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In today’s (24th May, 2014) morning satsang from Varanasi, Paramahamsa Nithyananda expanded on Living Advaitha; specifically how Advaitha can be a crisis management strategy. He pointed out that each of us is fighting our own Mahabharat war and when we are in a state of completion our anxiety is reduced and we can see who really wants to fight and who has been influenced by induced enmity. This understanding is arrived at by deep contemplation and always being in a state of non violence. Tags- Varanasi, Paramahamsa nithyananda, Living Advaitha, crisis management, strategy, Mahabharat , war, completion, anxiety, reduced, influenced by induced enmity, deep contemplation, non violence. Watch, Share and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload click to subscribe.
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Varanasi, Paramahamsa nithyananda, Living Advaitha, crisis management, strategy, Mahabharat , war, completion, anxiety, reduced, influenced by induced enmity, deep contemplation, non violence.
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NithyanandeshwariMadhyamaam |


Vandhey Guru Paramparaam ||


I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsanghis, Shrimahants, Mahants, Kotharis, Thanedars, who are sitting with us all over the world through Nithyananda TV, Sadhna TV, two-way video-conferencing having NayanaDeeksha.

Cities sitting with us through two-way video-conferencing: Surrey-Canada, Seattle-Chidambaram, Houston-Kalahasti, San Jose-Madurai, Singapore-Singapuram, Toronto-Kailasam, Penang-Tirupparamkundram, Peethadeeshwaris Training Centre-Salem, Santa Clara-California, SanDiego-Tirualavai, Scottsdale-Arizona, Ohio-Prayag, Dubai-Vaidyanatham, NithyanandaNagara-Bidadi, NithyanandaNagaramu-Hyderabad, Nithyananda Nagar-Tiruvannamalai, Nithyananda Nagar-Rajapalayam, SanDiego-Tirualavai, Gyaneshwor-Nepal, Canada, Guadeloupe-Rameshwaram, New Zealand-AdiArunachalam, Hyderabad-Gupta Kashi, Phillip Island-Australia, Hong Kong-Sirkazhi, Nithyananda University-Los Angeles, NDY Nithya Dhyaan Yoga-New Delhi and Penang-Tirupparamkundram, Singapore-Singapuram.

I welcome all of you with my love and respects.

Today we have beautiful programme, two-day meditation programme – Nithya Dhyaan Yoga, first level – in Ananda Vana.  In AnandaVana the programme starts.  All over the world through two-way video-conferencing the programme will be happening.  Next two days I will be teaching the Science of Completion, Completion with yourself. 

Let me start today’s satsangh.


Today I wanted to expand on Living Advaitha.

See, many saints, sadhus, have spoken practical Advaitha, practical Vedanta, how to apply Advaitha in your market-place, in your business, in your day-to-day life, in your family relationships.  But I am going to expand on Advaitha can be a war strategy, how it can be a crisis management strategy, because I used it.  I won all the wars I waged, all the wars.  Please understand, I did not enter into any war, but when I am forced to wage, I waged all the wars and handled all the critical situations, everything just through the power of Advaitha, the non-duality, non-dual experience.  The war brought me only success.  It has proved the power of the non-dual philosophy, the Advaitha. 

I tell you, all of us are going through some Kurukshetra.  You are fighting with your own Mahabharata.  You are fighting in your own Mahabharata.  You are fighting with your own Duryodhana, Karna, Bhishma, Drona.  If I share how the Advaitha was such a successful powerful strategy, it will really be helpful for all of you to use Advaitha as the powerful strategy in your Mahabharata, in your life war.

First thing, listen, Advaitha reduces.....  Living in the space of Advaitha, having liberated thinking, kind of a constantly completing with yourself and others, this constant Completion does two things to you immediately: 

·         One, reduces your anxiety level. 


·         Second, because of the clarity it brings, it helps you to identify really the people who want to fight with you, not that people who come in the crowd, understand.

Many time, just because a large crowd is going, you also go with it without knowing where that crowd is going.  That happens in the life. When many people hate you, fight with you, if ten-twenty people are fighting with you, they will create a scene as if whole world is against you, and it will also appear so many people will join that ten-twenty people.  If you are in the anxiety, you will start throwing weapons on all the thousands of people.  But if you carry the space of Completion, you will see just in two-three days, the two-thousand people drop off.  The group which joined for curiosity sake will drop.  People really who want to be destroyed only will be opposing you.


Please understand, if I have to put it in very simple words, without finding solution just if you sleep off, postponing the problems, eighty percent of the problems will die.  Understand, the statement I am making, you will never expect this statement from my mouth.  I am saying, without bothering to find solution, if you just brush them aside and sleep off, fall asleep, eighty percent of your problems and enemies will disappear, because they do not have individual enmity towards you, it is excited enmity towards you.  ‘Because ten people are attacking this fellow, why not let me also throw a stone on him?  May be he must be a evil, really, really evil.’ 

Most of the stupid fellows who were abusing Hitler – no, I am not supporting Hitler – who attacked Hitler, have no brain.  In the name of Hitler, the modern day, many demons and devils are saving themselves by diverting your attention towards Hitler.  What about each American President in the modern day?  What about all these oil wars?  Hitler was used, is still being used to divert your attention from all the modern-day devils and demons.  I am not saying about one person or one country; in every country the way things are happening, in every place the way things are happening!  So, if you are just hating Hitler because everyone hates, it is ‘infused enmity’. 

Please understand, if you start fighting with people who have ‘infused enmity’ towards you, you will be wasting your resources and energy; you are fool.  Wait.  Just fall asleep.  When a tornado comes, don’t think your crowbar is a great powerful weapon, and don’t go and try to roll your crowbar and say, ‘I will fight with you tornado.’  No.  Your crowbar or shield can never be a protection. when tornado comes  just get into the underground and sleep, doze off!

Even your simple verbal response can make ‘incited enemies’ into ‘individual enemies’. Understand, people who have enmity towards you, people who feel that they have been personally suffered by you, and they want to attack you and people who feel, ‘Oh, he has suffered; I should support him’ – the incited enmity. 


Please understand, all of you in your life will find both enemies.  You will find individual enemy and incited enemy.  Advaitha will give you enough space, will give you so much of Completion, will keep you anxiety-free.  The first thing will happen to you is, you will be so anxiety-free, you will be in the space of Completion.  You will not respond immediately to these incited enemies.  Please understand, a man who is capable of not converting incited enemies into individual enemies is successful already in the war.  See, when somebody joins the war just because others have suffered, if you start even throwing one word towards this guy, he says, ‘Now I also suffered.  Come on, now you are directly my enemy.’  That is the stupid thing you will do.  Creating the number of enemies, increasing the number of enemies is the foolish thing any strategist will do.  First thing, be anxiety-free; through the space of Completion, so that you do not increase the number of enemies. 

I am really telling you, if somebody has incited enemy, enmity is incited in him, he himself has not suffered, in twenty-one hours his anger and enmity will melt down if you just keep quiet.  When they come it will look like almost two-thousand people are coming.  Your real enemy will feel so empowered.  Just keep quiet. When they come and stand in front of you before starting the war, tell your enemy to look all around.  He will be all alone.  He will be just all alone; because, your enemy’s strength is your anxiety.  If you don’t have anxiety, half of your enemy’s strategies will become a failure.  Understand, whatever lessons I am sharing with you is a very practical Living Advaitha experimented and experienced in my own life.


All of you are waging war in your life, in your business, in your relationships, in your career, with your health, understand?  Even in your health, you are waging war.  Even your health is a Mahabharata.  Your eyes are Dhritarashtra, shoulders are Bhima, stomach is Sahadeva, heart is Karna, intellect, the buddhi, is Dharmaraja.  The feeling you carry you are going to live forever from the consciousness is Bhishma.  Your knowledge is Drona.  Even with your health there is a big Mahabharata going on.  Some parts of you are fighting with some parts of you.  All your cells are the sena.  Some group joins your brain, some group joins your heart, some group joins your being.  Whether in your health or life or career, you are fighting with Duryodhana, Shakuni.  The hypocrisy of you which makes you believe others are not as intelligent as you is Shakuni.  Clarity of you which makes you understand everyone is as intelligent as you is Krishna.  Krishna’s success is, he knows everyone is as intelligent as him.  So he tries to be one step further.  Shakuni’s weakness is he never thought the other side will have even one person as intelligent as him.  Find out in your inner-space whether you are a Shakuni or Krishna. 

Understand, the space of Completion, first thing it will do to you, you will not be creating more enemies.  And most of the incited enemies will just die down. If you are anxiety-free, when the incited enemies drop off, now you will know really with whom you need to fight which will be very less number.  Even then don’t start the fight.  See, get into your inner-space, find those patterns which make you feel somebody is your enemy.

Listen.  For a rich man, whoever tries to steal his wealth, or he thinks they are trying to steal his wealth, is his enemy.  For a free man, whoever tries to steal his freedom, or whom he thinks is trying to steal his freedom, is enemy.  For each person there is an instinct in him which makes him identify his enemies.  Complete with that instinct.  You will see many people whom you identify as your enemies are not your enemies, are not really your enemies. 

So, when you do an acid wash of all your incompletions with the space of Completion, you will find so many people who appear to be enemy superficially are not any more enemies to you.  The context from which they are having enmity is not directly attacking you. Understand, so, if you wait and complete with your instinct which identifies your enemies, you will understand all the people scream towards you are not your enemies. 


Please understand, anybody who is shouting at your direction, you think they are your enemies.  No.  Look in, complete with the instinct which makes you identify your enemies.  When you complete, you will also find the true purpose of your existence.  Whoever tries to disturb your true purpose, only they are your enemies.  Now you need to handle only those few people.  Now you need to handle only those few people.  Even in those few people, don’t think that whole person is an enemy.  May be only his intellect is hurt by you and it is screaming towards you, or his emotion is hurt by you he is screaming towards you, his sentiment is hurt by you he is screaming towards you, or he feels threatened towards you, he feels threatened by you he screams towards you.

 Look in.  Even the enemy is not a complete enemy as you think.  If you play the right approach from the space of Completion, suddenly even your enemy will tell, ‘No, no, no, only in that aspect I don’t like him.  Other things are okay’. Don’t waste your time on him.  Emptying your enemies out of enmity is the strategy to be successful in any war.  Same way, with your body and mind, understand. 

Afterwards when you find time, see this satsangh completely second time, third time.  Try to apply this teaching, this concept in this satsangh, in your health.  If you are having some fights with yourself - addictions, restlessness, depression, these are all fights with yourself. Even those moments are nothing but wars.  So, try to apply these same teachings with you, within you.  Just see which part of you is resisting you, which part of you is angry with you, which part of you is against you.  Sometimes, your own sleep will be against you, your own hunger will be against you. 

If you are having acidity problem, it is not that your stomach is fighting against you; your hunger pattern is fighting against you. 

If you have a sleeping problem, too much sleeping, it is not that your body is tired; your boredom pattern is fighting with you. 

Your body is an incited enemy; your boredom is the individual enemy.  So handle your boredom.  Your boredom is also not about the whole life.  Only there are some two-three conflicting patterns; about that you are bored.  Complete with them.


Please understand, first, all the friends of the enemy should lose enmity towards you.  Then weapons of the enemy should lose enmity towards you.  Then parts of your own enemy should lose enmity towards you.  Make enemy wither away, understand?  Till now you have not touched any weapon just like Krishna, and you don’t need to touch.  The power of Advaitha, I tell you, when anxiety cannot be instigated in you, when the space of Completion cannot be taken away from you, I guarantee you are the winner.  Hundred percent I assure you, you are the winner.  In your health, in your wealth, in your relationships, in your business, in your profession, in your career, all of us are facing a Kurukshetra, all of us are facing a Kurukshetra.  Apply these teachings by deep contemplation.  Sit and think, think, think, how your own Completion makes the enemy powerless. 

I tell you, rebuilding is the biggest revenge.  Just by rebuilding yourself, you can make your enemies powerless, you can mock them, you can laugh at them.  I tell you, when somebody is trying to frighten you, if you laugh, they will simply think you are laughing at them only. 

Please understand, a person who cherishes enmity in the heart is already fallen.  He lost the balance.  He lost the purpose of life.  He is a weak guy, powerless guy.  He has already set up himself for failure.  You just have to say ‘Thathaasthu’ to him.  Never ever allow yourself to be out of the Advaithic space.  Never ever allow yourself to enter into a violent space.  Always be in the space of non-violence.  Always be in the space of non-violence.  Never allow the enmity to sit in your heart. 


I will continue further on applying Advaitha for crisis management.  I will further expand on this subject in next few satsanghs.