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In today’s morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda instructs us that, to live enlightenment, the only spiritual practice we need is to build a yogic body and do daily completions. In fact, these two practices will help every aspect of our lives. When we intensely workout, building our body, we gain confidence in our ability to do any physical activity. And when we continuously practice completion, we reduce our thoughts, allowing us to act from intuition and a clear inner space.
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Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam

Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |

Asmadaachaarya Paryanthaam

Vande Guru Paramparaam ||


I welcome all of you with my love and respects.  I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsanghis sitting with through Nithyananda TV, Sadhna TV, Lotus News Channel, Janashree TV, Eshwar TV, and two-way video-conferencing in thirty-eight places, in twenty-six countries around the world. 

Cities sitting with us in two-way video-conferencing having Nayana Deeksha: Adi Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam-Avathipalayam, Hyderabad-Nithyananda Nagaram, Ohio-Prayag, Guru’s Gate-California, British Columbia, Toronto-Kailasam, Los Angeles-Arunachala, Kuala Lumpur-Palani, Kastav-Croatia, Shri Nithyanandeshwara Hindu Temple-Charlotte, Guadeloupe-Rameshwaram, Oklahoma-Somanatham, Seattle-Chidambaram, Oman-Sivagangai, Jorpati-Nepal, Kilinochchi-Sri Lanka, Mattakalappu-Sri Lanka, Nithyananda Nagar-Tiruvannamalai, Colorado Springs-USA, East London-UK, Houston-Kalahasti, New York-Varanasi, New Zealand-Adi Arunachalam, Singapore-Singapuram, Hamilton-New Zealand, San Diego-Tiruaalavaai, Washington DC-Sripuram, East London-UK, Bogota-Colombia, Dubai-Vaidyanatham, Vancouver-Bhubaneshwar, Hyderabad-Gupta Kashi, Hong Kong-Sirkazhi, Austin-Texas, St. Louis-Tirumala, Indrani-New Jersey, Monterrey-Mexico.

I welcome all of you with my love and blessings.

Today, the 21st Inner Awakening, third day.

And very important thing today, the Skanda Sashti Brahmotsavam, Subrahmanya’s Skanda Sashti Utsava is beginning.  This is one of the very well-known popular vrata observed in South India, the most popular vrata observed in South India.  From the young age, I never used to miss this vrata. 

Today, as part of the first day of the Brahmotsavam, Subrahmanya is gracing us on the Golden Peacock, Swarna Mayura Vahana…..Swarna Mayura Vahana.

Today is the day, Devi sends Subramanya with the weapon, the spear, with her whole energy as spear she sends him to kill the demons.  So, from Kailash, Subramanya comes on the peacock.

And, in many parts of the country, today also we continue to celebrate Diwali.  Diwali is celebrated in some parts of the country today.

In San Jose we have Diwali today.  Thirty-six items are offered as naivedhyam.  Kali Puja is done.  Blessings!  Blessings for all you guys!


Let me start today’s satsangh.

I am going to expand on “THE POWER OF COMPLETION”. Please understand, our muscles carry memory and memories.  If your muscles carry a memory, you live a beautiful blissful life.  If your muscles carry memories, you are in a mess!  Listen! If your muscles carry a memory, you live a blissful life.  If it carries memories, you are in a mess!  The difference is, when there are too many memories sitting on the muscles creating a stress, complication, confusion, incompletions, it is almost like even to make one small decision you have to go through the whole Parliament.  It is literally democracy.  Please understand, democracy is great for a country; but for a body you cannot have democracy.  Just to move the right hand, just to move the right hand, the information, the file has to be prepared, a detailed resolution and it goes to the brain; then the liver supports, but the brain doesn’t support; the heart vetoes, and kidneys say “No!”.  After all these discussions, you have to move the right hand.  Will you move ever?  Democracy is not for the body. 

So, please understand, democracy is great for a country; to run a country democracy is great, because multiple points of view need to be considered, because everyone’s life is affected by the decisions made.  But, as far as your body is concerned, it’s only YOUR life.  It’s just YOUR life.  But, even with movements of the body if you start doing democratically, never, ever, any movements will happen.  If you are filled with too many incompletions and memories, this is what exactly will happen.

Most of the time, you really don’t know what you want.  How many of you feel, ‘the whole problem in my life is I don’t know what I want!’  (People raise their hands).  Oh, God!  90% of the hall!  Remaining 10% do not know even whether they know what they want, or they do not know what they want!  Even that they do not know!

I tell you, identity crisis is always one of the biggest problems of human-beings.  Identity crisis, “don’t know what we want in life!  Don’t know what we are doing in life!”  If you don’t know what you want in life, you are just waiting to die!  Be very clear, you are not living, you are waiting to die!  Waiting to die is not living. 

Many of you, if you look inside, you are just waiting to die.  You don’t have the courage to commit suicide; so you are just dragging your days, time.  Please understand, that is not life.  You need to get it.  You need to understand.  When you bring Completion, you reduce the number of thoughts which precedes before a conclusion arrives.  It is like you reduce the screaming and shouting happening inside you.  The unparliamentary Parliament which you are running inside; the sound of that reduces, the sound comes down if you do Completion. 

Please listen, if you come to a decision without a thought, you are living in the space of “Intuition”.  If you come to a decision after multiple thoughts, it is “Ignorance”.  If you come to a decision after one clear flow of thoughts, it is called “Intelligence”.  If you come to a decision without any thought, it is called “Intuition”.

Please understand, I really tell you, Completion is equivalent to inner cleansing.  All your muscle-memories come to peace and rest in peace.

And, I also wanted you to know, I strongly discourage any of this bodily work getting done by the people whose muscle-memory is incomplete.  For example, do not get these massages done for you, whether it is ayurvedic or western type, whatever massage, do not allow any massages, because when two bodies strongly meet heavily, the transmission of muscle-memory will happen.  It will cause more damage for you in the long run than bring health.  The best massage, I tell you: Sit and do Completion, all the stress in the muscles will be removed, they will melt down.  When they melt down, the relaxation you feel, I tell you, that is the best massage.  The problem is, it takes a little time and effort.  You have a deep hatred towards you creating something for you; you want everything to be done by somebody else, and you will just come and occupy! 

Some of the best parts of my life, I still remember, is from 2000 to 2005 I can say.  Of course, it is not that after that I am suffering or anything; I am enjoying my whole life; but those five years, I can say, are the best part.  Because in those five years mostly, till the day Bidadi kitchen started, mostly I was cooking my own food, I was building my own house.  So, everything was filled by my muscle-memory and bio-memory.

I tell you, as much as you can, do not allow anybody to work on your body, because a deep touch can transmit incompletion.  Completion! Silence brings tremendous peace into your whole muscle-memory and bio-memory.  It can really, really, really bring a new understanding and bliss in your life, because every incompletion stored in different parts of your body, see that is like a sleeping volcano, but living!  All the incompletions in your muscle-memory is like a sleeping volcano; any time it will erupt out and start….buzzzzzzzzzz…!  You are in depression!  There is no big reason required when the agitation, boiling, distress, doubt, anger is going on.  Even a simple instruction from mother, simple instruction from father, if you are already angry with your father and mother – “These fellows are constantly controlling me!  These fellows are constantly agitating me!  These fellows are constantly irritating me!”  Your mother may give a very simple instruction, ‘Hey don’t drink coffee in the night; you will not sleep well; you will be rolling in the bed.”  That’s it!  It’s a simple, beautiful instruction to protect your health.  That’s it!  Your Kundalini will happen in the wrong direction!

Yesterday, I was telling a few participants during Diwali celebrations, ‘Please don’t go to burst crackers.’  Especially the participants from different countries……because you do not know the Indian crackers, I tell you!  No, really!  No, you do not know the Indian crackers!  And I am responsible for your health.  You understand it as fireworks.  This is not fireworks!  You should know, there is a big difference between fireworks and crackers.  This (Indian crackers) is a crude……I can’t describe it for you.  I’m so happy, yesterday is the first Diwali we did not have any accidents. No, really!  In this large crowd, yesterday from the beginning I was very careful.  I told even the Swamis, ‘Come with chappal (footwear).  Don’t put fire when somebody is behind.  Have enough distance.’  I told everyone, ‘Please come with your footwear.  Maintain lot of distance.’  And I also selected a huge area, vast area, where there are no huts.  First Diwali, Laughing Temple was burnt in the Ashram, still I remember. The Laughing Temple is the first building we constructed; after the construction, first time when I observed Diwali, it got burnt, but not fully only partially and immediately it rained and the fire got put off. From that time, yesterday is the first Diwali we didn’t have any accidents. It is just simple security measure, safety precaution. See, you always jump in enthusiasm, ‘Come on, why footwear, what is wrong, I’m not a child, I know the cracker!’  No! You don’t know. Even the fellow who made them doesn’t know. See yesterday, few crackers which were supposed to give only the light, started bursting!

I tell you, memory stored in your muscles also acts like Indian crackers: you do not know whether it is going to be “buzzzzzzzzz….” or “damaaaaaal…!”  (Fizzle out with just light, or explode).  You do not know when it is going to do what, how it is going to respond!  You do not know the way it is going to respond!  If you had or you are having a teenage kid, please understand, having muscle-memory is equivalent to having a teenage kid because you don’t know what it will do when!  If you put them in the Gurukul that is Completion….that is like Completion!  You are free from it!  Now it is my work!  No, really! 

Please understand, the muscle-memories are such it makes your whole life constantly to be on a crisis-management mode!  Suddenly, one part of you creates a fire and you go put it out.  By the time you put it out and wash your whole body, the other side is on fire!  You run there!  Life becomes almost like a crisis-management!  Constantly, everywhere crisis!  Crisis in relationships!  By the time you heal that crisis, you have crisis in your health!  By the time you heal that, crisis in your wealth!  By the time you heal that, crisis in your mental health, the depression!  By the time you heal that, then again starts the relationship problem!  It is like your whole life is in the crisis-management mode!  How many of you feel your whole life is in crisis-management mode?  (People raise their hands).  Please understand, it is because of too many memories sitting inside the muscles. 

I tell you, Completion, Completion, if you don’t know what is Completion, even if you just sit every night before falling asleep and even think about whatever has happened in your life, you will catch the exact process of Completion!  See, the process of Completion is a knack; you won’t get it by instructions.  Of course, I can give instructions; but you will get it only when you start living it.  For example, yesterday my Swamis they all started lifting weights.  I can give instructions about weight-lifting.  But will they get it?  They will get it only when they do it step by step.  I am really surprised these guys lifted 135 Kgs!  And all of them are Niraharis!  Many of them are Niraharis!  Double their average body weight!  I am so happy about that. 

Please understand, weight-lifting is a spiritual quality!  I wanted you to know, when you do all this heavy workout, your muscles get built.  You can actually program and build your muscles in a new way.  Especially these Swamis, they don’t have any other reason to build the muscles.  Their only reason is the spiritual ideas and spiritual truths and spiritual living that is all!  Normal people who build muscles, who build body, even those people, enlightenment is easy for them!  Because, when you build the body and muscles, you will have the confidence that you can do anything with your body.  You will have that confidence.  I tell you, that confidence will help you in a very big way to achieve Completion and enlightenment!  And I strongly promote, support all the activities of you working on your body, like weight-lifting, body-building, everything. 

And I very strongly condemn, denounce, request you not to indulge in any activities where other person works on your body like whether it is massage or even wrestling.  See, in martial arts, bodies do not touch other.  If the bodies don’t touch each other, that is okay.  Things like wrestling where the bodies touch each other should be avoided.  Actually, if you want to win in wrestling, I can give you a very simple tip.  Go with lot of incompletions related to the body and touch that fellow, that’s all!  And, after that, manage for ten minutes.  In ten minutes he will be tired!  Create a lot of incompletions about your hand – ‘My hand is not doing well, it’s not looking good, it’s so small, it is not strong.’  Create a lot of incompletions about your hand, ‘This line is not right, that is ugly, that is crazy and touch the other fellow, that’s all!  And wait for ten minutes.  After touching, just somehow manage for ten minutes.  The fellow will be out! Because, through hands, the muscle-memory gets transmitted very powerfully.

Whenever you see a person who lives in the space of Completion, never miss touching his feet or hand, because that is the space through which the energy gets transmitted…..the muscle-memories, bio-memory, bio-energy gets transmitted.

Completion, Completion, Completion!  Yesterday, all of you were initiated into the Science of Completion with yourself.  From today, we are going to really, really enter into the deeper levels of Completion in the Inner Awakening third day.  Today, we will identify your root-patterns and complete, complete, complete, complete, complete.  From today, your Skanda Sashti starts!  Subramanya has to kill all the incompletion demons!

Vivekananda used to say, “Muscles of iron!  Bones of Steel!”  He says, the person whose body is strong will always be doing less mistakes and he will be more integrated.  I did not get it at first when I read that.  I thought how can the body and mind be connected?  Because I am a great Vedanti!  At least, I was thinking I was a great Vedanti from the beginning.  I was thinking, ‘Oh, this Vivekananda and all…..modern-day saints…”.  But only when I started living his words, I realized the truth: his words are two-hundred percent right! 

I tell you, just build your body; you will stop falling into depression!  So much your being will start getting centered into Integrity!  So much your being will start getting centered into Authenticity!  That is why I was so happy yesterday when my Swamis did weight-lifting.  I was very happy they even chose this item as part of their demonstration, because I wanted the world to know that I am encouraging all this.  Once, I myself lifted for ten seconds 300 kgs. I just raised the Kundalini of the body heavily, almost on the verge of Nirvikalpa Samadhi.  In that I tried and saw 300 Kgs in ten seconds!  Because when the Kundalini is raised, you will really be able to lift the weight.  Actually, I was doing research on how the weight-lifting can be added to Yoga, because I strongly feel the original Natha Panthis, the Natha Sampradhaya yogis used weights in their akhada practices, in their physical training.  The Natha Panthis used the wooden logs.  In the North, Aghoris used wood and stone and other weights, heavy weights to train their body.  So, weight-lifting is not something new to the Indian tradition.  It is not from western tradition.  It is from our tradition.  Because, when you add the weight, the flexibility of the body increases.  Above all, the breathing becomes very deep.  So, I was doing research on how that can be added into the physical yoga and fitness programs.

Every night Completion, every morning heavy weight-lifting and Yoga!  I tell you, just these two, just these two will make you enlightened!  Because, every night Completion will lead to Vedic Mind, every morning heavy Yoga will lead to Yogic Body; and these two will take care, the whole day you live enlightened living, that’s all!  You don’t need any other spiritual practice.  Really, I’m telling you, morning heavy Yoga, heavy weight-lifting, like your whole body should really sweat!  That kind of heavy Yoga and weight-lifting!  After that, you should take bath in a water-body.  Not just in a water bucket! In a water-body in which at least hundred times more than your blood volume water is there!  Usually your body carries five to ten liters of blood based on your size.  Hundred times more.  At least the water-body should be thousand liters.  Even a thousand-liter sintex tank is enough.  But you have to get into that and take bath.  It should be a water-body!  If it is thousand times more than your blood volume, it is best!  Because, when you get into that kind of water-body, the whole body will experience the water energy rejuvenation, and the whole body will have a new alignment of prana.  That is why, in those days, to learn singing, you will have to go and stand in neck-level water, because a kind of a unique prana alignment happens in the water-body due to the pressure of the water-body. 

Heavy Yoga in the morning and deep Completion in the night is enough for enlightened living.  Today, I wanted to declare this.  These two should be compulsory for anybody who considers me as their guru.  Anybody who thinks you are following me or you want to follow me, these two are compulsory!  These two are a must!  Whatever I said earlier you can amend it now with these two.  Everything can be amended.  Nithya Dhyan, Nithya Kriya, everything you can amend.  But catch these two: Morning heavy Yoga; it can even be forty-two minutes; that is more than enough.  Or maximum one hour; that’s enough.  Twenty-one minutes “good”; forty-two minutes “best”!  That’s all!  No need for more than one hour. 

At night same.  When you start the Completion, start for forty-two minutes.  After that, you yourself will see there is nothing much, there are no incompletions; so twenty-one minutes is more than enough.  When you see that, just complete for twenty-one minutes.  But, always sleep in the space of Completion. 

If you have a dreamless sleep, I guarantee, you will have birthless life!  If you have dream-free sleep, you will have birth-free, death-free life!  That’s all!  Because, even to have dream, you need incompletions!  If you don’t have incompletions even to have dreams, how will you have incompletions to have one more body?  So, whether you are going to have a body or not is going to be decided only based on whether you are having dreams in the night or not!  While you sleep if you have dream, you are going to have body after death, unless the Master interferes and relieves you, liberates you.  If you don’t have dreams, be assured, you are already liberated, and you are going to be liberated once you leave the body, completely!       

So every night, twenty-one minutes Completion is “good”; forty-two minutes is “best”!  Every morning, twenty-one minutes Yoga is “good”; forty-two minutes is “best”!

From Gheranda Samhita, I am creating a new sequence of eighty-four asanas which will be released in Inner Awakening Level-4.  This sequence will be the best of Yoga!  Understand, best of Yoga!  Already, the work has begun.  Thirty-two I have aligned and made it into a sequence; now expanding to eighty-four.  In Gheranda Samhita, Mahadeva gives eighty-four asanas as the complete Yoga.  In the same sequence as Mahadeva gives, you will all be learning.  Once the whole thing is ready, I will put it into the YouTube free.  Anybody can download and practice.  I am actually reading the original verses and fine-tuning the postures.  For example, in the Dhanur Asana, you should not be just touching the feet with your fingers; you should be holding.  In the Dhanur (bow), the rope (bow string) does not just touch the other end; it is tied!  So these fine, intricate details of each asana, I am reading the original sutra and aligning.  Ma Yoga is also working on demonstrating it.  Soon you will have Ma Yoga’s presentation of these eighty-four asanas (uploaded) into YouTube.  This will be called as “Nithyananda Yoga”. 

These eighty-four asanas should be called as “Nithyananda Yoga” or “Nithya Yoga”, whatever name.  This should be called as “Nithya Yoga”.  The postures themselves, by their own way of doing, the weight-lifting is inbuilt into that.  Only thing, you will be using the traditional weights; it is called “Karana Kattai”; means, the Natha Yogis are called “Karna Yogis”.  See, they will have huge ear-rings in their ears to remind themselves to be in the space of listening.  All their scriptures are listening based.  So, the wooden stick or the heavy wood they used for weight lifting to do Yoga is called “Karana Kattai”.  In course of time, it became “Karala Kattai”.  So, we will be using all those traditional weights.  There are clear definitions of what weight it should be when you start.  The Natha Yogis did not believe in having equal weights in both the hands.  They say that on one side you should have a different weight: If you are male, your left side should have more weight.  If you are female, your right side should have more weight.  So they have a clear proportion.  Long before, I wanted to develop this science and evolve it; but unfortunately, because of time, only now I am bringing it into a shape. 

In this Inner Awakening Level-4, I will be launching it.  If you can participate in Inner Awakening Level-4, great.  Even if you miss Inner Awakening Level-4, don’t worry.  Immediately it will be available in the YouTube; you can start practicing it.  Knowledge is free!  Knowledge is free!  And I’ll also be giving reference of everything, to the minute detail, to prove the authenticity. 

With this, I will move to the next segment of the morning satsangh – Nirahara Samyama.  Because of Skanda Sashti, almost everyone will be doing Nirahara Samyama.  So, we had a break in Nirahara Samyama yesterday due to Diwali.  But we will start today directly the second level.  We’ll start today directly the second level.  From today, for the next seven days, it is Nirahara Samyama Level-2 and Skanda Sashti Vrata, both. 

Skanda Sashti is the time people do fasting and do Completion.  It’s a very auspicious time and energy.  Actually, from Diwali to Poornima (Full Moon Day), these fifteen days is a celebration time, because today Skanda Sashti starts for the next six days, and the sixth day itself the Arunachala Brahmotsavam-the Karthikai Deepam.  In the North, they celebrate it as “Deva Deepavali”; in the South we celebrate it as “Deepam”.  In Varanasi, on Poornima Day, they will light the “Moksha Deepam”; means, in the long bamboo they will light the deepams (lamps) and hold it up.  And same way, in Tiruvannamalai, on the temple tower, on the hill….not only in Tiruvannamalai, but in all temples in the South, on all the hill tops, they will light these lamps.  That is also called “Moksha Deepam”.  So, these whole fifteen days, Deva Deepavali…..  See, for us one year is one day for devathas (gods).  So naturally, at least fifteen days they need to celebrate Deepavali.  We celebrate one day Deepavali.  For them they need one “paksha” to celebrate Diwali.  So, these fifteen days from Amavasya to Poornima, it is called “Deva Deepavali” – Diwali for Gods.  “Paksha” is fifteen days.  So, these whole fifteen days we will celebrate Nirahara and Completion.  We will do the Completion.  Whoever wants to do Nirahara, you can do Nirahara.  Nirahara is option; Completion is compulsion! 

So, please sit straight.  Cognize you have become Bidadi Kalpavruksha.  Inhale through both the nostrils and the mouth simultaneously as slowly as possible.  Hold as long as you can comfortably.  Exhale through both the nostrils as slowly as possible.  Do this Kriya for the next twenty-one minutes.


I bless you all with my Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching!  Let you all radiate health, bliss and enlightenment by producing the energy directly from space!  Namah Shivaya!