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This discourse delivered on 4 Aug 2017,Paramahamsa Nithyananda continues to expand on the Adheenam Chalo series. He speaks on the principle of Integrity, and how the concept of money is sold to the people. In this discourse he reveals the biggest truth about having multiple births. Watch, share and like the video's and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click to subscribe. Website and Social Media:
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aum nithyānandeśvara sadāshiva samārambhām
nithyānandeśvari adi shakti madhyamām |
asmat āchārya paryantām vande guru paramparām ||

I welcome all of you with My love and respects. I welcome all the devotees, disciples, Sarvajnapeetha Yajamans, Nithya Satsangis, SriMahants, Mahants, Thanedar, Kothari, everyone, viisitors, viewers , everyone sitting with us through Nithyananda TV, Facebook live, hundreds of Aadheenamvasis channel, Youtube live, Twitter live and two way video conferencing having Nayana Deeksha.

Cities sitting with us, long list.

So I welcome all of you with My love and respects.


I’ll  continue on Aadheenam Chalo series. I’ll expand on some more basic principles I was explaining in last few satsangs. Integrity only when it is converted into responsibility of enriching is kept live and taken to the next level. If you are integrated to morning sleep, only if you teach everyone please sleep til ten o’clock, you will be able to maintain your integrity and you create a sleepers club, and you encourage people to take either legal drug or illegal drug and sleep whole day, morning day, night, whatever, whenever, you don’t have the work of eating, you can continue to be sleeping. Only if you make a theology out of constantly being bored, tired and chronic fatigue and make it as a philosphy. From theology evolves philosphy, from philosophy evolves religion. If you make that as a sleeping religion, only then you can continue to be integrated to it. Otherwise somebody may suddenly come and tell you, Hey, morning doing yoga is good for your health, and you may change your attitude and you may give up on the great religion on which you have built your whole life: morning sleep. What will happen?


Understand. Anything to which you are integrated, only if you take the responsibility to enrich, it continues to exist. It continues to be alive. It takes you to the next level.

Love. If you are integrated to the principle of love, experience of love, continue to enrich everyone, take the responbility to enrich everyone with that experience of love, you will attract more love, you will form that as fundamental experience of your existence. Anything when you are integrated to it and take the responsibility to enrich, it expands and takes you to the next level.

Love brings more love. Same way money, if you are integrated to the concept of money and you deicde to enrich everyone, take the responsibility to enrich everyone with the concept of money – understand, I am revealing one of the important secret: You are given the concept of money, not money itself. You are given the concept of money, not money itself. You are constantly given the greed if you have money you can do this, you can do that, you can do this, you can have this, all that. Finally all the money which you can make, in every possible way, good bad, right wrong – does that money get all the things you have been promised which you will get out of that money? No.

Just see in your real life, the system is such, you are given only concept of money, not money itself. You are given concept of wealth not wealth itself, because the things you need, things you have been promised to get that the money required. You need to work for six, seven births –

Unfortunately in the West you have been taught you have only one birth. And at least if you are from the East where these re-birth communiites –

Understand, if you cognize from the young age re-birth is possible it is possible for you because when you leave the body, your cognition is very important to choose the doors opening in front of you. For example, if you are completely allergic to Hinduism, even if there is huge Hindu temple in front of you while you are traveling, driving, or walking and the doors are open, you will never enter into it because you are allergic to it.


Same way after death all the possibilities will be open in front of you – rebirth, just getting frozen in the fear and becoming a stone; enlightenment, all the doors will be open in front of you. Which door you feel comfortably you will be able to live, which door you think will be able to handle comfortably, you enter into that.

If you never believed from the birth that rebirth is possible, your inner space will never be prepared, so even though the door is open you will not enter into it. You will not even think it exists. I tell you, sometime which you don’t belive, like, you don’t even cognize – forget about entering – you don’t even cognize that exists.  


I have seen some people never cognize some buildings exists. No – it really happened in My life, good or bad, I never entered into the cinema theaters. Only once, my pre-monastic relatives they owned a theater so they dragged Me into the theater. Of course in few minutes I ran away and came out. Somehow that never gave Me the feeling of entertainment, never entered.

The route in which I am going to school and coming back to the home had a cinema theater. Ten years after that, when somebody told Me about that cinema theater – please understand, ten years after that, ten years of going in that same route and coming – when somebody was speaking to Me I really could not cognize that building exists in that very road. Such vast, big building with huge entrance. I was shocked. Am I blind or am I lying, am I doing something wrong? Am I – I can’t imagine because every small, small Ganesha in the street outside home I know the count in that road.

Not that I noticed and did not cognise, first time I am even cognizing that building exists in that road. Understand, when I tell this, how many of you are able to click with some of your experiences in your life, this, yes?


Same thing, if you are taught only one birth, no re-birth, when you leave the body and all the doors are open, you will not even cognize. Feel blessed if you are taught from the beginning you have multiple births, you are rich. Understand. It is not that how many buildings are available matters, it is your ability to access matters. It is not that whether multiple births are available, or one birth, only one birth and death, it is your ability to access.

Understand. If you are a Hindu and you are taught from the beginning you have multiple births, and constantly your inner space is cognizing that and functioning, be very clear, you are rich.


Listen. Biggest wealth is time. What is biggest wealth? Time. Whatever you want to achieve in the lanet Earth, whether you wan to have trillion dollar, zillion dollar or the political power, or anything, end of the day, time is the biggest wealth through which you can master, achieve, anything you want. Time is available only if you are a Hindu. It is not that non-Hindus don’t have access to the truth of birth and death.  Unfortunately, because they are not prepared consciously, they do not even cognize that door.


See, after death you will go through this whole different planes. For example, when I used to travel in the train I’ll – in those days there was no Google Map so I’ll keep the map – ordinary map, and see from where to where I am going, what rivers are coming, what temples are coming,  so I’ll keep Myself awake to catch the glimpse of the temple tower or the river. Same way, after death your soul will go through the journey of different planes to decide what to do. Only if you know through the zones and planes you are going to go through, you will keep yourself awake and alive. If you don’t even know through which road, which way you are going to go, you will fall asleep. If you don’t know multiple births and possibility exists, after death when you are taken for a tour, when your consciousness goes for experiencing to choose, when the tour is given you will just freeze in depression, fear, anxiety, and collapse, just into the unknown space. You will not even open your eyes and see. You will not even open your eyes and see.


Listen. Being educated, taught about the 11 Dimensions of Universe, 25 States of Consciousness even intellectually, when you are having few minutes with yourself, either when you are cleaning your teeth after food or lying in the bed and not feeling like sleeping or just loitering around or you are taking shower, in all those moments when you are within you, if these cognitions continue to exist in you and you are grindinig about this multiple births and deaths possibility, multiple dimensions of the Universe possibility. Understand, all this is amazing preparation, when those door open you know how to cognize that door, and you know what is the principle, rules and regulations you need to play if you enter into that door.

I never had interest to enter into theater, so I never bothered about where to get the ticket, how to go and sit, what will be available where. Not only that, the extreme step – did not even look at that building, cognize that building exists.

Understand. That is why I am saying one of the biggest droha done to humanity is this one birth concept is being spread. Alll doors are shut if you believe in one birth.

Actually, your soul will be taken for a tour when you leave the body for you to choose the next journey, the next part of the journey, so you will feel everything is too new, you were not even intellectually introduced. You neither – you were not allowed to see the trial, you have not been given any introduction, you don’t know where you are going, you have not even seen – forget about photograph, even a portrait. And you will be just sitting and waiting to catch a glimpse of where is that hell and that heaven which I was taught in my book and my book has told me that no re-birth, no birth, only the two has been taught, Hell and Heaven, and as far as whatever I cognize myself I am sure it is going to be only hell, and let me find out where it is.  Other than that two door you will not even see anything.


I tell you, just for giving one small grain as a dhana you can reach Heaven and be there forever, during all the dhanas just you did not give once little glass of water for somebody, just for that one mistake you can reach Hell and be there forever, which one you choose to cherish continuously in you, that is going to decide where you are going to enter.

If you decide, eh, thousands of good things and bad things what I know I have done to me, but what Sadashiva knows as the best thing, one thing intiation that he has done to me, will that one be higher or my 1000 good or bad will be higher?


Yes, as a child you have a piggy bank, you collect two thousand coin, and in that twenty five coins have been stolen by somebody. In that two thousand coin some two hundred coin you stole from your brother. Yes all this goes on. End of the day, what is the net balance you have? And Sadashiva just gives one blank check, billion dollar, take it. With all your piggy bank game what you may have remaining will be, eh, two hundred fourty nine rupees, earned two thousand, stolen thousand eight hundred. I stole two hundred and forty. All the accounts put together it is only three four digit game. And Sadashiva straight writes billion dollar check, , “eh keep it, next, what do you want?”


Understand, if you are cognizing your piggy bank game as your life, you will feel comfortable with that only after death also. If you are enjoying and celebrating… heheheh…

Kandaththu malai katti kalanuku saval viduvome, kandam kathida kalanai azipane.

Neethan yamana? Pathutala! Theriumla!

Rendavathu thadavai otha venuma?

Tookitu poiduvaya? Pakalama!

Vada pakalam, enna panaraenu pakalam vada.


Understand, what you cherish when you are all by yourself matters that is why do not learn the ideas of one birth. If they intellectually convince you that is the worst crime done to you. End of the day, what you cherish throughout your life, you are going to be comfortable with it after you leave the body. If you cherish the truths of multiple life, possibilities, Kailasa, you will be comfortable with those truths, and you know to choose those doors, you know how to behave in those spaces. The moment you know the doors of Kailash, Ay, right, eh right, right

Engada? Poornakumbam engada?

Tho vanthuruchu sami, Agathiyar konjam kulama erukarthanala, odi varathuku time aiduchu.

Then you see Agastya……No, no, no you don’t have to rush so fast. You are welcoming, that’s enough. You are allowing me inside, that’s enough.

You know how to behave because you have been introduced about all of them.


Understand. The concepts you intellectually understand and cherish matters while you are in the body. Nothing is superstitious. Nothing is superstitious in Hindu tradition, in Sanatana Hindhu Dharma.

Poor are not those who don’t have few pennies in this world. Poor are those who don’t have understanding about the Universe. I have seen in Indian small towns if somebody has passport and they know how to travel the fellow will behave big, Hey, Dubai, Dubai… nan yaru theriyuma? Dubailerthu pesarane

Fool, just because you have exposure to few zones, few mandalas, few countries you think you are big. We Hindus are introduced to the few dimensions.


Understand, immediately do not get into the self-doubt, I only know intellectually and read, I have not experienced.  Don’t worry. Even if you have read intellectually and understood, or internalized, that itself is a big because when you go there you will recognize it. You will recognize it.

I’ll solve even this problem of – I only read intellectually, not experienced in this Mahasadashivoham. If you are not even intellectually introduced, Life is denied for you. Life is denied for you.

Understand, the so-called athiests and rationalists are the most poor fellows I have seen on the planet Earth because their whole game is piggy bank. 2000 rupee I stole, seven hundred rupee I earned, somebody stole thousand eight hundreed rupee from me. And whole thing boils down to just four digit game.

Your whole logic – and listen very carefully – your whole logic is nine digit game, that’s all. Understand, when I say nine digit game, you cannot make a cohesive, coherent, continuous statement more than nine times. Afterwards your logic will not function. Make any statement building upon another maximum nine only you will be able to make. That is why the digit nine. Then you will be broken. You will be back  either to five or six or one or two or somewhere. Listen carefully what I am talking.


Cohesively furthering your understanding about everything is Vidya.


From unknown – listen very carefully, from unknown if the energy moves to known, it is initiation. From the known if you move to unknown, it called it is called Vidya. From unknown if the energy moves to the known, initiation.

From known if you move to unknown, it is Vidya, knowledge.

Whatever you know logically from that, moving and knowing what you do not know is knowledge.

In this step by step by step you can make only nine statements cohesively, coherently. After that your head will become hot. After that you will not be able to proceed further. You will  get back either to the logic of the fourth or fifth or third or first or eight or seventh. It’ll be broken, then again you’ll have to start. That is the way human logic works. Human logic is too small component of your existence.

It is like in the college, I have seen this seniors will rag the juniors, they will say, “Hey, which department you are?”

Civil Engineer, sir.

You have to address them as Sir.

Civil Engineer, sir.

You know surveying and measurement?

No only I’m studying, sir.

Bring the match stick, take this and measure this whole room.

I have boys will do, with match stick you have to measure the whole room. What will happen?

That is the same stupidity this rationalists and atheists are doing. With this small logic they are trying to measure the whole Universe. And the senior atheist is ragging the junior atheist. Senior rationalist is ragging the junior rationalist.

Yes, with matchstick you can measure the Universe. When? When you have become like a match stick and buried. Understand, matchstick is not the tool to measure the planet Earth. Logic is not the tool to measure the Life.


Life is existence. Experience is the unit, tool to measure the Life, not logic. Not logic. You cannot say, Sir give me two liter cloth. No. You can ask, Give me two liter water, give me two liter petrol. I never cognized in My lifetime water will be sold. I have seen humanity, where drinking water was not sold, it was a resource available for all human beings. Now I am not able to utter that word. Even the middle class towns of India, water is not a common resource, drinking water is not a common resource for human beings.

Oh God, we are claiming we are becoming rich, we are claiming we are becoming developed? I have seen Tiruvannamalai not only water, even food was the natural resource. I have seen in Tiruvannamalai comfortably you don’t need to work for the sake of your survival. Food, cloth, stay is assured for any person who is in Tiruvannamalai. I have seen that society. Somewhere in the city constantly all this will be showered and shared.

I can never imagine you are supposed to work for survival. And is this we call growth? You see I don’t encourage laziness. I am dead against laziness and boredom and tiredness and sleeping. I started the Satsang with that very thought current. I don’t encourage that, but  I am dead against making someone work for their survival. This is the hellish way of making somebody work. Maybe that is little better than the utter laziness and tiredness but that is not the way to exist. Maybe a individual can be treated like that, how few criminals, hardcore criminals are put in prison. But society’s functional logic cannot be that. Unfortunately, the society’s functional logic is becoming you have to work even for your survial.

I tell you, in any society the functional logic is you have to work for your survival, violence and stealing will be unavoidable. Because the fundamental logic of the society cannot be you have to work for your survival. You have to work for your luxury, but not for your survival. They should be taught to break the laziness, they should be constantly drilled to break the boredom pattern, but survival cannot be the instinct or the idea with which you push the people to work. Understand. If someobdy is made to feel – if the whole society functions with that logic, that you have to work for your survival, stealing and violence will be unavoidable.


At least I want in all our Sangha – I am making it very clear, in our Sangha, you have to work for your survival will not be a functional logic of the Sangha. Understand. The survival needs should be available anybody who decides to live in our campus. I am not encouraging laziness, tiredness or boredom pattern. That should be handled as a spiritual instruction, spiritual training. Yes, constantly we have to break the tiredness, we have to break the boredom, we have to break this “chronic fatigue” attitude, we have to break the withdrawal pattern through the spiritual strength. But you can’t keep you have to work for surviving as the fundamental logic. That cannot be the fundamental logic of the whole Sangha moving, no. That is Himsa. That is not Ahimsa.

The fundamental logic is Existence provides everything as a natural resource for all of us, anything needed for survival. Understand. Anything needed for our survival, Existence provides. For your luxury, you need to work. For your luxury, you need to work, that’s different. For your luxury you need to take the responsibility but the moment you decide to breathe, anything required to keep you alive is provided by the Existence. That is the logic with which Existence is functioning.

The fundamental Existence logic is anything needed for survival is provided without any condition. If the air, Prana is needed for your breathing, if the food is needed for your rejuvenation, if the water is needed for your hydration, all the fundamental survival things; if shelter is needed to keep you warm, if the clothes are needed to keep you protected from the weather changes, ruthu changes, all that is naturally available for everyone. This is the fundamental logic with which Existence is functioning.

So, I give this as My command to the Nithyananda Sangha. This should be the fundamental logic with which Sangha should function. People should not be allowed to fall into tiredness, boredom, life negative, chronic fatigue patterns through the spiritual understanding and inspiration and Completion and all the Spiritual methods. But nobody should be threatened for their survival needs.

I know the society is going so fast, I will not be surprised if the air is going to be rationed, the pure air will be rationed. Only if you’re giong to work for some Corporate companies it will be available for you. I will not surprised if this happens in next few decades or even few years, who knows. The speed with which they’re polluting the air. I have a strong doubt  – see, the speed with which water pollution happened in last thirty years, unnatural speed. Unnatural speed. Almost like half of the country’s resources have been put only for pollution and destruction. It is not that by polluting the rivers you create the products which are being used, you pollute the rivers and create the tire and plastic and all that which is again used to pollute the ocean.


Listen. Introduction to the multi dimensions of the Universe, initiation into the energies to have access to it and ability to handle the rules and regulations, is the biggest wealth you can acquire while you are on the planet Earth, and best place to acquire that wealth is Aadheenam.

Best place to acquire all this wealth is at the feet of Sadashiva in Kailasa. When I utter the word ‘Aadheenam’, I mean the space where all this are taught. If that space stays on a place, that place is called Aadheenam. The place where Anādi [one who is limitness without a beginning] operates is Aadheenam.

Where Anādi Shiva stays and operates and makes ĀdiShaivas is Aadheenam.


Understand. It is so unfortunate modern day Hindu youth takes all the great truths of the Hinduism for granted. Eh, what is there, mulitiple birth yes, my Grandmother used to tell if I do good, I’lll take birth next Jenma properly, if I do bad I’ll come back and suffer. That is why I killed that cat in my house. I think this cat has killed me in last Jenma. Now I’m taking revenge and completing the Karma of the cat.

No, one fellow has given the logic.

Yes, yes, yes what you told is right. If I kill this fellow I will come back and he will kill me. So I think he killed me last time, that is why I’m feeling like killing him this time.

The karma, reincarnation, all these theories – even if you are introduced, feel blessed. You know the methods of passport, visa, and traveling to multi dimensions of the Universe. These fools are celebrating and proud and egoistic about the bunch of the passport – be proud of the bunch of the travel documents of the Universe, Kantha Mala, and Atma Linga, yajnopavita [sacred thread] be proud about all this. Bunch of passports is a travel document for different countries. All this Thirumoolar varka vedam is the travel document for multiple dimensions of the Universe.


The modern day Hindu youth takes it for granted all this great priniciples and they do not undertand, destruction of the airports does not mean the other countries do not exist. Suddenly some problem – airports got destroyed and the transportation to other countries stopped, so you start believing the other countries don’t exist. Same way, suddenly change in human conscious level, and the travel to other dimensions has reduced – I don’t want to say stopped, reduced. So you just want to declare the other dimensions don’t exist.

Ellame Manishangale pathukituteengana, nangaellam ethukuda erukome.

Multiple dimesions of the Universe exist. Even intellectual introduction to it is great. You will not be culturally shocked when you are going through those zones and spaces. Actually I tell you, this whole Shaivaite Thirumoola varka vedam is precisely followed in Kailasa. Why you are asked to wear that all here, you know, getting comfortable so when you go there you will not have a  cultural shock. You don’t have to change from jeans to Yoga vastram. Understand, it is to give a smooth transition. All the principles from there are brought and introduced and you are practicing. You won’t even feel cultural shock.

You’ll only feel, Hi, yesterday I come, how are you?

From where?

No, Zone Three, the Bhu Loka Bidadi, from there.

It will only be the zonal transfer.  Now Zone Eleven.

What is the food you eat here?

Same no problem, same menu only. Come on go to the kitchen. Maybe your ealier annadatawas there, before you that batch Annadaata is only sitting here, now as Annadaata.

You will just meet your Seniors there, that’s all. Few years Senior or few Yuga Senior, that’s all.  Your Seniors. There will not be any cultural shock. Understand, even this Thirumoola varka vedam, shiva varka vedam is not something that we are trying to be different. We are trying to prepare to the space where we are going to be permanantly residing eternally to have a smooth transition without having cultural shock, without having to suffer anything, without having to go through any transition. And you will not feel home sick.

Understand. In the Bhuloka, cunningness is the best strategy to be successful. Whether you want the wealth or power, or whatever. In the Kailasa, integrity is the best strategy. Practice integrity so you will not have cultural shock when you go there. Practice integrity, you will not have a cultural shock when the transition happens. Whether internal or external practices provided to you in Aadheenam are the direct manual followed in Kailasa. It is just preparation for beautiful transition into Enternal Space. Understand, Life in the planet Earth itself  is for only for this purpose.


Contemplate on this. Wealthy are those who have enough time for them. Wealthy are those who have enough time for them, is the essence of today’s Satsang. Contemplate on this. Poor are those who try to measure Life with logic. Trying to measure planet Earth with matchstick.


With this, I bless you all. Let’s all radiate Authenticity, Integrity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, Living Shuddhadvaita Saivam, Living Shuddhadvaita Sadāshivoham, the Eternal Bliss, Nithyananda.  Thank you. Be blissful.

[51:26 END]