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In today’s (28th May, 2014) Morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda introduced a new word; Advaithic Activism which is being active from the context of completion. He told how to work with your teamily which is a known component of you to understand and become aware of tiredness, boredom and non co-operation. Then he explained how to use Deep Sleep and Morning Freshness as a scale to measure our completion and possibility. Nirahara and completion for 21 days will put you back into Advaithic Activisim. Watch, Share and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload click to subscribe.
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Paramahamsa Nithyananda, Advaithis Activism, active from the context of completion, teamily, tiredness, boredom non co-operation, Deep Sleep, Morning Freshness, completion, possibility, Nirahara.
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Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam

Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |

Asmath Aachaarya Paryanthaam

Vandhey Guru Paramparaam ||


I welcome you all with my love and respects.  I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsanghis, Shrimahants, Mahants, Kotharis, Thanedars, sitting with us through Nithyananda TV, Lotus TV, Sadhna TV, two-way video-conferencing having Nayana Deeksha.

Cities sitting with us in two-way video-conferencing having Nayana Deeksha: Peethadeeshwaris Training Centre-Salem, Nithyananda Nagaramu-Hyderabad, Nithyananda Nagar-Tiruvannamalai, Nithyananda Nagar-Rajapalayam, Nithyananda University-Paris, Singapore-Singapuram, Penang-Tirupparamkundram, Seattle-Chidambaram Srimahant Mukthananda, San Hose-Madurai Houston-Kalahasthi, Oklahama-Somanatham, Highpoint-Carolina, London-Kashi, Scottsdale-Arizona, Vishwanathananda-New York, Dubai-Vaidyanatham, Oman-Sivagangai, Hyderabad-Gupta Kashi, Netherlands, Ohio-Ma Shivananda, London-Kashi, Slovakia, Tuen Mun-Hong Kong, Port Washington-New York, Gyaneshwor-Nepal, High Point-North Carolina, Warrington-UK, Jorpati-Nepal, Doncaster-UK.

With this, I welcome all of you with my love and blessings.


Today I wanted to introduce a new word which is going to play a very major role in our Sangha and in our vocabulary – ‘ADVAITHIC ACTIVISM’.  I can define Advaithic Activism as my religion, understand?  You may or may not be excited when you hear this word first time, but when I use it again and again, when you understand the meaning, you will understand.

 Advaithic Activism.  Please understand, let me define ‘Activism’.  Whenever you drop your impossibility and radiate possibility, you are ‘active’.  Whenever you drop impossibility and be active, whenever you radiate possibility, you are ‘active’.  Please understand, whenever you forget the concept of impossibility, radiate possibility, you become ‘active’ in that. 

Listen.  Why sometime you become active?  Why sometime you are not active?  Why sometimes suddenly you have so much of possibility in you?  Why sometime you don’t have the possibility, you are feeling all the time impossibility?  Why in some things you feel possible?  Why sometimes with some things you feel impossible?  Understand, the question is not at all whether you are able or unable, question is all about whether you feel possible or impossible, that’s all.  Understand, the question is not at all your feeling about whether you are able or unable, the question is all about whether you feel possible or impossible. 

Your possibility is completely confused, you are ‘Shudra’, the fourth Varna. 

For money, suddenly everything becomes possible for you.  The moment you hear ‘money, honey’ ‘money, money, honey’ everything becomes possible for you – ‘Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes’ – then you are ‘Vaishya’.

Power, name and fame, reward, the moment that carrot of power, name and fame, reward is dangled in front of you and you get into the space of ‘possible, possible, possible’, you are a ‘Kshatriya’.

Knowledge, inspiration, the moment you see that probability and everything becomes possible for you, you are a ‘Brahmana’.

Always you experience possibility, simply you carry the space of possibility, you are ‘Paramahamsa’, enlightened.

Listen.  If you are confused ‘Why?’ when the concept of possibility comes to you, you are Shudhra.  Because, if you are confused ninety percent of your time will be destroyed, wasted just with impossibility. 


I had an amazing experience when I tried to make seventeen Kotharis in my San Jose temple.  Some of the so-called senior devotees, the moment I started telling them, ‘Hey, become Kotharis.  Take up the responsibility.’, ‘gasp...gasp...gasp....’, as if they have been put inside the water.  And most of them are successful in their life; it means either money or power has made them tell ‘possible’, understand?  Most of the NRIs, money has made you tell ‘possible’; you are ‘Vaishya’.  Most of the RNIs, Residential Non-Indians, power made you tell, ‘Yes’; you are a ‘Kshatriya’.

I can give you some general classifications, but, of course, there are always exceptions.  But, listen, just if money or name and fame, power, only that is able to make you feel possible, you are ‘consciously handicapped’.  I tell you, whatever makes you say, ‘Yes’, that only will make your team also say ‘Yes’, because you will attract the team exactly like you.....including me.  My multi-dimension only attracts people.  See, all the people around me are completely confused.  Before you become multi-dimensional, you will be thoroughly confused, which I myself went through. It is usual.  But you should have the guts to go through.  If you drop out, nothing can be done.

Listen.  Some of the important truths I wanted to tell you.  Whether you are a engineer, lawyer, doctor, IT professional, whatever may be your lifestyle, your career, your teamily is extension of you.  Your teamily is extension of you.  Your teamily is unknown component of you.  This is the message to all the Mahants and Shrimahants and team leaders in the society, Kotharis, for you.  If you are not able to make any one of the teamily members as part of your Advaithic space, there is some part of you you are not able to make it as part of your Advaiathic space.  There is some part of you still not completely convinced, understood, imbibed, incorporated.  Unknown parts of you, extension of unknown parts of you is your teamily members.  The surprise you go through with your teamily is the surprise unknown parts of you are waiting to give you.....HAHAHAHAHAHA......understand?  Many times even you will be surprised by you.  Suddenly, some part of you declaring tiredness, boredom, non-cooperation. Some parts of you declaring non-cooperation with your possibility is the worst punishment you can have.  It is like living a life of a lower than human existence, bhoota. 


If all your components are in tune with what you want to cause, you are ‘Deva’. 

Some of your components are struggling, but all of them are aware of what you want to be, you are ‘Manushya’.

Some of your components completely declare protest, war against you and what you want to be, you are ‘Bhoota’, ghost, demonic existence. 

For example, I am giving you one example, your Sookshma Shareera, your Sookshma Shareera and Kaarana Shareera, these two are responsible for deep sleep and early morning freshness.  If both of them are completely in tune with you, morning 3:30 you are out of bed, jumping, excited to go to Akhada, you are in ‘Deva Shareera’. 

They both know you have to go and they really want to co-operate with you, but they are little struggling, means, you get out of the bed, slowly walk and reach the Akhada, when you see all the hundreds of sannyasis doing, you get the inspiration and start picking up, you are ‘Manushya’. 

‘No’! Your Sookshma Shareera and Kaarana Shareera declare war against you – ‘You may want to be a yogi, we are not interested and we don’t want to be interested.’ – Then your existence is demonic body, ‘Bhoota Shareera’, ‘Mriga Shareera’, understand?  

Same way with Integrity –

If you are celebrating Integrity and Authenticity, you are a ‘Deva Shareera’. 

If you are struggling, but you know that is the goal, that has to be the life, you are struggling-‘Manushya Shareera’. 

You are very clear, ‘Authenticity?  Forget about it.  I am not interested.  Somehow I wanted to push my life like this and cheat as long as I can, and die.’, completely some part of you is declaring war against this very concept of Authenticity and Integrity, then you are in ‘Paishacha shareera’ the ‘Raakshasa Shareera’, demonic body. 

Understand, all the Thanedar, Kotharis, Mahant, every one of you need to know, your team is extension of you.  If you are watching the satsangh through the Sadhna TV, you are an engineer, doctor, lawyer, whatever you may be, if you are working with a team – even your cook and maid is your team; if you don’t have anybody, your right hand-left hand is your team, your left leg-right leg is your team, your right eye-left eye is your team.  Making your team feel the Advaithic Activism - you, your body, components of you, and every being in your team, the Whole feeling the Whole, everyone feeling the Advaithic space, Advaithic Activism, is ‘Enlightenment’, understand?  Every one feeling Advaithic Activism!  Don’t give up on people or on yourself.  Every day decide, ‘I will be making myself and my team more Advaithic Active than yesterday, more Advaithic Active than yesterday, more Advaithic Active than today, day-after-tomorrow, more Advaithic Active than tomorrow.  This is what I call ‘growing young’.  Advaithic Activism makes you grow young.  Advaithic Activism makes you grow young.


Understand, Advaithic Activism, Advaithic Activism, I just wanted to repeat the word so that it becomes part of your vocabulary, the spiritual vocabulary, part of your basic cognition.  Revival of Sanatana Hindu Dharma will happen only by Advaithic Activism, understand, only by Advaithic Activism.  Mantra, Yantra, Tantra, Kriya, Yoga, all these jaala, all these methodology, technology, everything, everything reaches the peak of Advaithic Activism.  Be active based on Advaitha.  Be active from the cognition of Advaitha.  Be alive from the context of Advaitha.  Being alive from the context of Advaitha, means, constantly infusing Completion into you.

If you go to incompletion, you have to supply Completion to yourself, you have to bring Completion to yourself.  Advaithic Activism, being alive from the context of Completion, being alive from the context of Completion. 

The space of possibility does not come after you logically analyze your ability and probability.  Please listen. The space of possibility comes from the strength of your Completion, power of your Completion, not after analyzing ability and probabilities.  Ability and probability is the experience of logic.  Possibility is the experience of Consciousness.  Person who functions out of abilities and probabilities will be successful when he is ninety; success is no more needed for his life.  Person who works out of Completion, he will start with his life he will start his life with this experience of success.  He will have success when he really needs it. 

Most of the CEOs have money when it is no more useful for them.  Most of the successful people have honey and money when it is no more useful for them, because they were making decisions based on ability and probability.  Their possibility was experienced by ability and probability.  Listen.  I tell you, bring the space of Completion in you and let the possibility become the cognition from the space of Completion. 

I tell you, if you suddenly feel your inner-space is too clouded, too loaded with too many conclusion, incompletion, declare twenty-one days Nirahara and Completion.  I tell you, Nirahara and Completion will do so much good, it will bring you back to the Advaithic space again.  Living just by liquid diet and continuously completing will put you back to the space of Advaithic Activism....Advaithic Activism.


Being alive from the context of Advaitha, being active from the context of Advaitha, being alive from the context of Advaitha, being active from the context of Advaitha, being alive to live Advaitha, being active for making Advaitha active, understand?  Being alive for making Advaitha alive, being active for making Advaitha active, you live for Advaitha, Advaitha lives for you, is ‘Enlightenment’.  Neither you have some other purpose nor Advaitha has some other purpose.  If you have any other sneaky purposes, it is nothing but your fear, stupidity.  Let Advaitha become your lifestyle.  Let Advaitha become your lifestyle. 

I commit with all you guys, you commit with me and with my Sangha, with my teamily as Thanedars, Kotharis, Mahants, I commit with you guys, I will give you the life of Advaitha. 

Keeping Kaalabhairava as witness, I commit, O, my teamily, I will give you the life of Advaitha.  You have not done the wrong decision, you have not wasted your time and energy when you decided to be part of my teamily.  When you decided to be part of my teamily, you have done the best thing for yourself, I am happy for you, Cosmos is happy for you.


I bless you all.  Let you all radiate Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching and Causing eternal bliss, Nithyananda.  Thank you.