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In today’s (10th April, 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda declares that Advaita is not a retirement plan! If we don’t use Advaita now as a tool for our strategy planning, we will have to leave the body before a chance to enjoy the non-dual space happens. Why miss out on the experience of real love and enlightenment? We need not practice some elaborate techniques to experience Advaita now. With the powerful practice of Advaita and completion with our teamilies, we can experience the non-dual space today.
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Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam

Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |

Asmath Aachaarya Paryanthaam

Vandhey Guru Paramparaam ||


I welcome all of you with my love and respects.  I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsanghis, Shrimahants, Mahants, Kotharis, Thanedars sitting with us all over the world at this time through Nithyananda TV, Lotus News Channel, Janashree TV, Eshwar TV, and through two two-way video-conferencing having Nayana Deeksha in many cities in many countries around the world.

The cities sitting with us through two-way-video-conferencing having Nayana Deeksha: Toronto-Kailasam, Singapore-Singapuram, San Jose-Madurai, Ohio-Prayag, Charlotte-Srisailam, Seattle-Chidambaram, Oklahoma-Somanatham, Guadeloupe-Rameshwaram, Nithyananda Vedic University-Los Angeles, Nithyananda Vedic University-Paris, Nithyananda Nagaramu-Hyderabad, Vancouver-Bhubaneshwar, Kuala Lumpur-Palani, Houston-Kalahasti, Toon Moon-Hong Kong, Hyderabad-Gupta Kashi, Scottsdale-Arizona, Oman-Sivagangai, Winston-Salem-North Carolina, Jorpati-Nepal, Dakota Dunes, Devon-UK, High Point-North Carolina, Minot-North Dakota, San Antonio-Texas…

I welcome all of you with my love and respects.

Today I am coming back to the subject of Teamily.  I almost gave you guys a few days’ time, last few days’ time to complete with all the teamily members.  So, before tomorrow morning, you will finish all the Completions with all your teamily members.  And, tomorrow morning, I expect all of you to be ready for the next process.  Understand, today, all of you with your teamily members should have Complete Completion.  You should sit with them, sort out all the completions; either both of you should have understood your incompletions are foolishness, and drop them, or you should have understood your incompletions are reasonless. 

Please understand, sometimes by logically analyzing you can understand your incompletions are logic-less; sometimes you can understand it is foolishness.  Whether it is logical or not, you don’t need to spend time on it digging it out; you don’t need to spend time analyzing your garbage; that is the job of the Municipality.  You can just dump. 

So, understand, come to the Completion by today.  By today evening you should have finished all the Completion.  Night, go to bed in the space of Complete Completion.  And, tomorrow morning be here for the next step of process.     

Please understand, take this process really, really, really seriously and sincerely.  Do it very authentically.  All the Shrimahants...see, I have not seen the Shrimahants’ teamily list.  And all the Mahants, many I have seen, a few I have not seen.  And Kotharis, almost 80% sent; I think 20% still missing.  Thanedars, I think only 40% Thanedars sent.  Please understand, let us take it very seriously, because, all your teamily put together is my teamily.  Understand one thing: my teamily consists of grahas (planets), pancha bhootas (the five elements)!  When you form a teamily and create Advaithic space with them, you become part of my teamily.  So, naturally, all my teamily will be in Advaitha with you!  It is a little difficult for you to understand.  But, I will make you understand.  Let us come to the clear Advaithic space.

Please understand, only when the incompletions are removed, I can lead you to the next level of the positive non-dual space.  In the positive non-dual space, so much of fulfilment, so much of fulfilment happens, so much of clarity happens. Whatever you want to create as reality happens, whatever the other person wants to create as reality happens; simply you cause their reality and they cause your reality.  I really, really wanted the whole Sangha to experience the Complete Completion with their teamily today. 

So, today, tonight is the last time.  Till night you can send your teamily list, you can file your nomination papers for getting elected as part of the Cosmic Teamily.  All the twenty-one people who are going to be selected will be given the title “Secretary of Swamiji”, “Secretary of His Holiness”.  This is completely separate from the titles you have – Mahant, Shrimahant, all that.  So, you will be given a straight title – “Secretary to His Holiness”.  So, get ready!  But the basic qualification is, Advaitha should become experience in you, it should become experience in you.  The rustic, raw, ground-level truth should be your basic cognition.  Understand, the rustic truth of life is non-duality.  The raw truth of life is Advaitha.  It should become your basic cognition in whatever you do, in whatever you live, in whatever you touch, in whatever you handle, in whatever you see. 

Come to the truth, come to the clarity, whoever may be in your teamily – A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K,  whatever – please understand, your Completion with them or incompletion with them, they are not responsible for that.  Irrespective of them, you develop a pattern of incompletion with somebody else, somewhere else, and bring it and put it on these people.  See, whether you keep a gunny bag on them or a silk shawl on them, you will be somewhere else, the poor fellow standing in front of you is in no way responsible for the gunny bag or silk shawl you are dumping on them.

So, understand, Advaitha Sathya is the only truth.  Your incompletion with the other person, or your Completion with the other person, the other person is not responsible for that.  Whether you are putting a silk shawl on that person – Completion, or a gunny bag on that person – incompletion, the other person is not responsible; it is you who is stiched with this pattern from your life.

Understand, if your feeling, the other person is constantly abusing you, even if you remove the other person and put somebody else, even if you remove “A” and put “B”, in two days you will see, this fellow is also going to do the same thing to you!  Whether your Completion or incompletion, the other person is not responsible for that.  Tomorrow’s process is going to exactly show you that. 

Complete with all the incompletions you have.  There is so much to be told.  I can take days and days and days to convince you why the teamily, why you need to do Completion,days and days and days..... 

Actually, I am overwhelmed and excited.....the effect going to happen by this teamily!  See, I can say easily, thousand people have started this process.  The process is such a powerful, perfect process, easily nine-hundred-and-fifty people will reach the goal!  Only the people who drop out voluntarily will fail.  Because the process itself is so easy and straightforward, you can never miss it if you go through it.  You can never miss it if you go through it.  This whole Advaitha, teamily satsanghs, we will collect it, organize it as a series, and put it on YouTube for free, for anyone to experience Advaitha.

Yesterday, some devotee has asked a question to me: ‘Should I practice love, then I will reach the space of Advaitha?’

I said, ‘No.  You will start practicing love from the context of Advaitha.’

Advaitha is not a goal.  From the context of Advaitha only you will even start practicing love.  There is a big shift.  Practicing love and becoming Advaitha means, just you will see, I am there and Mahadeva is there and I love him, and all that.  No!  I am He, He is me, His reflection is this, and this reflection is that; because of that, both love each other.  Even the word “both” is wrong.  Because You is me, Me is you, You Me has become You-Me.  You is Me, Me is You, the You-Me Me-You.  What you call “You-Me Me-You” experience only is love.  Understand, love itself should be from the context of Advaitha. 

So, please understand, Advaitha is not some experience to reach after certain practice and all that.  See, how when you know the truth the Sun rises in the morning in the East, you strategize so many things based on that fact.  Your waking-up time, your day you plan, your house you plan in that direction, based on that direction you know how the light will be available to you, how the breeze will be available to you.  You put your staying place in that way.  It is like the basic fact to strategize your existence.  Please understand, exactly the same way, you are everything, everything is you.  That truth – you are everything, everything is you – that truth should be the strategy-planning cognition for you.  When you have a Retirement Insurance, you don’t bother about anything and you relax.  When you have an International Driving Licence, based on that you plan to travel to many countries.  Advaitha is International Driving Licence, international Visa.  Please understand, you always perceive Advaitha as Retirement Insurance – ‘Ok, it is there.  It will come in the old age and support me.’  No!  It is not a Retirement Insurance; it is an international Visa, International Driving Licence.  With that you have to start planning your life. 

Remembering Advaitha as a Retirement Insurance is “Videha Mukthi” (“liberated after you leave the body”).  Understanding Advaitha is your international Visa, International Driving Licence, and planning your life, is “living enlightenment”, “Jeevan Mukthi”.  

I tell you, when you know the Sun rises in the morning in the East, tons of things can be planned on that – where you have to do agriculture, where you have to live, so many decisions, how your house should be, so many decisions – are just based on that one fact.  Same way, when you know the Cosmic non-duality, tons of decisions you can make based on that.  And, even if you don’t believe, even if you don’t experience, I tell you, make your strategy and decisions based on non-duality.  With the right understanding, you will experience it.  It is right understanding that is required.  It is right understanding that is required.

I am just celebrating, because, continuously, every day it has become a day-to-day lifestyle for our kids to relate with the gods and relate with Nature.  It is like they declare and the heaven showers!  Just a few drizzles!  It is not a joke!  Exactly, every day, at the same time, the clouds gather and drizzle.  Neither in Bangalore nor in Mysore, only in Nithyananda Nagara!  Not even Mysore Road, only in the ashram it drizzles!  I am so happy!  It means these kids have started perceiving Advaitha as a basic cognition.  I wanted to tell all our Gurukul kids, it is time that you guys transformed yourself and aligned yourself to these spiritual truths and Advaitha in a very strong way; because, I don’t want my kids to hear even a word from other than Advaitha!  Even the words they hear should be from the non-dualistic space, Advaitha.

Yesterday, when I went for a walk, the Gurukul kids were telling me, ‘Swamiji, we have only three mangoes (in the mango tree).  We wanted to have more mangoes.’

I said, ‘Don’t bother.  It is not only that the rose plant is going to listen to you.  Go and tell the mango trees, “Give more mangoes.  Lower your branches so that we don’t have to climb and pluck and eat”.’

They said, ‘Stinging ants are there, Swamiji, in that tree.’

I said, ‘You should never use the word “stinging ants”!  Why they are stinging?  Because we are abusing!  Because human-beings abuse them, they are stinging.  It is their living place. If you go and harass them in their living place why will they not defend themselves? So stop these abusive words – “stinging ants”.  Be very clear...tell them, “Please give little place ,I will just climb and pluck these mangoes and come down.”  They will simply give way, so neither you will be abusive man nor they will be stinging ants.  Just like you have a name for them – “stinging ants”, they will have a name for you – “demonic man”!  When you have a word – “stinging ants”, they will have a word – “demonic man”!  Drop it.’

We were walking, and we saw a snake hole.  I saw the snake; it was there inside.  All the Swamis were around me, and Mahants and Shrimahants. 

I said, ‘Shall I tap now?  It will come out.’

We have one Mahant...!  He said, ‘Yes, Yes, get it!  I want to see it!’

A Shrimahant said, ‘No, no. It will be non-violent, else it will be harassing.  The poor fellow is sleeping there.  How can we just take him out?’

I said, ‘ are right.’  For our curiosity, we have no right to disturb his space.  Because, the moment he sees us, it is not that he is going to be very friendly; he is going to be frightened!

Constantly, let us operate from the context....let us operate from the context. 

I am challenging you, these Gurukul kids will go and talk to the mango tree; you will see, this season, the unimaginable quantity – ten times more than the usual levels the mangoes will come in that tree!  And you will see, all those ants will have separate place; they will never come near the kids or sting them!  I am challenging you guys, because I know the power of my kids!  Even if it is a spark, it is a spark from fire!  Understand, even if it is a spark, it is a spark from fire!  It can burn anything!  You will see, these kids, even if they are kids, they are kids from the space of Advaitha; they will do it!

Yesterday I did not go near the mango tree, because I didn’t want them to listen from my instructions and give more fruits.  I want them to listen to my kids’ instructions and give.  I did not go near the tree.  All these kids were calling me, ‘Swamiji, come, come!’  I said, ‘No, I am not coming.’  Because, I want the kids to talk to the tree directly, and the tree should respond to the kids directly.  I will show you very scientifically the sour mangoes, now the mango tree is giving sweet mangoes.  All this I will show you scientifically.  This all will be done just by my kids through simple relationship from the space of Advaitha!  Just like how they have done....made the rose plants drop their thorns, how they make the rain shower every day through Rudra Homa, they will go and sit across and relate with the mango tree. 

Please understand, it is not for the siddhis you live Advaitha; for you to know that siddhis are your nature, you live Advaitha!  It is not for accumulating siddhis you will live Advaitha; but to know that siddhis are your nature, you will live Advaitha!  Understand, the moment the idea of accumulation comes, the manipulation starts.  Because you feel you are inferior, you plan to manipulate.  Fool, you are the owner; why do you need to manipulate?  You don’t need to. 

Some kids were saying yesterday that the other kids are stealing the mango and eating.  I said, ‘Stop the word “stealing”.  You are the owners! Everything is your fathers. You are the kids of a rich father!  Why do you need to steal?’  The idea of stealing does not exist.  Only when you feel you are inferior, you need to manipulate.

You need to say I should to accumulate Siddhis. Siddhis are your nature!  Practice Advaitha to know that siddhis are your nature, not to accumulate siddhis.  The moment the accumulation idea comes, the manipulation idea starts, the inferiority idea starts.

I tell you, create the Advaithic space with your teamily; you will simply have telepathic experience!  You will know what the other person is thinking!

Understand, when you experience the power of Advaitha, you are no more one individual; you are a synergy!  You are a synergy!  You are a synergy!


I bless you all!  Let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching and Causing eternal bliss, Nithyananda!  Thank you!