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At today’s morning Satsang Haridwar, Paramahamsa Nithyananda describes how living in the space of Advaita is the cure-all for problems, sickness and disease. Advaita teaches that our problems are only incompletions with the guarantee that we can come out of them. The correct context of Advaita contains its own self-purification system – completion. Depression is a symptom and delusion is a disease. Living in the space of Advaita is the cure, curing us to the core, and destroying both the symptom and the disease.
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Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam

Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |

Asmath Aachaarya Paryanthaam

Vandhey Guru Paramparaam ||


I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsanghis, Shrimahants, Mahants, Kotharis, Thanedars who are sitting with us all over the world through Nithyananda TV, Lotus TV, Janashree TV, Sadhna TV, Eshwar TV, and two-way video-conferencing having Nayana Deeksha in many cities, in many countries around the world.

The cities sitting with us in two-way video-conferencing having Nayana Deeksha: Ohio-Prayag, Los Angeles-Arunachalam, Vancouver-Bhubaneshwar, Singapore-Singapuram, Johorbahru-Tiruchendur, Downtown-California, Tiruvanmiyur-Chennai, Charlotte-Srisailam, Kuala Lumpur-Palani, Toon Moon-Hong Kong, Houston-Kalahasti, San Jose-Madurai, Hyderabad-Gupta Kashi, Dakota Dunes, High Point-North Carolina, Bangalore-North, London-Kashi, New Jersey Centre, Nithyananda Nagaramu-Hyderabad, Nithyananda Nagara-Bidadi, Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam-Hosur, Chitalapakkam-Chennai, Pavizhakundru-Tiruvannamalai, Kulim-Tiruttani, Oman-Sivagangai.

So, with my love and respects, I welcome all of you.

I will continue to expand on the Space of Advaitha.

Please understand, no other civilization, no other country, no other group of human-beings had the guts and courage to make and amend the laws based on the human experience.  Please understand, all laws, all regulations, all rules, were always binding the man also who made it.  That is why, whenever the Constitutions are declared, the Constitution writers are also bound by it once it is declared.  Some people have tried cunningly to keep themselves out.  They call it by so many names.  The Top Three people have immunity.  You give different titles – Premier, President, Prime Minister – you give all these kind of titles and try to keep yourself above the Constitution. But of course next generation anybody holds your seat will be under the constitution again.  All I am talking is from the society’s angle, please understand. 

I am going to speak about the great space of Advaitha from various angles.  Today, I am speaking from the angle of society, because today’s Inner Awakening program I am going to make a group experience Advaitha.  A “group” means, literally specimens from all over the world! Each group has people from zero education background to PHDs, people who make few hundred rupee per day to few crore per day,people from remote Indian village to the busiest city of the world. People from all over the world are there. They are there from all backgrounds!  From all backgrounds – background, front ground, right ground, left ground, and no ground!  All are there!  So, only if you understand a little bit about society and the importance of Advaitha from the social angle, you will know why I am asking you to, why I am inspiring you, why I am making you to experience Advaitha.  And, I tell you, Advaitha is the only philosophy.  Even the word “philosophy” is too small.  Advaitha is the only fact, truth, which can be experienced globally! 

And I also want to put this on record, when I use the word “Advaitha”, I am not excluding Dvaitha and Visishta Advaitha.  The beauty and greatness of Advaitha is, it is all-inclusive.  As an Advaithi, I can comfortably bow down to Ramanuja, Madhwa, Venkateshwara, Krishna.  I can comfortably bow down to Buddha, Mahaveera, all the ten Sikh gurus.  I can comfortably bow down to the great Keenaram Baba of Aghori Peetha.  I can comfortably bow down to Gorakshnatha, Matsyendranatha, Adi Natha.  Please understand, when I say “Advaitha”, I am saying all-inclusive truths, all-inclusive facts.     

I command my disciples, you will not exclude even in future the different various stages of Advaitha.  You will not exclude them or fight with them.  You will remember them, all of that is various stages of Advaitha. 

So, listen!  No philosophy, no law, whether it is based on Communism, Maoism, Marxism, Anarchism, Hippism, Capitalism, Corporatism, Democracy, Secularism, whatever “ism” it may be, all “isms” bind man, including the man who made it, understand?  Only the principle of Advaitha, this is the only law of life which liberates even the man who practices it, understand?  All the laws and “isms” bind even the man who made it.  Practice it...come on...over!  It is life-imprisonment only, because it is not based on fact; it is based on vested interests.

Please understand, there is a vested interest!  All Constitutions are made, all the forefathers of all Constitutions had something as ulterior motive – may be the country’s infrastructure should grow end of the day – some motive they had, some ulterior motive.  But the visionaries of Advaitha, the Smritikaras of Sanatana Dharma, Manu, even Daksha...!  Please understand, you should never under-estimate Daksha just because of his notion about Mahadeva and just because he fought with Mahadeva for some period.  Actually, after he transformed, he lived for quite a long time in Varanasi, meditating on Mahadeva as a devotee of Mahadeva!  So, even Daksha Prajapati, all their Smritis if you see, Yajnavalkya, Manu, the Smritis they compiled, the Dhamma, the Dharma which was developed by these great visionaries, please listen, these visionaries did not have any vested interests, including the idea of creating a large, huge infrastructure where their descendants will sing their glory continuously!  No!  They never had any vested interests.  They only know, ‘Let’s make the understandings about the fact as practical as possible and as simple as possible. That’s all!

All over the world, without any rule or regulation being taught, or without being told, whatever you spontaneously start picking up and living, is Dhamma.  Please understand, all over the world, without being taught or being told, which you spontaneously pick up and live, is Dharma.  I am repeating.  Dharma is nothing but making the nature the basic fact, the basic truths remembered in your every-day life.  Actually, end of the Inner Awakening, you will understand the greatest truth: you have not learned anything, and nothing can be taught!  You are only made to be in tune with the fact, with the existing truth.  All over the world, without being taught, or without being told, which you spontaneously pick up and live, is Dharma.  Like, when you know if somebody hurts you it pains you, and you decide not to hurt others, it is Dharma.  When you know that in the morning the Sun rises, so your body is fresh, you jump up, wake up, get ready, fresh, active, alive, and when the Sun sets you feel that now it is time to retire, you put your body to rest, this is Dharma. 

Understand, tuning the subtleties of the truth into your mind, and tuning your mind to the subtleties of the truth, is “Tapas”.  Tuning your mind into the subtleties of the truth, the Advaithic space! Tuning the truth into the subtleties of your mind, and tuning your mind into the subtleties of the truth, is “Tapas”. 

Please listen, tuning your mind to the subtleties of the truth is “Tapas”.  Tuning the subtleties of the truth to your mind is “Miracle”.  When truth commands your mind and takes over, that is “Spiritual Practice”.  When your mind commands the truth and takes over, it is “Siddhis”, miracle powers. 

The space of Advaitha, social laws based on the Advaithic space, it liberates even the person who practices it, because it came from the liberated consciousness.  Be very clear, who are the visionaries’ of the laws and bye-laws and social laws you are practicing, be very careful about it; because, the laws and bye-laws you are living are going to lead you towards the goal with which the visionaries coined those rules.  That is why I am telling you, O my dear ones, with tremendous friendliness and love I am telling you, the purest lifestyle, impossible to be exploited, no one can exploit you with this lifestyle directly or indirectly, is Advaitha.  There are some countries’ systems, like this Capitalism, may be the founders, the visionaries may not be exploiting you, but they themselves are exploited by the foolish concepts and non-real principles, untrue ideas.  But, I tell you, Advaitha, the space of Advaitha is the law of life which came from the most beautiful inner-space, because the system can neither be used to exploit others, nor the people who created it were getting exploited by something else. 

I tell you, the only system which gives liberation to the preacher and the practitioner, to the preacher and the practitioner, the only system which gives liberation to the preacher and the practitioner, is Advaitha!  The more and more you practice, the more and more liberation!  When you have a problem, we don’t call them even as “problems”, we call them as “incompletions”.  Understand, the word “incompletion” means, we already give you a guarantee you can come out of it!  Even when you address your problems, it is addressed in such a way, you are given the confidence!  Understand, you should find out what medicine a doctor prescribes for his own family, kith and kin.  Only that medicine you should trust, because his heart, the love is involved.  So, naturally, he will be very sensitive about what he is giving.  Same way, please listen, you should find out, any great teachers, what is the philosophy they are giving for their close near and dear ones.  Understand, with tremendous love, with integrity and authenticity I tell you all, you are all my near and dear ones. 

Please listen!  Live, practice, preach the principles, the truth of the space of Advaitha.  I tell you, if I take one more birth, “if” – I am not planning – “if” I take one more birth, the only thing I will decide to remember is, if I again create my body the only thing I will remember is, let it be based on Advaitha.  Because, whenever a Master leaves his body, if he wants to take one more birth, he has to leave an automatic program, automated program, the auto-pilot system, kind of a Yantra, kind of a program, because once he becomes one with the Cosmos, he will not be reminded.  So, like an alarm clock, the reminder, he has to leave something.  Our Banyan Tree (in Bidadi ashram) is what I left in the last birth as the alarm clock, reminder; that holds the program.  I tell you, my reminder (in this birth) is live and radiate the space of Advaitha.       

I tell you, but, such an unfortunate thing, in India secularism is being used to promote the same organized religion against which secularism was evolved!  Million times if they see the secularism is practised in India.

Listen!  Listen to this great truth!  All these philosophies, Communism, Marxism, Maoism, Terrorism, Sickularism, all these “isms” are just a few big-big billboards put up.  Billboards cannot hide the Surya, the Sun.  Advaitha is Surya, not billboard,one of the billboard! 

Understand, it is like the Computer was invented to save your time.  And where it landed all of you know!  Same way, your anger was invented to protect yourself by the fear.  But, finally, where your anger leads you?  Understand, why, first of all, the anger pattern was entertained by you?  Because, your fear told you that only through anger you can protect yourself, defend yourself.  Like how the Computer was invented to save time, and finally the Computer is the product with which we waste time!  The largest amount of time of humanity is now on Computer!  Understand, when I am on Facebook, I am on my JOB!  But, when you are on Faceboook, you are NOT on your job, understand!  So, don’t follow me!  Don’t think, ‘Swamiji is also on Facebook all the time’.  Yes!  But I am on my job, reaching out to you all!  If your only job is reaching out to me, then you can be all the time on Facebook with me.  You have to understand the context and the action are both aligned.  Otherwise, don’t just align the action without aligning the context.  That is where the big problem is. 

I have seen in Ramakrishna Mission many sadhus telling me.  They smoke.  If you ask, ‘Why are you smoking?’  ‘No....Vivekananda smoked!’  No!   The context is totally different!  Don’t imitate the action without knowing the context.  A personality like Vivekananda or Ramakrishna, if they are smoking, they are just settling into the body; so they need something.  But, in your case, you don’t need to settle into the body.  If you smoke, you may settle into the ground, in your tomb!  HAHAHA!  

I have seen my own Master closely, the great Yogi, Yogi Ram Surat Kumar.  He used to tell that the beedi, the village cigarette which he smokes, helps him settle into the body.  But that does not mean he did not suffer.  He suffered!  He suffered with Cancer!  He did not have pain, because he is a yogi.  But he used to tell me, when he was going through the period of cancer – I think four-and-a-half years he went through it – he used to tell me, ‘I used the wrong anchor to hold the body!  You don’t use this anchor!’  I told him, ‘Yes, Maharaj.’  I am very happy.  Because, once he tried to give a beedi to me, but I didn’t receive it.  I used to have a guilt about it (about having refused to receive it).  But, then, finally, I completed, because he himself said, ‘Don’t use this wrong anchor!’

So, understand, know the context before you do the action. 

I tell you, bring the context of Advaitha; everything you do will be right!  Everything you do will be right!  And even if it is not right now, Advaitha has the power of self-purification!  It goes on purifying you!  The beauty of Advaitha is, whenever you sit alone, it constantly helps you to do Completion, Completion, Completion, and more and more and more you are aligned to the highest truths!

Advaitha is like an Indian wife: she may fight with you, but she will never leave you!  Understand, she may constantly threaten you...act!  Of course, now it has reduced; that is different. But now am telling is the village Indian mother, I have seen, sometimes the sons will beat the mother; not as a kid, but even after growing up!  The mother will be working in the fields, coming and feeding this fellow, her own son.  He is twenty-five or thirty years old.  He is lying on the cot outside the house all the time.  And this fellow will steal the remaining money from the mother and run and drink and come back and beat the mother.  Even then, she will not kick that fellow out of the house.  ‘Okay, my son....’  She will continue to feed him and keep him in the house...and wait for him to evolve and understand. 

Understand, the philosophy of Advaitha is like my Indian village mother: it will never give up on you!  Advaitha will never give up on you!  Even if you bring the worst failures to Advaitha, it will digest, digest, digest, digest, clear, clear, clear, clear, and make you powerful, successful, and cause your peak potential as reality!  Cause your peak potential as reality!  How the best Ayurvedic diet becomes completely energy in your body – I am being given Ayurvedic diet for the last one month.  I tell you, whatever I take – I take very less quantity, quantity has reduced drastically; but whatever I take, I can see, the whole thing becomes energy in the body!  I wanted her to guide all our Annalayas all over the world.  Please listen, Advaitha is exactly like Ayurvedic diet.  The whole thing will become energy in your system.  The whole thing will become energy in your system!

My dear ones, whether you are having the best moments of your life or the worst moments of your life, you are having the peak joys of your life or survival threat of your life, I tell you, live Advaitha, make decisions based on Advaitha.  I tell you, you will win the game and you will be successful in the game! 

If I teach people how to strategize using Advaithic truths, I feel my mission is achieved.  The great principles, the truths of Advaitha, if I know I have helped at least a few people to make those principles as reality – how to do business strategy from the space of Advaitha, how to do war strategy, fighting strategy, defence strategy from the space of Advaitha, how to do strategy for individual wealth-creation or society’s wealth-creation from the space of Advaitha, how to experience fulfilment in the individual relationships and the peace in the collective relationship, enthusiasm and excitement in the national mood from the space of Advaitha – if I can share these strategies with people, if I make these strategies practical, I will feel my mission is accomplished!  Because, truth is the most practical strategy!  A straight line is the shortest distance between any two points.  A straight line is the shortest distance between any two points.  Truth is the best strategy for any situation.  Shakunis may look like winners, but will never be, in the end! 

Please understand, the ability to drop the past, restart your life newly, comes to you by Advaitha.  I have always seen, the people who trust the Advaithic truths have the self-healing capabilities very quickly!  I have seen some of my swamis, any hurt in one or two days, they will be up,alive and ready. Once they are down they are down. It will take almost like a chicken pox time,10 or 15 days.I am not speaking about the chicken pox, I am talking about the time taken for recovery from chicken pox.If they don’t have the introduction to the principles of Advaitha, or applying it to their day-to-day thinking, the recovery times take days and months.  If they have the principles of Advaitha, the recovery time will be so beautiful!  And, when they don’t have the Advaithic principles inside their inner-space, miss!  Whenever I see our Swamis recover, I am very happy.  ‘Yes!  These guys are digesting Advaitha!’ 

Understand, recover only based on Advaithic principles.  Don’t recover using any other principles.  If you recover using any other principles, it will be equivalent to using alcohol and waking up.  Anything else will become addictive.  Only Advaitha will become adhesive.  Have the right adhesive with life.  “Adhesive” means, which “joins” you.  If you have become bits and pieces, have the right adhesive to join you, integrate you.  Have the right adhesive.  If you use anything other than Advaitha, it will become addictive.  Don’t!  Don’t!  Women, pleasure, money, name and fame, all these also can wake you up from depression, from various contexts, from different contexts.  ‘If I am lying down all the time, who will make money for me?  How will I enjoy these pleasures?’  That also will wake you up.  But, that will only become addictive, I tell you.  Let only Advaitha recover you.  Let only Advaitha be the adhesive.  That is why it has “Ad”vaitha already in the front – “Ad”hesive! 

I tell you, in sannyas life, you cannot make use of anything else to recover.  Here, only Advaitha can be used as a recovery. 

I tell you, when you recover based on Advaitha, you will have so much of healing inside, you will never again become powerless the same way you became.  Recovery through Advaitha is not temporary recovery, it leads to permanent cure!  Depression is a symptom, delusion is the disease.  If you use anything else and recover, you may reduce the symptom, but not the disease itself.  But with Advaitha, you will destroy the symptom and the disease, both!  The more and more you recover, the disease also will disappear, because Advaitha treats you, heals you, cures you to the core of you!

Listen!  Advaitha.....let your whole thinking be based on the space of Advaitha.  As I said, your inner-space is an independent organ.  You may not be able to cut and see it through physiological surgery.  But that does not mean it does not exist.  The physiological surgery may not show this organ in your body, but it exists!  Your inner-space – “Manaha” – is a different dimension, with different inner parts.  “Buddhi”, individual consciousness reflection, “Chittha”, so many of these components exist in that organ, “Manaha”.  If that “Manaha” is filled with Advaithic thinking more and more, without even you knowing you will recover, I tell you.  You may have in one corner of the mind the thought that you need money, you need this relationship, you need this joy, this pleasure.  But that may not be the main purpose, main reason for your recovery.  If you are recovering, the main reason, the first reason is Advaitha!  That is enough!  You have already started practicing liberated thinking!   

I can name a long list of people in our Sangha for whom I am very happy about them.  I am very happy about them, because of the way they recovered.  I can see your inner-space more than you can see!  In a way that is a good news.  In a way, that is a bad news!  In a way, that is good news.  And, in a way, that is the best news!  No, really!  I can list a huge number of people who recovered using the space of Advaitha.  Sometimes directly they knowing, sometimes without even knowing!  Because they constantly heard these truths from me, it has gone into their deeper logic.  I can see each country’s screen (countries attending the satsangh via video-conference) and name the people, taka, taka, taka, taka, taka!  So many names I can say!  I am so happy for you guys that so much of recovery has happened in so many of you based on Advaitha.  And, I bless you guys, you will all completely recover based on this great space of Advaitha.  With all my love, sincerity, integrity and authenticity, I bless you all, you guys will recover, completely be healed from the disease and symptoms, the disease of delusion and symptom of depression, just through the space of Advaitha!  And whenever people fall down, I can see what is happening.  And when they recover, I can see what is happening.  Whenever I see the Advaithic component is playing a more powerful part in their recovery, I am so happy for their recovery.  But, in the space of Advaitha, nothing needs to be done; I just have to poke your Ananda Gandha and open that Advaithic space!  That is the self-medicated, self-healing, self-recovery energy.  That itself does the chemotherapy to your tumour, and that itself heals, and that itself does the post-operative recovery!  You are just up, alive, jumping!  You become a doctor and poke others’ Ananda Gandha.  By the time you are out of the hospital, you become a doctor!  Now you know how to help others’ Ananda Gandha!

Please understand, please listen, even if you have forgotten all the words, that is okay.  Just listen to this one line:  Constantly keep yourself blissfull based on the principles of Advaitha.  Constantly keep yourself excited, active, alive, creative, just based on the principles of Advaitha.  Constantly keep you in the space of Completion through Advaitha. 

Everyone is you.  All the best things you have is because of you.  All the wrong things you have is because of you.  Attend to everyone as you attend to you.  Any unawareness, unconsciousness in attending to others, arrogance, abusal in attending to others means you have same arrogance, abusal in attending to you!  If you are speaking into your listening, you will be able to speak into others’ listening.  If you are speaking into others’ listening, you will be able to speak into your listening.  Learn to speak into your listening.  That is the easy training to speak into others’ listening.  These are the essence of Advaithic space, one thought-trend of Advaithic space.

I will continue...continue to expand in further sessions.

When Advaitha recovers you, you become such a beautiful being with whom even the Master wants to live, understand!  When Advaitha recovers you, when you recover through Advaitha, even the Master wants to live with you, not just you want to live with you!

I am not saying falling is right or falling is wrong.  All I am saying, standing up again based on Advaitha is the right thing.  Recovering again based on the principles of Advaitha is the right thing to be done.  Completion itself is nothing but aligning yourself to the Advaithic space.  Even Completion should be used with the context of bringing you back into the space of Advaitha.  If you do Completion, ultimately you will fall into the Advaithic space.  But, even when you start practicing, you should keep the context of Advaitha.  The context of Advaitha is required.  The context of Advaitha is the base.


Blessings for all of you!  I bless you all!  Let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching and Causing the eternal bliss, Nithyananda!  Thank you!