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In today’s morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda asks us to contemplate a very important question: Why are you doing what you are doing? In our lives, many of us forgot how to sustain and align our beings with our thought current; we are completely unaware of our thoughts. When we stop asking how and why, we continue to function out of our patterns and forget the context in which we are living our lives. Paramahamsa Nithyananda explains that the Nirahara Samyama is a powerful method to teach us how to continually align our beings with our thinking because your body will be constantly reminding you!
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I welcome all the devotees, disciples,  samajis, satsanghis sitting with us around the world at this moment in Sadhna TV, Lotus News Channel, and 28 places in two-way video-conferencing in 22 countries around the world.

Blessings to Oklahoma for installing Meeankshi Deity. Oklahoma is the best kept temple among all our temples all over the world. 

I welcome you all with my love and blessings. 

Today’s subject for Nithya Satsangh is, “NIRAHARA SAMYAMA”. Again, I will expand on Nirahara Samyama.

Whoever wants to start the Nirahara Samyama, from tomorrow we are starting the Level-1.  Please understand, the Nirahara Samyama, from tomorrow we are starting. 

·         Level-1 will be two days.  Then one day break.

·         Then Level-2 will be seven days.  Then one day break.

·         Then Level-3 will be eleven days.

So, you will also be learning a Kriya for Nirahara Samyama from tomorrow.  Please understand, you will be doing the Kriya directly seeing the satsangh in the morning.  My only request, you should be doing the Kriya live.  Only then the Nirahara Samyama will happen in your system.  If you do this Kriya on your own, the same effect will not be there.  So, do not try to play.  Do not try to take the risk of recording it and doing it later on.  You can record it and do later on, but it will not help you have the effect of Nirahara Samyama.  It will help you to be more energetic, to be more alive; for that it will help you.  But to experience the Nirahara effect, you need to meditate live, you need to do this Kriya live.

Multiple ways you can enroll for this Nirahara Samyama which is free.  Of course, you don’t need to pay anything; it is free.  But you need to register so that we send you the procedures of dos and don’ts to your mail ID.

First, the multiple ways you can register:

·         Visit our website and register for Nirahara Samyama in the events section.  That is one.


·         Second, you can just email us at  [email protected] with your name and phone number .


·         Third, you can call the number in the screen 080 2727 9999 and register your name for the Nirahara Samyama.

In any one way you can register, but everyone is expected to register.  No one without registering will do it on your own.  If you do it on your own, you are on your own!  You need to know.  You are responsible for all the results! 

Tomorrow, before coming to the Nirahara Samyama, eat fully, as if this is the last meal you are having.  And it may be the last meal!  Because, usually after Nirahara Samyama, some people just stay forever without food! So, eat fully and come for Nirahara Samyama Level-1 initiation.  If you feel hungry or tired or low level energy, etc., you have to break the fast and eat immediately.  You can drink juice, soup, buttermilk, anything liquid and drinkable, but nothing to chew or solid.  During the Nirahara Samyama you can drink juice, soup or buttermilk, anything liquid and drinkable.  Means, first we remove the job of digesting, means the chewing and digesting job.  And when the chewing is stopped, the taste is taken away.  So, first I am removing all the pride and taste components from your food, from your eating pattern.  So, step by step, you can conquer the pattern.

Understand, this Nirahara Samyama can literally do wonders to you.  It can just shake and take you beyond so many sufferings which you go through, so many of the useless patterns with which you are wasting life.  Especially if you feel whole day you are doing something, but nothing is happening end of the day.  How many of you feel that way?  (People raise their hands).  All of you should do Nirahara Samyama.  It means you are caught in the useless patterns.  You are caught in complete negative, useless patterns.  You are unaware!  I tell you, if you record whatever is going on in you, whole day and hear it again, you will understand. A simple worry, if somebody disrespects you, how you hate them and how you don’t want to be disrespected!  Just that pattern, you will see, almost per day, ten hours is swallowed by it!  One single pattern, ten hours is swallowed by it!

And the next funny thing, please understand, the next funny thing, sometimes that you should not have anger, you should control anger, that pattern alone will be eating fifteen hours of your day, but twenty-five times you will be getting angry every day.  You will see, very funnily, the same pattern which eats your time does not get killed also.  You will be whole day be contemplating, ‘I should not be angry!  I should not be angry!  I should not be angry!  I should do something to get out of anger.  I should not be angry.’  And the moment some situation comes….come on! over!  You will explode!  ‘I should not be depressed!  I should not be depressed! I should not be agitated’  The moment the some small situation comes, you are out, power is gone, fuse is gone for the next ten days!

Understand, most of the time you waste so much of your energy.  Same way, whole day you will be thinking, ‘From tomorrow I will do the akhada everyday, everyday, everyday’  Next day morning, during sleep!  Over!  Whenever, you are functioning out of pattern…..understand, functioning out of pattern is one more pattern which you won’t be able to break.  Functioning out of pattern is one more pattern.  Whole day if you are thinking you should get out of sleeping pattern, early morning you will be stuck in the sleeping pattern!  Most of your decisions are not conscious decisions.  It is routine, mechanical decisions.  There are some speakers, I have seen, just as a robot they sit, they are switched off, and they go on talking!  They go on talking. Most of the time you are not even aware of what you are talking.  What you are thinking inside. It goes on based on the pattern, it goes on based on the pattern. 


Understand, one of the biggest loss human-beings has, is the thought current and the Being flow, both get separated.  It is literally like your life is being stolen away from you.  What for you are doing what you are doing, neither you know nor anybody else knows.  See, it is like somebody comes to our Welcome Center and that guy who is sitting there beats you left and right!  Left and right you are beaten!  And you ask, ‘Why I am being beaten?’  He says, ‘No, ask my superior.’  Then you go to the superior, ‘Why I am beaten?’  He says, ‘No, ask the Structuring Department.’  You go to the Structuring Department, He says, ‘ask the Administration.’  You ask the Administration, they say, ‘Ask Swamiji!’  And you come to Swamiji and I say, ‘No, I don’t know!’  Then who is responsible for what is going on?  Understand, exactly this is the way your being is functioning.

You don’t take all your actions and thinking to the logical conclusion.  Please understand, 99% of the time, after you get the beating, when the Welcome Center says, ‘Ask my superior’, you don’t go to the superior.  Even if you go to the superior and the superior says, ‘Ask my Admin team…’, you don’t go to the Admin team.  Even if you go to the Admin team and they say go to Structuring……that’s it!  Over!  That’s it!  100% of the people never cross the Structuring!  Understand, in your case also, you  do not discover the “Why”, “For What” and “How” you are doing things.  Every day you feel certain powerless moments – boring, tired, why is this life like this?  You feel, but you never take that to the logical conclusion.  You don’t ask yourself till you get the answer.  Why?  Why?  Why?  You don’t take your thoughts, words, deeds to the logical conclusion.  See, the “Why” in you should be so alive like a fire that should burn all the karmas.  I tell you, just if the “Why” is alive, ‘Why I am feeling powerless?’, ‘Why I am feeling tired?’, ‘Why I am feeling sick?’, ‘Why I am feeling depressed?’, just if the “Why” is strong enough to take you to the logical conclusion, your problems will be solved. 

As I said, if the Welcome Center says, ‘Ask my boss’, that’s it!  After that you forget, you forget and go to the kitchen department.  They beat you there, They pour hot water on you and pour little hot tea also!  You ask, ‘Why are you doing this to me?’  Kitchen says, ‘Ask my boss, the chief cook!’  Then you go to the temple.  That fellow puts camphor on you and puts a little fire also.  You ask, ‘Why are you doing this to me?’  He says, ‘Ask the Chief Priest!’  You forget to sustain your being with your thought current.  Listen, your being gets….always gets disconnected from your thought current.  Your thought goes independently, independent of your being.  This is the most unfortunate thing.  It is literally like you are robbed of your life.  Why you do what you do! 

Sometimes I can see people are such crazy !  See, it is not that they are not sincere.  They are very sincere to the ideal they have taken up.  But they will exactly do the opposite thing.  Because the attitude of asking “Why” needs awareness and you forget to ask “Why”.  Understand, because the attitude of asking “Why” needs awareness.  See, if you ask the Welcome Center, ‘Why are you beating me?’, they will say, ‘Alright, go to my boss!’  Till you go to the boss you don’t remember what you are supposed to ask the boss and you forget.  You go to the Kitchen Department and they ask you, ‘Why did you come here?’  And you say, ‘I came here to have a cup of tea.’  And they pour the tea on your face!  Hot tea!  Then you say, ‘Why did you guys do this?’  They tell, ‘Go and ask our boss!’  Then you go to the temple.  By the time you forgot what for you went to the temple.  And they ask you, ‘Why did you come to the temple?’  You say, ‘I am feeling burning, burning! 

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But I don’t know why!’  That fellow thinks you want to get burnt and puts the camphor on you!  No!  When you listen, you feel like laughing!  If you look into your life, exactly this madness only is going on.  The “Why” is not kept alive in you consistently. 

Why are you doing What you are doing?  Understand, just hold on to this one question – “Why are you doing What you are doing?”  Understand, you need to know Why are you doing What you are doing.  To keep this one question alive, Why are you doing What you are doing, you need completion.  If you just keep this one question alive, “Why are you doing What you are doing?” and able to take this one question to the logical conclusion in your life, I tell you, you will be enlightened!  You will radiate Enriching!  You are so broken, piece, piece!  Why are you doing What you are doing?  Listen, “Why are you doing What you are doing?”, that is the most powerful process, methodology.


Listen, Nirahara Samyama is the powerful way of reminding you to align your being and thinking.  When you do the Nirahara Samyama, you cannot forget why you are doing it.  Because, constantly your body is going to remind you that you are doing something!  This is the best way to take “Why you are doing What you are doing” to the logical conclusion.

Understand, and I tell you one more thing, if you fast, in the dream you will be dreaming as if you are feasting, eating!  My Nirahara Samyama participants, not a single one of you will have even a dream of eating!  You will not have a dream you are eating!  You will not have a dream of your feasting!  Because here you are made to understand Why you are doing what you are doing.  The “why”, the “why” becomes reality.  The “Why” is aligned to your being. 

Listen, this one truth you need to understand very sincerely: “thought flow” and “being flow”.  If the thought flow is not connected to your being, thought flow will be forgotten,  Many a time, you will build so much of anger to go and attack your friend, shout at him, and scream.  By the time you reach, you forget all the points, why you should scream at him.  What you are supposed to speak. And when you go there, you say, ‘I came for a cup of coffee.  I forgot the other things.  When I remember, I will come back!’  When you remember, he is not there!  If somebody records your whole day and you see it, either you will understand that you are already mad, or you are going to become mad!  And if others see it, it will be a comedy show!  For you it will be tragedy-comedy; for others it will be comedy! 

Understand, it is unfortunate that human-beings do not align their thought flow and being.  Thought flow just goes on and on and on.  The “Why” is forgotten!  The “Why” is disconnected from “How” and “What”.  Whatever you are doing, however you are doing, why you are doing, when it is disconnected, you lose the spirit of life!  I tell you, when the “Why” is disconnected from you, your life is stolen away from you, because context is life.  Understand, context is life. 

For me, I am giving you my own example.  Coming and standing in front of the podium and talking is not my life.  Why I am talking is my life!  For you, coming early morning and sitting in the hall and listening is not life.  Why you are listening is life!  Why you are here, why you are listening, that is going to define your life.  Sometimes you may be here because outside it is raining.  Understand, it is not the content, it is the context.  Sometimes, you may be inside the hall because it is raining outside.  Same way, sometimes you may be inside the ashram because life is very difficult outside.  “Why”, “Why” is the life!  I tell you, “Why” decides why you get what you get. 

There are some people, just in one year or two years inside the ashram or sangha, our organization, they will spend only one or two years in the organization, but they rise to that level in Enriching themselves and others!  There are some who are sitting here for years. But still they are stuck, because “you here” is not your life; “why you are here” is the life!  “Why”? 

Understand!  It is not the content but the context which encompasses the content, the context inside of which the content is delivered, which is decisive and which produces the result in your life.  If you are here in this hall with the context that life is difficult outside, then due to the context of difficulty you will experience only difficulty, even if you sit literally at God’s feet!  Because, context is decisive!  The right context even to take sannyas is necessary.  For anything, right context is necessary.  First thing, I wanted all our Gurukul kids to learn is, “learn the right context!’      


Understand, listen, if you are in any confusion and suffering, do Nirahara Samyama, because if you have taken the decision of marriage due to wrong context, divorce is not the solution.  Complete with the wrong context and create the right context.  If you have taken sannyas due to wrong context, dropping sannyas is not the solution; complete the wrong context and develop the right context.  Listen, developing the right context!  I tell you, with the wrong context whatever you do will become wrong, because when you don’t know “Why”, when you don’t know “Why”, if the “Why” is not associated with the flow of your being, listen, if your thinking flow is not directly connected with your being flow, you just live without a purpose.  Please understand!  Even if there is no purpose, it is okay; but you will live life without a meaning!  Sometimes, life will not have purpose, but it has a meaning.  Right context, right context is required for life. 

Whatever may be your problem, you are in depression, you are unhappy with your life, you are unhappy with your decisions, you are even not aware of why you decided what you decided, if you feel you are in a mess, you are caught in a soup, you are suffering, listen, whatever may be the space with which you are suffering, feeling powerless, do Nirahara Samyama.  Because, with Nirahara Samyama, constantly the “Why” will be aligned to you.  The “Why” will be aligned to you!  Why you do what you do will be aligned to you!  If  “Why” is aligned to your being, I tell you, the whole problem will be solved. 

If there are wrong reasons for your decisions, complete with those reasons; complete with those patterns.  You don’t need to drop your marriage or drop your sannyas or drop your job, or drop your business, or drop your career.  Understand, sometimes you would have become a lawyer for the wrong reasons.  Now you don’t need to drop your lawyer profession.  Now you don’t need to drop your lawyer profession.  What is the wrong context?  What is the wrong reason?  Complete with that context.  Complete with that reason.  That wrong reason also may be the because of some powerlessness.  May be you have become a doctor for some wrong reasons, but you don’t need to drop that doctor profession.  Just complete that wrong context.  The wrong context also originates from some incompletion.  Complete that incompletion, complete that powerless pattern, drop that wrong context and build the right context. 

I tell you, once I was asking one speaker, ‘Why are you speaking?  If you open your mouth I don’t see anything logical in your speaking.  I don’t think anything useful.’

He said, ‘Yes, Swamiji, I also discovered I don’t have anything to speak.  But by the time I realized that, I had already become a popular speaker.  And I have to speak because I am a speaker.’

There are fools who write just because they are writers, not that they have something to write!  I tell you, sometimes people become doctors, not that they want to treat people; but with the wrong context they become doctors.  Understand, whatever may be the wrong context, now you don’t need to drop the profession.  See, you may be a speaker now because you already became a popular speaker.  Now you don’t need to drop that speaking profession.  Just complete the past incompletions and drop the wrong context.  Now develop the right context.  Now decide, ‘I will develop the right context.  I will enrich myself and enrich others through this talking.’  You don’t need to develop anything new other than the right context to regain your life.  Develop the right context, you will regain your life!  

Whatever field you may be in, if you feel life is useless, you are feeling powerless in life, you feel life is week, you are suffering in life, you want to find a solution for life, I tell you, just find the right context, complete with all the past and the wrong context, develop the right context.  Understand, the whole Sangha should learn this.  When somebody comes to complete with the Sangha, the whole Sangha should remember this.  Help each person who comes to complete, to find the right context. They may be doing mistakes.  They may be foolish.  They may be inauthentic.  They may be lack of Integrity.  Because they may have taken sannyas with the wrong context!  I wanted all our sannyasis, Naishtika Brahmacharis, even Spiritual Activists to sit and contemplate today.  Have you taken sannyas with the right context?  Right context for sannyasis is, ‘I will live Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching and make people live Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching.’  This is the right context.  Other than this, if you have any context for sannyas, out of any other context you have taken sannyas, it is wrong!  It is wrong! It is wrong!   Understand, if you have taken sannyas with any other context, all of you should complete, complete the past incompletion and drop the wrong context and build the right context.  Whether you are a sannyasi, Brahmachari, Krama Brahmachari, or a Rishi, or a Spiritual Activist, or a lawyer, engineer, home-maker, doctor, religious leader, politician, whatever you may be, if you have taken politics because you are frightened about life, thinking politics will give you the protection, I guarantee you have taken politics for wrong context.  For your whole life you will be frightened, you will be suffering with fear.  You will never feel settled or secure.  Because the context with which you have taken is wrong.  Ultimately you have to complete even with the context of why you took the body!  If you take the body thinking with the body you will have more pleasure, more joy, you are wrong!  You are not going to have that forever! 

Complete the incompletion of the past and drop it.  Drop that wrong context and create the right context.  Creating the right context means, new birth, you will have new birth!  Today I want everyone of you to sit and find the right context of “why you are doing what you are doing”.  If you feel there are wrong contexts in you, start Nirahara Samyama from tomorrow.  Start the Nirahara Samyama from tomorrow.  And in this Nirahara Samyama, your only purpose is to find why you are doing what you are doing. 

Complete, complete, complete, complete, complete all the past incompletions, wrong context with which you made the decision.  I tell you, in wrong context because you married, if you drop the marriage that will become one more pattern, and wherever you go you are going to suffer.  In wrong context you took sannyas; so if you drop it, that will become one more pattern, and wherever you go you are going to suffer.  Till you complete the past and drop the wrong context, life is going to be suffering.  Dropping the actual happening is a bigger wrong.  Don’t drop the actual happening.  Complete with your past and drop the wrong context.

So the essence of today’s satsangh:

Dig out “Why you are doing What you are doing”.  Drop all the past incompletions by completing it and the wrong context, and develop right context. 

If you want to know practically how you can do this, tune in to today’s webinar which will exclusively lead you into this, at 8 pm Indian Standard Time on Nithyananda TV (, or come to the closest 2 Way Center.

I have one more announcement.  Tomorrow morning, Monday, as usual I will be performing the Rudrabhishekham to the 21 foot Ananda Linga at 6 am Indian Standard Time.  It will be live on Nithyananda TV, Lotus News and Sadhna TV.  In all these channels it will be live.

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Let you all Achieve, Expeprrince, live,  Express, Radiate, Share and explode  in Eternal Bliss, Nithyanandam.