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In today’s morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda emphasizes the power of completing our unfinished inner behavioral patterns. He tells us that if we are not living in completion we are living in compulsion, as slaves to our past habits. Nithyananda reminds us that all our patterns are determined only by our words: the words we speak to ourselves and to others. Whatever we speak we automatically accept as truth, and we set out to make our words into reality. Therefore, if we declare with conviction that we are complete – we can be achieve it straightaway! Once we are complete we will immediately know, because we will be inspired to share our uplifting feelings with others. That is the test of our authenticity.
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May 7 2013 Are you living in Completion or Compulsion?

Today I wanted to make this statement first. This is going to be the subject for the Nithya satsang today. Please listen. With completion starts LIFE. Otherwise you are running out of compulsion.

Either you run the life in compulsion, or completion. With completion, your life starts. With compulsion – No, No! Not only you don’t have life, you constantly reduce the level of your life.

I wanted you to know, human life is not happening in the same frequency in planet earth. How can you compare, how can you say - the man who is in ecstasy enjoying the life, enrich himself and others in a monastery, and the man who is in prison given up on himself and others and the given upon by society, and the man who is in the political power center, who is between so much of patterns and sufferings and suffocations – How can you say all these people are in the same frequency? No! You need to get out of the myth – a very big myth taught to you – Human life happens in same frequency. It’s a LIE. How many of you cognized what I said now? Human life does not happen in same frequency. Every individual’s frequency differs.

/* Hindi 2.48 – 3.12 */

When you are in completion, anything you declare becomes reality. Anything you declare becomes reality. Understand, if you see in south Indian temples, they have a unique method of making arches out of stone. They will just arrange one stone, one stone, one stone one stone. The center stone, they will insert it in such a way – Just because of the pressure of the center stone, the whole arch will stand as it is.  How many of you have seen these kind of arches? Without collapsing, the arch will stand.

I tell you, if your declaration is powerful, that is the center key stone that’ll keep your life stand miraculously. When I saw that arch first time, in Tiruvannamalai in one monastery, there is a Mutt called “Ishanya Mutt”. In that Mutt, that arch is there. When I saw that arch first time, I was shocked and I thought it’s a miracle, It is standing. How can a pieces of stone stand together? Then I understood. That key stone, because of its pressure, its holding the whole arch in the shape. Your declaration, out of completion is the key stone holding your life as it is, miraculously.

If miracles are happening in your life continuously, it is the declaration out of completion. One man calls his son and asks – “You should get married”. Son says “Noo! I don’t want to.”  “No. I will get you – your wife is Bill Gates’ daughter.” He looks and “OK then, I will get married”. This guy goes to Bill Gates and says – “Give your daughter to my son”. He says “No! No way.” “No, he is the CEO of the world bank.”  Then Bill Gates says – “ok then, I’ll give.” The guy goes 3rd meeting, Head of the world bank and says - “Give my son, the CEO job of the world bank.” That guy says – “No No way.” “No, he is the son in law of Bill gates” “Ok then, I will give.”

<swamiji’s laughter>

Understand, the whole thing standing with his declaration. He did it. It may look like a cheating. I don’t think it is cheating. I see very clearly only the power of declaration in his words.  I got this story in the facebook. Somebody sent. But the end of the the moral of story is – ‘this is what is business.’ When I read, I said “No! I don’t see any business in it. I see only the power of declaration in it.”

A stone arch stands by the power of the center stone miraculously. Your life can stand miraculously by the power of your declaration out of completion. Today I will give you the exact process of the completion, by continuing my childhood story – I was sitting and waiting for Ganesha to eat, me without eating. Did not eat for 2 and half days. 3rd day evening, I don’t know whether it is, you can call it as a miracle or the power of authenticity. That time I understood as a miracle. Now I’ll call that as a power of authenticity. When you are authentic, and ready to stretch, beyond your perceived capabilities by your mind, Listen, The perceived capabilities of your mind, what your mind feels as your capability, if you can stretch beyond that, the power of authenticity moves the world. The world listens to you.

3rd day evening, I could see very clearly, my mind has raised to the level of bhava samdhi, means the zone where the solid is not solid, liquid is not liquid, where that gap between the solid and the liquid is just overlapping on each other. It is like a – when the ice and water meets and melts, that zone. Neither the formlessness nor the physical form. I know, I am not able to express. I am just managing. You can say the doorstep. Neither you are in nor you are out. Same way, nor in the space of complete formlessness, or in the space of name and form. where the solid is becoming liquid. where the form is becoming formless. That zone. That is what I call Bhava samadhi. The, my inner space got pushed into that bhava samadhi space. I could see Ganesha eating.

When my space got settled, when I opened my eyes, I tell you, I had the prasada. I can declare clearly, I have that tremendous trust and I could see now, the authenticity has flowered into responsibility and decision to enrich. With the power of integrity, I decided to feed Ganesha, With the power of authenticity I took the responsibility of making him eat. After the experience, the joy of enriching, means to share with world has started happening in my system. People can have their own doubts – who knows?  Whether Ganesha ate, or Ganesha’s vehicle - mouse ate. Whether the rat ate. If Ganesha eats, he will give the prasada of tremendous trust, love, devotion. I had the prasada. So I can be very sure Ganesha ate.

Now the lessons which you can internalize in your life from this story – The tremendous trust, power. Trust on power of integrity. That’s the first lesson.

Many time, people ask me – “How can I, if I just say I’m complete, How can I be complete?”  You can! Because you are nothing but the words you uttered. You are nothing but the bunch of the words you uttered, consciously or unconsciously to you or to others.  Unfortunately most of it, 99.99% of it is unconscious. That is where the problem starts. You are nothing but the bunch. Totality of the words you uttered. The words you utter. Many time, you do not recognize the power of the words you utter. You do not recognize the power of the words you utter. You do not recognize, especially the power of the words you utter towards you. Tremendous trust over the power of integrity. You always feel- “I am integrated but still I need to evolve.” Over! When you have these words in you, you will never be complete. You should know – “If I am integrated now, If I declare completion now, I am complete. I am nothing but the words I utter. I am nothing but the words I utter, inside and outside”. The words you utter inside and outside is 100% you.  It is not bad news. It is good news. Understand. Because, you CAN change NOW!

15-30 minutes

If you are thinking, ‘Oh, I am just a word, then I have done such a big mess, I have done so much mess, what can I do?’ 

If you are suffering with the past, it is the bad news for you.  If you can understand now you CAN change, it is good news for you!  Now you CAN change!  Now you CAN change!  Because if you can utter the word now and complete, “I drop the past; it has no power over me”, you can be complete now!  You might have uttered you are incomplete million times to you in the past, but even uttering once in the present you are complete can finish off all your million declarations in the past, because when the time and space crosses, the declarations you make are alive and powerful!  Always time and space crosses in the present moment.  In any legal system, the latest order will be the order which will be executed which should be executed.  Even in your life, your latest declaration only will be executed.  If you declare completion now, you are complete.  You may say, ‘No! No! Now I am saying I am complete, but I am not complete.’  Then already you have decided you don’t want to be complete!  Don’t you see?  DECLARE you are complete!  Roar like a lion and stand on completion!  I tell you, you are nothing but the words you utter.  You are nothing more than the words you utter.


Understand, the first lesson you need to learn from this story is the ability to trust the power of your Integrity.  If you say, “I am free”, you ARE free!  If you say you are bound, you ARE bound!  If you say you are a liar, you ARE a liar!  If you say you are enriching, you ARE enriching!  It is just YOU!  The words you utter to you and to others is life!  What a big relief!  It can be a great news for you if you start living it.  It can be a good news for you if you start believing it.  It can be bad news for you if you start worrying about it.  But the words you utter towards you and to others is YOU, YOU, YOU!

If you utter the word, again and again, “I am efficient”, “I am powerful”, you ARE that!  If you utter the word “No! I am powerless, I am inefficient”, you ARE that! 


Second truth you need to know, the power of your Authenticity, even in the initial level, it looks like inauthenticity.  Stand by it; it will rise and rise to the next, next, next level of Authenticity.  In this story, in the beginning, when I started feeding or planning to feed Ganesha, it was inauthentic.  It was not authentic.  But, even if it is inauthentic, when you are authentic towards your inauthenticity, it will lead to Authenticity.  Like, any number, any equation if you multiply with zero, it will become zero.  Same way, how much ever your inauthenticity can be authentic, even towards your inauthenticity, it will become authentic.  Millions of years of your inauthenticity has no face in front of one inch of your authenticity.  Everyone has to die; The people who go to the Yama’s house can never return his millions or billions of years of rule.  But Nachiketa’s authenticity has broken the millions of years of rule.  So, your Authenticity can break any rule, can break any suffering, can break any inauthenticity you carry.

Third important thing, lesson you need to know: When you take the responsibility, when you decide to become responsible, simply the whole Cosmos listens to you, follows you!  With Responsibility even if you sit in one corner, the very space changes the response the way the world responds towards you. 

Vivekananda says beautifully, ’In India, even if we want wealth, we sit under a tree and create the space.   It happens around us!’ 

He told these words in the U.S., the country which teaches you that you have to work so hard to accumulate wealth.  If you sit with yourself, you may accumulate peace, but not even a piece of bread! 

Vivekananda says, ‘No in India, even to accumulate wealth, we just sit and create the space, and it happens!’  Understand!

What else do you think I did in my life?  I just sat under the Banyan Tree and created the space. See, the city happening here!  Do you know this land when it was donated to me, it was infested with 1,800 snakes!  Because there was a snake farm here; before donating this land to us, that owner he moved the snake farm out.  When he was welcoming me to this land he told me, ‘Swamiji we moved almost all the snakes.  We had 30,000 snakes earlier.  We slowly, slowly sold and moved everything out.  But during the transition, 1,800 snakes escaped, Swamiji!’

They were extracting venom here.  It was a legal snake park.  It was running legally as a business, industry.  That is the way it was handed over to me.  See today, a city has happened!  Full-fledged temple, and at least a few hundred people can stay.  People from all over the world can watch from here.  Please understand, it took two-and-a-half years for us to get a telephone connection!  Just a telephone connection!  2005 mid we got the telephone connection!  But now, anything I speak sitting here, all over the world people are listening!  Just I created the space!  It is not only now a spiritual city, it is getting developed.  It is the, now this place has become the model, source for multiple spiritual cities happening all over the world!  Multiple spiritual cities happening all over the world!  Understand!  It became inspiration for multiple spiritual cities to happen all over the world!  So, when you take responsibility, sit, by creating the space and ready to sacrifice, simply the world moves based on your word!  The world moves as you want!     


The fourth principle, fourth truth you need to learn from this: When Ganesha ate, I saw the tremendous joy, the inspiration to raise myself to the next level, enrich myself and enrich others.  It is not that after that I kept quiet.  I started creating a group of people, going around and worshipping every Ganesha in the city and village.  The first public function I organized is for Ganesh Chathurthi.  I think at the age of eight or nine, I gathered all the my classmates & chamchas and disciples, went around and collected donations, called the VIP guests, made all the arrangements, in the Arunachaleshwara Temple.  The Ganesha under the Banyan Tree, incidentally the same Banyan Tree; please understand, when I say “same”, I mean even the DNA is same!  We did a medical test we did a forensic lab test; we discovered even the DNA is the same!  It’s a This Banyan Tree and that Banyan Tree, both are brothers!  They both are from the same source, are from the same root.  Understand, when I had this experience, it is not that I just slep with myself, I just kept it with myself.  No!  Immediately it has made me to enrich others.  Understand, any experience you have, if you want to find out whether it is true experience or not, if you are having the inspiration, power to enrich others, it is a true experience, or it is your fantasy, false imagination.  Real experience will empower you.  How to find out whether my Kundalini is awakened or not?  You will take the responsibility and enrich yourself and the world, equivalent to a Peetadheeshwar.  Few hundreds will be enriched by you.  If that happens, then your Kundalini is awakened; otherwise it is not!

If you live with the pattern of “life is a suffering”, wherever you go, whatever you do, life is suffering.  If you understand life is a life is a life – please listen, I am not saying you should create a pattern “life is joy or bliss”.  No!  I am not saying you should create a pattern or you should not create a pattern.  I just wanted to tell you only one thing, if you decide life is a life is a life with Authenticity, you will explode in the highest possible peak experience of life, the highest possible peak experience of life.  Keep the life alive by living these four principles.  Go on listening.  Go on doing the completion.      

Now I will give you the exact process of completion:

·         Declare with Integrity you are going to be complete.  That is the first step.


·         Second, any incompletion sitting inside you, sit with the mirror and start talking it out (Swapoornathwa).  If it is related to somebody else, start talking to that person with the motive of completion, not with the motive of taking revenge or creating a new fight!  Don’t go and do that!  Then it is like a elephant going to take bath, but puts the mud on its face and comes back more dirty!  Sometimes people go to complete with the wife and start talking and pick up a new fight, and come back more depressed, more incomplete!  Go and talk to them with the decision to complete.

·         And third, third is a very important thing.  Whatever you think still it is sitting inside you after Swapoornathwa – completion with you and completion with others – complete it through cathartic processes like Glassalolia – talking in tongues – Manipuraka Shuddhi Kriya.  Use these types of kriyas, and through catharsis complete it. 

These three are the direct processes, direct method to achieve completion. 

Complete with these four tattwas.  Bring completion within you with these four tattwas. 

Understand, bring yourself to completion through all these three methods.