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In today's (26th May, 2014) morning satsang of Paramahamsa Nithyananda from Varanasi, Paramahamsa Nithyananda expanded on how Living Advaitha can be used for crisis management. He explained in detail how we mess up our lives and then deny that there is anything wrong. So first we must understand that there is a crisis. Then he explained how we need to Look In and listen; and then intranalyse,which melts down the problem. Then only we can radiate the joy, power,clarity and energy of Advaitha. Watch, Share and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload click to subscribe. visit:
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Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam

Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |

Asmath Aachaarya Paryanthaam

Vandhey Guru Paramparaam ||


I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsanghis, Shrimahants, Mahants, Kotharis, Thanedars sitting with us all over the world through Nithyananda TV, Sadhna TV, and two-way video-conferencing having Nayana Deeksha.  

Cities sitting with us in two-way video-conferencing having Nayana Deeksha: Houston-Kalahasti, San Jose-Madurai, Penang-Tirupparamkundram.

I welcome all the participants in San Jose who have come for Kalpataru Darshan.  I welcome all of you with my love and blessings.

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I welcome all of you with my love and respects.

Today I’ll continue to expand on how Living Advaitha can be used crisis management principle in life.  

First of all, all of us have to wake up to the truth, the stark reality, you are in crisis whether you are managing or not.  You are in crisis....the way your body is behaving towards you, the way your mind is behaving towards you. - Now Phoenix has joined, I can see you guys. I welcome you all, blessings. -  Come on!  Let us come to the truth!  Let us come to the stark reality!  The way your mind is behaving towards you, the way your body is behaving to you, the way you are responding, the way you are responding to the world, the way.....

Please understand, I am not even talking about the past mess-up each one of us created in our life. The pattern of creating mess-up which we carry and we are playing our life.  See very clearly wherever you go, whether it is a new job or new relationship or new house or the new career, new entertainment, new time-pass.  I have seen people becoming members in trekking groups, trekking clubs.  They start trekking on human-beings in few days.  In the group their life is mess and they stop trekking, join the swimming club.  In few days they finish fishing out everyone in the swimming club.  Then they go to some temple, Hindu temple.  In one month they have done “puja” to everybody in the Hindu temple. Puja to everybody in the Hindu temple is over. Come on now drop from Hindu temple, go to the Seventh Day Adventists Church!  

Please listen; we go on changing places, friends, situations, because in six months we create such a big mess.  For some people six months is too much time; in six weeks.  If you are excellent,  six days!  Excellent in creating mess!  Six months or six weeks or six days!  The way you create the mess you yourself cannot enter into the place again.  

Same way, with the relationships.  Please be very clear, just because you are living together, don’t think you are in relationship.  In six months, the incompletion, the load of incompletions become so much, other than love, every other compulsion, reason, is there for you to live together.  Society, parents, kids, grand-kids, grandparents, all of them are pressurising you and your relationship is held together.  Please listen!  Please understand when the incompletions are built and there is no relationship between two, then family holds or the society holding you guys together, is not called relationship.  

So, you need to know the way your body responds to you, you respond to your body, the way your mind responds to you, you respond to your mind, the way you mess-up your life continuously  again and again.  The first stark reality you need to wake up is; you are in a crisis.  Just because you are not able to manage, don’t try to forget the crisis.

Second step..... The first step: knowing that there is a crisis.  Second step: Agitation cannot help you to get out of the crisis. Maturity is ability to look into the exact problem. Listen, maturity is ability to look into the exact problem without the exaggerated component of the problem. Listen. Ability to look into the exact problem without the exaggerated component of the problem. I am not saying there is no problem I started by saying remember, wake up to the reality there is a problem. But I wanted you to know the problem is not the size and shape and level you imagined. Either you imagined there is no problem or you imagined everything is problem. You can’t, that is the problem with the human mind - either nothing or everything is problem. Either you try to put yourself in the slumber, unawareness, nothing is a problem, ‘Ah Celtahaye!’ ‘ Celtahaye’  is the attitude of the pigs lying down in the drainages. Everything will be flowing around them and they will be lying down saying ‘Celtahaye.’

Sometimes, same way you exaggerate problems. Completion and living Advaita first makes you understand exact problem without exaggerated problem, exact problem without exaggerated problem. I tell you, the moment you know the exact problem without exaggerated problem I guarantee solution is found. Solution has happened. You need to know the solution has happened. Finding solution is not something separate from finding the depth of the problem. Finding solution is not something separate from finding the depth of the problem. The moment you find the exact problem you found the exact solution because there is nobody else sitting and creating problem. Your own mood swings, dilemmas created your problem understand all internal conflicts when it expresses itself it becomes external problem. Listen, as long as it goes inside your subtle level it is called thought, the moment it becomes physical sound it is word. Same way as long as it goes on the subtle level internally, in the thought level it is called conflict. The moment it is pronounced in the verbal level, physical level, it is called problem. Completion with internal conflicts liberates you from the external problem, all problems. I am telling you, all!


It can be as simple as my left leg is paining to as complicated as my business failed. I may have to die in a few days or few hours.  Listen!  It can be as simple as a small leg pain to as difficult as failure in the life, failure of life itself.  But all the level problems are nothing but the expressions of your internal conflicts.  I wanted you to know I am not at all insensitive to your problems.  Don’t feel I am disrespecting your sufferings.  I myself have suffered.  Whatever you call as problem, I went through everything.  With that sensitivity and sincerity I am telling you, I am not the guy who is sitting somewhere in some remote caves of the Himalayas, not at all connected to the society, human minds, and the problems it creates for itself and for others.  I am not that kind of a person talking to you about life, who escaped from life.  No.  Whatever you can imagine and not imagine, I have gone through everything. With that rich experience, with that strength which came from that experience, I am talking to you.  I am talking to you from that rich experience which happened in me after facing all the problems from the depth of Advaitha.

Please understand, having all the weapons to handle life is one and used all the weapons in crisis management and having the experience to use all the weapons is totally different.  I am not just having the tools and weapons, I have used successfully all the tools and weapons and handled life, handled the life.  With that success, with that sincerity I am telling you, please understand, your exaggerated problems are problems, your under-judged problems are problems, your exact problems, don’t even worry about them just do Completion inside; they will disappear.  But you have to segregate where you exaggerated, where you are insensitive, where it is exact.  That contemplation need to happen.  

Listen to this truth – Shravana.  Listen to this truth – Shravana!  Intranalyze it – Manana!  Know it clearly when you are insensitive to your problems, when you are exaggerating your problems, when you are exactly seeing your problems.  Look in.  Look in.  Understand?  Intranalyze.  That intranalyzing is what I call “Manana”.  Once you intranalyze, simply the problem melts down, disappears, and you are ready to radiate Advaitha, Nidhidhyasana, radiating the Advaitha and enriching everyone with Advaitha Siddhi, understand?

Living Advaitha is just three steps:

  • Listen to this truth.  


  • Intranalyze where you are insensitive to your problems, where you are exaggerating your problems, where it is exact.  Just by the intranalzying it’ll melt down.


  • Nidhidhyasana means, radiate, live the joy of Advaitha and enrich the world with the joy of Advaitha.

Somebody asked me: ‘Swamiji, why nowadays why are you using the word “Living Advaitha” more and more than the “Living Enlightenment”?’

The word “enlightenment” has become almost like a copyrighted by  Buddhists.  Of course, our sub-tradition, the tradition which came out of Nirvani Peetha.  But the original word is “Advaitha”.  In course of time, the English word “enlightenment” is loaded with too many other meanings.  That’s the reason I was thinking I will re-establish this word “Advaitha” itself with the right meaning as “Advaitha Siddha”.  I’ll revive this word “Advaitha”.  So I thought, let all of you learn the truths directly from this word “Advaitha”.  

The power, the confidence, the energy Advaitha can give for all of us. The clarity, strength, the shakthi Advaitha can give to all of us!  For quite a long time, Advaitha was ruling the world.  It’s unfortunately, recently,  last two, three thousand years, all the other stupid things people have started following, practicing, and this materialism has become a biggest religion, capitalism has become a largest followed tradition. Now it is time again the “punah prathishta” of Advaitha Saamraajya is required. Re-establishment of Ram Rajya, Advaitha Saamraajya is required.  Rama, the great incarnation, radiated Advaitha. Krishna, the great incarnation, radiated Advaitha. That very tradition need to be revived, re-established.

Yesterday my Facebook was full of postings from all the devotees, disciples, from all over the world.  First, I wanted to take few moments; I thank all the devotees, disciples who declared they will be part of this Sarvagna Peetha; they will make this Sarvagna Peetha into reality.  So many of them have said they are offering their time, somebody treasure, somebody talent.  Somebody said, ‘I offer everything, me and my family.’ From Los Angeles she wrote, ‘Me and my family offer our time, treasure, talent, everything we have to make your reality, Swamiji!’  I said, ‘My blessings!’  I wanted to tell her that I offer ‘whatever I have and everything to make your life into reality, your life and your family’s life into reality.’  It was so nice to hear so many devotees supporting from so many corners to make this Sarvagna Peetha into reality.  

I already started seeing a vast library with eighteen crore books.  Eighteen crore books. I don’t know why this “eighteen crore” came, but that is the way I saw.  Eighteen crore books on Vedic Tradition, Hinduism, Body-Mind-Spirit, and all the philosophers. Actually, first I had a doubt, ‘is there exist eighteen crore books on the Planet Earth?’  Then I thought, ‘When it comes, who knows?  When it comes in the intuition, it must be’ When I said “eighteen crores”, all palm leaves, everything put together.  I saw a vast library we will be creating, and at least thousand pundits, priests will be sitting and responding to the questions of people in each department.  Astrology, Gemmology, Numerology, Vaasthu, Advaitha, Visishta Advaitha, Dwaitha, Sankhya, Yoga, Patanjala, in every field the specialists will be available.  Ayurveda every field the specialists will be available. It will be a one-stop centre for anything you want to know about Hinduism.  And Astrology means, some fifty astrologers will be attending to the questions of the visitors physically and fifty will be answering the questions through emails and phone calls and Whatsapp, Skype, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, in everything, in multiple languages.  Living University!  

One of the biggest disconnect between University and reality is, no Catering College runs a hotel.  A Catering College becomes complete only if they run a hotel, restaurant. Sorry not the word hotel in India the word hotel and restaurant is one and the same. No Catering College becomes complete unless they run a restaurant and satisfy the people in the street, the quality and quantity, the way food is served.  When somebody just studies in the Catering College and is thrown into a restaurant suddenly, he doesn’t know what people want, how to cater to the people.  He may cook, but he will not have the humbleness to serve.  Same way, with the Universities, only students are entertained.  I’ll create a living University where every visitor is introduced, inspired, every visitor gets the introduction for Hinduism, inspired about the Vedic Tradition, excited about living it.  It is like University which caters to every visitor.  Because, anything lived only becomes reality.  

Advaitha needs to be lived to experience that as reality.  Everything needs to be lived to have that as a reality.  Vision needs to be lived, the enlightened vision need to be lived.  Advaitha is nothing but enlightened vision of your life, enlightening mission of your life.  Advaitha is nothing but enlightened vision of your life and enlightening mission of your life.  Advaitha in its purity Advaita, in its strength Advaita, in its ecstasy Advaita, in its living form is life.  This Sarvagna Peetha is my vision to live and make people live Advaita. Live, make people live Advaita.

I bless you all, let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching and Causing eternal bliss, Nithyananda.  Thank you.