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In this video (9 January, 2018), Paramahamsa Nithyananda delivers His message for the 41st Avatar Dinotsava, "Superconscious Breakthrough for Humanity". Watch, share and like the videos and Subscribe to our channel to be notified of the next upload. click to subscribe. Website and Social Media:
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nithyānandeśvara sadāśiva samārambhām

nithyānandeśvari ādiśakti madhyamām |
asmat āchārya paryantām vande guru paramparām ||


Once again, age needs to be remembered. 40 years over. Entering into 41 with the grace of MahaSadashiva, 41st Avatara dina mahotsava.



First thing, before delivering my today's message, not just by words, with all my being, I wanted to offer My love, respects, acknowledgement, gratitude for all the devotees, disciples, who may be here, and some may not be here, directly, indirectly, part of the Sangha. I just wanted to tell you all - Love you guys. Here on the planet Earth, just for you guys.



My message on this 41st Avatara dina, completing 40 years and entering 41st year -' Giving superconscious breakthrough to humanity- not just as words, but as experience!' Understand, superconscious breakthrough to humanity is My message.



Quite a long time, we human beings have spent without having the next breakthrough. Please understand, if we have spent million years as monkeys to have a breakthrough as a human being, almost 10 times more we are spending as human beings without having next breakthrough. That can be no way justified. Humanity is screwed up! Sorry for the strong word. I am very clearly uttering. The word is little strong, but humanity need to wake up. Humanity need to know the truth. Understand.



At least 10 times more time, we are stuck without having a breakthrough. Last breakthrough, if it took million years for us, now at least – I am saying minimum – 10 times more time has passed without having a breakthrough. Understand, all the systems we created should have supported the conscious breakthrough. Unfortunately, they all have become silly conversations. And instead of supporting superconscious breakthrough, some of them have become even hindrances. It is time we move beyond all of these silly conversations. We move beyond all these silly conversations!



Understand, we have wasted too much time. Wars for land and wars for mind and wars for man-made wealth idea. What is wars? Silly conversation between two empowered politicians is war. Understand, silly conversation between politicians who are empowered becomes war. The very fundamental idea – all structures should have supported us to have next breakthrough. Without any structure we had a breakthrough within million years - from monkey to man. And what the hell have we created? Ten times more time has been spent and no superconscious breakthrough! No next superconscious breakthrough! Human beings are stuck and humanity is screwed up! Once more. Understand, earlier I was little polite in my words, because I did not have alternative solution. Now I have. That is why I am strong. Really, I am telling you, planet Earth is enough, comfortably for 10 Billion human beings! Scarcity is artificially generated idea.


Understand, whether the idea called countries, borders – when an individual decides to possess in a blind way without owning. Understand, owning is different, possessing is different. When you decide to possess, exclusion starts, fight starts. In a individual level, it is called fight; in a social level, it is violence; if it is larger, it is terrorism; if it is much larger level, legitimate war between countries. But fundamentally boiling down to powerlessness and blind-spotted ideas. Understand, all these structures called country, money, transactions, all these should have fundamentally supported the superconscious breakthrough. Theologies, ideologies, religions, philosophies, all these should have supported the superconscious breakthrough, should have made the superconscious breakthrough. We are stuck. Ten times more time we have already spent as human beings! What is going on?



It is time, all intelligent, independent thinkers, seekers decide to give superconscious breakthrough to humanity. These man-made ideas of money, man-made ideas of land, man-made ideas of possession, man-made ideas of theologies, man-made ideas of philosophies – all religious wars are silly conversations for mind; all political wars are silly conversations for the land. Yes, multiple groups, multiple people, multiple ideologies, multiple theologies, multiple color flags went up, and came down. We are same fools! Why don’t we understand?  The whole concept of pharmaceutical industries have become like IT companies – create viruses, then find solution. To sell solution generating viruses! Where are we heading? And now unfortunately the pharmaceutical industries and food industries are joining hands, collaborating – you create disease, I will create medicine. Where are we heading? It is time.  All individual seekers, thinkers – lets have and give superconscious breakthrough to humanity.



 All violence, all terrorism, whether land-based or mind based –all killing, all concept of possession, all ideologies, all theologies, all philosophies, instead of giving the superconscious breakthrough, they have become disturbance, impediment for superconscious breakthrough. It is time. Yes, those structures like a country, law and order, and currency for transaction, all these things are good. They can maintain certain stability. That does not mean they can replace conscious breakthrough. Understand, structures can give certain stability for us to live. That itself is not Ultimate. Ultimate is superconscious breakthrough. Human beings need to move to next level.



The time we spent from Amoeba to fish, fish to monkey, monkey to man – as a man, we are spending 10 times more time without having next breakthrough, which is not right. Which is not right. I am giving a rough idea. If we have spent a million years for amoeba to fish, and million years for fish to monkey, and million years for monkey to man, now more than 10 million years we are stuck as human beings. Something is seriously wrong. It is time we have superconscious breakthrough. And one more danger is, we have done so much of suicidal acts. If we don’t give superconscious breakthrough now we may not even exist which is too costly! No, we can’t afford that. Humanity needs superconscious breakthrough. It will have superconscious breakthrough.



We will live. We will survive. We will flourish. We will have superconscious breakthrough.


 What is superconscious breakthrough? The consciousness which embodies this body and mind, need to start operating in the next level of frequency. So now, new kind of body, new kind of mind, new kind of internal organs and intra-organs are getting built, the new being manifests. I think we are ready. We are ready with the solution. Because we have a solution, my voice is loud, new and clear. My voice is loud and clear. My message is new and clear.



I don’t want to give too many words. The original message sometimes gets lost in too many words. I just want all of you to internalize these few words.


So, essence – Let us all have superconscious breakthrough and give superconscious breakthrough to humanity.  This whole science of superconscious breakthrough, through the VedaAgamic ancient sacred secrets revealed by MahaSadashiva Himself to the Universe - manifesting the state, space and powers of MahaSadashiva – it is a direct way to give superconscious breakthrough to yourself and to the humanity. That is all is the message.


Let’s start doing it. In every possible way, let’s reach out to humanity, make the humanity understand. Quite a long time we did not have next breakthrough. And it is not okay. Many structures, ideologies, political systems, philosophies we created. Instead of supporting the superconscious breakthrough, they started harming. Like pharmaceutical companies generated to create medicine have started generating diseases. Religions, theologies created for the sake of peace, started creating terrorists. It’s time we give superconscious breakthrough to humanity. Let us have and give superconscious breakthrough to humanity.



Living the state of MahaSadashiva, radiating the space of MahaSadashiva, manifesting the powers of MahaSadashiva  is the way of giving superconscious breakthrough to yourself and others.



With this message, I accept all the love, offerings all over the world, in many of the Aadheenams, hundreds and hundreds of naivedyams are offered. Bidadi Nithyananda Annalaya is offering 1008 Naivedyams and today I am officially announcing the Mysore-pak and the Bidadi Thatte Idli, as the official prasadam of Nithyananda Peetham. Whoever comes to the Aadheenam will be served both the prasadams fresh, in our Temple, 24 hours. And Hyderabad Aadheenam is offering 124 Naivedyams, Los Angeles 122, Uttarahalli Aadheenam 21, all the Aadheenams and lot more, a long list. Singapore Aadheenam, Malaysia Aadheenam, Ohio Aadheenam, Seattle Aadheenam, Thiruvannamalai Aadheenam, Trishulam Aadheenam, Puduvai Aadheenam, and Hosur Aadheenam. Blessings to all the temples, Aadheenams, San Jose Aadheenam, Toronto Aadheenam, blessings to all the Aadheenams, blessings to all the temples, all the centers participating around the world on this Jayanti day. Of course, a long list, so I bless all of you and accept all your love and devotion offerings. Blessings to all of you.



Next releases. Jayanti releases.

Ma Mala announcing releases as an e-book...



So formally I am releasing this e-Book 'Glimpses of “Avatar Leela” – The Autobiography of the Avatar, Volume 1. It is actually glimpses. The main book is 5 volumes. It will be literally tell-all book from Kailasa!



 Ma Mala announcing – Story about persecution of rare Living Incarnation, Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Details about the holocaust and religion’s persecution.



‘Avatar Leela’ is what I did to the world. This website is what the world did to Me. Read and understand what world did to Me, and how We have faced everything. I request all the disciples, visitors, viewers, devotees who are curious about Me, please read this website. Only then many of your questions will be answered. Only then you will be able to answer other’s questions. Empower yourself with the truth. Blessings.



Ma Mala announcing arrival of prasadam from Thiruvannamalai Arunachaleshwara temple. Prasadam from Swamiji’s birthplace of Arunachala is brought by Temple priests and offered to Swamiji.



I was actually waiting. How to conclude the satsang before the Arunachaleshwaram prasadam arrives? It has arrived. So, with this, I bless you all. So officially, I give my satsang message.


My official message on 41st Avatara Dinotsava – 'Let’s give superconscious breakthrough to ourselves and humanity.'


With this, I bless you all. Let’s all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, Living Shuddaadvaita Saivam, MahaSadashivoham, the eternal Bliss, Nithyananda. Thank you. Be Blissful.