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In today’s morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda delivers a very important truth – adding strength to you is life! By weaving the fabric of Liberated Thinking into our lives, strength is added to everything we do. Completion with the body is yoga, breathing is pranayama, speaking is Integrity, thinking is Authenticity, feeling is Responsibility and living is Enlightenment. Let us make completion our life and drink the nectar of strength!
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Paramahamsa Nithyananda, truth, strength, life, Liberated Thinking, body, yoga, pranayama, Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enlightenment, completion, nectar.
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Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam

Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |

Asmath Aachaarya Paryanthaam

Vandhey Guru Paramparaam ||


I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsanghis, Shrimahants, Mahants, Kotharis, Thanedars, everyone sitting with us all over the world.

Cities sitting with us in two-way video-conferencing having Nayana Deeksha: Singapore-Singapuram, Nithyananda Nagaram-Tiruvanamalai, Kulim-Tiruttani, Scottsdale-Arizona, Houston-Kalahasti, Nithyananda Nagaramu-Hyderabad. San Jose-Madurai, Bangalore Centre, Los Angeles-Arunachalam, Guadeloupe-Rameshwaram,  Toronto-Kailasam, Hollywood, Artesia-California, Ohio-Prayag, London-Kashi, Hyderabad-Gupta Kashi, Dubai-Vaidyanatham, Indrani-New Jersey, High Point-North Carolina, Jorpati-Nepal, Camus-Hong Kong, Tiruvanmiyur-Chennai, Oman-Sivagangai, Uttarahalli-Bangalore, Norwalk California.

I welcome all of you with my love and blessings. Kulim - Tiruttani, Houston - Kalahasti I can see also. I welcome all of you with my love and blessings.

Today, the 9th day of the Rajarajeshwari Brahmotsava.  Yesterday we had a beautiful Rathotsava in the night in the almost Full Moon shining in the sky and Devi going around Nithyananda Nagara.  It was a scene to be seen.  And today morning Devi is gracing on  Alankara.  Means the vegetables, crown. She is wearing a crown made of vegetables and gracing us on the peacock, Suvarna Mayura Vahana.

Today, Inner Awakening 9th day!  

And we have Kalpataru Darshan in Tiruvannamalai.  I will enter into the satsang.

Strength! Today  I will expand on STRENGTH.

Understand, everything you do in your life should be adding strength to you.  Then it is nectar. If it is adding weakness to you, it is poison.  Whether your eating habit, sleeping habit, working habits, sometime sitting habit, the way you sit, and dancing habit, and very important, thinking habit.  Some of the biggest habits which you forget is your speaking habits, your thinking habits your feeling habits, your living habits.  

Listen. Some of the very important habits you have, you take them for granted.  Your sitting habit decides whether you are planning for a back-pain or a healthy back.  Just the alignment in your sitting habit, not only you will not have pain, you will be getting more and more strength.  At least we have video-recorded evidence for the last ten years I am just sitting, sitting, sitting, sitting, sitting.  For last ten years we have video-recorded evidence of at least twelve-thousand hours me sitting.  Understand?  I have never had back-pain even for a minute.  I am taking out many people’s back-pain!  And I have jumped so much, but never fallen.  Anyhow, listen!  

Anything you do should go on adding more and more strength to you.  If there is some weakness, look in and align it.  When I saw this cough is happening because of continuous talking, I did not stop talking; I just looked inside where the exact is problem and aligned.  Now, literally, it is not there.

Understand, Completion with your muscles is Yoga, Completion with your breathing is Pranayama, Completion with your speaking is Integrity, Completion with your thinking is Authenticity, Completion with your feeling is Responsibility, Completion with your living is Enlightenment.  Completion with your body is Yoga.  Completion with your breathing is Pranayama.  

Listen.  Every action you do, every habit you build up, should be leading to more and more joy, strength.  Sorry, I withdraw the word “joy”, I add the word “strength”; sometimes somethings give you a joy but doesn’t give you strength.

I want to congratulate the CVS Retail chain stores all over the world have decided to stop selling tobacco and tobacco-related products.  CVS is one of the largest retail chain stores.  I congratulate them, and I give them my heartfelt blessings on behalf of me and on behalf of millions of Hindus.  And I congratulate for the beautiful decision you have made and the sensitivity you are showing, care you are showing to the world.

Every action you do should add strength to you.  Wrong thinking is much worse than smoking!  We are all so much bothered  about the smoking habit because it weakens our lungs, weakens our body, finally, takes your life out, you are killed.  But I don’t know why we are not having this much of concern about wrong thinking which is very important.  Your smoking habit may be you will be doing it once, once or twice a day if you are a beginner. Maybe once in a one hour if you are a chain-smoker.  But thinking goes on and on and on!  Don’t you understand it is very important?  It is very important!  That if you feel weak, you are supposed to look back, look in the way you think and start correcting it immediately.  I invite all the Yoga teachers all over the world, you only learned one part of Yoga – Completion with body; you need to learn Completion with breathing, Completion with your words, Completion with your thinking, Completion with your feeling, Completion with your living.

Please listen. Bringing the fabric of Completion and weaving your whole life is what I call “liberated thinking”.  Bringing the fabric of Completion and weaving your whole life with it is what I call “liberated thinking”.  

It was such a ecstasy.  I am talking about my experience of enlightenment at the age of twelve.  But it is I who has to work to bring that ecstatic moment, that Completion and weave that experience with my whole life.  Please listen.  Today I am revealing one of the very important fact, very important truth.  Many of you get satori experience in your life knowingly or unknowingly either when you are praying deeply or when you face the sudden death of your near and dear one, or when you yourself face some accident and come out, or when you get initiated by the Guru. Sometimes, when you are praying for the Guru deeply, the moment you see him somewhere from the distance.  Many of you get the experience of satori, no doubt. No doubt.  But you forget to bring that experience, that fabric and weave your whole life with it.  When I had this experience of enlightenment at the age of twelve. - I am calling that as “experience of enlightenment”, because I brought that fabric and weaved my whole life with it; that is why it become enlightenment.  If I did not do that job, it will be called as “satori”.  

All of you listen.  All of you experience certain moment of Completion in your life; otherwise you cannot be alive!  Especially, the modern-day media made life very difficult.  If you just watch TV every night before falling asleep, I guarantee, within two years you will become mad. No really! You may be living as a borderline personality; means manageable madness in the house - your madness is such, you can be managed in the house. Really   I am telling you, never watch TV at least half-an-hour before sleeping, because such high visuals with intense sound getting into your system will disturb your Completion space during your sleep.  Before falling asleep, either listen to some satsangh – I am not saying “watch”, “listen”.  If you have are forced to watch some TV or something which is powerful visual, go and clean your eyes with that neti pot, then come and sleep.  So much of high, powerful visuals sitting in your eyes and falling asleep, the whole night you will not have a complete rest; one part of you will be constantly grinding what was pushed into your eyes, which will lead to weakness, and finally even you will not be able to handle your own emotions and thinking.  

I tell you, inability to handle you is the worse weakness in the life.  The person who is not able to handle himself is “criminally weak”!  I am developing a new word.  Your weakness cannot be celebrated, forgiven, respected; it is criminality!  The ability to handle yourself is lost if you push too much of stuff into your system, especially before falling asleep.  Understand, the high light visuals are not good, especially before you fall asleep.  Before falling asleep, half-an hour, at least half-an-hour, no TV; only internal TV – Completion!  No external TV; only internal TV – Completion.  Complete inside, and in that peace fall asleep.  

Bring the fabric of Completion and stitch; weave your whole life with it.  When you wake up, be in the space of Completion.  When you take bath, be in the space of Completion.  When you brush, be in the space of Completion. When you do enema, be in the space of Completion.  When you do neti-dhauti be in the space of Completion.  

I wanted all my Sannyasis to learn Dhauti Kriya also; means, swallowing a long cloth and taking it out.  It may be a little difficult in the initial level but we can get a yogic certified Yoga teachers who have done a lot of research in this field and they can teach you guys.  I have mastered this science, but I am not a certified teacher.  So…..  Anyhow we will get some certified teachers.  You guys can learn that.  It is actually very good.  When you do the dhauti, be in the space of Completion.  

Every action, be in the space of Completion.  Before you start talking to somebody, remember to be in the space of Completion and start that.  Whether your friend, or the fellow who is fighting with you, be in the space of Completion and start speaking.  I tell you, even if somebody comes to abuse you, harass you, attack you, if you are in the space of Completion, you will only become more and more strong.  The amount of strength they added to us but they are able to sit and think through. They are able to catch the thread which I was trying to teach them.  

They were able to catch it.  And, above all, the strength they are having.  Now nobody cares about this, that. These fellows are very clear this is the way life is going to be.  Even the life is going to be this way only, we are ready.  And I tell you guys, life is not going to be this - when you show, when you demonstrate strength all these fools who tried to abuse us will disappear. Only goats are sacrificed; never lions!  Only goats are sacrificed, not lions.  I can see I have produced lions!  Some, at least lion cubs!  No throughout my thinking through when I was teaching them, I was teaching them certain; it’s a science of thinking.  On one subject I was teaching them the science of thinking.

It is now the era of social media.  People trust the news in the Facebook, Twitter, Internet, YouTube, Orkut,  all the social media, than any other TV channels or print media, magazines, newspapers, because people don’t want any more the one-side view and people also understood few people are deciding what you should know and what you should not know.  This Freedom of Speech and all is a big lie taught to you.  Some of the biggest lies taught to you is this liberal thinking -eh! Communism - eh!  Tell me, which Communist leader is living Communist life?  They talk about Communism, but they live capitalist life!  Many of these Socialist leaders live antisocial life.  Some of the biggest lies taught to you is this Freedom of Speech.  What do they mean by Freedom of Speech?  Indian media claims Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Speech!    They make a single statement, it’s all lies taught to you.       

I tell you, but future, future of the media is going to be social media, because the orthodox media lost credibility.  Especially in Tamil Nadu you should see the fun baba!  Any time the ruling party’s channel will tell as if the milk and honey is flowing all over the country and all the auspiciousness is happening, people are living almost in the space of heaven.  At the same time the other media, the opposition party’s media will be describing all the hell is broken loose and  no one can live in that state, and  country has gone to dogs!  You should have two TV and see both channels, especially the news.   The future, of the media is social media, because people nowadays don’t want to hear one-side story; they want the truth as it is.  So they want all-side stories.  Especially if you read the comments below every article, you should see people have started participating; they want only the participating media.  They don’t want this old idea of the media will be very aggressive, active and put what they want in your heart and head and you will be passive. No nobody is ready for that nowadays.  They say, ‘for that go somewhere else!’  

I tell you, social media has made India more Hindu!  Really, I am telling you!  Social media has made India more Hindu!  Because these orthodox media were completely funded by anti-Hindu elements, they were able to constantly abuse the Hindu systems, Hindu lifestyle, Hindu gurus.  You abuse Hindus left and right and write a book, it will be called as “Freedom of Speech”.  You write one or two truths or facts about other religions; you will be booked for hurting religious sentiments.  To ban the Da Vinci Code movie in India, so much has been done; the whole media is supporting! But this one abusive author, recently one book was banned - out-of-court settlement; not banned, it was pulled out by Penguin Publishers. Media was abusing this decision and the organization which was fighting for it. The Da Vinci code issue, media was supporting and they were insisting on the ban.  In this, that book, “The Hindus: An Alternative History” I think. In this there was such a degraded way of presenting Hinduism.  Media was attacking the organization which was fighting to protect our dignity.  But a funny thing: if you abuse Hinduism, it is called “Freedom of Speech”; even if you tell even one or two facts about other religions, it is called “hurting religious sentiments”! ‘The Hindus: An alternative History,‘ that was the book name, Penguin books of India.

Anyhow I am not saying Da Vinci Code should be released and I am not interested in fighting with other religions or..... I am not that type of person and I am not interested in that. All I am trying to tell you is the way the so-called orthodox media functions.  Now the social media, where, even if you are not having enough money and the whole infrastructure, you can express your views; you just need a computer desktop and internet connection; you can put your views, air your views YouTube, Wikipedia and Internet, Facebook, Twitter, all the social media.  Thanks to the social media, Hindus are becoming more Hindus!  

The social media is a very beautiful alternative for the established media infrastructures, established medias.  When the power is centralized, naturally it corrupts.  The social media beautifully took away the credibility and power of the established media organizations.  That’s one of the very good thing happened.  I could see my Sannyasis not at all afraid of this established media.  They were so clear how to handle, how to answer.  I will be producing the first batch of Hindu Sannyasis who are professionals in giving Press Meets, who have best presence in the media, because they have learnt all the lessons now.  They have now learnt what can be twisted to what!  

I tell you, when you radiate Completion, even the people who come to abuse you can’t shake you, at end of the day you would have become more strong, clear, you will be radiating more strength and clarity, you will be radiating more and more strength and clarity.  

Understand, every word you utter should make you more and more strong in speaking, every thought you think should make you more and more strong in your thinking, every feeling you entertain should make you more and more strong in your feeling, every day you live should make you more and more strong in your living.  Understand, every meal you eat should make you more and more strong physically, every action you do should make you more and more strong physically.  

Growing younger is possible! This is the science of growing younger.  Your thinking should physically make you strong.  Every day it should be adding strength to you physically.  If you handle certain responsibilities, certain things in your life, tomorrow you should be able to handle more.  Tomorrow you should be able to think better, feel better, live better.  Adding strength to you is life.

Today’s satsangh, essence of today’s satsangh is:

Strength is life. Adding more and more strength to you is life.  Every day your physical movements should add strength to you.  The way you sit can become either Yoga or roga.  It can lead to Yoga, strength, or it can lead to roga, disease.  The way you jump, either it can become Yoga or roga.  The way you breathe, either it can become Pranayama or wheezing.  The way you speak, either it can become, make you a great orator, achieving what you want by the words, or it can put you in mess and destroy your future and life.  The way you think, either it can go on suffocating you or liberating you.  The way you feel can either make you more and more responsible or irresponsible. The way you live, either you can become more and more enlightened or bound.  So, listen, it’s your freedom to add strength, find the method to live and radiate strength.  Completion is the methodology to live and radiate strength.


I bless you all.  Let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching with eternal bliss, Nithyananda. Thank you.