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In today’s morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda urges us to continue assimilating Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, and Enriching into our lives. We need to beware of SDHD or self-doubt, self-hatred, and self-denial as they continually try to destroy these Four Truths, abusing the whole science of enlightenment! Giving in to SDHD is self-destruction – giving up on ourselves! But luckily existence gives us the Guru who is always there protecting the Four Truths, helping us to destroy SDHD!
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Paramahamsa Nithyananda, Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, SDHD, self-doubt, self-hatred, self-denial, Four Truths, enlightenment, self-destruction, Guru.
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Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam

Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |

Asmath Aachaarya Paryanthaam

Vandhey Guru Paramparaam ||


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I welcome all of you with my love and blessings.

I’ll continue to expand on the characters of Mahabharata, concept of Kalpataru, Self-Denial, Self-Hatred, Self-Doubt patterns.

Please understand, Dhritarashtra – Self-Doubt – attracts Self-Destruction as a companion – Gandhari. Self-Destruction always looks like sacrifice. Please listen, any sacrifice out of incompletion will only be self-destruction; it will not be tapas.  Kunti is also sacrifice, but out of completion.  Gandhari is also sacrifice, but out of incompletion.  The Kunti and Gandhari are complete opposites.  Sacrifice out of completion is Tapas.  Sacrifice out of incompletion is self-destruction.  Listen, sacrifice out of completion is Tapas; sacrifice out of incompletion is self-destruction.

In those days, there were some sampradayas where physically they make men impotent to keep up their brahmacharya.  I am completely against it.  The psychology should evolve, parasite patterns should be burnt, they should reach the space of brahmacharya.  That is what is sacrifice out of completion.  Physically if they are made impotent, that can never be called Tapas.  So, please understand, sacrifice out of completion is Tapas, sacrifice out of incompletion is self-destruction.

Self - doubt Dhritarashtra naturally attracts self-destruction – Gandhari – as the wife, companion.  Then both of them give birth to hundreds of self-denial.  Understand, hundreds of self-denial patterns!  When the self-denial is born, it will not have life.  When the self-denial is born, it will not have life.  It becomes hundreds of patterns.  That is what exactly happened when Duryodhana was born.  He became hundreds of self-denial patterns.  

Look into your life, self-denial will never be alone.  It will have hundreds of patterns, so that from all sides you are attacked, you are cornered.  

When the self-denial is born, you have a choice to complete with it immediately, but self-doubt will not allow you to be completed.  Dhritarashtra did not allow Duryodhana to be killed even though they all know Duryodhana’s birth is going to be inauspicious for the whole country.  

Vidura is the initiation into Completion.  Once in a while, knowingly or unknowingly, you do get initiated into Completion.  Some where you listen to some spiritual principles, concepts, truths, but your self-doubt will never allow you to trust the power of Completion.  Your self-doubt will never allow you to complete with power of Completion.  And Self-Doubt, Self-Hatred, Self-Denial, they are so cunning, again and again they will show to the world  Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching has nothing to offer you,  they themselves are pauper, they won’t be able to offer you anything.  Self-Denial, Self-Hatred use all the cunning methods to take away everything from Integrity and Authenticity.  You are made to believe as if you are standing with Integrity and Authenticity, you will be only a loser.  But who is the ultimately who is the loser?  Self-Denial and Self-Hatred!  

I sincerely recommend every one of you to watch the Mahabharata serial.  If you watch the Mahabharata serial and come for satsangh, you will understand completely what I am saying.  I thank the whole team which is doing this Mahabharata serial for doing such a great service to Bharat.  The layers and layers and layers and layers of socio-political personalities of Mahabharata is so beautifully portrayed by this team with so much of hard work.  I appreciate their hard work for portraying all the characters so beautifully.  And I really, really appreciate the team.  And I wanted all of you to watch that Mahabharata so that when I am describing the different characters you will understand more deeply.  

Tapas naturally aligns with the different powers of Nature and gives birth to Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching.  Kunti connects with Surya, Indra, Dharma – means the Yama Dharma – Vayu,  Ashwini Kumaras, and gives birth to  Pandavas.  But Self-Doubt joins with Self-Destruction and gives birth to Self-Denial patterns.  Understand, Self-Denial tries its best in every possible way to destroy Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching, but the power of the Guru – Krishna – again and again and again protects the Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching.  

Sometimes, when Self-Denial, Self-Hatred and Self-Doubt, when all of them gather together, they think they conquered the whole world and they try to create a scandal around enlightened beings and Enlightenment.  That is what is Draupadi Vastra Apaharana.  They abuse Enlightenment and the whole Science of Enlightenment by trying to make Draupadi naked.  That is what this Communist foolish and the materialistic stupids ganging up together try to tell the world that there is no such thing as Enlightenment, by pulling the robe, disrobing the Science of Enlightenment.  See, it is like if there is an enlightened being, try to create a scandal around him and destroy.  But Krishna appears and sends endless enlightened beings to Planet Earth, and never ever the plans of Self-Denial, Self-Hatred and Self-Doubt can be successful.  The eternal amount of cloth which comes out of Draupadi’s body is the eternal number of enlightened beings landing on the Planet Earth.  The Science of Enlightenment is Draupadi.  Just by disrobing her, abusing her, the Self-Denial and Self-Doubt try to prove the whole science is fake and false.  But Krishna intervenes and sends continuously infinite number of enlightened beings to Planet Earth and makes the Self-Doubt and Self-Denial tired.  

Please understand, I’ll make at least few million enlightened beings on the Planet Earth to make all these so-called materialists, atheists who are living in Self-Denial and Self-Hatred and Self-Doubt, make them all tired and make them understand the Science of Enlightenment is true.  That’s the only way I’ll protect the modesty of enlightenment, the Science of Enlightenment.  I’ll keep the honour of the Science of Enlightenment, Draupadi.  

Around every enlightened master, for every enlightened master, at one point, the Self-Hatred, Self-Denial and Self-Doubt, all three combined they try to attack and they try to take away everything from him, his kingdom, everything, the disciples around him.  What has been done to Yudhishtira, the same thing they try to do it.  They even try to force him into exile.  But the power of Krishna is such they cannot be destroyed, they can’t be destroyed.  Only then Self-Doubt and Self-Destruction, Self-Denial get destroyed.  

Look into your life.  Your whole life is nothing but the War, Mahabharata War.  Continuously, again and again, continuously, again and again, the Self-Destruction raises its energy.  One of the important things you need to know is, Self-Destruction will look very humble, polite, as if innocent; but if you allow the Self-Destruction.  Self-Destruction is what is “giving up on yourself and giving up on others”.  Whenever the Self-Doubt, Self-Hatred, Self-Denial – SDHD – comes up, giving up on yourself is Self-Destruction.  See Gandhari!  She gave up on herself.  Otherwise, Gandhari is a trained queen.  She knows dharma; she knows what is right what is wrong.  She should have brought her son up properly, guided her brother, Shakuni, properly.  But this one lady entered into one vamsha, destroyed the whole vamsha.  Kunti, one lady, entered the vamsha and protected the whole vamsha from the destruction.  But, if you see from outside, both will look the same, Tapas and Self-Destruction.  So, please understand, Tapas and Self-Destruction will look same.  But one is out of Completion, another one is out of incompletion.  

Karna is the embodiment of Charity but, unfortunately, his charity was dependent on his incompletion that he is not recognized.  His charity was just to get recognition.  From the beginning, he had that one deep incompletion – not being recognized.  So, just to get recognized, he is ready to give up anything.  Otherwise, why will he give his life-protecting “Kavacha Kundala” when he knows the fellow who’s asking is Devendra, his enemy’s father. It is going to take away his life but the deep incompletion of not being recognized, for the sake of recognition the charity started.  Please understand, charity done for the sake of recognition will only lead to destruction.  That is what is the story of Karna.  

And, same way, if you are not integrated with your Guru, everything you learnt will disappear, will be forgotten when they are really, really needed in your life.  Many people think that the teachings from Guru are enough, Dhamma is enough, Buddha is not required, teachings are enough, Guru is not required.  The Karna’s story, learning from Parashurama, but not being integrated to Parashurama, it gives pseudo-confidence.  When you are really in the war, in the field, in the fight, you realize that you don’t have the powers, which you thought you have, to fight in the life.  

I have seen many people; they have their own imaginary plans how they can run their life without the Master’s presence; they think the teachings are enough, the words are enough, Guru is not required, the integrity with Guru is not required.  They jump into the war.  Suddenly they realize whatever they learnt is not there, is no more useful, it is forgotten!  I tell you, integrity with the Guru is like electricity supply, power connection.  Only that keeps all your machinery, mechanisms active.  Whether you have air-conditioner, heater, cooler, fan, light, laptop, computer, TV, fridge, bed you may have everything, but only with electricity supply all of them will function, will be useful to you.  If the electricity is not there, power supply is not there, none of them will be useful to you.  Same way, the integrity with Guru is a power supply, is a electricity supply.  

If Karna had not learnt Brahma and Brahma Astra Vidya from Parashurama, at least he would have been sure about his powers and capabilities would not have entered to fight with Arjuna who knows the Brahma Astra Vidya.  At least, he would have been clear about his capabilities – what he knows and what he doesn’t know.  But, now, he has a pseudo-confidence thinking that he knows Brahma Vidya and Brahma Astra Vidya.  But unfortunately when he is on the ground, the battle-field exactly picking up the astra and trying to infuse the atomic weapon on the tip of the astra, create that atomic energy on the tip of the astra. He is going to forget the formula. God!  What a scary situation!  What a scary situation!  

I tell you, this Parashurama’s curse is the worst curse!  You should read Mahabharata, the original verses.  Parashurama is not saying his curse to Karna alone.  He makes a statement, ‘Whoever is not in integrity with the Guru, let them forget the vidyas learnt, taught, blessed by the Guru, at the exact time of need’!  He is not cursing Karna.  Please read the lines, read the original verse.  That is the most scary “shaapa”, curse!  

Yudhishtira curses Kunti.  When Karna dies, Kunti goes and cries, ‘O, my son...!’  Only then Pandavas came to know that Karna is their brother.  So, Yudhishthira curses Kunti: ‘How dare you hid this secret from us?  We have become sinners of killing the “bratha”, the brother!  Killing the brother, that sin has come to us by you hiding this.’  Then Yudhishthira curses: ‘No woman’s brain will be able to hold any secret”!  No, it is a curse he gives to women as a whole, not just on one!  

See, in the whole Mahabharata, there are only two curses, universal curses.  All other curses were to the individual.  In the whole Mahabharata, at least there are hundred areas where the curses are given. The power of Integrity, the curses become reality.  But there are only two curses, universal curses.  One is given by Yudhishtira, another one is given by Parashurama.  I think Parashurama’s is the worst curse, because he is not saying, ‘O, Karna, YOU will forget whatever YOU learnt, whatever was given to YOU by the Guru, at the time of need’; he is not saying that way.  If you read the original verse, you will understand – the Vyasa’s Mahabharata.  Parashurama says, ‘WHOEVER is not integrated to the Guru, all the Vidya, all the blessings they received from the Guru, let it be lost exactly during the crisis moment of life!’  

You need to know, till the fourteenth day of the War – fourteenth day of the War, Karna was killed – till the fourteenth day of the War, till  fourteenth  morning, Karna had the science of Brahma Vidya with him; because he used it on Ghatotkacha, he used it on Abhimanyu .  So Karna was very confident that he is going to use it on Arjuna.  He had two invincible weapons – Nagastra and Brahmastra – given by Parashurama.  When he picks up the astra to energize the astra with the atomic energy – please understand, Brahmastra is atomic weapon; through sound they created that a collision between the atoms; that kind of powerful sounds were created from the navel, the atomic effect was created – so, when he is ready and fixing the arrow on the bow and trying to load, the science is forgotten.  But, the other side, that guy is standing with the science alive.  What a scary situation.  

Even I am not able to digest the Parashurama’s curse.  He could have given it to, just to Karna.  But Parashurama’s anger is always generalized!  When he is angry with one Kshatriya, he says ‘I’ll finish off the whole Kshatriya Vamsha!’  When he is angry with one disciple cheating the Guru, he finished off the whole vamsha of the cheaters!  And he also makes a statement, Parashurama ‘Your glory will be remembered forever! Same way, the mistakes you did also will be remembered forever, as a lesson, by the world!’  He tells Karna, ‘Let this be a lesson for the whole world!’  So, never ever miss integrity with the Guru.  Never ever create incompletion with the Guru.

The essence of today’s satsangh I’ll share it in Hindi.

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The essence of today’s satsangh:

Always be in the space of Integrity with the Guru.  Always be in the space of Completion with the Guru.  


Let you all achieve, experience, live, express, radiate, share and explode in eternal bliss, Nithyananda.