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nithyānandeśvara sadāśiva samārambhām
nithyānandeśvari ādiśakti madhyamām |
asmat āchārya paryantām 
vande guru paramparām ||


Understand, at least in two places Mahadeva records, Sadashiva records, even if the first initiation you have not started manifesting, He asks you to go through the second initiation very sincerely. Because every initiation is a Shaktipada, infusing intense kundalini energy in you, so with the load of more initiations, the first initiation will start opening up, will start happening. Understand, it is like this. It is like when more and more initiations are happening, the frequency gets intensified. Very beautifully He explains, sometimes I wonder what a detailed explanation. He says the land where initiation is happening should be beyond the territory of anything. I was wondering why He should bother so much about that. Then later on, He explains, I understood, if it is under the territory of some king, always the fear and greed of king’s ideology, see, if king is of same ideology, the greed to impress him and if king is from different ideology, the fear of what will happen if he comes to know. Understand, that detailed, He is going. Every doubt possibly human mind can conceive He is answering. He is answering. Beautifully He says ‘Even if the earlier initiations have not yet become anubhuti or anubhava/experience. He also beautifully describes these 2 words - Anubhooti and Anubhava. Anubhava is experience. Anubhuti is your being coming to conclusion, cognitive shift because of this experience. See, I initiate you, and you manifest powers. It is anubhava. Because you manifest the powers, you come to the conclusions about you, life, God, Sadashiva.


‘Eh. If I manifest these powers, that means this science is right.

Then what this science says about my soul is right.

Then what this science tells about God is right.

What this science tells about the world is right’.


Coming to those conclusions, cognitive shift is anubhuti, manifesting powers and manifesting powerful cognitions. If you manifest powers, you should come to anubhuti, means manifesting powerful cognitions. What more evidence you want than the anubhuti than the anubhava?


Now, I am going to connect length dimension with this body scanning and healing. Benefit of this is you will be able to tell precisely the size of the tumor. In centimeter, in the length dimension. You can scan and tell anybody’s blood group, blood pressure, blood sugar, the percentage of blockage in the arteries, you will be able to convert the data you capture into the logic language of humanity. Understand, listen carefully, this will also intensify your ability to scan, do the body scanning and heal. Because till the fat melts you need to be healing. Till the tumor melts you need to be healing. For that, this will be a very big help.


First of all, we will complete all the in-completions you gathered in last few days. Understand, there is something called dvandva vighna. You will be surprised Mahadeva talks about this. He says, ‘first 2 days you will practice and third day you will fail. It’s called dvandva vigna - immediately after beginning giving a break.’ Even integrity, Completion, in all these science, you will start ‘Mmm, Swamiji told, I am starting’. But tomorrow morning 4:30 when the alarm rings ‘Swami yavudu, mami yavudu’. Bhoomiye gati. Swami ..’. That is dvandva vighna.

He says Completion need to be done when the dvandva vighna happens and restart. Actually, first 2-3 vighna, incompletion break, if you Complete and restart, nothing can stop you after it. After that nothing can stop you. So many of you would have had a dvandva vighna in these last 3-4 days after I started the initiation. So, lets complete with the dvandva vighna today. So, 4 days before I started the initiation, from that day any integrity you missed, any commitment you missed, whether with office, sangha, with family or friends, anything, anybody, anything you missed or the suffocations, incompletions you have which is not letting you manifest powers, you feel stuck, some enmity, enemy, guilt, anger, desire, suffocation, whatever, pen down all that.

Today I will burn all of that and liberate you. Take you Completion. From that Completion space, I will initiate you. Come on. Few minutes time. Pen down whatever incompletion, obstacles. Even if you see something obstacle, pen down what you want to clear to move towards the complete Completion.



Process starts…


Om Nithyananda MahaSadashivoham

Om Nithyananda MahaSadashivoham

Om Nithyananda MahaSadashivoham




All of you can now open all your three eyes and manifest this great power of length, body scanning and completely healing everyone.


Understand, initiation is putting the seed, when you go on a manifestation spree, that is when the powers manifest.


Life has no hypocrisy. Life has no hypocrisy. Drop all your hypocrisy, in-completions. Take up very sincerely responsibility for enriching and causing. Whoever takes responsibility for enriching and causing, you are my disciple. Understand, I am on the planet Earth taking the responsibility for enriching and causing you guys. Making myself available for the human being’s time is all my life. For that only I made this body, I assumed this body. Understand, it is this context makes me go on radiation Mahadeva, Sadashivatva. Be very clear, come to a honest integrated, responsible feeling for enriching and causing It’s a cognition actually. Then automatically you will know how to align with the team, group, evolve a team, group and make enriching temple and causing Garbha Mandir. Then automatically you will know. You don’t have intention, even a small thing will look like a big obstacle. When you have understanding and commitment, nothing is obstacle.


You are a consciousness. Nothing can be impossible or obstacle for consciousness.


Understand, when you do the body scanning, it’s not that only you can scan the body, you can even mind You can scan what kind of obstacles they are carrying.  What kind of problems they are having, what kind of difficulties they are having. You can guide them. This is where your insecurity is, this is where your fear is, this is where your difficulty is. Complete. You can even heal those difficulties and in-completions and problems. They are also disease. If you can melt the fat, why not the thought current developed by fat? You can melt both. You have been empowered enough to clear all the obstacles for yourself and for others and manifest MahaSadashiva and MahaSadashivoham for you and for others. So, understand, it all boils down to your responsibility to enrich and cause others. That makes you manifest more and more powers. Be ferocious when you see impossibility inside and outside. Destroy them. You will manifest powers. You will help others. You will enrich yourself, you will enrich others. You will cause yourself, you will cause others.



I bless you all. Let’s all radiate with integrity, authenticity, responsibility, enriching, causing, Living Shuddhaadvaita Shaivam Sadashivoham, the eternal bliss, Nithyananda. Thank You. Be Blissful.