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Today’s (23rd February, 2015) Morning Satsang continues with the Upanishads Series - Living Advaita. Isha Upanishad–Verse 3 continues asuryā nāme te lokā andhena tamasā’vṛtāḥ | tāṁs te pretyābhigacchanti ye ke cātma-hano janāḥ || 3 || In this profound delivery of the Isha Upanishad, Paramahamsa Nithyananda advises that following bad people is a huge blunder in our lives and can cause us to miss the Guru, even after 100s of janmas of tapas. Continuously check if you are with people who are saying yes to life; for even just being in the company of good people, we can become enlightened! Watch, Share and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload click to subscribe. visit:
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Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam

Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |

Asmath Aachaarya Paryanthaam

Vandhey Guru Paramparaam ||


I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsanghis, Shrimahants, Mahants, Thanedars, Kotharis, everyone sitting with us through Nithyananda TV, Sadhna TV, Arra TV, and two-way video-conferencing having Nayana Deeksha.

Cities sitting with us: Surrey-Canada, Singapore-Singapuram, Hyderabad-Gupta Kashi, China, San Jose-Madurai.....and many more cities.

I welcome all of you with my love and respects.

We will enter into the Ishavasya Upanishad, third shloka:

असुर्या नाम ते लोका अन्धेन तमसाऽऽवृताः

ताँस्ते प्रेत्याभिगच्छन्ति ये के चात्महनो जनाः

Asurya naama they lokaa andhena thamasaavruthaah |

Thaagumsthey prethyabhigachchanthi ye ke chaathmahano janaah ||


I will expand on how, saying “NO”, impacts you and others, and how, saying “YES”, inspires you and others.


Listen!  Always, “NO” to life is said out of ignorance.  Always, “NO” to life is said out of ignorance, unconsciously.  Listen!  Whether it is an individual level, or level of social leader, political leader, or decision-maker, any level....


I hear in the newspapers, in the Internet, again and again, the various scams at the level of decision-makers in various countries.  The politicians or the bureaucrats, just for the sake of the bribe they get, they are compromising the health of the common man.  The second quality, not THE very best things, is made available to the common man just because some money they get as bribe.  Whether it is in the field of pharmaceutical drugs, or even in the field of food industry, THE best is not made available to human-beings, common mass; the quality is reduced.  Sometimes even dangerous, risky things are done; sometimes, knowingly, dangerous things are done by paying some bribe to the bureaucrats or politicians or officials.  They also, just for the sake of that money, accept the money and allow this.  These are all “saying NO to life”.  Listen!  But, unfortunately, this stupid fellow who accepts the money, he also does not enjoy.  He stores it, stashes it in some tax haven in some remote island, which he never enjoys till his death.  So, for something which he is never going to enjoy, he is saying “NO” to so many people’s lives, understand?


This is one small example I am giving.  If you look in and study your life, all the difficulties you are facing, understand, I am saying, ‘including the poverty imposed upon you’.....  I tell you, in this century, 21st century, no need for poverty.  We have awakened critical mass of the human population to work and produce enough of food, clothes, shelter, medical-care, for the whole population of Planet Earth, please understand.  In this century, we have awakened enough of the critical mass.  Actually, 2% of the human population, if it decides to work eight hours a day in a very disciplined way, we can produce everything needed for the whole population of the Planet Earth – Food, Shelter, Clothes, and Medical-Care, these four basic things.  And we have awakened more than that percentage in this century.  Then, why, why is still there poverty, there is poverty for these four?  If, some way, you don’t have access to these four, be very clear, it is just because of decision-makers saying “NO” to life, decision-makers saying “NO” to life.  The only way the problem can be solved is, more and more people who consciously say “YES” to life should become decision-makers.  It cannot happen by revolution.  No!  No revolution will do this, because, usually, the people who lead revolution are always again the people who say “NO” to life.  It can happen only by evolution.  It is never going to happen by removing the people who are having power and replacing them with somebody else.  Making everyone powerful, raising more and more people to say “YES” to life!  I am attending to some of the basic understandings about life. 


When I look into the Vedic Tradition and the lifestyle, there was not at all so much talk about work.  Working eight hours a day was not lifestyle in Vedic Tradition.  Work was never more than three to four hours per day.  But, so much was available, so much was available for everyone, for everyone, because, decision-makers were always saying “YES” to life, decision-makers enjoyed people having abundance instead of the wealth being locked in their treasury under their control, because, decision-makers were not feeling so insecure and possessive in Vedic Tradition. 


Please understand, when Bhagavatham describes that 16,000 golden palaces existed in Dwaraka, for each citizen they had a golden palace, it is true!  Not just perception or fact; it is truth!  Because, Krishna never felt insecure, and it was done by his great space which says “YES” to life.  Above all, Dwaraka was “Soft Power” city, not “Hard Power”.  Please understand, Dwaraka was a city made of made of immigrants.  Means, whoever loved Krishna, whoever wanted to be with him, they all gathered around him and they created their own heaven.  Please understand, it was not “Hard Power”; means, people existed, and Krishna became king and he controlled everyone.  No!  He hated to be in the space of “Hard Power”.  That is the reason he had to leave Brindavan.  He could have become king of Mathura after killing Kamsa.  He said, ‘No!  No “Hard Power”!’  He handed over the kingdom to Kamsa’s father.  He said, ‘No!  No “Hard Power”!  I am going to a place where people who love me will gather around me, who want to celebrate life around me they will gather around me.  Only “Soft Power”.’  And the whole “Narayani Sena” (Krishna’s army) was volunteers of Narayana, devotees of Narayana, disciples of Krishna, followers of Bhagawan.  Understand?  Saying “YES” to life! 


All corruption, whether it is in the physical level, mental level.....  Please understand, mental level corruption means, spreading lies, which some of the media houses does because of their vested interests.  It is mental level scam, psychological scam, information scam.  So, understand, whether it is a physical level scam, or mental level scam, conscious level scam, i.e., spreading lies as religion, some of the strong lies spread as religion, especially when you are talking something about what will happen to an individual after death. 


Just recently, the other day, I was reading an article in the Facebook.  A Catholic priest was medically dead for more than forty minutes, went to some space and came back, and he declares, ‘God is woman’, and, ‘God is female’.  We have known this for centuries, understand!  We have known this for centuries!  Ultimately, in reality, he (God) is beyond male, female; but, in the truth level, he IS female!  Anyhow....!  If we are teaching some concepts which are not ultimate truth in the best possible way, it is a “conscious scam”.  The last form of the divine you will experience is feminine, understand?  Before you experience the formless divine, the reality, the truth will be – from truth only you will jump into reality – the truth is, God is Devi!  The last form you will experience is Devi!  It is only from her you will slip into formlessness, existence, which we call “Mahadeva” or “Shiva”, whatever name you want to use, “God”, “Super-Consciousness”.  At various stages of Samadhi, the last Savikalpa Samadhi, Saguna Samadhi, from which you will enter into Nirvikalpa Samadhi, the last Saguna Brahmam you will realize is Mother, Devi! 


Listen!  Whether it is physical, psychological, conscious, lies being spread, wrong things being spread is scam, and, that is “saying NO to life”, “saying NO to life”.  Say “YES” to life as much as possible in every possible way, understand?  Even the healing science, the science behind how I heal, and how our thousands of healers are healing, is nothing but the science of “Saying YES to Life”.  Science of “Saying YES to Life”!


People ask me, ‘Is organ donation accepted in Vedic Tradition?’


I can very clear say, ‘YES!  Organ donation is perfectly accepted, supported, because, it is again “saying YES to life”.’


Please understand, only an enlightened body should not be touched, disturbed.  After they leave the body, it should be preserved as it is, through the proper Vedic way of mummifying, the Jeeva Samadhi process as described by Thirumoolar. 


Thirumoolar is Mahadeva using the body of a farmer who was taking care of his cows, who was bitten by a snake and died.  And all his cows were standing around him and crying.  The story says, there was a divine being going above the sky and saw the scene and decided to enter into that farmer’s body just to remove the sufferings of the cows.  I am telling you from my own authority, who can feel so compassionate for “pashu” (cattle)?  Only the Pashupathi (Lord of all Pashus –  Mahadeva) can feel so compassionate for “pashus”, and only Pashupathi can feel the sufferings of “pashus”.  He was only moving!  And, he only assumed the body of Thirumoolar and came back to life!  And, he describes the whole science beautifully, the Vedic way of mummifying the body, Jeeva Samadhi. 


Only the enlightened beings’ bodies should be properly preserved and Jeeva Samadhi should be done.  Other than that, any person, any normal person can write a Will to donate his organs.  And organ donation is accepted, and it is one of the best ways to say “YES” to life!  “YES” to life!


Let me expand from a different angle the same truth, from this mantra, a practical, user-friendly way to use this verse.


Whenever you make a conscious decision to say “YES” to life, listen, whenever you make a conscious decision to say “YES” to life, all the other energies associated to life get awakened in you, understand?  A simple “dhaana”, means, “charity”, you give some money for somebody’s medical expense, or you give some food for somebody, listen, simple “Anna Dhaana” awakens, because Anna Dhaana is “saying YES to somebody’s life”.  He is suffering with hunger – hunger is considered as one of the diseases in Ayurvedic Tradition; giving food is curing the disease – the moment you give food, you say “YES” to his life, and I tell you, immediately the life energy in your stomach will be awakened!  Anybody, please understand, as an authority on this Cosmic science, the science how the Cosmic energy works, as the authority on the Dharma, with all my integrity, authenticity, I am declaring, I am revealing this truth, please understand, whenever you share food, do “Anna Dhaana”, you say “YES” to somebody’s life, and the life energy in your stomach is awakened!  So, any disease related to your stomach is healed! 


Same way, whenever you do “Vaidya Dhaana” – it is one of the very powerful “dhaanas” in the Vedic Tradition – means, giving money or supporting somebody in his medical care.  A poor person who can’t afford, providing medical care for that person through medicines or whatever, whatever surgery, or providing whatever is necessary for his medical care, it is called “Vaidya Dhaana”.  I tell you, if you are suffering with heart problem, do Vaidya Dhaana of a poor patient who is suffering with the same heart problem.  Do Vaidya Dhaana.  I guarantee, the life energy in you will be awakened; your recovery will be so fast, you will be healed so quickly!  I have seen the benefit of Vaidya Dhaana in my life in many ways!  Whenever I prescribed to devotees to do Vaidya Dhaana, or I myself did for some devotees, it has helped a lot!  Helped a lot!  Many people who were supposed to die, did not die.  Their life got elongated just by Vaidya Dhaana!  I tell you, from my experience!  Because, the moment you say “YES” to somebody’s life, the life energy in you wakes up to that “YES”!  It wakes up to that “YES”!  Whenever your life energy wakes up to the “YES”, simply your body heals! 


All “dhaana”, please understand, all “dhaana” is “saying YES to life”.  Still, now, I follow, whenever I go to the sacred places, I will do all the great “dhaanas” that need to be done.  Of course, nowadays, we don’t collect as individual items like a cow, or gold, cloth.  I give it as huge charity to “sadhus” or poor people.  Even if the poor comes in the garb of “sadhus”, anything!  Poor coming in the garb of “sadhus” is much better than poor becoming thieves.  So, don’t deny.  Anybody comes in the garb of “sadhus”, give them.  At least, in the garb of “sadhu”, slowly he will pick up the “sadhu” qualities.  Even now I never miss the opportunity to say “YES” to life. 


And I wanted to tell all my devotees, my followers, even when you are going in your car or whatever, how much ever you can, if you are going in two-wheeler or car, always keep in your bag some change (coins/money), whatever you can.  Don’t miss a single beggar in any traffic signal.  Please understand, thousands of people may say, ‘Oh, don’t encourage begging.  Don’t give.  They become drug addicts.  They misuse this money.’  So many things!  That is their problem, understand.  By giving, you say “YES” to life.  And, I tell you, when you start giving from this context – ‘By giving this “dhaana”, I am saying “YES” to his life’ – you will see the life energy, “saying YES to life”, will be awakened not only in you, but even in him (the person to whom you are giving)! 


I have transformed so many people who received from me!  Just by giving some money or support, I have transformed so many people, understand?  Because, the context from which I am giving is “saying YES to life”.  Don’t bother about all the other stupid theories. 


Whether you go to a temple, whenever.... 


The tradition says, these five people you should never meet empty-handed or say “NO”.  These five people you should always give something:


·         One, a child.  Whenever you meet a child, see a child, always share something.


·         And, a pregnant woman who is carrying one more life.  Whenever you see her, always share something.


·         And, a beggar in the street or anywhere, person who is in need, poor.  Always share something.


·         Fourth, a “sadhu”.  Always share something.


·         Fifth person you should not go meet empty-handed, you should always give something is, Guru. 


Tradition says, these five people you should always share something, offer something, because, this is “saying YES to life”.


And, I tell you, I tell you, you will NEVER become poor by saying YES to life and sharing!  You will NEVER become poor!  Go on sharing; you will be showered!  You will be showered!  


Just yesterday, to one of my Mahants I was telling.....  I gave her the “asana”, means, the traditional seat for the Branch she is going to be in-charge.  That time I said, ‘Behave as a princess, and be the princess!  Whether you go to a temple or anywhere, always offer, share, give, how Swamiji gives.  That way give!’  And I told her, ‘You will always receive it!  Never have insecurity.  You will always receive it!  You will be showered!’  Because, whenever you share, especially from this context of “saying YES to life” – ‘I am saying YES to life by sharing, by giving’ – understand? 


“Dhaana”, charity, sharing, is one of the highest forms of saying “YES” to life.  Whether it is sharing of food, sharing of clothes, sharing of knowledge, or sharing of enlightenment itself, “dhaana” is one of the greatest ways of saying “YES” to life.  And, by giving “dhaana” from this context of “saying YES to life”, you will awaken the life energy not only in you, but even in the person who is receiving!  So, always say “YES” to life, “YES” to life!  Say “YES” to life!  Constantly, constantly sharing from the context of “saying YES to life” will awaken so much of life energy in you, so much of life energy in you! 


Wherever you get a chance to say “YES” to life, do it!  Do it!  I don’t even bother about the security.  I will always keep notes, changes, coins, in the car.  Wherever in the signals the car stops, any poor or beggars I see, that is the only time I touch money.  Always giving with the context, from the context of “saying YES to life”!  Please understand, go on sharing as much as you can from the context of “saying YES to life”, “saying YES to life”!


And these five people – a Child, Pregnant Woman, a Beggar, or a Sadhu, and Guru – these five people, you should never go and meet empty-handed.  You should always go, whenever you see them, always share something with this clear context of “saying YES to life”, “saying YES to life”. 


And, whichever position you are in, you may be a social leader, bureaucrat, religious leader, spiritual leader, or a political leader, let all your decisions be always based on saying YES to life; you will have so much of blessings, strength, security, showered on you by the Cosmos.


Sharing and giving is one of the important ways of saying “YES” to life.  Even when I heal somebody, I just say a deep “YES” to life; that’s all!  Their bio-memory also picks up that truth of saying “YES” to life.  And, when the bio-memory picks up the fire of “YES to life”, it suddenly starts healing itself.  So much of healing, so much of recovery, so much of health happens! 


And, I tell you, say a deep “YES” to life.  That is the essence of all these three verses of this first Upanishad, Ishavasya Upanishad.  Say a deep, powerful “YES” to life.  And never say “NO” to life.  All your fears are nothing but “saying NO to life”.  All your fears are nothing but “saying NO to life”.  Say a powerful, deep “YES” to life.


So, today, in the temple, we are starting......of course, all over the world in the Sangha, in the whole ashram and in the whole Sangha, we are inaugurating, starting Rajarajeshwari Brahmotsava, celebration of Devi, feminine consciousness!  After 10 am (Indian Standard Time) today, we will be raising the Brahmotsavam Dhwaja, Flag, Brahmotsava Dhwajarohanam, Flag Hoisting of Brahmotsava.  You can see live on Nithyananda TV.  And, all the IA (Inner Awakening) participants can also participate.  It is a beautiful ceremony to start celebrating Devi as Rajarajeshwari. 


With this, I bless you all!  Let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, and Causing Living Advaitha, eternal bliss, Nithyananda!  Thank you!