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In today’s morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda explains that one of the biggest weaknesses we are suffering with is the fear of bigness; our own bigness! Regrettably, society is designed, created, and trained for suppressing people into being mediocre, telling us that we need nothing more than a little house, car, and family to be happy. Thankfully, we are in a position to enrich others with the spiritual truths, helping them to open the door to their own possibilities; enabling them to live in the frequency of their own consciousness. Let us empower others to have their own Inner Awakening!
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Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam

Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |

Asmath Aachaarya Paryanthaam

Vandhey Guru Paramparaam ||


I welcome all of you with my love and blessings.

Today is the Sixty-Seventh Independence Day of India.  It is time to wake up India and India experience real independence through Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching and Indian youth by taking sannyas.  I bless this whole Bharat on this auspicious day.  Let you reclaim your original identity established in the Knowledge, spiritual knowledge. Let all your sons live the ultimate spiritual life, because you are the only hope and savior of Planet Earth!  This country is the only hope, spiritual hope for the whole universe.  I bless this whole country!  Let it flourish with spiritual strength!

Hindi Translation

Today, I will continue to expand on “ENRICHING” which is my message to this country and to the whole world on this great day, Independence of India, the Sixty-Seventh Independence of India. 

Yesterday, I was expanding on some of the important principles on enriching.  Today, I will expand some more deeper principles. 

Listen!  Please come to the space of listening!

You are conditioned and it is very easy for you to listen and relate with others’ smallness and their patterns.  Your upbringing, the society you are born and brought up and live in, your family, everything has trained you only for relating with others’ as their smallness.  That is why, when they talk about somebody else, you feel so sweet and tasty and spicy.  When “A” talks about “B” to “C”, “A” and “C” are in AC (air-conditioning)…! J  Understand, this is the biggest disease with which the whole of humanity is suffering.  Whether it is a rural village or a big, too busy, great city, whether it is a rural village street or New York Wall Street, when people talk to you about somebody , especially rooted on jealousy, anger, violence, this gossip-mongering, rumor, you are so happy.  How do you think these 24/7 news channels are flourishing?  Knowingly People, knowingly it is a lie people just enjoy. Then they say, ‘I also need some entertainment, come on!’ 

This celebrity bashing is nothing but rooted in the deep disrespect you carry for yourself or the inferiority complex you carry for yourselves. Please understand, because of the inferiority complex you carry, you enjoy when the celebrities are bashed.  You say, Wow ,Good, good, I am not in their place!’  See if I am in their place I also need to go through all these. Now you have one more justification and reason why you should not be big!  You need a reason why you should not be big, so when the celebrity-bashing happens, you feel, Wow  good ,See, their place is very difficult, don’t go , I told you.

It is like , i have seen in Indian villages, when the parents don’t want kids to go out, the fear of accidents, some vehicles in the street may cause some damage, run over, all they do is , Hey hey ‘Outside the gate, ghost is there!  Don’t go there!’.  And this poor fellow (the kid), whole life he has to struggle with that pattern!  Still I know many men who are fifty, sixty will not go to their own backyard after sunset!  I know!

Celebrity-bashing is nothing but the pattern you carry – ‘Ghost is there!’  ‘Don’t try to become like them!  Don’t try to be celebrity!  It is risky!’ This country, is the youngest country in the world. Please understand, but this whole country is suffering with this disease of fear of bigness. The celebrity bashing has let a deep fear pattern in Indian youth. The way they bash the Gurus, the religious leaders, the media abuses, harasses, tries its best to destroy by spreading rumors and scandals on religious gurus, the whole Indian youth is terrorized about the lifestyle of Sanyas and spiritual gurudom, spiritual guruhood.

Understand, the Indian youth are terrorized about this spiritual life, taking up Sanyas, because of the amount of abusal the religious leaders and spiritual leaders have to go through in the hands of  irresponsible 24/7 news channels, I call Pen rowdism, media rowdism, due to this media rowdies, what these masters, leaders have to go through, the Indian youth is terrorized.

Today I give this as my commitment to Bharath Matha, I will wake up Indian youth to the life of Sanyas, by setting a trend. I will wake them up and release them from the fear of big, fear of bigness. Every human being in this planet earth should come of out this fear of bigness. Even many of my so called devotees, have deep fear about this Sanyas, oh , its very risky. Even breathing is a risky, why should we breathe continuously?

Your upbringing, the society you were born and brought up , live in , family, everything is designed for a mediocre life. Please understand, society is designed for mediocre , trained for mediocre, happy with mediocre people. Society always tells you, why don’t you just make little money for yourselves for food,, cloth, shelter, and a car, a family, live happily!’  Have anybody lived that fourth word – “happily”?  They go on portraying, little money, house, car and family is equal to the definition “happily”!  May be, when you have less problem than yesterday, you can call that as happiness.

Wife asks her husband, ‘You always carry my photo in your handbag to the office.  Why?’

Husband says, ‘When there is a problem, I look at your photo; when there is anything impossible, I look at your picture; and, immediately, the problem disappears!’

Wife says, ‘See, how miraculous and powerful I am for you!’

Husband says, ‘Yes, the moment I see your picture and say to myself “what bigger problem can be there in my life, other than this, greater than this, all problems look too small and disappears!’

May be, if you have a problem little smaller than yesterday’s, you may think life is going beautifully!

It is unfortunate that society is trained, molded, created for mediocre people.  Understand, mediocre people need a safe place, a secure place, and, unfortunately, majority are mediocre.  See in the life, just with your open eyes see the society, human society, in the intellectual field if somebody goes beyond the mediocre, that smallness, and goes to bigness, he has to move to a separate community called “university”.  Same way, in the spiritual filed, if he moves from smallness to the bigness, if he moves beyond society’s mediocrity, society’s mediocreness, then he has to move to a separate place called “monastery”. 

Anybody who goes above the mediocreness, who goes above the smallness, has no place in the mainstream society.  They have to be sidelined.  Only the political celebrities, listen, please listen, If somebody becomes an intellectual celebrity, means, he goes beyond the mediocreness, he goes beyond that smallness, he reaches the bigness, he has to move out of the society.  He will become part of the university campus or a scientific research laboratory.  Mainstream society has no place for him.  Same way, if somebody becomes big, if they break the smallness in the spiritual field, then again, they also have to move out of the society and they have to be moved to the monastery. 

Always, the mainstream society does not entertain people who break smallness and reach the bigness.  Because the people who break the smallness, who are getting into the bigness will not come with you for a drinking party, they won’t come with you for a pub or a club, or they won’t come with you for a dance, they won’t come with you for shopping, they won’t come with you, the foolishness you do talking about others, behind the back.  You feel uncomfortable, you feel uncomfortable with the people who broke the smallness of the society, who live in the bigness.

Listen!  Listen!  Only political celebrities don’t move out because they never cross smallness.  Fellow who continue to be in smallness, but go on posing, making others believe that they are become big, are politicians.  That is why they don’t need a separate place.  They entertain society and society entertains them completely, thoroughly, out and out. But, I tell you, it is time for human-beings to wake up and break this mediocre lifestyle of smallness.  Only when you are an evolved soul, a being who is living enlightenment, you will listen to and relate to others as their bigness, you will be the listening for their bigness and their possibility and expansion.  Listen!  When you don’t show interest in listening, naturally the person will not talk to you.  If you are interested only in the sari, jewelry, where you bought…..

There is a psychological survey report:  When two couples come face to face, wives look at each other’s dresses, and husbands look at each others’ wives!

No, if you are too busy ,and you are  ready to listen things about the dress, jewelry, shop where you bought, people will talk only that. 

I tell you, give your listening to listen about everyone’s bigness.  The moment somebody speaks, see very clearly, if that person is speaking from completion and expansion, give your listening. If he is speaking out of his incompletions like jealousy, anger, vengeance, simply, politely, tell them  ‘I am not interested in giving my listening to you.’

With right understanding, we can complement each other – the person who listens and person who speaks.  Just by providing your listening or moving out, you can help a person, you can enrich a person. 

Husband and wife are like liver and kidney.  Husband is liver and wife is kidney.  If liver fails, kidney fails.  If kidney fails,  liver manages with other kidney. 

Whether you are a liver or kidney, doesn’t matter.  By providing your listening, you can enrich the other person.  Providing your listening in the right context, in the right way, you can enrich others.  Only when you are an evolved soul, when you are ready to give your listening for others’ bigness, possibility and expansion, you also evolve.  Please understand, giving your listening to others’ bigness is enriching.  Whenever you hold a conversation, see to it you are not showing enthusiasm and interest when others are talking from their incompletion, anger, jealousy.  The problem is, when they talk about their incompletion, you are so happy because , your incompletions also get aggravated, , and you show all your energy, force, ‘Yes, yes, yes, come on ,tell me that story.  That is what  exactly I wanted to listen!’  No!  Each one has their own method. They speak about their incompletion, and you put yourself in that place, and all your incompletions get activated, you give your own interpretation, and you speak about your incompletion, and finally what is the result , nobody knows!

I have a story:

Wife going to Spain , asks the husband, ‘What should I bring for you?’

Husband says, ‘A Spanish girl!’

Wife leaves quietly!

On her return, husband asks, ‘Where is my gift?’

Wife says, ‘Wait for nine months!’


When you speak from your incompletion, naturally, she will talk from her incompletion!

Entertaining others’ incompletions, giving listening to others’ incompletions is the worst thing. 

Listen!  The Sankhya, the great philosophy , Sankhya – the father of the philosophy is Kapila, who is the founder of our akhada, the Mahanirvani Peetha – the great philosophy of Sankhya starts with completion. You can expect, may be, as early as from tomorrow itself, I may start commenting on Sankhya Yoga and Sankhya Sutras.  I was studying;  Sankhya starts with completion.  Please understand, even by providing your listening you can enrich others.  If you provide the listening out of completion, that is enough; you can enrich others. Right listening, providing right listening and providing right space for the other person to interact with you is the first step in enriching.  It takes a lot more evolution and listening from you to listen to and stand up for others’ bigness and expansion without giving up on yourself and others.  Please listen!  If somebody is talking just about, who ran away with whom, who is having affair with whom, where is this jewelry , where you bought this sari, it is very easy for you to provide your listening, because your heart wants , yes, yes, let us listen, let us listen, after this we will  talk about enriching, right now, now let us listen. Your heart is just pumping, we will enrich, we will enrich, but , first let us listen, who is living with whom, which Khan is gone with which Khan.

Listen!  First thing you need to do in enriching is provide listening, your listening, only for their bigness, never anything which comes out of their incompletion or smallness.  It means, do not listen to things which make them small.  It takes lot more evolution and listening from you to listen to and stand up for others’ bigness and expansion without giving up on yourself and them.  One of the most powerful challenges that you can listen to and stand up for others is having them , please listen, One of the most powerful challenges that you can listen to and stand up for others is having them come here for getting initiated into living enlightenment, having them attend Inner Awakening, which is a powerful challenge for both of you in various ways, in terms of time, money, listening to a Hindu guru, living in an ashram, spiritual lifestyle, possible resistance from family; every ,every possible smallness will stand in front of you.  I tell you, and  I will make sure as a Guru, I will make sure your Rahu and every fellow  in front of you, stopping you coming to me.  All the small snake, big snake , every snake from your house will come out and lie in front of you.  ‘Don’t go!’ some will (loud hissing sound) Don’t go, some ( softer hissing sound) Don’t go, some ( no sound) Don’t go. You will have literally Naga Panchami, Rahu Dosha, Kethu Dosha; all doshas will be there in front of you.  This is the biggest challenge. 

I tell you, please understand, the biggest challenge is understanding ,life is for enriching.  LIFE expansion “Life Is For Enriching”.  Of course, each one has their own interpretation for LIFE.  Some people say “Life Is For Entertainment”. Same LIFE, some people may say “Life Is For Envying”.  Some may say “Life Is For Engagement”.  It is up to each one. 

Husband asks, ‘Do you know the meaning of the WIFE?  What it means’, ‘Without Information Fighting Everytime’! 

Wife says, ‘No darling!  It means “With Idiot For Ever”!’ 

So, each one has their own interpretation.  I am interpreting , LIFE means “Life Is For Enriching”.

Listen, when you stand up, please listen, when you stand up for the other person’s bigness, when you stand up for the other person’s bigness, other person’s possibility, that is when, you enrich yourself and others.  So, the most powerful way of living with the frequency of your consciousness, energy of enlightenment, is to be in the space of completion and have no time for time, which means you got to be continuously in completion, in the space of completion, and tirelessly enrich more and more and more people to participate in the Inner Awakening, continuously they getting more and more living enlightenment.  Even if you have a few minutes time in hand, where you want to relax and entertain yourself either with something joyful, or you are sitting and brooding over something painful, stop doing that.  Instead, get into actively enriching others, giving the listening for their bigness or expressing about their bigness to them, listening about their bigness or enriching them with their bigness.  Continuously do it, do like, go online, pick up the phone, go and meet someone, listen to what is it that is limiting them in their life.  Still I do that.  Even if I have few minutes, I will call some department and see how I can enrich them, empower them to have inner awakening.

With this, I will move to the next segment of the morning satsangh – Nirahara Samyama. 

Hindi Translation

With this, I will move to the next segment of the morning satsangh – Nirahara Samyama.

Tamil Translation

With this I bless you all and end the satsangh.  The Acharyas will conduct the Nirahara Samyama in English.  I will give my blessings and complete the Sarvadarshan. 

I bless you all!  Let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching, with eternal bliss, Nithyananda!  Thank you!