, Gnanalaya also be there. That whole area, underground is allotted for this itself, yogaalaya and annalaya. The whole thing will be called as Maha Nirvani Akhada. Let all the best things be made available for sannyasis to have the training for their body and mind.

And I also have a message from Turiya. All akhadas have already left for Kashi. As per the tradition..Actually I did it without knowing; as per the tradition, after Kumbha Mela, you are supposed to go to Kashi. It is called Kashi Pravaas. Nirvani Akhada is already doing Kashi Pravaas; all Maha Mandaleshwars, Sri Mahans all of them are in Kashi. Winding up has started, we did it. We did it; ofcourse Kala Bhairava is doing. Great. We will also have a traditional dharma dhwaja established just like Akhada, here permanently. I think it is 55 feet. Do it in steel. You can do it in steel. Look, how they are doing; on that we will have a beautiful flag, Dhyanapetam flag.

And I have one more announcement. Seramban center, Malaysia out of their love, they released a stamp in Malaysia with my picture. It is actually like; anyone can pay to the government and get it released, but it is an official stamp; means it can be used for posting letters. Just for memory, it is a good way to remember.

Bridge town, Barbados, Molai Gorai; birthday blessings for you. With all the auspiciousness, you will be with me, I will be with you, blessings.
(14:30) Yes..This is the Malaysia Ser  centre…with all their…with all the devotees signature they have sent. Just for memory it is a good way to remember…(15:00)Bridgetown Barbada Molay Gvaray(??) birthday blessings for you with all the auspiciousness you will be with me I will be with you Blessings. Oh birthday for Gnanaswaroopananda also today…Blessings for Gnanaswaroopananda…with all the auspiciousness you will be with me I will be with you blessings. Next we will move to the Satsang. I can see the Mexico city, Duranga city centre now. Yesterday Gurukul kids had doubt Swamiji had announced that he is going to discuss only the Tatvas for few days, suddenly he said he is going to speak on Viraaja Homa Mantras is it not lack of integrity?? Even if iam going to speak on Viraaja Homa Mantras Iam going to speak only onTatvas. That is not lack of integrity, I just want to clarify to the Gurukul kids and our Gurukul kids have the right to advise me. Our gurukul kids are my advisory committee, its an honour I give them for their practising Integrity and Authenticity. Then your ahankara mamakara merge with each other you will be able to fulfil other’s anyakara. I will say this is the new definition of Sanga. Mamakara is Yamuna Ahankara is Ganga when both merges you will be able to fulfil other’s anyakara that is Saraswathi. Sraddha vaan Labdheg gnaanam In Bhagavad gita
4th chapter 29th verse it says very clearly Sraddha vaan Labdheg gnaanam the authentic one attains enlightenment Dhyaan se suniye(Listen…). Sraddha vaan Labdheg gnaanam (18:14)  the authentic ones only attain enlightenment. Making your ahankara and mamakara merge with each other. Yamuna is the material,  ganga is the name Saraswathi is the name after merging. If You see the quantity of water after the sangam(joining of two or more rivers) Yamuna is the largest quantity of water. That is why river’s form after sangam is yamuna’s colour but the name is ganga because what you show to the outer world its name will be there but what you feel as inner world will become strength for what you show to the outer world. Listen when the mamakara is separate Ahankara is wrong, When the mamakara supports its no more ahankara it is your being. You cant call ahankara as ahankara if mamakara is supporting it. As long as Mamakara and Ahankara are separate you can use the word Ahankara which is wrong , Ego… It is wrong the moment Mamakara supports Ahankara they become one with each other. It is no more Ego it is E__GO(E dash go). And it is Engo. Again and again and again strengthen your mamakara with the qualities you project as Ahankara. Strengthen your Ahankara by using all the thinking power Mamakara has it. Listen Ahankar has expression power Mamakara has experience power when there is lack of integrity both of them are separate and when you integrate both of them are one and the same. Your mamakara has the experience power means experiencing what you think as you what you feel as you. Your ahankara has expression power declaring yourself ascerting yourself. Integrate both of them whatever you project or declare as you, you will become that. Infuse all the qualities of ahankara what you project as you as your mamakara feel it as you. If you are declaring to the world you are strong and intelligent make that as your mamakara if some part of you is not accepting read it out with integrity.That is practing integrity. Aligining your Mamakara to Ahankara is practicing Integrity. Aligning your ahankara with Anyakara is taking responsibility. Dhyaan se suniye. Aligining your mamakara what you feel as you to your ahankara what you project as you is Integrity because what you project as you will always be strong and much more than what you think as you. What is the only obstruction for this alignment this communion, your negative patterns. For example you always project you as strong but you don’t believe inside because you have the lack of integrity i.e. the negative commitments you give Iam weak Iam a failure. Complete all that. Noo iam not going to honour the negative commitments I have given to me as iam a failure as iam wrong. Iam declaring Iam commiting to myself iam a winner Iam a success Iam Shiva Mangalathva (auspiciousness). It is very unfortunate Vedantis carry a strong pattern. You know I should be ready to accept the failure because failure is part of life. NO Then constantly you are giving commitment to you there is going to be failure there is going to be failure. Expectation of failure. Listen.How many of you cognize what iam saying.  Preparation for Samadhama(?) dhigithsha(???) does not need to give you negative commitments. Preperation to be balanced all the movements does not need to give you negative expectation. Clear? Listen. I want you to create a new name for each nectar of sleeplessness. Come up with a hindi word for that. Anyhow listen you always internally prepare yourself for facing any failure. Am I right? That does not need to strengthen to believe you are a failure. It does not need to strengthen Listen. How many of you have the habit of preparing yourself for the eventualities of failure Raise your hands? Then you prepare usually remind the worst situations worst possibilities and prepare weapons tools to handle it. But unfortunately whenever you remember the worst possibilities. You give that as a commitment to you. Have awareness Now inside listen you never handled worst possibilities because of preparation. You always handled worst possibilities because of your completion. If you are in the space of completion you face the worst possibilities in completion win successfully. You never handled the worst possibilities because of your preparation. How much ever you prepare when the eventuality comes up you collapse. Even with all the preparations when the eventuality come you collapse. How many of you cognize? So all you preparation, you are preparing for the worst fire accident but earthquake happens. Then you start preparing for earthquake flood happens. You get ready with all the insurance papers for flood insurance agency goes bankrupt. Listen it is power of completion empowers you to face the worst eventualities you have put the wrong trust. How many of you have cognized what iam saying? There are 14 scriptures of Shaiva siddhantha I told them to get me those books. Guys are wondering why swamiji wants it and I said I want a few words and concepts from Siddhantha. Few days before Kalabhairava was telling, one of our volunteers sent me a message in Facebook a doubt on tamil vedantic book gnana jeeva vadha kattalai. Paripoorini you sent it? She sent a doubt. When I was scanning to answer her. But I couldn’t . I found there are some deepest knots are opened by the vedantic lectures. Maybe it was not in scriptures but transmission happens in Karna paramapara way disciple way. So I did not have reference for solutions for this problem. (30:36)

And one of our volunteers sent a message in the Facebook, a doubt on a Vedantic book – Tamil Vedantic book “Gnana Jeevavada Kangale” – Paripoorni – you sent it? She sent a doubt. When I was scanning to answer her, but of course I have not answered her in the Facebook. I found there are some deepest knots are not opened by Vedantic literatures. May be, it was not recorded in book, only the Guru – disciple way as a Karna Parampara it was getting transmitted. So I have not, I don’t have a reference for solution for this problem. Evening when I went to Kalabhairava, I asked, did not ask as a question. That was there in my inner space. Kalabhairava suddenly revealed this is the knot, catch it and tell. Yesterday night, or day before yesterday night – this happened. When did you send the message ma? Day before yesterday, then I think day before yesterday it happened. Because I was contemplating on her message. On her quest, she had a doubt. The doubt is not directly related to this problem. The doubt is a different problem. When I was digging deep, why the Vedanta did not answer this problem. It landed on this root. Now, the problem which I am discussing with you guys. Preparation for the worst eventualities mentally strengthens your failure, your belief, the negative commitment you gave to yourself. The worst eventualities are going to happen. How many of you cognized this now? Ok.

Are you successful by preparation handling any eventualities? How many of felt you are not successful? So, from today – you will not prepare yourself for the worst eventualities mentally. You will spend all your energy by removing the weed of the worst eventuality from your inner space. How many of you cognized it? So, Shantamaya – you don’t understand. Removing the belief - the worst eventuality is going to happen. Understand? Now you are getting it. Listen. Because, if there is going to be any worst eventuality it is always going to be happening the way you can never imagine. Clear. So, the completion is the shield, not preparation. Fort is not going to save you from death, but enlightenment is going to save you from death. You go on building fort but Yama just comes, picks you and takes you away. You are doing.

See – Parikshit did two things when he knows he is going to die. Listening to Bhagavata and building a huge fort. Bhagavata saved him not the fort. Dhyaan se suniye. Parikshitu was given a curse. It’s a beautiful story from Mahabharata. Parikshitu is our great grandfather, because his grandson. I don’t know whether son or grandson is Bharat – Bharatha. Just Google and tell. In his name only, the country is called as Bharatha, Bharat. Parikshitu was given a curse that he will be bitten by a snake and die in 7 days. He was doing all the preparations to face the worst eventuality. Building a huge fort in the center of the ocean. Overnight they built it. But fortunately he had wise people around him and he had a patience to listen to wise people. SukhaBrahma says Parikshitu – preparing for the worst eventualities is not going to be the full proof where to escape from the worst eventuality. Get ready with completion. Sukhabrahma was his Raja Guru and he was also ready to listen to the Raja Guru. He said – Right O my Lord. Sukhabrahma and Vyasa have the title of Bhagavan, because they are incarnations. Sukhabrahma has one more title – Paramahamsa. I have a great connection with Sukhabrahma because my Gurus Anyakara about me was Sukhabrahma. Kuppamal, she constantly say – you should be like Sukhabrahma and you are Sukhabrahma. That’s why she gave me the name, deeksha name when she declared I am an incarnation as ‘Brahmasukhi’. That was the name she gave. Sukhabrahma, so Sukhabrahma says be prepared with completion. Parikshitu listens to the master. Finally see what happened. All his preparations for the worst eventuality failed. Daksha came and  beat him and killed him. But, because of his intelligence, he prepared with the completion listening to the story of Bhagavata saved him. He became enlightened. He was liberated. So, the completion saves you from worst eventualities. I tell you, keeping Kalabhairava as witness, if this guy has done only completion did not attend to this preparing for the worst eventualities, that time also he would have saved. He would have done something more I tell you, even the death would not have happened. He could have done little more plannings, some prayaschita. He could have avoided even the death. I think he was doing both, so his inner space was not completely with completion. I tell you, whenever you prepare for worst eventualities you give negative commitment to you which weakens you, makes you powerless. How many of you cognized this? So from today, all of us commit to KalaBhairava that no more question of constantly preparing mentally for the worst eventualities and strengthening the negative prophecies. Only completion, completion, completion and power, feeling powerful to face anything without imagining what may come , may not come. How many of you ready to commit? Great. This is one of the important click. How many of you feel this is one of the important click?

Mokshapriyan has a question, what is the difference between planning for the worst scenario and planning for any bad scenario? Is Swami saying – we only plan for successful outcomes than along with that be ready for any unknown eventuality.

Mokshapriyan, I am very clear. Just plan for successful outcomes, nothing else, with your whole Ahankara and Mamakara with integrity you will have only successful outcomes. Just stand by it, just standby it. Just stand by it. There is no ‘IF’ or ‘BUT’. Life has no ‘IF’ or ‘BUT’. But our fear does not allow even to think there is a space where there is no ‘IF’ or ‘BUT’. The space of No ‘IF’ and ‘BUT’ is Enlightenment. IF is Swadishtana. BUT is Muladhara. IF is Swadishtana. BUT is Muladhara.

All IFs are out of Swadishtana.

All BUT is from Muladhara.

All NO is from Manipuraka.

All MAY is also from Manipuraka. For many people it is MANYpuraka, MAY Manipuraka, not Manipuraka.

Do not prepare for the worst eventualities because you are constantly strengthening giving a negative commitment to you that worst eventuality is going to happen. Even you need to prepare, tell yourself I am not giving the negative commitment to me that worst eventuality is going to happen. Consciously again and again complete every time. Listen, Understand. Listen. Consciously complete with yourself. Even if am preparing for it, even in the deepest unconscious of me, subconscious of me, indirectly or directly I am not committing with me, I am not going to believe, I am not committing that this negativity is going to happen to me that this negativity will be made to happen in me in my life. I am not committing. I am committing with me authentically with Integrity – I am a Winner. I am successful person. I Win. I Succeed. Part of you will say no no no no, if… no no no no, there is, If…. It will just say no no no no, If, if…No no no, there is no If If If… How many of you cognized subtly – this is what goes on in me.


(45)How many of you cognize exactly ,this is what goes on in me.A man who can know what is going on in every inner space ,he sees like cc tv camera is Antaryami.This is what Krishna means when he says I am Antaryami in all of you,means he knows what goes on in all of us and he gives solutions for it .How many of you feel I sat inside and got footage of you and giving the solution for it.So be very clear for all of you I am Antaryami .So now you do the manasa pooja “hruthpadma asanam dadhyat –it is authentic experience.Now you know I am the Antaryami .This is what ,the meaning of Antaryami.One who resides in inner most space.Today sit with this one pattern and complete it, take this as home work.Because this is one of the important pattern every one suffers.
Ma Priya is sending a question,can you explain , clarify the difference between complete cognition and the so called positive thinking.No ,the so called positive thinking is always –positive negative thinking.
Listen , usually your thinking is negative positive thinking .in positive thinking, you are positive negative thinking.Only in the complete cognition , you have positive experience.Where the deep wound ,where you start believing negativity is going to be lifestyle of you,can be healed only in complete cognition .Positive thinking cannot heal the strong belief ,failure is part of your life.Understand positive thinking can be fighting with negativity.It can never heal the negativity.This complete cognition will heal the negativity.
How many of you are cognizing it. Listen , your ordinary thinking is negative - positive, negative – positive ,ussualy negative,rarely you think positively.Positive thinking is like, consciously you try to be positive but fall into negative, then again start positive and fall into negative.This is complete cognition, I call it Poornatwa.With this poornatwa, your strong belief of failure will be healed.How many of you are cognizing it.How amny are excited to go and practice it. The most violent people are murderers,most violent and powerless people are suicidal tendancy people.
(Hindi )”Dhyan se suniya,keval poornatwa stithi dwarahi  apne nakaratmak  sambhavana stithi ko jeet  payenge “
I can understand ,not only I am repeating the word.Nakaratmak sthiti- that is negative thinking right.
Nakaratmak – I will develop the pronounciation that is all.All the satsangis and samjis , thank you for putting up with my training.Your patience which you show during my training period is the dedication you are giving to the future generation which is going to listen to the satsangs.
I have one more question from Singapore.Is positive thinking a deliberate conscious ahamkara  building.I tell you a deliberate conscious building built with out faoundation ,so any time it will collapse, when it collapses the damage will be too much.A small earth quake is sufficient to collapse the whole thing the damage will be too much.
(Hindi) Keval poornatwa stithi dwarahi  apne nakaratmak  sambhavana stithi ko jeet  payenge .Not by sakaratmak sambhavana.
Dhyaan se suniya – Sharddhavan Labate jnananm.
Unite the Ahamkara and mamakara .What are the major obstacles for the ahamkara and mamakara uniting. One of the important wedge between Ahamkara and mamakara is constantly preparing for the negative eventuality.How many of you cognize it.If that wedge is removed .I tell you if that wedge is removed, I will have thousands of people as sanyasis. Why do you think people don’t want to become sanyasis.The fear of negative eventualities.
Nakaratmak sambhavan –negative possibility .
All of you listen.Today what  all you got is Kalabhairava prasadam,understand ,it is Kalabhairava prasada.After the satsang go and have his blessings, have his darshan.Commit in front of him you will complete this pattern as his prasada and complete it today.
Yesterday one of my brahmachari was complaining so much of negativity  is coming out of me, I feel like running out from here.I told you don’t have to run away , any place you go the suffering will not chase you ,I will give you the money and send there by private chartered plane.You don’t have to run away.You show me a single place where you can go, this suffering will not chase you.Why you should run away. I will give you money and everything and take you there.
Hindi- Dhyan se suniye , sakaratamak soch se nahi, keval poornatwa se nakaratmak sambavanonko jeet payenge.
Just by completion alone, just by completion alone life is faced.Never by any preparation for the worst eventuality.
Please listen only when they feel responsible they become human beings.Till the chicken is able to come out of the egg and find its own food, the hen is responsible for hatching it.Till the cub is hunting  on its own and finding the food and all the survival techniques ,the lion or lioness is responsible.
Till you learn responsibility, I am responsible.Understand only when you learn responsibility ,you become human being. Till you become a human being, I am responsible for making you human being.Hen cannot say I will not make this egg into chicken and chicken to hen.Each one of you is only an egg – the possibility till you become chicken, till you become hen.As a hen I am responsible.
How many of you are catching it.Yes this is what is Swashraddha .When many of your own patterns are dead ,you do shraddha for yourself and then take sanyas. Only a person who has killed all his  patterns   can do Vraja homa.Because before vraja homa, you have to do  sharddha for yourself- Atma shraddha it is called.You declare you are dead and you do last rites for yourself.You can do last rites for yourself if you have killed all the root thought patterns you are carrying.Now the pain, pain will always resist.
Dhyan se suniye – Completion is the only solution.Even to handle other’s inautheticites,completion only gives you the courage.The lioness is responsible till the cub learns to hunt on its own and able to survive.

The pain always resists. Dhyan se suniye..completion is the only solution.  Even to handle others inauthenticity, completion only gives you courage. The lion or  lioness is responsible for the cub, till the cub learns to hunt on its own and able to survive. If the lion and lioness disowns the cub, I tell you,  by the nature of lioness it cannot disown , by nature of me,  I cannot disown you. Don’t worry, I can only wait. I cannot give up on you.  May be, you will be wasting few janmas, but I will be not able to give up on you.  I will wait.  I will wait, and I will continue to wait.  The ultimate sacrifice is, sometimes lioness forces the cub to fight with itself, acting as if lioness is angry and attacking the cub to teach the cub how to fight.  How to hunt.  It may give its own tail for you to  learn  to bite.  Even this is not the ultimate sacrifice.  What is ultimate sacrifice you know?  When the lioness turns and  HRRR..

When the cub is trying to bite the tail, tolerating is not the ultimate sacrifice.. when the lioness turns and shows the face HRRR... and out of that  fear survival mode is awakened and the cub jumps on the lioness.  And lioness will be laughing in the heart.  That is the ultimate sacrifice.

 Cub does not even know the plan of the lioness. Cub thinks lioness is attacking me and I have to win, I have to attack.  Cub can never win the lioness. But just by making the cub attack, lioness feels he has won.  She  has won.  The ultimate winning.  She is successful in making the cub attack back.. now she knows he will survive. He has become me.

Even when we see utter inauthenticity in others,  when we take responsibility for it  o we become leaders, life oozes through us.

 Dhyan se suniye..poorna sthiti evam..

 Upayanam ke dwara hi aap manushya ka jeevan jeene lagte hain aur  sampoornata se manushya kehlate hain…  Every time when you are split, you are asking for one more person to fight with you. Listen,  Not to share the work, when you are split and fighting with yourself constantly, you feel it is too much, it is easier when there is one more person,  it is easier to fight.   It is change of fighter, not assistant.   Only if you are complete if one more person is given he will be assistant else he will be stunt.    He will only be stunt, not assistant.  When you are incomplete, even if there is one more person, there will only be stunt.  They will not be assistant.

 Every time, when somebody opens up with the completion they only feel LOAD.  How many of you feel, Oh God,  I have loads,   tons and tons to complete.  Raise your hand..But I tell you, if you complete just few kgs, suddenly theload  will disappear. why you know?  The incompletion is not in mass volume it is just sheet covering.  This lion is not solid inside. It is only sheet covering.. when you look from outside it looks so huge, but when you see it is only sheet, it is not solid statue, it is just sheet metal piece.. not solid piece.  Your incompletions are sheet not solid material.  When you start doing completion, you will know. From outside you will feel,  “oh my god,  So heavy how will I lift,  it is so heavy “  It is a sheet.  The heap of your incompletion is just  polythene sheet of incompletion.  Start, you will understand.  You think, “ no it may be for others.  You don’t know my incompletion stuff.” I know what you know and what you don’t know,  both. It is like mother is asking child,” hey, are you eating chocolate?” “ No, I don’t have chocolate.”  He doesn’t know mother can see through, behind what you are holding in your hand , she is tall.

 I commit with you guys,  I tell you within a year I will be fluent in kannada also.  Even now I can do personal conversation.  I will pick it up. I will pick up more..lets come back to the subject..

 Heal do completion I tell you..I the demon who is sitting inside your body and enjoyed who is enjoying your body and mind for quite a long time  will not even allow you to do completion.   How many of you feel you don’t even want to do completion? Why you know...because  this demon has lived in you for quite a long time, why will he get out, he will tell, “ let him get out, let swami get out.  He is new tenant , I am old tenant.  I am living here for ages, he is a new comer..just beauce somebody new is coming you are asking me to get out”.  You can do virija homa only after atma shraaddha, swashradha.  Means only after doing last rites for yourself.   Only if you have destroyed the root thought patterns in yourself done  shraaddha for yourself.  So before you have to complete destroying all the root patterns.    How many of you are commiting you will be ready? God, prepare yourself.. Great,  otherwise wait for gurupurnima batch.. Other wise wait for the guru poornima batch or wait for the third batch.  This is the real sanyas.  Destroying the root thought  patterns.  Completing with root thought patterns and doing atma shraaddha.. If you destroy root thought patterns you can do atma sharadha and you are ready for sanyas.  If you destroy yourself you have done atma hatya and you are ready for hell.

 I have a question, “swamiji you asked us to do completion as a process as a  technique many times  today, can you explain  one or two lines as a technique” .. “Listen,  I have never asked you to do completion as a  a technique,  I have asked you to do as a process.  Technique means you go in and come out as it is, as you are.  In process you go in and come out as a new person.  There is a big difference between technique  and process.  Technique has no conscious involement,  just blow the nose these many times.  process has a conscious involvement. It evolves while you do it.

 Let me define the process of completion.  If somebody else is involved, sit with the other person if not available for some reason, sit with mirror yourself, invoking that person in the other side of the mirror.  If no person is involved,  if only you need to sit  with you,  sit with you in the other side of the first you do with you and then invoke the other person in the mirror.. and do completion  with the other person.

 Now I am giving you the method or process of swapurnatva  with you. Identity the source of doing completion with you  the repetitive pattern .  Invoke that person in the mirror,literally do.. tell your name.. (sankrit chanting.). invoke your inauthenticity your incomple on the mirror by doing prana pratishtha. Talk to the person,  heal that person,  make him as part of you by befriending that  person, till he understands  and accepts his inauthencitities  and declares he will  becomes part of you, supporting you, enriching you do the it out.  If you have to do completion with some one who is not available, sit with the mirror.  If you have to do swapurnatva with another person, don’t do it in the same mirror,  move to next  mirror..  If you have invoked yourself in the mirror don’t invoke the other person in the same mirror.. Invoke the other person  with prana pratishtha.  “With integrity and authenticity I invoke your presence here..” You will se he is there.  You may even receive suddenly a phone call from that person, that he wants to talk to you and complete with you.  You do not know the power of completion.  Just try this one..if you have something to complete with me , invoke me in the mirror, when you see me next time, my eyes, my attitude everything will be different.  I will prove it to you, then you will know the power of completion.  And you know how to invoke me, just do the prana prathishtha, I am there.  

1:15 to 1:28 mins

If you have to do swapoornatva and poornatva with the other person through mirror, don’t see the same mirror; move to the next mirror. If you invoke yourself in a mirror, don’t invoke the other person in the same mirror; just move to the next mirror. Invoke the other person, same pranapratishtha process – “With integrity and authenticity I invoke your energy here with which I need to do the completion”. You will see he is there and do the completion. You may even receive suddenly a phone call from that person – He wants to talk to you and complete with you. You do not know the power of completion. Just try this one. If you have something to complete with me, invoke me in the mirror and do. When you see me next time, when I see you next time, my eyes, my behavior, my attitude, my words to you, everything will be different. I will prove it. Then you will know the power of this completion. Manishananda says it is true, he has experienced it, Sri Manisha. And you know how to invoke me. Just do the pranapratishtha, I am there! And the species on the planet earth!


Completion alone is the shield to protect yourself in future from everything. Completion alone is the sword to win in every situation of your life. Completion is the sword and shield. How many of you feel even though you resist completion, you don’t want to do completion, you fight with completion, you suffer with completion, you know after the process you are going to be liberated, you are going to be free, you are going to be better person. Then do it!

Sahajananda, then do it! That is the beauty of completion. Even when you fight with me, you know you are in my lap! I hold your nose not to kill you but to teach you to breathe through the mouth and ears also.

Completion, space of completion, is a shield and sword for your life. Do it, do it, do it! Space of completion is a Brahmakapala Shiva carries. Any incompletion drop it in that, it will swallow it; it will destroy it; it will eat it away! Space of completion is the Brahmakapala Mahakala carries. Any incompletion drop it in that, it will swallow it.

Carry the space of completion. That is  Anandagandha, Pratyakatmak Chaitanya! Listen! I am redefining our programs. You have to be introduced to four Tatvas in LBP level I and you have to be taught to find root patterns and make for Tatvas as a lifestyle in LBP level II, and you should be living it. Only then you qualify for the LBP level III where you are carrying the space of completion so that you can be initiated into Anandagandha. Only if you are carrying the space of completion, you can heal others; your Anandagandha is open, alive, active, available to you and to others.

I am so excited, feeling powerful, energetic by these four Tatvas. I even feel like declaring “I disown all other my teachings other than these four Tatvas”. I am not going to declare, I will wait, but I feel excited so much! May be I can declare “Anything which supports you to live these four Tatvas only I accept as my teachings. Everything else I disown!” These four tatvas and anything which supports you to live these four Tatvas only I accept as my teachings anymore.

In Inner Awakening, we will be making the person to live these four Tatvas and able to go on teach and make others live these four Tatvas. In Inner Awakening the person has to become Jeevanmukta. When he goes back, his family, society, team, the whole people, whole group around him, whoever comes in his breathing space, should live these four Tatvas. Only then you had Inner Awakening! Or you just wasted you time in inner dirtying with enema and everything else!

Each organizer, each volunteer, each devotee, each visitor to our Temple should be just living these four Tatvas! Should be just living these four Tatvas! Each Inner Awakening graduate should be radiating these four Tatvas so powerfully in your life, everybody around you should be just start living these four Tatvas. Every dog in our campus, every Grass in our campus should bark these four Tatvas, should radiate these four Tatvas. Every grass should dance with these four Tatvas.

It is completion which is a sword and shield. Poornatva sthiti hi aapke jeevanko surakshit rakhanewali dhal va talwar, dono hai. Poornatva sthiti hi aapke keval jeevanko surakshit rakhanewali dhal va talwar, dono hai.  Poornatva sthiti hi keval aapke jeevanko surakshit rakhanewali dhal va talwar, dono hai. Shield and the sword are not two.

I also commit with all you guys, from today I will type at least few statuses in Hindi in my facebook. Means I will type in English, but Hindi statements in transliteration.

Completion is the sword and the shield. Completion is the Brahmakapala. If you see Kalabhairava, he will be carrying the Brahmakapala in his hand. Completion is the Brahmakapala. Offer anything incomplete into it, it will swallow. Let us bring Authenticity and Integrity; Responsibility and Enrichment, Enriching!

Keval poornatva sthiti hi aapke jeevanko surakshit rakhanewali dhal va talwar, dono hai, ek hi hai. Poornatva sthiti! When you are carrying the space of completion, listen, you are in the lap of Mahadeva. Nothing can touch you. You will always be successful. Even Garuda cannot touch the snake which is in Mahadeva’s neck.

I declare till the time of Guru Poornima, next few months, that‘s the months of completion, season of completion - Poornatva Rutu. So from tomorrow in Sankalpa Mantra you will say ‘Poornatva Rutuhu’ till Guru Poornima; so that constantly everybody is reminded - ‘In the season of completion’. Clear? Now actually it is Vasant Rutu, am I right? Shishir Rutu! So you will read out as ‘Poornatva Rutu’ till Guru Poornima. ‘Poornatva Rutuhu’!

We will move to the next segment of the Morning Satsang with this.