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In today’s morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda teaches us how to know if we are living the Truth. Look in and analyze, “Is this giving me strength or is this weakening me, making me feel greedy or fearful?” If the things that drive us, our ideas, inspire us to take responsibility and enrich others, it is a Truth. When we live out of this space of strength, not fear and greed, we live like kings! Watch, Share and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload click to subscribe. visit:
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Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |

Asmath Aachaarya Paryanthaam Vandhey Guru Paramparaam ||

I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsanghis, Shrimahants, Mahants, Kotharis, Thanedars, visitors, viewers, sitting with us through Nithyananda TV, Sadhna TV, and two-way video-conferencing having Nayana Deeksha. Cities sitting with us in two-way video-conferencing all over the world: Grasse-France, Houston-Kalahasti, Guadeloupe-Rameshwaram, San Jose-Madurai, Los Angeles-Hollywood, Hebbal-Bangalore, London-Kashi, Surrey-Canada, Dubai-Vaidyanatham, Ohio-Ma Shivananda, Tiruvannamalai, Slim River-Swamimalai, Hyderabad-Gupta Kashi, Oklahoma-Somanatham, Charlotte-Srisailam, London-Kashi, Toronto-Kailasam, Ohio-Prayag, St. Louis-Tirumala, Nithyananda University-Los Angeles, Oman-Sivagangai.... More and more cities are joining.

I welcome all of you with my love and respects.

Today, I wanted to expand on these two sacred truths: First, listen, please internalize,


not only after you are disillusioned, even while you are believing, it weakens you.

Please listen! Anything which is truth, goes on strengthening you even while you are working with it, while you are practicing it. The great truth, Nithyanandoham, Shivoham, “I am the Ultimate Possibility”, when you work with this truth – understand, when I say “I am the Ultimate Possibility”, I mean you ARE the Ultimate Possiblity – when you are working with that truth, even while you are working, it strengthens you day by day. But, anything which is belief, which is not true, which creates fear or greed in you, weakens you continuously even while you are believing it; not only after the disillusionment – after the disillusionment you will completely feel powerless, you will feel deprived, cheated, you will feel you lost, wasted – not that only after you get disillusioned you will feel cheated and deprived, even while you are working with it, you will feel powerless. Shivoham, deciding to work with the truth, Shivoham, please understand, this truth you cannot just believe and keep quiet. The truth is so powerful, it will provoke you to work towards will provoke you to work towards it.

Truth uttered by the right person, listened to by the right being, provokes you to work towards it. It can never be one more sermon. No! Satsangh is not sermon or discourse. After the discourse or during the discourse, you can be sleeping, continue to be in slumber. But satsangh provokes you! Neither during, nor after, you can be in slumber or sleeping. It provokes you. It awakens you.

That is the right word I should use: “It awakens you!” While you are working with the truth, Shivoham, even while you are working, you have to take responsibility for it. Don’t expect somebody else can take the responsibility for your reality. If somebody else takes the responsibility for your reality, it will never be YOUR reality.

Yes, Guru can take the responsibility to make you responsible; not for anything else. Guru can take the responsibility to make you responsible. That is why his love is never appreciated. His love is not the cosy, comfortable feeling you felt in the name of love in your life when you were young. The pattern you believe as love – you cry, and your mom rushes to you and gives you food or candy, your dad rushes and gives you some sweet or toy or whatnot, your aunt brings clothes, your uncle brings you sweet – what you believe as love, the pattern of action-reaction which you believe as love, you will not experience that from the Master, from an enlightened being. The love he radiates makes you like him.

That is why you constantly feel energized when you come near the Master, when you are in his presence, when you listen to his words, when you imbibe his presence; but you will not feel the so-called love; and if you feel what you felt as love pattern from the young age, from the Master also, maybe he is giving you a little time to settle down and become comfortable. I do play the role of father, mother and uncle, for the first few days till the transition happens in you – you need to move from that to this – but not more than that. My love will make you responsible for the great truth of Shivoham, for the great truth of your reality. Understand, the truth has to constantly strengthen you.

The truth has to constantly strengthen you. Anything which weakens you day by day is a “belief”. Anything which strengthens you day by day is a “reality”. Sit and open your whole being and see what all is in you which is strengthening you day by day; support them and stand by them. What all is in you which weakens you day by day, complete with them and drop them. Whether it is emotion, belief, thought-currents, patterns, ideas, theories, theologies, whatever is strengthening you day by day, it is reality; work with it; work more and more with it.

Whatever is weakening you, whatever is weakening you, be very clear, it is belief; it is belief system. Belief weakens you while you are with it and also after it leaves you, both. Even after disillusionment you will repent for wasting your time in those stupid beliefs.

The first truth I want you to internalize today: ANYTHING WHICH STRENGTHENS YOU IS REALITY. Cherish it, meditate on it, encourage it, contemplate on it, awaken it in you more and more and more, take responsibility for it more and more and more.  ANYTHING WHICH WEAKENS YOU, BE VERY CLEAR, IT IS THE BELIEF SYSTEM. Belief system either will create fear or greed, because, that is the only way it can create the false excitement in you.

Please understand, excitement is life. Either it is created in you by fear or greed, or it can be created in you by responsibility and enriching. Yesterday, I was having a discussion with one of my Mahants. She was very serious, asking me this question. I think sincere also. She was asking me: ‘Swamiji, sixty percent of the time I feel I should do what you are saying and inspiring and all that; but thirty-forty percent of the time I feel what is there? What am I going to gain even if I do this?’ I said, ‘This forty percent will destroy the whole sixty, because forty percent poison is enough to destroy the whole sixty percent milk!’ The answer I gave her, I wanted to expand now for all of you.

Listen! From the young age you would have never been taught the truth that responsibility and enriching can create excitement in you. Only fear and greed can create was used as a driving force. Society constantly treated you as an animal. It was fear and greed, only those two were used to drive you. Only those two sticks were used to drive you. You have been treated as a slum dog by society. It never taught you the royal way of exciting yourself. Understand, the beggar way of exciting yourself is driving you by fear and greed.

The royal way of exciting yourself is through responsibility and enriching. It is this shift which makes you royal. Neither the palace nor the power, or the buildings, make you royal. All those are paraphernalia. What drives you from inside, that makes you royal. Of course, the nine years, the life I lived begging, sleeping under the trees, I never felt in that whole nine years that I did not have something. I am very clear! There are many people who lived around me during that period, or when this organization was not around me,  they are all witness. Never that experience of royalness was added to me by any of this organizational structure, or never it was missing when this organization was not there. Understand, it is dependent on what drives you. If responsibilism and enriching excites you, you are a king wherever you are. If fear or greed drives you, you are a street dog wherever you are. Even street dogs have some organizations to protect them; you don’t even have that! Even beggars have an organization to protect them; you don’t even have that! What drives you, understand, any idea, the more and more you work with it, it should be making you responsible and enriching; then that idea is truth. Any idea, when you more and more work with it, if it creates fear or greed in you, then it is a belief, not reality. Shivoham – “I am the Ultimate Possibility I can visualize” – when you are working with this truth; it will naturally make you more and more responsible, and more and more enriching. A few days before, I received a message from one of my Mahants from Mumbai Sangha. The whole Sangha went for bhiksha.


The message I received, the feedback I received is, ‘Swamiji, we are so excited, enthusiastic, energetic!’

Usually, beggars, when they go for bhiksha and come back, they are completely collapsed and they have so much of guilt about themselves, disrespect about themselves. They will repent, curse themselves what kind of birth they are having. Here you see, these guys (Mumbai Sangha), after coming back from bhikshatana, they say,  ‘We are so excited, we are not able to sleep! We are so energetic!’ Means, understand, that act is not from fear or greed; it is from responsibilism and enriching. Because, you are there to give and not to receive! But human-beings are always afraid; even if you want to give something great, they are afraid! So you go with the shield of “you have come to ask”. They think, ‘They have come to ask only; so they are in my control.’ There is a beautiful, very beautiful example. Just like Zen masters have koans, Dasas – Kabirdas, Ramdas, Vittaldas, Purandaradasa – all the Dasa Parampara sants have their own couplets. They sing in couplets. Kabirdas, Purandaradasa, Vittaldas, Ramadasa, Kanakadasa, this Dasa Parampara, they sing in couplets. Natha Parampara, they sing in verses. Aghoris, their chants are called “hoonkaaraas”. Aghoris.... India had some of the amazing spiritual gems produced by amazing spiritual traditions. Bauls, in Bengal they were very popular. They are called “Baul”. Baul means “paagal”, mad. They were intoxicated by the divine madness; so they were called “paagals” (madcaps).

So, Baul Sampradaya, Aghori Sampradaya, Natha Sampradaya, Dasa Sampradaya, each of these Sampradayas have their own methods of expressing their teachings. Bauls sing; Dasas write couplets; Nathas write shlokas. Aghoris are not that sophisticated; their teachings are called “Hoonkaaras”; means, just they will create a sound “hooooooooo”.

In that “hoooooo” sound they will utter a few words, and again the sound “hooooo” they will continue. Because they (Aghoris) live in the smashaana (cremation ground), they pick up the sound of the fox, wolves. So they make the sound of exactly fox, wolf, and dog. Smashaana Vaasi Aghoris. There is a beautiful description in one of the Aghori’s “hoonkaara dhwani”. I should not say they are verses, because, they are not poetically right or grammatically right; they are just a few words uttered here and there, and then hoonkaara, their hoonkaara sounds. It says, ‘When you are giving the bhiksha, be aware that the Brahma Kapaala (skull of Brahma) Mahadeva carries will just eat away your whole ignorance also! Not only what you give, but it will just eat away your ignorance also! So, unless you are ready to renounce the ignorance, don’t come out of your house to give bhiksha when Mahadeva comes and stands outside your house and asks, “Bhavathi Bhikshaandehi”!’ Understand, be aware, the person who is standing outside your house with a begging bowl, his begging bowl is not an ordinary bowl which will just take what you are offering; it is Brahma Kapaala. If you stretch your hand to give what you are offering, it will eat away even your ignorance! I tell you, all our Mahants, Mumbai Sangha, when they went for bhiksha, they were going for enriching.

They were not going out of fear or greed. They were going with responsibility and enriching! Responsibility and enriching! They were going with the responsibility to enrich. That is why it is so is so exciting, it is so energizing, it is so inspiring! I wanted all the Thanedars, Kotharis, devotees, this!

You will understand the power of it! Don’t go for bhiksha out of fear or greed. Go with the responsibility of enriching. You will see it is so exciting, it is so inspiring! Whether you are a beggar or a prince is not decided by the paraphernalia around you. There were many princes who were put on the throne; but, fear and greed was the driving force in them. They were never able to be successful kings, queens. There were many people, just beggars, in this country, whose driving force was responsibility and enriching. They lived like royal kings and queens on this Planet Earth. Sadashiva Brahmendra didn’t even own a piece of cloth. But the best royal body language I have seen in my experience is Sadashiva Brahmendra’s body language! When responsibility and enriching excites you, you will simply create a kingdom around you! Wherever you are, kingdom will simply happen around you, and you will be the leaderof you! As long as fear and greed is the driving force, you will never be alive, because, any one small word from anybody can trigger you to your core and shake you...can shake you! You are like a football; anybody who has a foot can kick you! Work more and more, understand, work more and more to strengthen your responsibility and enriching part exciting you. Work more and more to strengthen the responsibility and enriching part. There is no difference between you and me. I have more problems than you have, because, all your problems are mine! You have not taken the responsibility and you are waiting for somebody to fall from heaven to take the responsibility for you. I have decided to stand up and take the responsibility for me, that’s all. You are waiting for somebody to fall from heaven and take responsibility for all your problems in life. In my case, I have decided to grow tall till heaven and stand up for me and take the responsibility, that’s all; nothing else. Not only responsibility for my life and my problems, even the problems people bring to me asking for help, even for THEIR lives and THEIR problems!

Understand..... Listen! Listen! Listen! There is no difference between you and me. I have decided to strengthen the reality component in me which is constantly strengthening me, and discard the belief component in me which is constantly weakening me. You also have both components. Just see which is weakening you constantly; complete and drop them. Just see which is strengthening you constantly; entertain, encourage, enrich, work with it, and strengthen that part of you again and again and again; that’s all! What enriches you, let that be your entertainment! What enriches you, let that be your entrainment! What enriches you, let that be your enlightenment! The action can be as simple as pouring water on Shiva Linga, or going from street to street and taking bhiksha, or cooking and feeding people, or doing your office work, or doing your household work, cleaning your Living Room. Whatever may be the action, if the context is the reality, it strengthens you every day. While you are sleeping, ask yourself why are you doing it. If the answer can be connected to the reality of you, even that small action strengthens your reality. Let every action, every thought be questioned by you – ‘Whether fear and greed is making me do this, or responsibility and enriching is making me do this?’ Choose! Choose! Choose! Align! Align! Align! Choose! Choose! Choose! Align! Align! Align! Again and again choose the right context, align yourself to the right context.

The second truth I wanted to tell you: LET YOUR ACTION BE CONSISTENT. Don’t get diluted. Even these simple things like why I am asking you to wear the Rudraksha or Sundaravadam. I can see, in many sannyasis it is missing now. Now I have to remind, and tell the Mahants, ‘Hey, what happened?’. Then they will say, ‘You are also not wearing!’ Arrey, copper vessel needs to be polished everyday; gold need not be! My bio-memory need not be strengthened everyday now anymore! So, don’t try to question me when I ask you! Even this simple thing, being consistent, especially while you are practicing. Once your very being radiates Shivoham, whether you apply vibhooti or put rudraksha, your being sings the truth. But till then, be consistent in your practice, because, that helps you to align....that helps you to align. All the most powerful spiritual traditions, the traditions which created mass enlightened beings, mass blissful beings – Natha, Baul, means “paagal”, and Dasa, Buddhist, Aghoris – I can say, these five-six traditions created the mass enlightened beings, all of them have these two practices, preliminary first spiritual practices. Please understand, all of them consistently have these two spiritual practices. Still I am not able to completely demystify why all of them have these two as first spiritual practices. Natha, Yoga, Baul, Nirvani, Buddhist, Dasa, and Aghoris, all, the moment somebody comes as a disciple, two instructions they will give: Live in cremation ground. Go for bhiksha and give food to others. Understand, they are not saying, ‘Beg and eat.’ They are saying, ‘Beg and share!’ And, I am telling you, these traditions are so diametrically opposite in their concepts, beliefs, contexts! Bauls hate Vedantis. Vedantis cannot stand Bauls.  Bauls are the only Sampradaya Vedantis have refused entry to in Kumbha Mela! In Kumbha Mela, no one is ever refused entry. Bauls are the Sampradaya they don’t allow in Kumbha Mela. Bauls have a separate Kumbha Mela. And, they also say, ‘Don’t even fall in the shadow of a Vedanti! If somebody is a Vedanti, don’t even go to their house for bhiksha!’ And, on the other side, Buddhists, they cannot stand Vaidhiks. There are many Buddhists who will tie their ears with a cloth or cotton if the Vedic mantras are chanted there! And, Dasa Parampara, they cannot stand Vedantis. This fight goes on eternally.

One day, a Vedanti, in the Ganga Ghat.... Varanasi Ganga Ghat is the place where all these traditions meet. Whether they become friends or fight, they all meet there. The Ghats of Varanasi, I tell you, is the most sacred place for Vedic tradition. It is a billion times more sacred than any temple, any monastery, because, that is where everything merged, everything faces each other. So, in that Varanasi Ghat, one Vedanti wrote on a wall in big letters – “SOHAM”. Means, “I am That”. Next day, when he came back, he saw one Dasa Parampara sadhu had put “DA” in front of that word “Soham”. “DASOHAM”. Means, “I am the Servant”. And this Vedanti cannot keep quiet. Next day, this Vedanti added in front of that, the word “SA”. It now read “SADASOHAM”. “Always I am That”. He put “SA” and went away. Next day, the Dasa Parampara fellow didn’t keep quiet. That fellow comes and puts one more “DA” and made it “DASADASOHAM”. And this fellow (the Vedanti) comes and adds one more “SA” to make it “SADASADASOHAM”! And it continues.... ”DASADASADASOHAM”.....”SADASADASADASOHAM”...!

They can’t stand each other! Because I became enlightened at the age of twelve, I didn’t take any stand. I enjoyed all these fights. I am telling you, I enjoyed all these fights! I used to nicely put full “Naamam” (vertical line or lines drawn on the forehead to denote followers of Vishnu) and go for the Dasa Parampara bhandaras and listen to all the discussions, fights they have, and, next day, I put nice “Vibhooti” and “Kumkum” and go for Vedanta Parampara bhandara.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... and nicely listen to all their conversations, fights, everything! I understood one truth: People fight in the name of Brahmasutra Shankara Bhashya, Brahmasutra Ramanuja Bhashya, Brahmasutra Madhva Bhashya; but, unfortunately, none of these fellows who fight have ever read those books!

Anyhow..... All these fellows can’t stand each other; but, very surprising, shocking, all of them consistently use these two techniques. Whether you go and get initiated into Dasa Parampara, or Nirvani Naga, or Aghori, or Buddhist, or Baul, any Sampradaya you go and get initiated, these two will be the first instructions: Beg and share. Sit in the cremation ground and meditate watch whatever happens. I realized that these two processes make you powerful, responsible and enriching. End of the day, whether you are a Baul, Dasa, Vedanti, Yogi, Aghori, Buddhist, the enlightenment you need to experience happens only by these two qualities: Responsibility and Enriching. These two are awakened in you by the “Madhukari Bhiksha” and “Smashaana Vaasa”..... Madhukari Bhiksha and Smashaana Vaasa! Understand, the Madhukari Bhiksha takes away your deep anger, the violence you carry towards life and others. It just heals you, completes you. Yesterday, I was explaining in Inner Awakening session about “offensive wars” and “defensive wars” – having minimal violence just to protect you, and having aggressive violence, constantly attacking everyone.

These two have a huge difference. Krishna, Pandavas – minimal violence just to protect them. Duryodhana – aggressive violence. See, minimal violence, protecting yourself – it cannot even be called as “violence” – it is always out of powerfulness. Aggressive violence, attacking others, is always out of powerlessness. People ask me, ‘How do you emerge victorious all the time, Swamiji? How many ever times you are attacked, you emerge victorious next day on the peetha, giving satsanghs!’ I tell you, I don’t have violence. I don’t attack. I am just powerful enough to protect myself, defend myself and the Sangha; that’s all. As long as nobody attacks me, I don’t even look at them. Even when I am attacked, I never attacked them back; I only protected myself and the Sangha.

And anybody who doesn't attack me, I not only don’t attack them, I give them all the power I have! Anybody who doesn’t use power to attack me and the Sangha, I am ready to give them anything! Sometimes people think they are like Bhasmasura, that they can take a boon from me and then put their hand on my head. Come on! I have Vishnu! Don’t think that there is no protection mechanism. Actually, Vishnu came to kill Bhasmasura. Even otherwise, Bhasmasura cannot make Mahadeva into ashes by putting his hand on his head; because he (Mahadeva) gave the power, he also knows how to take the power back!  Come on! Even Brahma could not reach the head of Mahadeva after searching, searching, searching. How do you expect Bhasmasura can reach Mahadeva’s head? When Brahma was travelling towards Mahadeva’s head, the flower which was coming down, Brahma caught that flower and asked, ‘Where are you coming from?’ The flower replied, ‘No, no, Mahadeva kept me in his ears and I have fallen from his ears.’ Not even head; his ears! Brahma asks, ‘How long have you been coming down?’ The flower replies, ‘Four Brahmas’ age (lifetime of four Brahmas put together) I have been coming down.’ Then Brahma thought, ‘I have to take four janmas (births) to reach Mahadeva’s ears!’ ‘Chathur Brahma Kalpa Paryantham – four Brahmas’ age – I am coming down’, the flower said. Then Brahma asked, ‘Then tell me at least where are we now?’ The flower replied, ‘May be somewhere near Mahadeva’s shoulder.’


But, anyhow, Mahadeva does not want to play with this Bhasmasura anymore, and it is time to kill him, and, so, Vishnu came and did what had to be done. Anyhow... All I am trying to tell you is, I have no anger or enmity towards anybody. As long as they don’t attack me, my blessings. When they attack me, I just protect myself and the Sangha, that’s all; defend myself and the Sangha. When you are in the space of powerfulness, you always win the war! Even sometimes people who attack me, they come back and fall at my feet and tell, ‘Oh.... I attacked you....’ I tell them, ‘Past is past. If you don’t attack me anymore, that is enough. Let us be friends. You live your life, I will live my life. For the sake of the future, let us complete the past. Let us not drag the past. Because of the past, let us not destroy the future. For the sake of the future, let us complete the past.’ Always look at life, understand, always look at life and bring Completion into you....Completion into you, Completion into you. Madhukari Bhiksha, Smashaana Vaasa! Actually, Varanasi has beautiful settlements. Buddhist Sarnath, Nagas, Nirvani, Dasa Parampara, Bauls, Aghori, Kinaram Baba, all of them have settlements around. You go and take initiation in any Sampradaya, first they will say, ‘Sit in Manikarnika Ghat, and go for Madhukari Bhiksha. It is an initiation rule.

So, all the Sampradayas will be sitting in Manikarnika Ghat at night, and going around in the day for Bhiksha, Madhukari Bhiksha, because it makes you responsible and enriching. Living at the Master’s feet is both “bhikshavandhana” and living in the smashaana, both, because, it constantly enriches you and makes you responsible.

I bless you all! Let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching and Causing eternal bliss, Nithyananda! Thank you!