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At today’s morning Satsang in Haridwar, Paramahamsa Nithyananda explains how the best medicine for fear is to laugh at it! When we look into our fears, realizing why we built this fear, we can complete with it. The fear will simply loose power over us and we can laugh at its foolishness. Let us look at when, why and how we started a particular fear, without accepting or resisting it, complete it and move into a space of powerfulness.
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Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam

Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |

Asmath Aachaarya Paryanthaam

Vandhey Guru Paramparaam ||


I welcome all of you with my love and respects.  I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsanghis, Shrimahants, Mahants, Kotharis, Thanedars sitting with us through Nithyananda TV, Sadhna TV, Lotus TV, Janashree TV, Eshwar TV, and through two-way video-conferencing having Nayana Deeksha in many cities in many countries around the world.

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I welcome all of you with my love and blessings.

I will expand on some of the basic truths about “LIVING”; means, pulling these principles into the life, tuning our strategies with these truths.  It is like a journey with the Ganga.  Please understand, the moment you are here automatically for the morning satsangh, you know Inner Awakening has started!  You are all here in the morning automatically!  Please understand, Inner Awakening is a pure spiritual awakening to your reality, being sure about what you want. 

You need to know, one of the important truths is, all this Theology Light does not work for life.  I have seen so many Theology Light gurus; means, ‘smile’, ‘be happy’, ‘blow your nose seven times’...!  Theology Light means, attending to problems as individual problems and having solutions.  I call them only as Theology Light gurus.  Theology Light is not Theology Right, be very clear! may give you that “feel good” feeling for a few days, but it is not eternally attending to the problem, eternally attending to life.  Please understand, this you have to know, Theology Light people always associate difficulty with Theology Right, because they never got the Theology right!  That is why they started living and teaching Theology Light. 

I tell you, as the Guru of Theology Right who got it, it is not difficult.  Whether it is a problem or a solution, it should be looked at holistically.  Theology Light is not going to solve life.  As I said, they may give you a little “feel good” feeling, excitement, like Positive Thinking, Creative Visualization, How to Stop Worrying and Start Living, How to Win Friends and Influence People in your life, this kind of books, this kind of people, the Self Help, Personality Development, please understand.  But, they will never be able to give you a cognitive shift.  Theology Right gives you the cognitive shift.  Theology Light gives you intellectual coating.  I am not the guru who paints you with a new coat.  I am the guru who scrapes even the base and cleans the whole thing!

Living!  Living!  Living tirelessly without boredom, constantly your very thinking should be flowing with Authenticity, your very talking should be flowing with Integrity, your words – internal, external – should be completely in tune with Integrity, your thinking flow should be continuously with Authenticity.  The way you feel about life should be continuously responsible; you should know very clearly in your feeling you are the source of everything; with that feeling you should know you are responsible for everything.  Continuously your feeling should be filled with Responsibility.  Your living should be constantly Enriching you and others. 

I will tell you the secret:  Only for the initial days, it may look like you need to change some of the actions, routine, day-to-day life and all that; but, soon, you will find the change in the decision.  First of all, even if there is a change in action, you don’t struggle or suffer with it.  Second, many places you may not even need change in action.  Change in thinking is what I teach; change in action may happen as a sub-text.  The context of my teaching is change in thinking, decision-making; the sub-text may be change in actions, change in acts, its side-effects may be change in the acts.  But, the original context with which I am teaching, the context I am expecting you to operate from is changing your decisions. 

There should not be anything in your life which makes you powerless.  Iron out your whole day.  Nothing, nothing, nothing can make you powerless.  Nothing can make you powerless.  Anything which makes you powerless, don’t accept, don’t resist.  For example, if you are afraid of becoming poor, if you are afraid of getting married, if you are afraid of death, if you are afraid of getting into prison, that somebody may put you into prison, if you are afraid of taking Sannyas, whatever may be the fear, don’t accept, don’t get married.  Please listen, if you have fear about poverty or Sannyas or marriage or prison or death or whatever, don’t accept that option.  Same way, don’t go on resisting that option by remembering.  Please understand, by the time you resist, you already visualized that which you are resisting and half of your power has gone to the visualization, and you are in the space of powerlessness.  From powerlessness when you resist, be very clear, it is only going to be a failure. 

I have always seen, the fellow who resists marriage, before he wakes up he is already married!  The fellow who resists poverty, before he wakes up he is already poor!  The fellow who resists jail, before he wakes up he is already in jail!  The fellow who resists death, before he wakes up he is already dead!  The fellow who resists jail, before he wakes up he is in jail already!  Don’t resist and don’t accept.  Please understand, when you have to drop the resistance towards marriage, one part of you is already frightened, ‘Oh, so, that means, you want me to accept marriage?’  No!  Nobody will come to marry you, don’t worry!  HAHAHAHAHAHA!  It is not that marriage is that easy!  And same way, nobody is ready to give Sannyas to you, don’t worry!  It is not that Sannyas is that easy!  And nobody is going to put you in jail, don’t worry!  So much of money who will spend on your food and taking care of you?  And nobody is going to put you in poverty, don’t worry!  Nobody has the time to conspire against you and put you in poverty!  No! 

Understand, whatever you are afraid of, when you don’t resist them, when you don’t accept them, the inner circuit with which you built is revealed to you.  You need to know the circuit to know which switch is connected to which equipment and to repair any wrong connection.  All powerlessness is a wrong connection in your inner circuit.  Wrong connection means, fuse will go (blown fuse), that’s all!  All your depression is nothing but fuse has gone in you.  Means, some wrong connection; fuse has gone. 

So, understand, most of the time things which you resist, you think it is almost waiting at your door; if you fall asleep, he will enter slowly and he will be in your bed!  Whether it is poverty, or marriage, or prison, or Sannyas, or death, whatever you are afraid of....!  I have not told everything....I have only given a few examples which I heard people say they are afraid of.  I can give you a thousand examples, a million examples of things which you are afraid of.  There are some who are afraid of waking up in the morning.  No....I know!  There are some who are afraid of going to bed early in the evening.  They wake up so tired, and go to bed so fresh!  It means what?  Wrong connection!  The psychological routine and physiological route is not connected with Completion.  Waking up fresh from the space of Advaitha, going to bed just to fall into the space of Advaitha;  means, physiological routine and psychological routine is circuited with Completion wire. 

There are only two kinds of people on Planet Earth:  Those whose Physiological Circuit and Psychological Circuit is connected with Completion.  And, those whose connection is with incompletion.  That’s all!

I tell you, every night, before falling asleep, sit and do Completion with whatever you are experiencing.  If you are experiencing tiredness, complete with it.  If you are experiencing boredom, complete with it.  If you are experiencing fear, feeling scared, complete with it.  In a few days, you will see, your biological clock and psychological clock have synchronized.  When both are synchronized, certain energy is released in you.  The synergy that happens is what I call Kundalini Shakthi – the synergy of the biological clock and the psychological clock.  When your mind touches your body, you know the oneness you are feeling, the non-dualness you are feeling is only becoming perception.  When the psychological clock disappears into the physiological clock, you know, the oneness you are feeling, the non-dualness you are feeling, you are resting into it. 

I tell you, even in our Sangha, all the responsible Swamis and all responsible people, I have seen, it is invariably always from their dedication to Completion.  There is nobody, not a single fellow whom I know in our Sangha, among our devotees, or in the circle which I am seeing – means, at least a few lakh people – there is nobody who is efficient, but not in the space of Completion, who is complete and not efficient.  “Completion” is, connecting the biological and psychological clock with the proper circuit.  If you wake up in the morning tired, and lie down in the bed at night fresh, awake, there is something seriously wrong in the biological and psychological clock connection.  Night, before falling asleep, Complete.  And, one more thing, don’t be afraid of insomnia!  That is one of the biggest problems humanity faces.  When you lie down and don’t fall asleep, you may be having the fear, ‘I think I am having insomnia.  I am not able to sleep and all that’.Decide very clearly ‘If I don’t get any sleep great .Let me start thinking and strategizing and planning for next things I have to do. That is all’. The fear of insomnia is worse than the real insomnia!  As I always said, the fear of snake is worse than the snake bite itself!

One of the doctor disciples, she was telling me, ‘Swamiji, there are a lot of “dry deaths” in the water-related accidents.’  Means, the person has fallen into the water.  But, water has not gone into his system and choked his lungs.  No!  His lungs are dry, everything is dry.  But, just because of the fear, he gets a heart attack and dies!  She says, ‘Swamiji, one of the studies says, in more than 80% of the deaths due to snake bites, the poison never enters the brain and locks and chokes the body.  Just by heart-attack that they are bitten by a snake they die!’  When you do the post-mortem, you see that the poison has not mixed with the blood, the poison has not gone into the brain, the poison has not caused the death.  Most of the snakes are poison-less; that is another one funny thing!  So, the fear of insomnia......

In India, there is a group of doctors, all over the country, not just in one State, constantly publicizing about this impotency.  The advertisement is written in such an intelligent way, anyone who reads it will feel he is impotent!  Eleven o’clock night advertisement in all the TV channels, in all the magazines, yellow journals!  The advertisement lines will be so tricky, anyone who reads it will be tricked and doubt that they are impotent!  ‘Are you sneezing three times a day?  Are you losing interest with your partner?  Are you losing interest in life?  Are you above thirty-five, forty?’  They will put such lines, that every fellow who reads that advertisement will feel he is impotent!  The moment you get the fear you are impotent......gone!  Now you invest your income, your salary there!  Like in the U.S., how these psychiatric drugs are advertised in the TV: ‘Are you feeling or thinking you are tired morning and evening?  Are you feeling bored night ten o’clock?  Are you having knee pain after walking twenty miles a day?  Is your hair standing straight?’  They will ask such questions!  ‘Then it is confirmed that you may have some “xxxxxxxx”!’ – new name/disease which they have discovered recently.  ‘Contact your doctor immediately!  CALL NOW!  CALL NOW!  CALL NOW!’  The survey report says, “....79% of the deaths may be associated with this disease.’  One of the symptoms will be, ‘Are you all the time feeling like lying down in the bed?’  Then, when you go to the research paper and see, it says, ‘Yes, 80% of the people die while they are lying in the bed’!  That is the connection with the advertisement and the research!  It is so technically put into your system!

First thing, stop this resistance.  Resistance keeps you as a child, immature, ungrown.  Please understand, every time you remember a snake and allow the fear of the snake to fill you, you are just biting yourself like a snake bite, please understand!  So, neither accept nor reject or resist.  Sit and look in how you did this wiring inside you.  Means, for example, if you are constantly afraid of marriage, first look in:  Who put this fear of marriage?  When it started?  If you are constantly afraid of poverty, look in and see: Who put this fear of poverty in you and when it started?  Am not saying ,don’t become poor or don’t go on resisting this fear.

There are fifty common symptoms of stress.  If I read, you guys will be shocked!  (Swamiji reads out a few symptoms)  After reading just fifteen symptoms, how many of you think you already have stress?  I want to raise both my hands!  No, understand, first, the moment you resist something, you have become a victim.  If you are afraid of death, I am not saying commit suicide.  But don’t go on allowing the fear to be living inside you.  I am not saying that if you are afraid of marriage, get married.  No!  I am not saying that if you are afraid of Sannyas, take Sannyas; if you are afraid of jail, go into the prison.  No!  All I am saying is, stop acceptance, stop resisting.  Tell yourself, ‘Fool!  I don’t have to be all the time choosing!’

In Tamil Nadu there is a bunch of blackmailing media fellows.  They constantly appear wherever I go in public and try to harass me and try get something out of me to create controversial things.  They will constantly ask me, ‘What is your opinion about this?  What is your opinion about that?’  I told them once, ‘I am a sadhu.  I don’t need to have opinion about everything.  Only you fellows survive on opinion, you thrive on opinion.  Only you fellows need to have an opinion about everything.  I don’t need to have an opinion about everything.’  The moment I said that, they started talking among themselves, ‘He is very intelligent!  You can’t catch him!’  Because, the moment you give any opinion and blurt out someone nonsense, they will use it against you!  If I give any opinion about any group, they will instigate that group to start fighting with me.  And they will have news!  News has use for them, not for me!  The moment I said, ‘I don’t need to have an opinion about everything.  I am a sadhu.’, they said, ‘This fellow is very intelligent!  You can’t exploit him!’

I tell you,life is also like a bright brilliant energy.Your mind is a blackmailing journalist.  It stretches the mike towards you and asks, ‘What is your opinion about marriage?  What is your opinion about Sannyas?  What is your opinion about snake bite?  What is your opinion about poverty?’  If you say, ‘I am courageous.  I don’t care about it.’, it will ask you, ‘How you don’t care about snake bite?’  Don’t you understand you are talking to a fool?  Don’t do that mistake.  He will get you into trouble. 

It will ask you “What is your opinion on Sanyaas?”.If you say “Am not afraid of it,I have already renounced everything”,it will ask you “then how about taking it ?”.If you say,”No,am afraid of it”,then it will say “What kind of human being you are ?You cannot even renounce. You are so attached to everything?”.All the time you are made to give some opinion and you are exploited with further questions because of the opinion.  No!  You don’t need to!  You don’t need to!  All you need to understand very clearly is, you neither need to accept nor need to resist, because any stand you take, you will again become powerless now. 

Sit and think: how do you make the circuit?  The fellows who have taken Sannyas out of powerlessness are failures.  The fellows who have not taken Sannyas out of resistance are failures.  You neither need to take nor avoid.  But, see:  When did you develop this fear?  Who put that fear in you?  When did you start developing this fear?  Complete with it and relax and be powerful; that is all!  All the time be powerful is the religion of Hindus.  Always be powerful is the tradition of Sanatana Hindu Dharma.  It is neither giving you the instruction to get married nor not to get married or to get married how many times.  Sanatana Dharma is neither suppression nor licentiousness.  It teaches you Swadharma; means, doing what you want from the space of powerfulness.  Being always in the space of powerfulness and operating from the space of powerfulness is what I call Swadharma.  Understand, Sanatana Hindu Dharma teaches Swadharma.  Sanatana Hindu Dharma teaches Swadharma.  It neither teaches you Grihastha nor teaches you Sannyas or teaches you Playboy life.  It teaches you Swadharma.  Be powerful about what you are.  Be powerful about what you stand for.  Be powerful about what you want to do for.  That’s all!  Be very powerful about what you are, what you stand for, and what you want to do; that’s all.  Let there not be powerlessness between these three.  Over!

Swadharma is life.  Swadharma is experience.  Swadharma is enlightenment.  Actually, if you are afraid of snake, death, marriage, poverty, Sannyas, whatever, if you sit without accepting, without rejecting, and look into you and see: ‘When this fear started in me?  How I started developing this fear?’, suddenly you will start laughing at your fears which foolishly you built as a circuit in which you are caught.  It is like the net you built, you are struggling with it, because you enjoy struggle.  All the time being in struggle makes you feel you are great, which is not required, which is not true.

The essence of today’s satsangh:

Swadharma is always being in the space of powerfulness with what you are, what you stand for, what you want to do.  Don’t allow powerlessness in all these three.  Be always powerful in all these three.  That is what is Swadharma.  Your Swadharma is what Sanatana Dharma teaches you.  Live your Swadharma is what is my teaching to you.  Neither you need to take Sannyas nor you need to get married, or you need to be in poverty, or you need to be committing suicide.  Don’t accept, don’t resist.  Look into your powerlessness – why you built what you built – and complete with it.  That is all!  That is all!  Laugh at your fear.  The moment you laugh at your fear, your fear loses its power over you; it becomes powerless. That is why your enemies cannot tolerate your laughter. That is why all my enemies have just disappeared. The only thing which   destroyed them was my laughter. I dint do anything just kept on laughing. The burning they experienced, the powerlessness they experienced, they just collapsed.

Shankara conquered all his enemies by argument, with logic.  Vivekananda conquered all his enemies just by laughing at them, not bothered.  Ramanuja conquered all his enemies by outliving them; he just started living one-hundred-and-fifty years; all his enemies they died when they were fifty, sixty, seventy....and he went on living; he just conquered them by outliving them!  I am going to do all the three, understand?  Shankara conquered them by debates, arguments, his logical strength.  Vivekananda conquered them by laughing at them, making them powerless.  Ramanuja conquered them by outliving them.  I am going to do all the three, understand!  Logic, Laughter, Longevity!  Logic, Laughter, Longevity – through all the three “Ls”, I am going to make them lifeless, I am going to conquer them, understand!  They collapse by themselves.  I don’t need to do anything! 

So, the essence of today’s satsangh:

Live your Swadharma.  All the fears you develop about things which you resist, you will understand, it is just foolishness.  It is just foolishness!



I bless you all:  Let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching and Causing the eternal bliss, Nithyananda!  Thank you!